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Strada Sevastopol, nr 4, sector 1, BucurestiRomania

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General Medicine from 100 lei


Fetal Biometry from 125 lei
Breast ultrasound (bilateral) from 200 lei
Ultrasound breast (unilateral) from 120 lei
Pelvic ultrasound from 120 lei

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Fetal MRI - 2 regions from 1500 lei
1 MRI spine region (cervical) with dye from 750 lei
1 MRI spine region (cervical) Native from 500 lei

CT Scan - Computed Tomography

CT Angio iliac arteries with sc from 550 lei
Angio CT skull from 700 lei
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General Practice

CT Scan - Computed Tomography
from 550 lei

CT Angio iliac arteries with sc

from 700 lei

Angio CT skull

from 550 lei

CT Angio peripheral

from 550 lei

CT Angio large vessels

from 450 lei

CT lower abdomen (pelvis) with dye

from 600 lei

CT abdomen upper + lower abdomen (pelvis) with dye

from 450 lei

CT upper abdomen with contrast

from 570 lei

CT abdomen upper + lower


Diagnostic Imaging Consultation

ECG - Electrocardiogram
from 180 lei

Electrocardiogram effort

from 120 lei

Holter ECG

from 10 lei

Resting ECG Interpretation

from 50 lei

Holter ECG Interpretation

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
from 1500 lei

Fetal MRI - 2 regions

from 750 lei

1 MRI spine region (cervical) with dye

from 500 lei

1 MRI spine region (cervical) Native

from 125 lei

Fetal Biometry

from 200 lei

Breast ultrasound (bilateral)

from 120 lei

Ultrasound breast (unilateral)

from 120 lei

Pelvic ultrasound

from 100 lei

General Medicine

from 350 lei


from 220 lei

Digital Mammography standard bilateral

from 160 lei

Digital Mammography standard unilateral

from 250 lei

Mammography-guided biopsy



from 4500 lei

(human papilloma virus vaccine - types 16,18)


from 100 lei

Air - flow

from 30 lei

Ablation / crown


Dentist Consultation

from 180 lei

Extraction complicated

from 60 lei

Fluoridation / arch

from 10 lei

Local anesthesia


Gum Surgery

from 80 lei

Gingival plasty

from 3600 lei

Sinus Lift (includes materials)


Teeth Cleaning

from 200 lei

Scaling both arches

Teeth Whitening
from 300 lei

Bleaching Endodontic

from 650 lei

Professional Whitening

from 150 lei

Jewelry cosmetic dental simple

Plastic Surgery

from 600 lei

Eyelid plasty


Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Medical Aesthetics


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

from 130 lei

Tattoo Removal / cmp

Obstetrics / Gynaecology

from 220 lei

Consulting professor obstetrics and Gynecology


from 220 lei

Consulting Professor


from 220 lei

Consulting Professor

from 40 lei

Finger Splints


from 80 lei

Consulting of control physician / specialist


from 170 lei

Fortification ulcer bleeding


from 195 lei

Consulting Psychology home


from 135 lei

Counseling adult

from 135 lei

Counseling children

from 130 lei


Sanador - Strada Sevastopol, nr 4, sector 1, Bucuresti,

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Private Patients Welcome
Doru Herghelegiu -  at Sanador

Doru Herghelegiu

Born : 30/05/1957 in Adjud , Vrancea

High School Graduate "Gheorghe Lazar " in Bucharest since 1976 .

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Bucharest in 1982 , with the average 9.97 , with prerepartitie IMF

Medical Specialty : Obstetrics and gynecology examination held on 23.05.1994 session passed with an average of 9.89

Seniority in higher education medical UMF "Carol Davila" - the period 1982- 2006 , covering all stages of promotion , to the rank of associate professor , obtained in 2004 .

Doctor of Medicine Member of the Romanian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Founding member of the Romanian Association of Perinatal Medicine

Ion Ionut Adrian -  at Sanador

Ion Ionut Adrian

Dr Adriana Alexandrescu -  at Sanador

Dr Adriana Alexandrescu

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Strada Sevastopol, nr 4, sector 1, BucurestiRomania