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About Visage Clinic - Richmond Hill

An expert and experienced cosmetic surgeon consults at two clinics in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. The clinics are located at St. John’s Street in Toronto and at Yonge Street in Richmond Hill. He performs surgical procedures once a week in an accredited surgical facility and high quality nonsurgical procedures are performed at both clinics. Services include the surgical reshaping of facials features and breasts including male breast reduction, male chest wall contouring, surgical body sculpting, the administration of anti-aging facial injectables, the administration of injectables to reduce excessive sweating and laser skin resurfacing.

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  • CMA - Canadian Medical Association (Canada) 
  • CPSO - College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (Canada) 
  • CSPS - Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (Canada) 
  • FRCPSC - Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Canada) 
  • RCPSC - Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Canada) 
  • ISAPS - International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (International) 


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Plastic Surgery

$6500 - $8500

Abdominal Etching

Etching is a specialized version of a meticulous, selective and planned liposuction to sculpt around your own muscle groups to better delineate their insertions and interdigitations (6-pack and 8-pack).  It is also one of my specialities and only a handful of surgeons perform this procedure in North America.  It is of utmost artistry and meticulous work and planning.  Patients must be moderately athletic in order to achieve full definition of the various muscle groups.  Post-op pain is similar to traditional liposuction and so are the swelling and bruising.  Cost varies between 6500$ and 8500$ depending on the amount of traditional liposuction that may also be required eg. love handles, back rolls, upper flanks, chest, etc...  Some patients also choose to have abdominal implants at the same time.

from $6950

Breast Implants

Breast surgery is one of my most common procedures.  Although silicone implants are now more common in my practice, we have many options of saline in Canada. I use both the Allergan Natrelle and Mentor implants.  The implants are inserted via a small incision within the inframammary fold or partly around the areola, between 4 and 7 o'clock.  Sometimes an underarm incision might be advised.  The implant is placed either under the original pectorals muscle (dual plane) or over the muscle, behind the gland or under the fascia.  This placement is decided together at the time of consultation.  Pros and cons will be discussed.  Pros and cons for each type of implant will be discussed during the consultation.  We do offer financing via 2 independent companies.


Breast Lift


Breast Reduction

Patients who undergo breast reduction surgery frequently are seeking relief from physical symptoms caused by the excessive weight of large breasts. Breast reduction usually can solve these problems as well as improve the size and shape of your breasts. Following breast reduction, your breasts will be more proportional to the rest of your body, and clothes will fit you better. The common techniques include the modified Lejour's vertical reduction with no horizontal component (also known as the lollipop technique) and the classic inverted-T method (anchor-type scar) which is reserved for very large reduction.

Breast augmentation, lift or breast reduction are common cosmetic breast procedures for women. Woman with heavy large breast usually experience discomfort in the shoulders, neck and back. Reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) involves the removal of excess skin, tissue and fat to create a smaller more attractive breast shape.

Dr. DuPéré uses a European technique called Lejour Vertical Reduction (Lollipop-style scar as opposed to the Anchor-style scar). There is much less scarring, less pain and less chance of loosing nipple sensation by this expert technique.


Brow Lift

Brow lifting procedures are common procedures at Visage MD Clinic.  Dr. DuPéré performs different variations of this techniques depending on your anatomy and degree of correction required.  A brow lift will lift the brow in general with more emphasis on the outer part of the brow in order to obtain a pleasing arch; a brow lift will also flatten down the forehead wrinkles and will soften the lines between the 2 eyebrows.  Small incisions technique, full coronal in-hair or at-hairline incision (for most males and for ladies with high foreheads), and temporal incisions only.  Usually performed under general anesthesia.  It can be done independently or with a facelift and eyelid surgery.

from $9000

Butt Implants

Buttock implants/augmentation is one of my specialties and only a few plastic surgeons perform this procedure in North America.  I have been performing buttock augmentation since 2005.  The procedure is very predictable and gratifying.  We have a several options of shapes and sizes in Canada.  We also now have access to the fantastic Brazilian implants made in Brazil, by Silimed.  I also use the USA-made implants.  A buttock implant is made of solid yet soft silicone material (soft gummy-bear type i.e. not a gel hence no possibility of leakage).  The implants are inserted via a small incision within the crease between the 2 buttocks, therefore, easily camouflaged once healed.  The implant is placed under the muscle fascia of the original large buttock (gluteal) muscle, blunting all edges of the implant so it looks smooth and natural.  This can be combined withfat grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift).  Liposculpture would also be commonly performed to ‘shape’ the buttocks.


