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M&M Cosmetic Facial Surgery

M&M Cosmetic Facial Surgery

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Hammoud Hospital Universty Medical Center, Dr Mazen Hammoud, Dr. Mazen Hammoud clinic Hlalieh, Saida, saidaLebanon

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Plastic Surgeon Consultation 298863 ل.ل.‏ - 1479372 ل.ل.‏
Rhinoplasty 14943151 ل.ل.‏ - 74147918 ل.ل.‏
Eyelid surgery 11864231 ل.ل.‏ - 29660576 ل.ل.‏
Facelift 49434294 ل.ل.‏ - 118642305 ل.ل.‏
Otoplasty 17796346 ل.ل.‏ - 54377723 ل.ل.‏
Mole Removal 2966058 ل.ل.‏ - 5932115 ل.ل.‏
Scar Removal 2966058 ل.ل.‏ - 14830288 ل.ل.‏
Chin Implant 22245432 ل.ل.‏ - 37075720 ل.ل.‏
Closed Rhinoplasty 14943151 ل.ل.‏ - 59324311 ل.ل.‏
Open Rhinoplasty 44490864 ل.ل.‏ - 74151441 ل.ل.‏
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About M&M Cosmetic Facial Surgery

For looking younger and more relaxed or for improving your appearance with or without surgery, contact us to arrange a consultation .

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  • EAFPS - European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (International) 


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Plastic Surgery

22245432 ل.ل.‏ - 44490864 ل.ل.‏

Brow Lift

14830288 ل.ل.‏ - 29660576 ل.ل.‏

Buccal Fat Removal

29660576 ل.ل.‏ - 59321153 ل.ل.‏

Cheek Implants

22245432 ل.ل.‏ - 37075720 ل.ل.‏

Chin Implant

11864231 ل.ل.‏ - 29660576 ل.ل.‏

Eyelid surgery

11864231 ل.ل.‏ - 29660576 ل.ل.‏


Upper Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is the name of the surgery to improve the appearance and/or function of the eyelids

The aesthetic appearance of the eyes and the vision can be affected in time by aging, environmental (sun, pollution) and genetic factors. Laxity of eyelid skin, muscles and excess fat tissue around the eyes lead to the settlement of wrinkles and eye bags on the eyelids, giving a tired look for the patient.

Lower Blepharoplasty

The principal aesthetic goal of lower-eyelid blepharoplasty is to rejuvenate the appearance of the lower eyelids while preserving their shape, position, and function. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty may also be used in treating the sagging of the lower eyelid due to loss of facial nerve function. In this aspect it is performed to restore normal appearance and protect the eye from excessive dryness and more serious complications related to chronic dryness. It is not only about skin; it includes the skin, underlying structures and orbital fat .


Eye Lift

49434294 ل.ل.‏ - 118642305 ل.ل.‏


Face Lift surgery has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Stigmata of early, subcutaneous face lift techniques included an operated, overly lifted and unnatural appearance. These suboptimal results have effectively been replaced by the naturally appearing, predictable and long lasting results of sub-SMAS and deep plane face lift operations. Modern face lift techniques no longer apply significant tension to the lifted skin. Liposuction of the neck is frequently performed with a modern face lift. Thus an imbalanced appearance between an overly stretched face and an undertreated neck can effectively be avoided. Placement of the incisions has also been improved. The incision line runs inside the ear canal (retrotragal line), thus rendering the incision lines nearly invisible, even when the hair style is such that the ears are not covered.

26688469 ل.ل.‏ - 59324311 ل.ل.‏

Mini Facelift

14830288 ل.ل.‏ - 29660576 ل.ل.‏

Neck Liposuction

29660576 ل.ل.‏ - 59321153 ل.ل.‏

Neck Lift

17796346 ل.ل.‏ - 54377723 ل.ل.‏


An otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to improve the shape of your ears. The type of deformity of your ears may be minimal such as an inward curved lobule or a major deformity in the shape of cup ears. 

