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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows from £450
Top or Bottom Eyeliner from £325
Top & Bottom Eyeliner from £395
Lash Enhancement (Top Only) from £295
Lip Liner from £325
Lip Blush from £345
Full Lip from £450
Beauty Spot from £95
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Body Treatment
from £45

LIGHT LEGS (45 mins)

Instantly reduce puffy, swollen ankles, feet and legs with this super cooling treatment. A must-have for those on their feet all day. Using a combination of massage and products featuring Hematite, Horse Chestnut, Arnica and Menthol extracts to decongest, stimulate the circulation and reduce oedema; this practical treatment relieves all the soreness and heat associated with poor circulation. A cool compress while you relax during a head massage completes the efficiency of this treatment. Your legs are left feeling as light as air, as though you are walking on clouds.
from £45


The results of this treatment include toning and firming of the tissues and combating slackening of the skin. Your treatment begins with a prelude neck massage with a semi-precious gemstone balm then the whole body is wrapped in a mixture of white clay, and smithsonite balm to firm and tone, stimulate cellular renewal and energise, followed by a body massage with Lift Performance containing calcium to fortify the skin. Scientifically proven to improve skin density by 27%. A course of 6 is recommended.

EXFOLIATION MINERALE (45 mins, 50 sessions)

Unwind and de-stress with this ritual for baby-soft, perfectly flawless skin. Following a prelude massage to encourage relaxation and breathing, your skin is gently yet deeply exfoliated with Marine Mineral Crystals and Rhodochrosite Gemstone Balm, rich in Manganese to calm, soothe and relieve stress. After a mineral shower, a 15 minute mineral-rich back massage with ensures your skin is rehydrated and your mind is totally relaxed.
Dermalogica® Skin Care
from £49

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (45 mins)

This facial treatment is recommended for anyone looking for an extreme clean. This facial helps eliminate impurities from pores, leaving the skin feeling and looking refreshed. The skin is conditioned and nourished. A steaming treatment will help to gently warm the skin prior to milia extraction or comedone removal. Finish with a moisturiser to help protect and restore your skin to its natural balance.
from £49

Prescriptive Facial (1 hour)

This facial aims to combat your specific skin concerns and treats the conditions of your skin at present as well as intending to prevent any other possible conditions that could arise. Relax and enjoy a deep cleansing and customised exfoliation as we reveal a soft, radiant complexion. A steaming treatment will help to gently warm the skin allowing for deeper absorption of any products used for your treatment or easy removal of congestion if needed . Whilst your customised mask is taking affect relax unwind with a foot massage. Finish with a moisturiser to help protect and restore your skin to its natural balance.
from £32

Microzone Express Facial (30 mins)

Get on-the-spot skin solutions with MicroZone® treatments. Our expert skin therapist’s will analyze your skin, then perform a concern- specific treatment designed to solve your skin problem, in about 20 minutes. MicroZone® treatments are just the quick fix for troubled skin, and they’re the ideal maintenance service between Dermalogica Skin Treatments. There are 7 MicroZone treatments to choose from: MicroZone is a 20 minute high intensity treatment focusing on a specific zone of the face, ideal for between full facial treatments & clients who are new to Dermalogica MicroZone Flash Exfoliation Firm, resurface, tone & brighten skin with this maximum strength exfoliation treatment. Hydroxy acids remove dulling surface debris to help reverse the signs of ageing while a nourishing cocktail of vitamins, botanicals & conditioning agents help soothe & restore skin to optimum health. MicroZone Milia Relief Using specialised products to help the removal of white heads and milia. MicroZone Blackhead Relief Clear impactions before they turn into breakouts with this super cleansing, purifying & clearing treatment. Eradicate congestion by focusing on a zone that needs to be cleared the most. MicroZone Eye Rescue Firm, tone & brighten tired eyes with our unique blend of peptides, firming proteins & therapeutic vitamins. Gentle exfoliation will remove dulling debris, while a calming masque will help soothe & revitalise irritated, tired eyes. MicroZone Rapid Spot Clearing Zone-specific breakout clearing with extensive cleansing, using ingredients to clear sebum & impactions. Also works to help skin recover from inflamed lesions. MicroZone Lip Renewal Be remembered for full lips & a healthy smile with this smoothing, conditioning treatment for an area that’s often ignored – the lips! Infused with hydration, lips will be full & plump as well as smoothed, conditioned & restored for a healthy looking smile. MicroZone Skin Soother Help inflamed skin recover.
from £58

Age Smart Treatment Facial (1 hour)

Are the signs of ageing becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalising power boost with this treatment designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing. This powerful treatment facial combines antioxidant vitamins and hydroxyl acid to provide nourishment and regeneration. Dermalogica’s multivitamin power recovery masque helps skin recover from damage, while promoting healthy tissue regeneration. Dermalogica’s multivitamin power firm helps combat visible lines around the eye and lip area. Skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and energised. The ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely ageing, mature or dull looking skin.
from £55

