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Prices from ¥597 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Good ServiceScore™ 6.1 from 146 votes ★ 2 verified patient reviews. Visit our Plastic Surgery Clinic - 396 Hongbaoshi Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China, shanghai, Shanghai, 201103, China.

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Plastic Surgeon Consultation ¥600 - ¥1000

Breast Implants

Breast Silicone Implants
Breast Autologous Fat Implants


Nasal Reduction Surgery
Nasal Hump Reduction

Tummy Tuck

Rectus abdominis Repair
Tummy Tuck

Eyelid Surgery

Eye Bag Fat Removal Surgery
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About Shanghai Sky Clinic


Shanghai SKY Clinic is a specialised medical center that offers multi-lingual, personalised, and high quality service to the international and local community in Shanghai. 

GENERAL DEPARTMENT: General Medicine and Surgery, Health Checkups

SPECIALTY DEPARTMENT: Cosmetic Surgery, Paediatrics, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, ENT, Endocrinology, Gynaecology, Dentistry, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Weight and Nutritional Counselling

OTHER SERVICES: Vaccinations, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Medication Refill

We offer services in Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, French, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

Our strengths are our International Medical Professional, State-of-the-art Facilities, and incomparable Patient Management.

We provide DIRECT BILLING services to most of the global insurance companies.

We offer services 24X7.

Cosmetic Non Invasive Fat Reduction
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Patient reviews

3.0 from 2 verified reviews
Eva, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I wasn’t satisfied with the results

2.5 50 Plastic Surgeon Consultation

The staff was very responsive and quick to answer my questions. However, the doctor who did my procedures doesn’t speak English and it was very hard to communicate, even though I paid for consultation fee it was held by a nurse there not the doctor himself which I found odd. There were a lot of people in the clinic, so they were trying to rush with the procedures, and I wasn’t satisfied with the results. I asked immediately to see the doctor again and after the second time, I was “kinda” satisfied. I had a hard time in the clinic because I felt they were in a rush (especially the nurse I was in contact with) and I didn’t have enough time to explain what I wanted especially because of the communication problems.

Vern, China
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

Prompt and professional

3.5 50 Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Very thorough.

Prompt and professional. Gave me confidence in the medical staff.


ParkingAccessible to disabled peoplePublic transport access - 300 meters away from Yili Road metro station in Line 10Wheelchair accessible toiletAccess without stepsPatient bathroomWireless access

Clinic services

Emergency service - call us 24X7 @ 0086-21-5153-0222Open 24 hours - call us 24X7 @ 0086-21-5153-0222Open weekends

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Plastic Surgery

Arm Lift

Arm Lift

This surgery helps you to get rid of localised pockets of fat in the upper arms. And also helps to reduce the sagging skin in your arms. It tightens and smoothens the supporting tissues beneath the skin and as a result you get perfectly shaped arms.


Bromhidrosis correction by Anti Wrinkle Injections (腋臭保妥适)

BotoxInjections help to diminish the sweat and as a result diminish body odour.


Bromhidrosis correction by surgery (腋臭根治术)

This plastic surgery reduces the apocrine secretion by reducing the apocrine glands and thus abnormal body odour is removed.


Body Lift - waist and abdomen

Body lift surgery removes excess fat and skin. This also improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue, which supports fat and skin

Lower Body Lift

Lower Body Lift


Thigh Lift

This surgery helps you to get a smoother and younger looking thighs by removing the excess fat and excess skin (sagging skin) .
Breast Implants

Breast Silicone Implants

Surgically inserted silicone implants in your breasts help you to increase the volume of breasts and enhance the contour. In addition, it helps to repair asymmetrical breasts while enhancing the feel of breasts.


Breast Autologous Fat Implants

Fat implant procedure uses liposuction to take fat from other parts of your body and inject it to enhance the breasts.


Breast Lift Surgery

This plastic surgery helps to lift your sagging breasts. In this surgery excess skin is removed and enhances the shape and contour of your breasts. It also tightens the surrounding tissue so that the new breast contour can be effectively supported.

Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

Also known as Reduction Mammoplasty, this surgery helps to reduce the size of large breasts while ensuring the functional sensitivity and lactation capability of breasts
Brow Lift

Eye Brow Lift

Eyebrow lift surgery helps to lift droopy eyebrows and gives a younger look.


Forehead Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation

Micro-Autologous Fat Transplantation (MAFT) helps in volumizing and contouring of forehead.

Butt Implants

Hip Augmentation (隆臀术) helps to enhance the size and contour of hip and gives a more feminine appearance.


Body Lift

Body Lift Surgery is the most effective procedure to deal with excess fat, sagging skin and tissue resulted due to substantial weight reduction

The combination of surgeries performed is determined by an individual's target and physique


Calf Muscle Reduction

This surgery helps you to improve contour of calves in proportion with the rest of your body. 
Cheek Implants

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation improves the contours and overall size of the cheeks.


Cheek Autologous Fat Implants

This surgery improves the contour and overall size of the cheeks by inserting excess fat taken from elsewhere on the body.


Cheek Lift

Cheek lift plastic surgery gives a more youthful facial appearance.


Zygomatic Arch Reduction

This surgery helps to reduce the width and projection of the cheekbones and as a result the width of face reduces.

Chin Implant

Chin Autologous Fat Implant

Autologous fat implants help to reshape the chin by enlargement and enhancement.


Chin Implant Surgery

Chin implant surgery helps to reshape the chin by altering the height and size of the chin.
Eyelid Surgery

Eye Bag Fat Removal Surgery

This surgery helps remove eye bags by removing and/or adjusting the fat from lower eyelid.


Medial Canthus Surgery

When the inner corner of the eye

Lateral Canthus Surgery

This plastic surgery helps to reconstruct and/or reshape the outer corner of the eye. It also aesthetically enhances eyes.

Asian Blepharoplasty

Asia blepharoplasty or Double Eyelid surgery helps to create a prominent eyelid crease. It also helps to deepen the eyelid crease.


Fat in the upper eyelid make your eyes look puffy. When only fat is removed from the eyelid, it leaves the skin saggy. This sagging skin creates folds in the eyelid, disturbs the natural contour of the upper eyelid and in some cases, it may impair the vision.

Blepharoplasty helps to remove both the excess fat and the sagging skin from your upper eyelid and enhances the shape and contour of upper eyelids. And as a result, your eyes get an aesthetically pleasing boost.


Hymen Repair

Hymen Repair Cosmetic Surgery helps to correct the deformation occurred due to a trauma or a moment of passion by reconstructing a thick tissue layer around your vagina.


Nipple Retraction Surgery

Also known as nipple retraction surgery. Both men and women may experience inversion of nipples, a condition where one or both nipples are pulled-in. This surgery helps to protract the inverted nipples.

Jaw Contouring


Labia Minora Surgery

Large and protruding labia minora could result in skin irritation and as a result you may not be able wear your favourite outfit.

It also could be functionally limiting factor while using tampons or during sexual intercourse.


Lip Reduction Surgery

This surgery helps to get rid of excessive lip volume and asymmetrical lips.



Arm Liposuction

Arm Liposuction (抽脂术)

This non surgical method helps to remove the excess fat in your arms and makes them instantly thinner.


Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction aesthetically improves, balances and slims the neckline.


Thigh Liposuction


helps you remove excess fat from your legs and help you get instant results.

Neck Lift

Neck Autologous Fat Implants

This surgery improves the contours and overall size of the neck by inserting excess fat taken from elsewhere on the body.


Neck Lift Surgery

This surgery rectifies the visible signs of ageing in the jawline and neck.


Nipple Reduction

Nipple reduction plastic surgery 
¥600 - ¥1000

Plastic Surgeon Consultation

The consultation charges can be deducted later from the total bill if you are undergoing any of the cosmetic surgeries. Contact our cosmetologists for further information.



