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International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS

International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS

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About International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS


 Patients from overseas are welcomed and treated at affordable prices at this clinic located at Medellin Colombia.

 The best available dental technology and techniques are used and all services are customized according to individual needs to achieve the best possible smile improvement results by the qualified, experienced and internationally trained team. All international standards of cross infection control are strictly adhered to at the clinic.

 Services include all phases of dentistry, such as implant dentistry, restorative and comprenhensive rehabilitations,  oral  surgery and cosmetic smile enhancement procedures. Also, we offer Plasma Rich P

latelets as growth factors to improve the results of our procedures as well to facial rejuvenation purpòses. To improve the experience of your visit, we provide integrative therapies like aromatheraphy, neural therapy and accupuncture as needed.

You can also enjoy to get a manicure, pedicure or facial treatment while in our clinic!...Do not hesitate to ask!

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Patient reviews

4.8 from 13 verified reviews
Sebastian Willis, US
( Review verified by email)

Absolutely the best dentists I have personally encountered

5 50 Veneers, Porcelain Crown, Fillings • Paid: $ 12211685

I had veneers, porcelain crowns, fillings and teeth staining done. They completed this in one week and with minimal downtime. I was still able to enjoy Medellin.

Drs. Castaño and Rizzo are absolutely the best dentists I have personally encountered.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Juan, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I can assert from the services received, that the doctor and her staff are exceptional

4.5 50 Dentist Consultation

My dental care at International Smiles was a success, so far. I am back in Florida now, and I can assert from the services received, that Dr Castano and her staff are exceptional. My procedures required the elimination of an infection from a previous Dentist in Boynton Beach, who did not perform a root canal effectively after two tries.

I highly recommend the business, for their holistic procedures, and quality dental at great savings from U.S. prices.

Modern facility, very clean and hygienic. The staff is warm and pleasant, and I am sure that upon your visit, you too will agree. Will be back in 8 months, to continue my care.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Paul, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

The doctors take very good care of me. I feel like part of the family

5 50 Dental Implants, Dental Crowns • Paid: $ 3618277

Follow up on implants and some new crown work. Implants are healing very well. It has been seven weeks and I feel normal.

I am anxious to get the tooth put in but it won't be done until I reach minimum healing time of four months. That will be until August 26 at the earliest. On May 30, I had a broken tooth fixed with a crown. The lab was able to get the permanent made in two days so it is in and feels great. Another crown I had from my doctor stateside was leaking causing decay to get under the crown.

Dr. Lina removed it and cleaned the decay which had spread to the neighbouring teeth. If I had not done it and waited it would have been pretty bad. That permanent crown was put in two days later and looks great. Doing two more crowns in July so it's coming along very nicely. I have not used sedation. Just local numbing. The doctors take very good care of me. I feel like part of the family. My crowns were about $400 each.

The clinic is a very nice facility, relaxing, people are very helpful and even has WiFi.

Treated by: Dr. Lina

More than happy to be your dentists, we feel blessed to have awesome patients like you! thanks again!

International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS
International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS
Paul, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

The staff is very friendly and made sure just was comfortable

5 50 Dental Implants, Bone Graft • Paid: $ 6331985

I had an implant and bone graft done on April 26, 2018. Quite frankly I am generally very nervous around the dentist. Dr. Castano and Dr. Lina Marie put me completely at ease. They are very professional and kind. The procedure went well. Implant on one side done first and then x-ray taken to make sure it was incorrectly then worked on the other side. Dr. Castano determined the bone was not yet strong enough for the implant so just had the bone graft. I am so grateful she used her professional judgment and I trusted her for doing so. I go back in three months for the implant to be checked and the tooth screwed in. It has been two weeks. From today that I had the surgery and am doing very well. No pain but tender to chew as stitches still dissolving. I did not have sedation during the procedure but will probably do so for my upcoming appointment for a crown and replace the silver fillings in my teeth. 7 of them.

I highly recommend Dr. Castano and her staff and Dr. Lina Marie for dental work and implants. Both spoke English and answered any questions I had. My quote here I. Texas as for this work was $10000. The charge for my exam, teeth cleaning, surgery, bone graft and implant, under $1500. I am pleased that I made the choice to go to modeling for this work.

