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A 7. 07 - 7th Floor, Block A , Sky Center No 5 B Pho Quang St,, Ward 02, Tan Binh Dist, Ho Chi MinhVietnam

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Free consultation ★ Prices from 689586 ₫ - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Excellent ServiceScore™ 8.9 from 87 votes ★ Customer Service Award 2020 ★ 55 verified patient reviews. Visit our Acupuncture Clinic - A 7. 07 - 7th Floor, Block A , Sky Center No 5 B Pho Quang St,, Ward 02, Tan Binh Dist, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

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About Tam Duc TMC


Specialities: Acupuncture - Chinese Herbal Medicine

Internal Diseases: - ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS, Herniated disk, Arthritis, Spondylosis

                               - Sequela of apoplexy, Facial paralysis 

                               - Insomnia, Digestive disorder, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol Level

                               - Stress, Depression, Fatigue

Gynecologic Diseases: - Menstrual disorder, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Infertility

                                      - Mammary glands diseases

Weight loss: - Natural Weight loss session

With the motto of "Natural Healing" Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic always focuses on finding out fundamental causes of the symptoms, stimulating the body’s natural healing ability and maintaining energy balance.

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Patient reviews

4.9 from 55 verified reviews
Saiklang, Vietnam
( Review verified by email)

After a few sessions of treatment, I feel much better and will continue the treatment

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

I have several problems with my leg and hip. I went to see Doctor, took medicine went to physiotherapy but it did not help me much.

I have never done any acupuncture before, As I am quite sceptical about it. Therefore it was challenging for me to visit Dr June.

After a few sessions of treatment, I feel much better and will continue the treatment.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Saiklang, Vietnam
( Review verified by email)

After a few sessions of treatment, I feel much better and will continue the treatment

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

I have several problems with my leg and hip. I went to see Doctor, took medicine went to physiotherapy but it did not help me much.

I have never done any acupuncture before, As Inam qui sceptical about it. it was quite challenging for me to come to see Dr. June.

After a few sessions of treatment, I feel much better and will continue the treatment.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Murali, Vietnam
( Review verified by email)

I did see benefits arise in my lower back pain alleviation after the first three visits

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

Very friendly, warm and hospitable team. Dr. June and her assistants are really capable team. Was given answers to the many questions I asked and was guided through the process very well. I did see benefits arise in my lower back pain alleviation after the first three visits. Highly recommended for first time adopters of this age-old therapy (Acupuncture).

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Oliver Ritson, Vietnam
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Friendly and well-qualified staff who take care of you from the moment you step in

Electro-Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage • Paid: 740000 ₫


Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic is a cosy and welcoming clinic with friendly and well-qualified staff who take care of you from the moment you step in.

Personally, I have been suffering from upper back problems caused by bad posture and repetitive work for a number of years. Dr June’s treatment was able to alleviate pain through electro-acupuncture and cupping techniques, along with a hot herbal pack applied afterwards.

After suffering for so long, I’m really happy to have found Dr June as she’s helped where other methods (deep tissue massages and chiropractic adjustments) weren’t effective. I would 100% recommend Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic to anyone who has muscular pains like myself.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Addie, Vietnam
( Review verified by email)

I recommend this clinic that is a safe place for speaking and healing

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment • Paid: 689586 ₫

I came to Tam Duc Clinic to help me with my upper back/shoulders/neck issues. I have had pains for many years and Dr June and her team did an awesome job.

They are very gentle and helpful. Dr June is very patient, careful, and she took the time to question me and listened to me in order to help and treat my back.

After over a month of treatment, I feel way better and recovered more mobility in my back/shoulder area and I'm very grateful for that! I recommend this clinic that is a safe place for speaking and healing.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Ceesjan de Zeeuw, Vietnam
( Review verified by phone)

I already experienced improvement after only 1 session

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

I feel so lucky that I found this place. Since December 2018 I’ve been suffering from numbness and swelling in my left middle finger after cutting in my finger with a big knife.

