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We have all the information you need about public and private dentists that provide white filling in Nuevo Progreso. Compare all the dentists and contact the dentist in Nuevo Progreso who's right for you.

Looking for White Filling? Choose from 23 White Filling Clinics in Nuevo Progreso and compare prices, patient reviews, and availability. Find the Best Price for White Filling in Nuevo Progreso. Compare how much White Filling cost at all 23 clinics and save money on your treatment.

Dra. Luz Marely García Alvarez

B. Juarez Coahuila 115, Plaza río suite 4, Nuevo Progreso tamaulipas, 88810
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White Filling $40  -  $50
Fillings $40  -  $50
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Cosmetic Dentist in Nuevo Progreso Dental Artistry

(866) 260-4253 Benito Juarez 217, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Great experience and fun staffAnonymous, North Carolina, 14 Sep 15

We chose this clinic based on response time and fluent English. Rick/Richard was quick to answer our questions and help us find the clinic. The first impression of the staff was wrong. I thought they were stand offish but the dentist and the surgeon were friendly after they understood I had a sense of humor about the procedures and the atmosphere of the office. All had their phones on and during the procedures I could here bells and whistles from texts. I told them I was getting my treatment with all the bells and whistles Or I heard music when they were near my chair. Great experience and fun staff.

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White Filling $35  -  $50
What is a Composite Resin (White Filling)? A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. Composites are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.
Fillings $25  -  $50
WHITE PORCELIAN  FILLINGS, METAL FREE! SAME COLOR AS YOUR TOOTH ,WONT EVEN KNOW ITS THERE.A dental restoration or dental filling is a dental restorative material used to restore the function, integrity and morphology of missing tooth structure. The structural loss typically results from caries or external trauma. It is also lost intentionally during tooth preparation to improve the aesthetics or the physical integrity of the intended restorative material. Dental restoration also refers to the replacement of missing tooth structure that is supported by dental implants. Dental restorations can be divided into two broad types: direct restorations and indirect restorations. All dental restorations can be further classified by their location and size. A root canal filling is a restorative technique used to fill the space where the dental pulp normally resides.
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Alpha Dental Implant Center

(805) 725-5252 12A Plaza Arturo"s, Calle Reynosa, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Absolutely thrilled with the dentistRay, US, 21 Jul 15

I was and am absolutely thrilled with the service I received from Dr. Guerrero and his staff. I had various dental work done in houston texas and I think this is a great dentist office. Dr Guerrero explained simply what needed to be taken care of and laid out a concise treatment plan.My teeth look great and I`m glad I went

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White Filling  
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Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33805 Stetic Implant & Dental Centers, *Nuevo Progreso*, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
They are very flexible and true to their wordConnie, US, 16 Dec 10

I told them how much money I had.Wasn't a problem.They are very flexible and true to their word.

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White Filling Up to $50
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Miguel Márquez Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 71568 Suite 10 or Av. Benito Juárez No. 114-2, Arturo's Plaza, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
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White Filling $40  -  $60
Fillings $40  -  $60
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International Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 82182 209 Benito Juarez, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
He didn't try to sell me unnecessary crowns or work.Tree, US, 16 Jan 15

Had a bridge fall off. Went to 3 other dentists for estimates. Dr. Alan Jardin Martinez gave me the last bid, which was the best. So bids ranged from $604 to $200. He did the work quickly, politely, and I feel, with quality. He didn't try to sell me unnecessary crowns or work. He doesn't speak a lot of English, but knew enough. I had to ask for an apron around my neck. He's the first of about 4 other dentists I have tried in NP that I would return to. Highly recommended.

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White Filling $35  -  $45
Fillings $35  -  $45
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Dr Luis Gustavo Martinez Office

(888) 848-7639 ext: 78692 201 Coahuila Street, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Dr Luis Gustavo Martinez Office is a Dentist in Nuevo Progreso. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
White Filling  
Glass Ionomer Cement Filling  
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DDS Luis Ochoa Hernandez

(888) 848-7639 ext: 88359 Ave.Benito Juarez 239, nuevo progreso, 88810
Excellent serviceDonna, Canada, 04 Dec 13

I've been coming to Dr. Luis Ochoa for many years finding excellent service. Everyone is very accommodating.

White Filling  
Tooth colored white fillings are an attractive alternative to traditional metal fillings. They do not stand out visually like metal fillings, but match your teeth and are virtually undetectable. The material used is known as dental bonding, the same substance used for the procedure called dental bonding. It is a white, durable resin which comes in subtly different shades so Dr. Sands can choose the shade which best matches your natural teeth.
A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. When a dentist gives you a filling, he or she first removes the decayed tooth material, cleans the affected area, and then fills the cleaned out cavity with a filling material.
Temporary Filling  
Temporary adhesive restorative materials are an appropriate means for cavities or emergency interim sealing. However, little research is available on the effectiveness of contemporary provisional filling materials. In endodontic treatments an outer adhesive seal can prevent coronal re-infection until the placement of the final restoration.
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Dr. Dan Verastegui, DDS

(888) 848-7639 ext: 87619 Coahuila #100, Suite #15, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
No pain, no side effects and would do it over againDorothy, US, 18 Jul 16


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White Filling $30  -  $50
Fillings $30  -  $50
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Eagle Dental Clinic (extreme makeovers)

(888) 848-7639 ext: 23084 Plaza Arturo's Suite 8A, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Very friendly and efficientRichard, US, 03 Jul 10

Dr Vega and his staff were very friendly and efficient. I questioned one instance of their lack of steral procedures but only that one time. (Using a non steral computer without changing gloves.) I thought they were fair to good with prices. Over the years I've had a LOT of dental work and Dr. Vega, in my opinion, is as good as, if not the best, that I have ever been to. His dental technition Maria was always concerned with my comfort and I thought very capable....and cute :-) The office manager, John, was the language go-between, English-Spanish. There is some language difficulty between the Dr. and Maria. I speak very little Spanish. Without John, it would have been difficult. The Dr. is fast and gentle. Two, 4 and 5 tooth bridges, root canal,extractions, crowns. I was there Jan, 2009 Thank you Doctor, Maria and John.

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White Filling  
Fillings $25
Porcelain fillings
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Dr. Luis G. Valdez - Aesthetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Prosthesis

(888) 848-7639 ext: 24867 Arturos Plaza on Coahuila St., Second Floor Suite 9-B, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Guaranteed lifetime experienceStephen, US, 03 Sep 15

Outstanding experience and note that I was in the middle of the transition from his old office to his new office. The new office looks awesome and if I ever need work done in the future I will coordinate accordingly. Professional, Polite, and First Class Treatment. He even picked me up at the McAllen Airport and took me to the Motel in Nuevo Progresso. Awesome experience. Listen carefully to his advice on the lab work and I encourage everyone to get the top of the line material. Worth every penny compared to American Prices.

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White Filling $40  -  $70
Fillings $40  -  $70
Tooth colored fillings

Magic Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 72476 Benito Juarez #121, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
CrownJohn, Canada, 25 Jun 13

I had a tooth break and Magic Dental Clinic was recommended by a friend who has work done there yearly. I got a crown and the work was done on time and was a good colour match. I was charged what I'd been quoted prior to the work being done. It has been 4 months and no problems. Very satisfied. I found Dr. Arellano to be personable with an excellent command of the English language.

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White Filling  
Fillings $25  -  $45
1.-Teeth color------$45.00
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