Beautiful location. In A nice area of Poblado. The staff is very friendly and made sure just was comfortable. I had the best experience with Dr. Adriana. She was very accommodating, arranging her schedule to meet my travel needs, talking to me on the patio of the offices to make sure I understood everything. Just normal facebook friendly professional people.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Anonymous, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

She was particularly adept at addressing my specific concerns/fears, remembers your name

5 50 Periodontitis Treatment • Paid: $ 633198

Am 52 yr old male with periodontal issues. Received 90 min deep cleaning in December 2017 prior to Christmas. Very satisfied with treatment and professionalism of Dr. Castano. Going back this summer on June 18 for two implants. Comfortable recommending her to others.

My method is always to pick clinics based on "statistical significance." Does this doctor or dentist have enough #s reviews to justify the high rating -- meaning if its less than 20 reviews I will normally shy away from it. She was particularly adept at addressing my specific concerns/fears, remembers your name (yes that is important)--and follows up after treatment! From my experience last month, she has earned her high rating. Recommend contacting her more than 2 weeks out because she is busy.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Glenn, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

She did exactly what she mentioned she would do

5 50 Dental Implants, Bone Graft

I live in the US. I went to Dr. Castaño for implant in Columbia. She did a great job. Explained in detail everything I needed to know about my situation before dental implant. Once I agreed to the procedure she did exactly what she mentioned she would do in the procedure. I would recommend everyone to go to her for dental work. My dental work was an implant that required a bone implant. I'm extremely happy.

I have no complaints the Dr. And all the staff were very nice.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Bob, Colombia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

She was GREAT

5 50 Dentist Consultation

My wife had an infection in a tooth while we were vacationing in Medellin with only one week left. It turned out to be two teeth that must have been grinding at night.

Dr.Adriana was more capable than most of our North American dental experiences.
We got two dental referral names from friends, and they both were on vacation; we later found out that many dentists closed right after new year for two weeks.
Then I found WhatClinic from an Internet search and was sent 5 dentist names; although I checked all 5 names only Dr. Adriana responded.
She was GREAT! We have given her contact information to all our expat friends
in Medellin.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Jess, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

100% focused on my case the entire time I was in the chair

5 50 Root Canals, Fillings, Dental Crowns • Paid: $ 4975131

I had three root canals, 1 composite filling & 2 preps for extended crowns. I have 2 temporary crowns while my gums heal. I will be back in 6 more weeks for the crowns and some additional cosmetic procedures.

This was the most patient friendly dental experience I have ever had. My observation is that this clinic allows dentists to practice good dentistry. There was no overlap between patients. The dentist was 100% focused on my case the entire time I was in the chair. The pricing seems to be about 20% of what I would have paid in the US. The quality of care seems to be above the standard I would have received in the US. The proof of that will take time to see how these crowns stand the test of time. Adriana has the most tender hands of any dentist I have ever visited. The endodontist was the most time efficient of any I have ever worked with.
If you need major dental work make the trip & let Adriana manage your care.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
David, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

Positive experience

5 50 Dental Implants, Veneers

Dr. Castaño placed a dental implant and gave me beautiful new veneers. I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the process was. Dr. Castaño is really good at explaining the procedures so I could understand them. I felt relaxed and comfortable with her and I'm very happy with my new smile. The quality is as good as anything I've seen at home in the US and I like the fact that she had a laboratory technician on site. I saved a lot of money and I got to see Medellin. Medellin is a fun vibrant town with great people, good food and a lot to do. I always felt safe.

I was a little worried before going but being there has changed my impression. I would wholeheartedly refer anyone to Dr. Castaño.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Ann, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

I feel completely confident referring everyone to her.

5 50 Gum Surgery • Paid: $ 3835374

Dr. Adriana Castano is absolutely wonderful and I feel completely confident referring everyone to her. In fact, I have already given her contact info to my best friend who wants veneers.

