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Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles from £100
Dermal Fillers from £300
Lip Augmentation
Scar Removal from £50
Non-Surgical Facelift from £500
Non-Surgical Nose Job from £500
Excessive Sweating Treatment from £300
Nasolabial Folds Treatment from £100
Hyaluronic Acid Filler
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Medical Aesthetics

from £50

Stretch Marks Removal (15 mins)

The Dr. Nassif Iconic Stretch Mark Laser is the next generation solution for the treatment of stretch marks, due to its multi modal features. Its innovative technology enables us to treat both red / purple (erythema) and white (striae alba) stretch marks as well as any textural irregularities.
from £100

Chemical Peel

from £100

Deep Chemical Peel (30 mins)

Chemical peels are skin resurfacing treatments that aim to remove the top layer of skin, to regenerate a new and healthier surface to the complexion. Typically performed in series, these treatments can improve a variety of common skin concerns, including: dull skin, lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, pigmentation, uneven texture, minor scarring and acne. Our complexion can change in both tone and texture, as we progress through adulthood, due to the impacts of ageing and other external contributors.
from £300

Dermal Fillers

from £300

Cheek Augmentation (30 mins)

The mid face area commonly loses volume as we age. Cheek fillers can help to replace the substances that diminish through ageing to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance. For those whose natural contours are not as prominent as they would wish, cheek fillers can provide the extra definition they desire.

Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation - NassifMD Medspa UK,

Hyaluronic Acid Filler

from £300

Excessive Sweating Treatment (30 mins)

At Nassif MedSpa we use anti-sweating injections to treat a condition known as Hyperhidrosis. This common concern sees the body excessively sweating in areas where there is a high concentration of sweat glands, including: the hands, feet, armpits and the groin. By applying these injections directly into the affected area, signals from the nerves to the glands are blocked, preventing sweat from being secreted. The results can leave you with soft skin and dry areas, regardless of heat or situation.
from £300

Fat Reduction Injections (15 mins)

Fat dissolving injections can be used to help re-contour areas of the body and face, where excess fat is present. This safe and effective treatment can be used to treat the small pockets of fat that affect the chin, chest, abdomen, flanks and back, thighs, knees and ankles to restore a more slimline look.
from £300

IPL Skin Rejuvenation (1 hour)

Dr. Nassif’s Iconic Signature Laser is a revolutionary treatment that is proven to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and an uneven skin tone. As a combined laser facial, this procedure helps to address a range of common skin concerns, without the need for invasive intervention and the lengthy downtime that is attached. Changes to the look and feel of the skin affect many people to some degree, as the ageing process takes effect. Creases in the skin, age spots, facial redness and thread veins, as well as acne scarring can often give a tired look to the face, with ageing causing the skin to appear also dull and dry. Sun exposure and other lifestyle habits can exacerbate the rate at which these concerns can appear, weakening the skin’s internal structure and contributing to damaged skin cells.
from £300

Laser Hair Removal (30 mins)

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for both men and women who want to eradicate excess and / or unwanted hair. The treatment uses the energy from a powerful laser to achieve dramatic results that produce a smooth, hair free surface to the skin. Unwanted hair can be present on a variety of areas over the face and body, for which the laser hair removal procedure can be adapted.
from £75

LED Light Treatment


Lip Augmentation (30 mins)

Lip Augmentation - NassifMD Medspa UK,
Lip fillers consist of a smooth Hyaluranic Acid gel that is used to augment the lips and create a firmer, fuller look to this sensual feature of the face.

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

from £100

Nasolabial Folds Treatment

from £500

Non-Surgical Facelift (45 mins)

Non-Surgical Facelift - NassifMD Medspa UK,
Dr. Nassif has created his own unique version of the non-surgical facelift – The LA Liquid Lift.
from £500

Non-Surgical Nose Job (30 mins)

Non-Surgical Nose Job - NassifMD Medspa UK,
A non-surgical nose job (also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty) is a less invasive alternative to traditional surgical methods that are used to improve the shape and appearance of the nose. Also known as ‘non-surgical rhinoplasty’ this treatment applies dermal fillers to appropriate places on the nose in order to create a smoother, straighter or smaller look to this most central facial feature.


Profhilo® - NassifMD Medspa UK,
from £50

Scar Removal (30 mins)

The Dr. Nassif Iconic Scar Laser is a scar revision treatment that aims to reduce the visible appearance of scarring on the skin. There are many types of scarring, including: fine line scars, keloid scars, scar contractures, pitted or sunken scars and hypertrophic scars, which occur as a result of injury to the skin. The skin naturally develops scar tissue to help repair a wound in the skin, knitting the skin and tissues back together. The break in tissues at the injured site causes a build-up of collagen, which helps to strengthen the wound, but is also different in colour and texture to usual skin tissue.
from £100

Treatment for Wrinkles (30 mins)

A treatment that is becoming popular with both men and women, anti-wrinkle injections can be applied to areas of the face where lines and wrinkles are causing a tired look. Facial movements can be responsible for the formation of a range of lines and wrinkles on the face and neck as they form a groove in the tissues under the skin’s surface, in which the skin will settle.

Plastic Surgery

from £300

Jaw Contouring (30 mins)

Jawline contouring involves the application of dermal fillers to help lengthen, enhance and define the chin and jawline area. This treatment is often used to improve the appearance of a weak chin or sagging skin around the jawline, known as jowls.
from £100

Neck Lift

Neck rejuvenation treatment can be used to reduce the appearance of ‘tech neck’ and other conditions associated with it, including: skin laxity, crepiness, double chin and wrinkles.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation



Dermatologist Consultation

from £80

Pigmentation Treatment (35 mins)

Laser treatment for pigmentation is a highly effective way of addressing the appearance of discoloured patches on the skin. The laser works by targeting the blemishes to remove them and leave behind a complexion that is clearer and more evenly toned.

Holistic Health


Holistic Health Consultation

from £100

IV Vitamin Therapy (45 mins)

IV therapy is the fastest and most efficacious way to deliver vital and missing nutrients throughout the body, resulting in a 90-100% absorption rate.

Beauty Salon Treatments


Beauty Salon Enquiry

from £350

Hand Rejuvenation (30 mins)

Hand Rejuvenation - NassifMD Medspa UK,
Nassif MedSpa has a range of treatments available to rejuvenate the hands. Depending on the concern a specific treatment can work to improve the look and feel of the skin by adding volume, reducing pigmentation and smoothing the texture. The hands will often be one of the first places that show the tell-tale signs of ageing. As a part of the body that is constantly exposed, they can display the effects of sun damage, ageing quicker than other parts of the face and body.
from £100


NassifMD Medspa UK, - The Alexandra, 200-220 The Quays, MEDIACITYUK, M50 3SP,

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