It’s has been a true journey to recovery since then with a lot of downs, until I found this amazing place. Before I found them, I visited many different hospitals that couldn’t help me. Told me to live with it.

But I was reminded about the annoying numbness every single day. Because it’s your finger, you use it all the time. And it’s my dominant hand.

I visited Tam Duc Acupuncture Clinic and finally, I heard “Yes we can help you”. That was such a relief. Thank you so much, Dr June!

I couldn’t believe that anybody could still help me with this issue. But Dr June did. She’s really amazing and super helpful. Very friendly and really taking the time to listen to what happened.

I already experienced improvement after only 1 acupuncture session. But since it was not a recent injury, I ended up having maybe 7 or 8 sessions.

Now I’m at the point where it’s solved thanks to Dr June. It still feels like a miracle to me. I feel so relieved knowing that I don’t have to worry about this issue anymore. I just can’t describe in words how thankful I am. We had a goal of getting back to 80 or 90% of my finger’s feeling and we achieved that within a month.

They’re always very welcoming, taking the time to talk to clients. I highly recommend this place if you’re looking to finally get rid of your pain and worries! Where normal healthcare like hospitals tell you “No we can’t help you”, this place goes against them and actually help you to get back to enjoy your life.

Again, thank you so much. I’d also like to thank the other staff who are also super friendly!

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Danielle, Vietnam
( Review verified by email)

I strongly recommend her clinic and both she and the staff are wonderful

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

I am extremely happy with Dr June and the care I have received at the clinic. Dr June is very professional and skilled. She has been able to help me recover from several ailments when no other doctors were able. I strongly recommend her clinic and both she and the staff are wonderful.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
John T, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

I can happily now walk again, turn & tilt my head freely, plus bend and lift up things

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

First-class traditional medical treatment. Cured severe back/neck pain & healed damage from chronic inflammation

I received acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine from Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic over the last 4-5 months after suffering a painful back injury plus tissue damage caused by chronic inflammation. A serious infection in the urinary tract or possibly intestines caused my immunity to attack tissue and caused reactive arthritis which was debilitating and left extensive tissue damage. Dr June at the medical clinic provided effective treatments and has restored my health.

Why Traditional Medicine?
Initially, I sought medical treatment at a western hospital in HCM before getting traditional medical treatment. After multiple blood tests, urine tests, MRI’s, CAT scans, x-rays and ultrasounds – testing for diseases, cancer, arthritis, gout, rheumatism and a host of other medical problems, I was diagnosed with having reactive arthritis in addition to the back injury I sustained. The western hospital staff were unable to isolate the cause of the serious infection but thankfully resolved it with a combination of antibiotics over a 6-8 week period. To address inflammation and pain I was given tablets - some not approved by the US FDA. The anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) and medication for improving circulation caused serious side effects including severe swelling (oedema) of my feet which made it impossible to wear shoes or walk properly, and it also damaged small blood vessels in my feet and ankles. After 3-4 months I didn’t want to endure side effects caused by the medication anymore and was increasingly concerned about the risk of permanent internal organ damage, so I decided to find a safer and more effective alternative. I knew acupuncture worked really well for many ailments and was told about Tam Duc TMC. Making that first appointment was the best decision I ever made.

Tam Duc Medical Clinic Staff
Dr June (actually Dr Dung Nguyen, but simplified for western patients) provided my medical treatment. She is an exceptionally talented doctor – very knowledgeable and experienced in acupuncture and herbal medicine. She is very professional - attentive and listens carefully to the problems/concerns, clarifies diagnoses, discusses treatments she will provide, and monitors you during the treatments. In addition, Dr June is a genuinely caring, warm and considerate person. She is also fluent in Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese and English.

Dr June applied a range of traditional Chinese techniques: acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, warm-needle acupuncture, and herbal medicine. The techniques varied for different parts of my body, the nature, complexity and severity of the damage/pain, and at different stages of the healing process. Dr June takes a holistic approach to look at your body condition and level of health and doesn’t simply address the symptoms when determining the medical treatment required.