Dr. Adriana is charming, beautiful, fun, and so caring. She did such a fabulous job on my gingival gum grafting surgery, I just can't thank her enough! I had a 3.5 hour, extremely complicated surgery on TWELVE TEETH! Amazing, considering that all the other periodontists that I contacted told me that I should not expect to have more than two teeth done at a time and that I would have to make multiple overseas trips to complete treatment for all of the teeth which had recession. But from the very beginning Dr. Adriana was confident in her technique and felt that we could do at least 6 gum grafts in one visit...and wow, she really exceeded my expectations! In addition to the gingival gum grafts, she also performed an upper and lower frenectomy, occlusial adjustments, and fabricated a nighttime bite guard for me (which was ready in a few minutes because the clinic has an in-house lab).

I will also add that I ended up paying even less than I expected! Dr. Adriana is so ethical that she made me a nighttime bite guard that also doubled as a protective stent to cover the tissue donor site on my palate, which saved me additional money! There was absolutely no "up selling" or hidden charges. Super honest from start to finish. And all the other periodontists who I reached out to had a long list of made me feel "nickel and dimed". I was so pleasantly surprised when I received the bill at International Smiles!

I should also mention that I wasn't billed anything extra even though my surgery lasted much longer than anticipated. Dr. Adriana was cheerful and diligent and took her time to give me the best possible results and the most comfortable and well-done sutures! And the whole thing was painless, even AFTER the surgery my mouth wasn't in pain because I followed all the extensive after-care instructions that I was given. Yes, there was sensitivity and discomfort, but not the horrific pain, swelling and bruising that I had read about on blogs while researching this procedure, so I got really lucky with my doctor! Also, 3 weeks after I returned to California, I went to my regular dentist for a "peace of mind" check up to make sure everything looked right and that I was healing well. I showed him photos taken during surgery too. He was so congratulatory and kept saying what a wonderful job my periodontist did and repeatedly remarked on how lucky I was to have such perfect work done! Huge relief!

I am writing such a long review because Dr. Adriana truly deserves it. She exceeded my expectations at EVERY phase of the process. I originally sent my photos and story to dozens of periodontists at clinics around the world. I asked a dizzying number of questions, because I am a savvy patient and also because I was extremely nervous about going overseas for such an intense procedure! Dr. Adriana answered all my questions in-depth and with confidence. Further, I felt reassured about selecting her instead of so many other choices because she used to practice dentistry in Florida! And she is still a member of the American Board of Periodontology (and yes, I took the time to verify all of the credentials instead of just believing what's written on a website). Given that she was licensed in the USA, used to work in the USA, speaks flawless English, had by far the best prices, AND works in a country that I have been eager to visit for years...well, that made it a no-brainer and I knew she was the right doctor for me! And after the wonderful care she gave me, I feel so pleased with my decision!

We are still in touch and she still checks on me via WhatsApp, even though it has been 7 weeks since surgery...awesome patient care! In fact she could have "gotten rid of me" after 1 follow up visit, but instead she encouraged me to return a couple of more times to the clinic for follow ups while I was still in Medellín recuperating (at no additional charge). She really went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

And speaking of the clinic, it is lovely. Extremely clean, modern art on the walls, and a relaxing garden in the back. Also, her clinic is in THE best area of Medellín! All the cool hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping are within walking distance. Very convenient! And I felt 100% safe in Colombia at all times!!!! I traveled around Colombia before and after my procedure and fell in love with the country during my 3 week stay...the landscapes, flora and fauna are breathtaking, I miss it so much! And I loved the experience even more because it was essentially "free" -- even with airfare and nice hotels and site seeing, etc I still managed to save many thousands of dollars compared to having the procedure done with one of the 3 periodontists that I had consultations with in California or the 30+ periodontists in several countries that I contacted with my photos and xrays so that I could get an online consultation/price quote. Yes, Dr. Adriana gave me such a good price that it was even thousands less than other periodontists in Costa Rica, Thailand, etc (not to mention that those others would have required me to come back for several trips just to complete the work that Dr. Adriana did on my first visit!!) Not only are her rates a bargain, but the Colombian Peso is really weak right now relative to the US Dollar, so the favorable currency conversion rates made an already great deal unimaginably fantastic!

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Guy, Canada
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

The procedures were without much discomfort

5 50 Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening • Paid: $ 5697015

I had two implants, post only, done and a tooth whitening procedure. These were done by Dr. Castano. The procedures were without much discomfort. I was not satisfied with the whitening procedure. Dr.Castano offered to do another one, no charge.