Butt Lift

Brazilian buttock or butt lift is a hot trend in the cosmetic surgery world.  A sexier, firmer, more defined buttock is a very attractive feature and one of the few curves that are still regarded as ‘sexy’. Although, initially requested from the VISAGE Clinic patients of Latin, Caribbean and South American descent, it has now reached all cultures – guys and girls.

Buttock Augmentation procedure is among Dr. Marc DuPéré’s specialties, and as you may know, only a few plastic surgeons perform these procedures in North America.  It is while travelling and learning in Brazil that he discovered the power and significance of a nice, fuller, rounder and sexy buttock area.

Dr. DuPéré has been performing buttock augmentation since he initially learned the procedure in 2004 and after attending various courses given by 4 world specialists:  Dr. De La Pina in Mexico, Dr. Mendieta in Miami, Dr. Del Vecchio in Boston and Dr. Raul Gonzalez in Brazil.  

Brazilian butt lift is a technique of buttock augmentation using your own fat.  It consists of harvesting fat from the abdomen, love handles, thighs, inner knees, etc. which is then transferred to the buttock area in specific and meticulous multi-layer technique.  A significant amount of fat is required for a sizeable augmentation.  If the amount of fat is insufficient, it can easily be combined with buttock implants, also a specialty of Dr. Marc DuPéré since 2005.  Very commonly, unwanted fat around, above and below the buttock is also removed in order to sculpt the desired A-type shape of the female buttock or squarer shape of the male buttock.

So in essence, you get liposuction in areas of excess fat, which is then transferred in areas where volume is deficient – two birds, one stone!

Dr. DuPere also performs buttock augmentation with buttock implants.


Calf Implants


Chin Implant

Chin augmentation is very common in Toronto.  I use soft silicone implants; many models and sizes exist.  Implant can be inserted via an intra-oral incision or an incision under the chin.  Under the chin is often used when a neck procedure is required such as neck liposuction, repair of the hanging neck muscles and neck lift.

from $4500

Eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty is very common procedure in my practice and my extracurricular training was all about facial aesthetic surgery in Paris and Los Angeles.  Some patients choose to have this done under twilight sedation (intravenous sedation) with local anesthesia and others under full general anesthesia.  The 4-lid procedure takes about 2,5-3 hours to perform and upper lids alone take about 1,25 hours.


 Skin excision, fat removal and/or redraping, muscle repair/excision/suspension, etc. are all techniques I use.  

Asian Blepharoplasty is also a technique I performed.  

I would better able to give you my formal surgical plan once we meet and once I assess you.   Stitches are in place for 5-6 days.  

from $4500


Blepharoplasty is very common procedure in my practice and my extracurricular training was all about facial aesthetic surgery in Paris and Los Angeles.  Some patients choose to have this done under twilight sedation (intravenous sedation) with local anesthesia and others under full general anesthesia.  The 4-lid procedure takes about 2,5-3 hours to perform and upper lids alone take about 1,25 hours.


Skin excision, fat removal and/or redraping, muscle repair/excision/suspension, etc. are all techniques I use.  

Asian Blepharoplasty is also a technique I performed.  

I would better able to give you my formal surgical plan once we meet and once I assess you.   Stitches are in place for 5-6 days.  

from $12000


Face/neck lift (redraping) procedures are very common in my practice.  You may have seen in my résumé that my extra training post plastic surgery residency was in facial aesthetic surgery in France.  So this part of the body is of great interest to me.