How many visits, or how long, did it take to resolve problems?
I know some patients have their ailments fixed within several sessions, and pain relief can be during the treatment or the next day as the body’s Qi works. I had multiple problems - serious tissue damage from the inflammation, oedema, damaged veins and chronic pain, so my treatment and recovery naturally took much longer than other patients. When I was being treated often muscle and joint pain was reduced quickly (within minutes, next day or after a second session). Fixing the seriously damaged tissue was a progressive process (not unlike getting other alternative complementary therapies) that involves repairing nerve, muscle, other tissue damage, plus restoring flexibility and alleviating pain. After each session, I could see and feel these improvements.

Positive Results
After several months of treatment, Dr June has effectively removed the pain and helped me regain the flexibility in my back, neck and feet. When I first visited the clinic I could barely stand up and walk, bend over, turn my neck (and could not sleep properly and had to brace my neck to get in/out of bed or to turn over). But after the acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine over the last 4-5 months I can happily now walk again, turn & tilt my head freely, plus bend and lift up things.

What’s involved? Does it hurt?
Most people seem reluctant to get needles. I was no different at first. But these are really fine needles, not like those used on syringes. Some needles you can’t even feel going in, some are like a regular injection, and a few hurt a bit momentarily. But the pain relief and healing far outweigh a few seconds of any pain you might endure. In a double session, Dr June used about 15-30 needles in my neck, back, hands, wrists, feet, legs at various points along with the meridian lines – some shallow, some deeper. I lost count of how many needles I had in total during my treatment over 5 months, maybe 700-1000, a few hurt, but I was always determined to get more because each session was progressively mending my body.

The acupoints where the needle goes maybe muscles (especially knots), tendons, ligaments and joints etc. With standard acupuncture, a single needle is often placed in a spot for a few seconds. Other times needles are placed in a different part of your body than where the pain or damage is - these are linked by a meridian, and then you move/exercise that part of your body that has a problem for 10-20 minutes to help the Qi (energy flow). With electro-acupuncture pairs of needles are used and a very mild current passes between the pairs needles to stimulate the Qi. The needles remain in you for 15-20 minutes. With warm-needle acupuncture, the needles are placed in the acupoint and heated by a flame to conduct heat deep into the tissue for 10-20 minutes. Aside from the medical benefits, acupuncture it’s an incredibly interesting phenomenon to experience and learn about. I am still fascinated by how needles in my thumb on my right hand remove the pain in my left big toe and all in a matter of minutes.

As for the Chinese medicine – its blend of herbs varied through my treatment – for reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, detoxifying the body, pain relief and basically removing blockages in the Qi and helping restore the body balance.

The clinic
A word about the Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic. The clinic has a relaxing positive atmosphere and a pleasant aroma. The staff are all very warm and welcoming. The clinic is extremely clean and staff are extremely conscious of hygiene – always wear face masks, routinely wiping surfaces with antiseptics, constantly changing gloves and washing hands, and carefully discarding used needles (BTW - needles are high quality, sterile and only used once). And one nice touch is that they serve you small glasses of refreshing herbal tea during your visit. Every visit was a pleasant experience.

Final comments
I’m extremely grateful for the successful treatment I received. Without question, I highly recommend Dr June to everybody. She has a plethora of knowledge and skills for healing anatomical, physiological, psychological and emotional conditions.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Brad v, Vietnam
( Review verified by email)

A doctor who is so incredibly well informed, well trained, and truly caring

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

I had been experiencing pain in my lower back for the last six months, and recently, I have been in extreme pain when waking up in the morning. The pain was so bad it has been hard to get out of bed. I saw an orthopaedic doctor, who effectively told me the issue was muscular and effectively the only thing I can do to fix it is stretch more and modify my exercise routine until the pain goes away.