Medibac Clearing Treatment Facial (1 hour)

Our Medibac Clearing Facial has been formulated specifically for Acne sufferers. It’s the end of the line for adult acne with this powerful treatment that jump-starts acne clearing and helps prevent acne well beyond the treatment. What is involved? Your skin consultation establishes condition severity and the treatment program required. A naturally-foaming cleanser, Clearing Skin Wash is the first step in the control of breakouts, comedones and excess surface oils. A two part exfoliation system that combines the active enzyme papain, as well as Salicylic and Lactic Acid gently removes surface debris to allow for easy absorbtion of treatment products. Comedone extractions prevent future breakouts and our professional extraction technique prevents skin damage and scarring. Then, our treatment pressure point massage to the face, neck; shoulder will increase muscle tone, detoxify and relax the nervous system without over stimulating the glands. A two part medicated treatment masque follows, comprised of a sulphur and mineral clay based powder to clear bacteria and help reduce excess sebum and liquid base containing skin calming botanicals to soothe irritation brought on by breakouts.
from £45

Eyelash Extensions (30 mins)

from £58

Intense Hydrating Ritual (1 hour)

Bathe your skin with thirst-quenching Orange Sap Water, Honey, Chestnut and Sea Algae extracts to regain radiance and luminosity. Followed by a 42-step Modellage boosted with intense hydration from Kunai Grass. Finally, your skin is rehydrated with a Collagen Mask infused with Witch Hazel, Orange Blossom and Liquorice. All signs of dehydration are melted away, leaving you with a glowing radiance to give a complete “plumped up” effect. Your complexion is instantly hydrated and softened.
from £58

Intense Soothing Ritual (1 hour)

For even the most sensitive of skins, this treatment helps the skin defend itself with Boswellia extract, Pre-biotics and Rose Essential Oil. An original recipe with Liquorice and Essential Oils of Lavender and Thyme is used with the 42 step Modellage to heal and soothe away irritation. A professional mask, steeped with Boswellia, Centella Asiatica and Meadowfoam extracts, desensitises and strengthens the skin. All sensations of discomfort, tautness, inflammation and redness are alleviated, leaving the skin cool and comfortable. Your skin regains its’ comfort, suppleness and serenity.
from £58

Energising Ritual (1 hour)

This invigorating facial restores your natural dynamism with Cocoa while Orange and Lavender Extracts help your skin resist stress. Ginseng, Green Tea, Mint and Royal Jelly bring extra vitality. Rhyolite is combined with energising Bergamot and Mint Essential oils, followed by a 42-step Modellage to stimulate and invigorate the skin and senses. A self-warming mask, rich in Calcium, Magnesium and a Citrus Cocktail, stimulates the microcirculation to relax the skin and works in synergy with a sumptuous Cocoa and Orange Revitalising Mask. The essential facial for all busy people on the go to restore energy. Your skin will regain its vibrancy and glow with health and vigour.
from £65

Wrinkle Correcting Ritual (1 hour 15 mins)

Hold back time. Combat the first signs of ageing by delaying the appearance of wrinkles and minimising any existing fine lines and dehydration. Black Tea, Zinc, Manganese, Sodium and Magnesium firm, tone, stimulate and improve elasticity. Rhyolite is combined with energising Bergamot and Mint Essential oils, followed by a 42-step Modellage to stimulate and firm the skin and muscles. Finally, a cushiony mask plumps the skin and attenuates fine lines with Hylauronic Acid and Argireline for 20 minutes whilst you bask in the relaxation of a hand massage. Your features are relaxed and your skin is smoother, radiant and luminous.
from £65

Absolute Lift Ritual (1 hour 15 mins)

Regain the resilience and well-defined contours of a younger skin. This facial remodels and re-sculpts skin by giving new volume and firmness with the benefits of Clover Isoflavones, Soya Proteins, Omega 3 and 6 and PAYOT’s own A.G.E. compensating complex. Micro-dermabrasion with energising Bergamot and Mint Essential oils refines and smoothes the skin bringing clarity and minimising pigmentation. The 42-step Modellage lifts and tones the skin and muscles. While you enjoy a hand massage, a velvety mask impregnated with Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica and Sea Lettuce firms and tone. Its super-cooling action tightens the skin through vascular contraction, leaving your skin lifted, firmed and with a redefined contour.
from £75

Perfect Experience Ritual (1 hour 30 mins)

The ultimate luxury facial to diminish and help prevent every sign of ageing and loss of radiance. Following a relaxing massage for the shoulders and arms, a specific exfoliation leaves your skin velvety soft and the legendary 42-step Modellage lifts and tones the skin and muscles. Relax with a scalp massage while Masque Gold, enriched in hibiscus extract smoothes, plumps, rehydrates and revitalises the skin’s energy centres. Results are spectacular; wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, facial contours are firmed and the skin is comfortable, luminous and radiant.
Acne Facial
from £58