Various variations of face/neck lift exist; short-scar, 3-day, extensive, S-shape, mini, neck only, NewYork facelift, etc...  Some are smaller procedures with less downtime but with less longevity in results; some are more extensive procedures with slightly more downtime but with results that last longer.  Those variations would be explained and discussed in details during your few visits with me prior to your surgery.

Neck lift can be performed without the full face if requested.

from $7500


Gynecomastia is very common.  Breast tissue development in a male can be due to hormonal imbalances as seen in newborns and teenagers, in obesity, in excessive alcohol intake, steroids and cannabis.  Having a strong male clientele in my downtown office, gynecomastia surgery is a very common procedure in my practice;  it is most commonly performed under general anesthesia.  Most of time, liposuction is needed and this is often combined (when needed) with a direct excision of breast tissue via a small incision between 4 and 7 o'clock around the areola (brown disk around nipple).  Occasionally, if the excess tissue is mostly fatty, liposuction can be done alone... but true gynecomastia usually requires direct excision as the glands are dense and cannot be entirely suctionned.  For enlarged areolas (brown disk around the nipple), an areolar reduction might also be required.




Lip Reduction

Reduction of the upper lip, lower lip or both, is a simple in-office procedure, done under local anesthesia.  The incision is located within the 'red' lips, at the junction between what we call the 'wet' and the 'dry' red lip.  Scar is very hard to see once the incisions have healed.  Stitches can be dissolving, or otherwise, have to be removed one week later.



Liposuction, liposculpture and etching are very common in my practice.  I follow the S.A.F.E. principles and I use both the SAL and PAL technologies.  I always use the tumescence solution infiltration technique as it increases the safety of the procedure and also decreases the amount of bleeding considerably.  Liposuction can be done as a sole procedure or often in combination with tummy-tuck, facelift, breast lift, all types of body lifts, etc.

from $6500

Neck Lift

As you may know, I did all my extra training in facial plastic surgery so neck procedures are very common in my practice.   And I applied the rules and principles of SAFE liposuction when liposuction is needed.

Basically, neck and under-chin area can be treated in 3 ways, depending on your age, your anatomy, the amount of fat present (superficial and deep), the laxity of your 2 neck muscles (platysma) and the amount of redundant skin present.

a. liposuction alone

b. liposuction and anterior neck muscle repair

c. liposuction, muscle repair, muscle suspension and neck skin redraping.

Liposuction to the neck as sole procedure is possible providing your skin is still elastic.  In older people and in those with moderate to serious weight loss, a tightening procedure might be needed.  Liposuction alone can be done under local anesthesia with Intravenous sedation, or under full general anesthesia.





- a.k.a. ear surgery -  is a very common procedure in my practice and is one of my specialties.  I always use several techniques to ensure proper back-rotation of the cartilage by using skin excision, cartilage scoring and carving, cartilage to fascia sutures and cartilage to cartilage sutures.  I also have a very personal way to apply my dressing which make relapse very very unlikely.  The incision is behind the ear.  

from $9000

Pectoral Implants

Body implant 

is one of my specialties, and as you may know, only a few plastic surgeons perform this procedure in North America.  I perform calf, pectoral, buttock implants and also abdominal etching.


Pectoral implant:  

We have several options of shapes and sizes in Canada.  A pectoral implant is made of solid yet soft silicone material (gummy-bear type i.e. not a gel hence no possibility of leakage).  The implant is inserted via s small incision within the underarm (hair-bearing) area, hence easily camouflaged once healed.  The implant is placed under the original pectoralis muscle, blunting all edges of the implant so it looks smooth and natural.  I use both USA and Brazil-made implants.


from $150

Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Our consultation fees are 150$ + HST (13%) and this will entitle you with a personalized consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marc DuPéré.  This fee will include all the visits pertaining to that particular procedure.  It is very common for Dr. DuPéré to meet his patients 2 or 3 times prior to the surgery and often with the partner/husband/wife.



Rhinoplasty was part of my extra-curricular training when I were in Paris with Dr. Gilbert Aiache.  I perform many different techniques with both males and females patients.  I increase, decrease and refine the noses.  I work at all levels: skin, cartilage, bones, septum, ala (nostrils), etc.