I wanted to try acupuncture for my back pains, but over the last several years, I had searched for a good acupuncturist in Saigon, but never found a clinic that I wanted to return to. I am grateful to have recently discovered Dr. June, as it’s apparent to me that she is extremely well educated and an exceptional doctor. What I appreciate about Dr. June is that she has deep knowledge of Western medicine and the body and at the same time is an expert in Eastern medicine, specifically acupuncture.

At my first session with Dr. June, she was quick to identify that I heals are not even (caused by an accident years ago) and that this is likely throwing off my muscular system, causing some muscles to become extremely tight. After my first session of acupuncture with Dr. June (which included acupuncture as well as heating the muscles), I almost immediately felt better. I woke up the next day and did not have the same shooting pains in my lower back that I had been experiencing the previous four months or so.

I have since returned to Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic for two additional sessions, and I am positive my body is healing.

Despite being from New York City (from the West), I have a deep belief in acupuncture’s incredible healing power and feel grateful to have come connected with a doctor who is so incredibly well informed, well trained, and truly caring.

If you have never given acupuncture a try, you should undoubtedly try it with Dr. June. If you have tried acupuncture in the past, you will immediately know how incredible a doctor Dr. June is.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
( Review verified by phone and email)

Within a month I felt much more relaxed and calm

4.5 50 Acupuncture Treatment • Paid: 413751815267 ₫

We learnt about Tam Duc Acupuncture Clinic from a friend who had problems with her period. Our friend told us that Dr June helped her to restore her normal menstrual cycles within a couple of months.

My wife also had such a problem, she had taken some hormone pills for many years in order to have a period and we knew it was not good for her health.

At first, my wife was afraid of the needles. It really hurt especially when the needles were put in the legs. Dr June explained to us, that we needed to go to sleep before 12 o’clock if we didn’t want to have strong pain in the legs during the acupuncture session.

My wife used to go to bed at 1 or 2 a.m. and then wake up early to make breakfast for the kids.

After she followed Dr. June’s advice and started to go to bed earlier the pain in the legs decreased. But still, sometimes it really hurt.

After one month of doing acupuncture and drinking special herbs, my wife got her first period for the first time without any hormone pills. It really worked!

Seeing this I also decided to give it a try. I had a lot of stress at work and Dr. June said she could help me to increase my energy.

I started to do acupuncture and drinking herbs too. Within a month I felt much more relaxed and calm. I started to have better sleep during the night. During the second month of treatment, I told Dr June that I also had haemorrhoids. She gave me some herbs and within a couple of weeks, it disappeared.

It worked pretty effectively and quickly!

I really believe it Chinese medicine and highly recommend it to everybody.

As far as the price for the treatment is concerned I can tell that it’s a bit costly. Especially if you have to pay for a family treatment a few million dongs a week. However, Dr June told us in the very beginning that it would take 3 months for my wife’s treatment, so we could calculate all the expenses in advance without any surprises.

After all, I could tell that Dr. June is a great doctor who helped us to improve our health and our happiness. Now I feel really happy. I don’t know how it worked but it did.

Highly recommend Dr. June to everybody.

I would also like to note the cleanness of the clinic, very pleasant atmosphere, smiling stuff and tasty tea at the reception. Wish Dr June and her colleague's good health, many happy and grateful clients, great success and prosperity!

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
Antoine, Vietnam
( Review verified by email)

I recommend 100% this clinic

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment

I visited Tam Duc Clinic this month because I felt very tired and I had some digestive problems. Doctor June and his team were very attentive, they took care a lot of me. Very fast, with acupuncture sessions, I felt a lot better. I recommend 100% this clinic. Thanks for everything, Dr. June and his team.