Nasal Reduction Surgery

Nasal reduction surgery is an aesthetic surgery that helps to reduce the size of nose.


Nasal Hump Reduction

This surgery corrects the undesirable nasal hump by removing a certain amount of cartilage and/or bone to achieve the desired appearance.


Nasal Alar Rim Grafting

Nasal alar rim grafting surgery provides additional support to the external nasal valve, improves nasal base contour and prevents a pinched nose appearance.


Nasal Tip Surgery

Tummy Tuck

Rectus abdominis Repair

One may experience Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA), a condition where the abdominal muscles stretch apart due to pregnancy, sudden weight gain, obesity, or incorrect biomechanics while working out or lifting heave objects. 


Tummy Tuck


Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Tightening cosmetic procedure helps to tighten the pelvic muscles while optimising the elasticity of pelvic floor muscles.


Clitoral Hood Reduction

Also known as Hoodectomy, helps to remove the skin folds around clitoris and as a result helps you to have a sexual orgasm.

Medical Aesthetics


Stretch Marks Removal

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers

Hyaluronic acid filling: These dermal fillers help you 

Dark Circle Removal by HA Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid Fillings help to remove dark circle.

Chin Filler

Chin Augmentation


Double Chin Removal

This procedure helps to get rid of double chin by removing the excess fat in the chin.

Fat Reduction Injections

Fat Reduction Injections


Lip Reduction Injections


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Laser Wrinkle Reduction


Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Fine wrinkles can be removed by laser light by stimulating the collagen and elastin production.


Lip Augmentation

Lip implants or lip augmentation helps you to get a fuller looking lips.


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation




Nasolabial Folds Treatment

We provide both Hyaluronic acid fillers and fat implants to fill awkwardly deep smile lines. Contact us for further information.
Permanent Makeup

Eyebrow Tattoo

Permanent cosmetic tattoos are created in eyebrow that resemble eyebrow makeup.


Permanent Makeup


Eyeliner Tattoo

Permanent cosmetic tattoos are created in eye lid that resemble eyeliner makeup.


Scar Camouflage tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is an alternate way to manage your scars, which does not involve any surgery or laser treatments. This technique uses non toxic medical dye and helps you mask the scar.

Scar Removal

Scar Management x

Shanghai SKY Clinic offers both non-surgical laser skin resurfacing and surgical scar revision services to its patients and help them remove or manage scars effectively.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal


Tattoo Washing

Laser light penetrates through the skin to reach the tattoo pigment and removes the same.

Thread Lift

Thread Lift


Forehead Lift

Forehead lift surgery helps to remove sagging skin and wrinkles from forehead and the area in between eyes. This surgery also helps to lift the eyebrows and upper eyelids.

Treatment for Wrinkles

Injections help you to remove wrinkle and effectively manage all problems related to ageing.

Bunions correction

Bunions are also known as Hallux Valgus. They are the bumps that are found at the bottom of the big toe, around the toe joint. At early stages, bunions can be easily corrected by foot pad, pain medication, and bunion aids.Severe conditions of bunions can only be corrected by cosmetic surgery.



Acne Treatment

This non-invasive treatment uses laser technology and reduces acne by unclogging the pores and removing the excess oil. Laser can also help to remove acne scars by skin resurfacing technique.


Pigmentation Treatment

By using Laser treatment, the most advanced and effective solution, you shall reduce pigmentation such as sun spots and freckles.

Holistic Health


Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Shanghai SKY Clinic offers the latest body contouring, cool sculpting technique to enhance your silhouette by freezing the fat cells away to death.



Haemorrhoids Treatment

Haemorrhoids, whether prolapsed or not, could be troublesome. 

Our haemorrhoidectomy procedure ensures that the swollen veins and surrounding nerve ends are intact while removing haemorrhoids. 

Beauty Salon Treatments

Skin Lightening

Skin Lightening


Dark Circle


Dark Circle Removal

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