Thigh Lift

I have a strong interest in body lifts.  Various techniques exist of thigh lift, both for the inner and for the outer thighs.  The inner thigh lift can be treated with a crescentic excision (scar in the groin) or with a full vertical excision as needed with massive weight loss.  The outer thigh lift can be done alone, or more commonly done in conjunction with a body lift (aka belt lipectomy), a combination of tummy-tuck, outer thigh lift and buttock lift.

from $7500

Tummy Tuck

Tummy-Tuck is one of my most common procedures, and this is often accompanied with liposuction.


I offer the mini-tummy-tucks, the classic one and the extended version.  Sometimes the TT is combined with a buttock lift (Belt lipectomy, for major weight loss).  The technique used depends on each patients anatomy.  Mini-tummy-tucks commonly require no or very minimal liposuction and the scar is shorter.  Muscle repair is usually performed, as it is usually needed.  Recovery for the mini version is approximately 2 weeks (after which most patients go back to work).  Returning to the gym however would only happen 4-6 weeks post-op.  For the full classic abdominoplasty, most require liposuction to love handles and abomen, muscle plication repair (repair of the loosened abdominal muscles), repositioning and rejuvenation of the belly-button and skin excision.  

Medical Aesthetics


Deep Chemical Peel

from $550

Dermal Fillers

[Treatment name removed] and Dermal Fillers are my most common non-surgical procedures.  I also commonly teach other doctors the advanced techniques and I am invited every year for the ‘expert injector only’ F.A.C.E. meeting in USA and Canada.  I perform all injections myself for a customized and optimized treatment.  I perform more than just filling up lines;  I believe in 3-D volume restoration, soft tissue lifting, feminization and triangulation of the ladies’s faces and rejuvenation.

 I commonly perform the [Treatment name removed]/fillers/Selphyl on the same day as the consultation. 

Dermal fillers, we have many options:   [Treatment name removed], [Treatment name removed], [Treatment name removed], Voluma, , Radiesse, PRP-Selphyl (so-called Vampire facelift), etc.  Many now come with a local anesthetic within the syringe so it makes the experience much more pleasant.  [Treatment name removed]/[Treatment name removed]/[Treatment name removed] are 650$/syringes or 550$/syringe if 3 or more are being purchased.  They normally last up to 9-12 months in the naso-labial area but up to 12-15 months when used over bone such as chin, tearthroughs and cheeks. [Treatment name removed] Voluma and Volbella, a newer product limited to expert-injector only is 750$/vial or 650$/syringe if 3 or more are being purchased. 

I also use (but not for the lips!): 

A.  Radiesse (calcium-based liquid/gel product, natural, that I use for rejuvenating the hands and for jaw contouring – 800$ per 1,5 cc vial),

B.   (a synthetic collagen stimulator – 1000$ for a 7ml treatment – most people require 3 treatments 2 months apart) and

C.  Selphyl (platelet-rich plasma technology with stem cell/growth factors which turns ‘on’ your own collagen, elastin, skin cell turn-over, etc – 1500


Collagen Filler


Fat Filler

Fat fillers, fat grafting, fat transfer and Stem cells are all similar concepts.  Those techniques were almost forgotten in the early 2000s, some products entered the Canadian market.  Now with the discovery of the very specialized Stem Cells, fat transfer has resurfaced and is now part of many of our plastic surgery procedures such as fat grafting to face, to breasts and to buttocks.

from $850

Platelet Rich Plasma Filler

Selphyl (platelet-rich plasma) technology with stem cell/growth factors will turn ‘on’ your own collagen, elastin, skin cell turn-over, etc – 1500$ for the 8-10ml kit or 4500$ for 3 (850$ for the 4-5 ml kit for a localized treatment area).


Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler


Excessive Sweating Treatment

[Treatment name Removed] has revolutionized the excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) treatments.  It is several small in-office injections.  Treatment takes about 20-30 minutes and the effects last between 6 and 12 months.  I commonly use 50 units per side in ladies and 100 units per side in males.  I have used [Treatment name Removed] for heavy sweating of the hands, the feet, the underarms, the forehead, etc.  Many drug plans will cover in part in Canada but I always advise my patients to enquire to their work insurance.  I am always happy to fill out the required forms if it helps my patients.


Lip Augmentation


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation


Mole Removal

Moles, cysts and lipoma removal is very common in both my practice locations.  Usually a simple procedure done under local anesthesia, in-office.  As a plastic surgeon, I use fine instruments and fine sutures, and I manipulate the skin gently as to minimize all scars.


Scar Removal


Spider Veins Treatment




Treatment for Wrinkles

General Practice


Minor Surgery Consultation

Massage Therapy





Mole Assessment

Beauty Salon Treatments


Laser Skin Resurfacing


Laser Skin Tightening


ProFractional Laser Skin Treatment


Hand Rejuvenation


Chemical Peel


Light Chemical Peel


Medium Chemical Peel

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Dr Marc DuPere - Surgeon at Visage Clinic - Richmond Hill

Dr Marc DuPere

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Mr Willians Bernardo

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  Operations Manager
  English, Portuguese

Willians  joined our practice in 2007, and plans on a long future with Visage.  

Willians’s education began in Brazil and was completed in Canada at George Brown.  He continues to attend courses to further his education in Customer Service management. Willians speaks, English, Portuguese and Spanish.  His creativity and entrepreneurial skills have greatly contributed to the expansion and success of Visage.  Willians coordinates all patient-relation functions, business operations, public relations, and sales and marketing efforts. His passion for the medical/aesthetics industry is a perfect match for this professional who thrives in an innovative, cutting-edge organization.

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Mrs Joyce Palmer

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  Patient Services Manager
  English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

Joyce has a varied background encompassingmusic, business, beauty and mental health.  The anti-aging industry has become her chosen specialty and she shares21 years of experience with the patients at the Visage Clinic.

Her vast knowledge of laser treatments andmedical skin care is renowned and Joyce customizes her patient’s skin careregimes to their unique needs.  

Beginning her career in the field ofelectrolysis in 1990, Joyce had an extremely busy practice and had referralsfrom many endocrinologists for hormonally induced hirsutism. Joyce also becamethe consultant for the Toronto General Hospital transplant unit for patientshaving to deal with drug induced hirsutism from anti-rejection medication.   This led her to be the referral person forthe Toronto Board of Health.  Her honestywith her patients, her attention to detail and her compassion is wellknown.  

As the laser technology evolved, Joyce hasbecome a leader in cosmetic laser treatments. Constantly upgrading and keepingup with all that is new, Joyce always makes sure that her patient’s treatmentshave the best possible results.  Joycehas the rule of waiting for long term medical data of efficacy and safetybefore presenting the treatment to patients.    Again Joyce uses combinations of lasers foroptimal results depending on the patient’s concern.

In 2002 Joyce’s career took anotherleap.   This was when [Treatment name removed] was approvedfor cosmetic use, Joyce was first in line. It was also the time Joyce started partnering with plastic surgeons andexpanded her practice to include non-surgical anti-aging and cosmeticsurgery. 

Working together since 2009, Dr. DuPere andJoyce share the passion of their work and caring for their patients.  As the Patient consultant and Co-ordinatorfor Visage Clinic, each patient receives only the best of the best.  As a fifty plus female,  Joyce relates to the concerns of women agingand how they want to look.  Joyce alsopractices what she preaches to each person and has treatments done that sherecommends to the patients of Visage Clinic.  Having daughters and a ninety two year old mother gives her insights anda connection to every age.   Beinghappily married for over thirty years gives her an edge in regards maleperspective on aging and cosmetic anti-aging procedures and their relatedconcerns.

It is Joyce’s belief that everyone shouldfeel they are beautiful or handsome and sometimes we all need a little help tolike the reflection in the mirror. 

13311 Yonge Street, Suite 114, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4E 3L6Canada