Purifying Ritual (1 hour)

Deep cleanse, purify, regulate and control oil production for a perfectly clear complexion with Birch extract, Green Coffee and AHA’s. The 42-step Modellage is performed with an anti-bacterial preparation to treat skin imperfections, purify and regulate the skin from within without drying the skin, followed by a professional mask to detoxify, minimise oil production and deep cleanse the pores. Your skin is left matte, velvety soft and fresh. Blemishes, dilated pores and a shiny nose are things of the past!
from £49

Clear Skin Facial (45 mins)

All skin types. Deep cleanse and brighten your skin starting with a Pineapple enzyme based exfoliation, followed by a gentle brightening mask and products for your skin personally prescribed by the therapist. In just 45 minutes, your skin is rehydrated, relaxed and glowing with health.


from £15

File and Polish

French: £18 Giving Your Hands The Perfect Finishing Touch. Our File and Polish Tidies Up Your Nails Followed With a Painted Varnish In a Colour Of Your Choice. This treatment can be done on the fingernails or toenails. Nails are cut and filed to your satisfaction, then expertly painted with a protecting base coat, two coats of your chosen colour and a high shine top coat to leave your nails looking spectacular. Nails look neat, tidy and expertly polished. We OPI nail lacquers considered to be the best in the industry they contain no DBP or formaldehyde.
from £23

Manicure (30 mins)

(Incl. French) £25
from £27

Deluxe Manicure (45 mins)

(Incl. French) £29
from £22

Male Manicure (30 mins)

Includes filing Cuticle work Buffing
from £32

Male Pedicure (45 mins)

Includes file Cuticle work Hard skin removal Buffing
from £33

Pedicure (45 mins)

(Incl. French) £35
from £38

Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour)

(Incl. French) £40
Spray Tanning
from £25

Full Body Spray Tanning (10 mins)

from £15

Half Body Spray Tanning (10 mins)

from £15

Inner Thigh Waxing

from £20

Arm Waxing

Bikini Wax
from £12

Bikini Wax

(Outsides of full Pant Knicker Line)
from £15

Extended Bikini Wax

from £43

Playboy Wax

from £39

Brazilian Waxing

from £15

Eyebrow Wax

from £26

Full Leg Wax

from £19

Half Leg Wax

from £45

Hollywood Waxing

from £12

Lip Wax

Male Waxing
from £20

Brows, Ears & Nostrils

from £15

Brows Waxing

from £10

Nostrils (painless technique)

from £10

Ears (inside & out)

from £10


from £10

Back of neck (hairline)

from £32

Chest & Stomach

from £20


from £15


from £20

Upper back & Shoulders

from £32

Full back & Shoulders

from £15


from £15

Small of back

from £10


from £10

Upper arms

from £12

Underarm Wax

Medical Aesthetics


Chemical Peel

from £49



IPL Skin Rejuvenation


Laser Hair Removal


Laser Skin Tightening

from £120

Radiofrequency Body Contouring

from £50

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening


RF Treatment

Semi-Permanent Makeup
from £450


from £325

Top or Bottom Eyeliner

from £395

Top & Bottom Eyeliner

from £295

Lash Enhancement (Top Only)

from £325

Lip Liner

from £345

Lip Blush

from £450

Full Lip

from £95

Beauty Spot

Massage Therapy


Face Massage

from £55

Full Body Massage (1 hour)

Created by Dr. Payot herself using her medical knowledge of the body, these massages work deeply on the mind and body. Different techniques and Precious Essential Oils combine complete relaxation with benefits for the skin as well as the soul. All Payot body massages begin with a 7-step prelude massage to encourage deep breathing and utter relaxation so you can unwind and drift away… Relaxing Massage This incredibly slow and rhythmic massage relaxes mental tension, knotted muscles and restores a feeling of peace and serenity, with Precious Harmonising Oil – a blend of Patchouli, Vanilla and Sandalwood Essential Oils. Energising Massage This dynamic massage invigorates and revitalises your mind and senses, whilst stimulating your circulation and toning muscles. Precious Energising Oil, a blend of Bergamot, Mint, Lemon and Nutmeg Essential Oils, stimulates, energises, awakens, and restores your natural sparkle. Balancing Massage A massage designed to help you breathe deeply, stimulate the circulation, release toxins and unwind, with your choice of Precious Oil; Detoxify, Relax or Energise.


from £38

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 mins)

General stress and tension ‘builds up’ in the back, neck and shoulder region due to a number of reasons. Help relieve muscular tension and feel the benefits with a back, neck and shoulder massage. During this massage your therapist will ease all tension from your back, neck and shoulders leaving you feeling relaxed and distressed. Ideal for those who may not experience regular massage as the key areas of tension are addressed. Various techniques are used to perform both a relaxing and effective treatment.



Acne Treatment


Pigmentation Treatment


Rosacea Treatment

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