Chelsey Cashwell, Vietnam
( Review verified by phone)

The quality of my life has improved immensely

5 50 Holistic Health Consultation • Paid: 690000 ₫

I came to Dr. June’s clinic with extremely damaged vocal cords, to the point to where I could barely get through the day without my voice giving out on me completely. Even though I don’t smoke or drink, years of singing, yelling at sporting events, and teaching had ruined my voice. After visiting ENT doctors who had offered no solutions other than steroids (which are terrible for you and are only a band-aid), resting my voice (which is impossible because I’m a teacher), or surgery (which is very risky), I went to Dr. June after a friend recommended her. I arrived in her office feeling so stressed and hopeless, but I walked out feeling the complete opposite. Dr. June and her staff are so welcoming and warm, and they do everything they can to make their clients feel at ease and comfortable during there time there.

I noticed a difference immediately after the session—I could hardly speak only a couple hours before, but I walked out with a clearer, less dry and raspy tone. Dr. June makes a special blend of Chinese herbs specifically for me and any symptoms I’m feeling that week. She is very talented at using her medical knowledge to meet the individual needs of each client and can notice if something is wrong with me (lack of sleep, bad dreams, menstrual problems etc) even if I don’t mention it. She is excellent at answering questions and explaining complicated concepts to help me better understand my condition. She is also has a gentle spirit about her, which makes her really easy to talk to.

It’s been 5 weeks of therapy with Dr. June and not only is my voice healing, but my energy levels and emotional and mental health have improved too. I feel more in control of my health, and I feel empowered by this! The quality of my life has improved immensely. I’ve even been able to take on more hours at work because my voice is much stronger. I’m confident that my voice will fully recover soon.

Many thanks to Dr. June and staff!

Catrina Nightingale, UK
( Review verified by phone)

The clinic is beautiful and clean and I always felt so comfortable there

5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation

I have suffered from severe Pre Menstrual Syndrome to the point where I could not move due to fatigue. It was ruining my life.

Dr June asked me many questions and was very to keen to fully understand the different causes and effects of my condition. After only one visit I felt like a new person. On my return visits, Dr June would continue to ask many questions to understand how I was feeling and responding to treatment. I cannot thank her enough.

The rest of the team are absolutely lovely and professional, too. The clinic is beautiful and clean and I always felt so comfortable there. I cannot recommend Tam Duc enough.

Treated by: Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)
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Mrs Monika Kleemola - Doctor at Tam Duc TMC

Mrs Monika Kleemola

Job Title:
  Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rheumatology, Chiropractic, Osteopathy
  English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mandarin

B.Med Tradition Chinese Medicine Intern And Acpuncture  at Shanghai China  2006 - 2011

Monika was formerly a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Intern & Acupuncture at Shanghai Longhua Hospital  from Jul 2010 – Aug 2012.

Monika was opened Tam Duc Traditional Medical Clinic at Vietnam since Mar 2013 with Slogan NATURAL HEALING TAM DUC TRADITIONAL MEDICAL CLINIC.

Monika good for Trigger  Points Dry Needling , Acupuncture treatment Ankylosing Sponsylitis, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Back Pain, Arthritis, Facial Paralysis, Carpal Tunnel, Sciaitca, Lumbago, Frozen Shoulder, Knee Joint Pain, Stiff Neck Pain, Allergies, Pain Management..e.t.c

Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June) - Doctor at Tam Duc TMC

Ms Dung Nguyen (Dr. June)

Job Title:
  Gynaecology, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gastroenterology
  English, Vietnamese, Mandarin

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: - BMed in TCM Intern and Acupuncture, Tuina (Remedial Massage) - MMed in TCM Intern and Gynaecology

She worked as a Doctor of TCM Acupuncture and Gynecology at Shanghai Yueyang Hospital (Jun 2013 - Jul 2015) and as a Doctor of TCM Intern and Acupuncture at National Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Hanoi (Jul 2015 - Aug 2016).

She's joined Tam Duc TMC Team since October 2016. Her main majors are Acupuncture, Gynecology, Gastroenterology and Insomnia. She's also good at treating Metabolic Syndrome (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or High Cholesterol level).

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A 7. 07 - 7th Floor, Block A , Sky Center No 5 B Pho Quang St,, Ward 02, Tan Binh Dist, Ho Chi MinhVietnam