The clinic is very professional. At less than half the price for the same procedures in Canada. Dr. Castano is very professional. I do not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone who requires dental procedures or dental esthetic.

Chris, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

I am only about half way thru my treatments and already my smile has improved

5 50 Teeth Cleaning, Extractions, Dental Implants, Root Canals, Bone Graft • Paid: $ 24875654

I needed to have extensive treatment with Dr. Castano. My mouth was a train wreck. If you could see my x-rays you would see why I say this. I needed a deep teeth cleaning,extractions, implants, root canals and a bone graft. I knew pretty much all of this prior to going. What made it easier to hear was the way Dr. Castano explained everything. She was very helpful, very informative and extremely professional. I was a little nervous at first going to another country to have my procedure done. I felt very, very, comfortable with Dr. Castano. I wish I had known about her before. I had procrastinated for years having dental work done because it was always the same with the dentists here in America. You need this, you need that. then comes the price for the treatment and you want to run and never a dentist again. Dr. Castano is not your average everyday dentist. She is above and far beyond any dentist I have had or have talked to. I want everyone to see this review and know if you are afraid , nervous or unsure about who to see or what to do. I am telling you now! you cannot go wrong and you will not be sorry about going to see Dr. Castano, I promise you this!! I went to Medellin for one purpose, to get my mouth healthy again. In one day Dr. Castano did 5 extractions, 5 implants, straightened my upper and lower gum line and a bone graft. Most people would be nervous or afraid, but Dr. Castano was very comforting ad reassuring. I felt and knew I was in safe and well guarded hands!! Please do not make the same mistakes I have made by not going to see a dentist. I am telling you now in all honesty, you need to see Dr. Castano. She will help change your life the way she is changing mine. I am only about half way thru my treatments and already my smile has improved and I do not feel ashamed of my mouth. I will tell you the same thing I told Dr. Castano. She is a Miracle worker!!! The value I received for the work Dr. Castano has done for me is amazing. You cannot put a price tag on a healthy mouth and smile. Trust me , your money will go a long way with Dr. Castano. You cannot beat the prices Dr. Castano can give you!!! When you see the end result , you will say the same thing I did. I should have done this a long time ago. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL DR. CASTANO!!!

I chose Dr. Castano after e-mailing with her and finally speaking with her. I had reviewed her credentials and they are impeccable. I felt a connection with Dr. Castano after our first facetime chat. The other dentists were not as helpful or informative about what I needed to have done. Dr. Castano assured me that my mouth and smile would be healthy again. From then on it was just preparing a time to go see Dr. Castano. When I first met Dr. Castano in person I felt immediately comfortable with her. Dr. Castano explained how and when she was going to each procedure if I needed to know anything all had to do was ask. Dr. Castano is not your typical dentist, she wants what is best for you! She wants to see all her patients smile with confidence. Dr. Castano is a caring, compassionate and an artist at what she does!!. I cannot say enough about Dr. Castano, but I would need more room. Do yourself a favor. Contact her, e-mail her. You will come to the same conclusion I have now. There is no dentist better or a dentist that cares more than Dr. Castano!!! So stop staring at my review and do not over think abut contacting her. DO IT NOW!!!

Treated by: Adriana Castaño
Kate, Colombia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Clean and well presented

3 50 Teeth Cleaning, Fillings, Dental X-Ray

I had a cleaning , xrays at a seperate location and then a filling. I think the treatment was OK, but i've had sensitivity there since though which I never had before so I will be getting a second opinion on the work done.

The clinic is clean and well presented. Nice enough customer service but I am still waiting on my electronic copies of xrays and my receipts. Communication before the appointment was outstanding and almost instantaneous but communication after treatment has been non existent.

Treated by: Adriana Castaño

Dear Kate, Thanks so much for your nice comments! Im sorry about the sensitivity, I wish you would have let me know directly before. It can be normal after the deep cavity you had. It will resolve on its own over time. I checked with the radiology center and they will send you xrays with the next week. Please excuse their tardiness. Hope you are doing great! Stay in touch! warm regards...

International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS
International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS
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International Smiles-Adriana Castaño: DDS - Featuring Dr Adriana Castaño.

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