An otoplasty can be performed for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to alleviate the deformity in your ears
  • to create symmetry between your ears
  • to decrease the size of your ears
  • to re-shape the deformity in children’s ears to decrease the amount of teasing they are exposed to.
298863 ل.ل.‏ - 1479372 ل.ل.‏

Plastic Surgeon Consultation

14943151 ل.ل.‏ - 74147918 ل.ل.‏


Rhinoplasty - M&M Cosmetic Facial SurgeryRhinoplasty - M&M Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is offered for two reasons:

First, it is performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose. The goal is to generate a cosmetic result that is in harmony with the remainder of the face. 

Second, it is performed to alleviate a blockage of the nasal airway and to create an air passage that allows for comfortable and unhindered breathing.

7471576 ل.ل.‏ - 59324311 ل.ل.‏


14943151 ل.ل.‏ - 59324311 ل.ل.‏

Closed Rhinoplasty

The closed rhinoplasty technique:

No incision is placed on the skin and the structures of the nose are approached through incisions on the inside of the nostrils. When the corrections of the cartilaginous and bony structures of the nose are completed, the incisions are closed with sutures.

14943151 ل.ل.‏ - 74147918 ل.ل.‏

Nasal Tip Surgery

Nasal Tip Surgery - M&M Cosmetic Facial SurgeryNasal Tip Surgery - M&M Cosmetic Facial Surgery
44490864 ل.ل.‏ - 74151441 ل.ل.‏

Open Rhinoplasty

A small incision is placed across the columella. The columella  is the strip of skin between your nostrils. This incision is combined with incisions on the inside of the nostrils. The skin of the nasal tip is then carefully lifted up and the cartilages and bones of the nose are surgically corrected. At the end of the procedure the skin is redraped and the incisions are closed with fine sutures. The small scar on the skin between the nostrils typically heals well and is barely perceptible in most cases.

Medical Aesthetics

747158 ل.ل.‏ - 4453059 ل.ل.‏


Carboxytherapy - M&M Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Carboxytherapy can dramatically improve the appearance of dark under-eye circles. Although sometimes caused by darkened pigment, or a hollow depression below the lower eyelids [tear trough deformity], the majority of dark under-eye circles are caused by poor circulation beneath the lower eyelids [vascular pooling].

The capillary network of the lower eyelids can become congested for a variety of reasons. The lack of appropriate oxygenation to the lower eyelid skin causes a bluish cast to show through the thin skin around the eyes. With age, the skin also begins to fall which makes this capillary network more prodominant further creating a tired appearance. Carboxytherapy works to improve the capillary network of the lower eyelids, as well as to increase the dermal collagen layer in the lower eyelid skin. By injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the affected areas, blood flow is increased by angiogenesis and vasodilation of these blood vessels. The bluish cast is replaced with a healthy pink tone, a result of oxygenated blood in the area. Once a series of sessions is completed, the skins collagen and elastin fibers are re-inforced smoothing out lines around the eyes. The application of carboxytherapy will also smooth out the "hollow look" around the eyes.

  The treatment takes only five minutes, and is virtually painless and risk-free. A series of 2-6 treatments spaced one to 3 weeks apart is all that is required to achieve a great result.

2241473 ل.ل.‏ - 3735788 ل.ل.‏

Dermal Fillers


Collagen Filler

8898173 ل.ل.‏ - 29660576 ل.ل.‏

Fat Filler

4943429 ل.ل.‏ - 8898173 ل.ل.‏

Excessive Sweating Treatment

2966058 ل.ل.‏ - 3707572 ل.ل.‏


2988630 ل.ل.‏ - 6724418 ل.ل.‏

Lip Augmentation


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

2966058 ل.ل.‏ - 5932115 ل.ل.‏

Mole Removal

3735788 ل.ل.‏ - 8891175 ل.ل.‏

Non-Surgical Nose Job

2966058 ل.ل.‏ - 14830288 ل.ل.‏

Scar Removal

8898173 ل.ل.‏ - 35592692 ل.ل.‏

Silhouette Lift™

Ear Nose and Throat

7471576 ل.ل.‏ - 29662156 ل.ل.‏


M&M Cosmetic Facial Surgery - Hammoud Hospital  Universty Medical Center, Dr Mazen Hammoud, Dr. Mazen Hammoud clinic Hlalieh, Saida, saida,

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Hammoud Hospital Universty Medical Center, Dr Mazen Hammoud, Dr. Mazen Hammoud clinic Hlalieh, Saida, saidaLebanon

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