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Dr. Alejandro Benitez Dental Clinic

227 Avenida Benito Juarez, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Very natural and exactly what I envisioned for myself.Michelle, Austin Texas, 10 Oct 14

The price was what was quoted which was very reasonable. They did an excellent job. I could not be more pleased. If you are looking for crowns or veneers, he is the best. Very natural and exactly what I envisioned for myself. Very professional and beautiful clinic/office. The entire staff was articulate, friendly and professional.

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Dental Implants Special prices of the month $1000  -  $1100
This method employs a non-submerged one-piece implant that has a metal collar designed to protrude through the gum while the bone is healing to the implant. After a suitable healing time, an abutment can be connected to the implant, allowing for fabrication of the crown to replace the missing tooth. Alternatively, a one-stage technique can be achieved by immediate connection of a temporary healing abutment to a two-piece implant that protrudes through the gum in much the same way as a one-piece implant. Both single stage and two-stage implants have similar success rates and you should ask your dentist which systems they use and discuss how one- or two-stage procedures might be appropriate for you.
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Dr Pablo Verastegui - Painless Dental Work

(805) 303-5436 215 Benito Juarez Street, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Much cheaper than the USSusan, Austin, Texas, 04 Jun 15

Very good, they had an excellent translator and guided me through every step. I got much more explanation on materials and procedures than I usually do here in the US. They also responded to my emails when I contacted them a few weeks later with some lingering pain issues that are now gone. I think the definition of sterile environment is a bit more circumspect that it is here in the US. It appears they consider just the area in and around the exam chair as a sterile environment, rather than the whole office.

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Dental Implants $600  -  $1400
Braces $50  -  $500
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Progreso Smile Dental Center

Calle Reynosa 304 Norte, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
One of the least painful and efficientSteven, US, 01 Jun 15

The staff was very courteous and professional. My hygienist was very conversational and explained everything clearly. Dr. Candanosa was extremely thorough and clear on what he was doing every step of the way.

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Dentist Consultation Up to $1
Veneers $350  -  $400
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Dra. Luz Marely García Alvarez

B. Juarez Coahuila 115, Plaza río suite 4, Nuevo Progreso tamaulipas, 88810
I was very impressed with the quality of workCarole, Portland. TX 78374, 23 Jun 15

I was favorably impressed with their system for setting up and verifying appointments. Also the estimates they gave were very accurate. There were no last-minute surprises. I would definitely recommend Dra. Luz's office to anyone needing dental work done

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Veneers $300  -  $350
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Cosmetic Dentist in Nuevo Progreso Dental Artistry

(866) 260-4253 Benito Juarez 217, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Excellent dentists!Terry, US, 29 May 13

Nadia and Rene were the only dentist who would treat my son when he was younger. About 5 years ago, there seemed to be no children dentist in Progresso. When I walked into the office they didn't hesitate. Nadia and Rene both treated him at the same time. I thank you so much for your patience with my son. I am happy to say ever since that day my son, my self and my family and now current patients at the clinic and I keep recommending my friends. Excellent dentists.

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Many people who plan to visit a cosmetic dentist  for the first time find themselves unsure as to what to expect from an initial consultation. Unlike regular dentistry, cosmetic dentistry focus on the aesthetic aspects of teeth and offers a variety of treatments, some of which you might never have heard of. Since your cosmetic dental consultation is likely affect both your teeth and your wallet, it is important to know how to properly plan for  the event
Dental Implants $1300  -  $1500
Crowns and conventional bridges or dentures may not be your only options when replacing missing teeth. For some people, dental implants offer a smile that looks and feels very natural. Surgically placed below the gums over a series of appointments, implants fuse to the jawbone and serve as a base for individual replacement teeth, bridges or a denture.
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Pena Reyna Dental Care

(888) 848-7639 ext: 90959 221 Coahuila St., Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Pena Reyna Dental Care is a Dentist in Nuevo Progreso. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Dental Implants Up to $1200
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International Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 82182 209 Benito Juarez, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Very prompt, helpful and straight forwardJoseph, US, 06 Nov 13

The receptionist is very prompt, helpful and straight forward about all costs and procedures. I was given the exact price for a root canal, porcelain crown and zirconia crown. Then I knew that driving from Austin, Texas to Nuevo Progreso was worth it!

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Dental Implants  
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Miguel Márquez Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 71568 Suite 10 or Av. Benito Juárez No. 114-2, Arturo's Plaza, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
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Dentist Consultation $10
Your consultation will take place in a private consultation room where you can feel comfortable and at ease with whatever you wish to discuss. Free Initial Consultation.
Dental Implants $1300  -  $1500
Recover your tooth with our most modern system with implants and at a great price 
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Hernandez Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 68453 Avenida Benito Juarez 114, Zona Centro, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
Going here for 20 yearsBrigette, US, 17 Aug 15

The Dental office has moved since I first started to go Dr. B.Hernandez,for the better! He now has his own clinic and other Dentist working for him. I'm very impressed with his office and some of my relatives who are in the medical field all approve.

Dentist Consultation  
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(888) 848-7639 ext: 72403 av. benito juarez, nuevo progreso, 88810
D.D.S Jesus Marquez SPECIALISTS is a Dentist in Nuevo Progreso. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Family Dentist Consultation  
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Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33805 Stetic Implant & Dental Centers, *Cancun* *Nuevo Progreso*, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
The experience could not have been betterJAY, East Peoria, IL 61611 USA, 06 Feb 11

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the service. The "team", Dr. Loaeza, Pricilla, Claudia, and you, were so very attentive to my requests, the experience could not have been better. Thank you all. Best regards, Jay Thompson East Peoria, IL.

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Dentist Consultation Free
Dental Implants $500  -  $1300
The lower price is for mini implants and the higher price is for standard implants (with abutment and crown included).
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America Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 88182 Ave. Coahuila, Nuevo Progreso, 88810
At America Dental Clinic we provide the best high quality dentistry in a caring and friendly environment. We deliver the best, most personalized treatment for each patient.  Our goal is for our patients to have the best experience possible. Another goal is to educate every patient and stress the importance of oral health, in addition, we promise to promote excellent oral health in a safe and professional manner.  As a team we are committed to excellence in everything we do, which is why our mission will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.  Dr. America Gonzalez is at the forefront of advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. America Gonzalez is highly skilled in cosmetic procedures, our select team is the perfect combination of expertise collaboration and access to the latest technology allows us to offer our patients more specialized care and faster results. Please contact us for more information we are happy to help.
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Dentist Consultation  
INITIAL CONSULTATIONOutstanding dental health for a lifetime, or finally having the beautiful smile of your dreams  — whatever your goals , our suggestions for your care are based upon sound principles  and the highest standards of care that insure you the best long-term results. Your initial appointment enables us to review your medical and dental history, discuss your treatment goals and conduct a comprehensive dental examination. Once we gather all essential information, we will share our findings and provide you with information and options to achieve your goals.  After this visit, our front desk staff will assist you in  getting scheduled back for the appropriate amount of time for your first cleaning here
Dental Implants $64  -  $75
A dental implant (also known as an endosseous implant or fixture) is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a  such as a , , , facial prosthesis or to act as an. Most implants connect with other components in order to function. A common component is an abutment which can provide the connection to a dental prosthesis. Modern dental implants can fuse with bone through a biologic process called . Materials such as , and some ceramics form this bone integration instead of causing a  as found with most other materials. Prior to the discovery of , various non-titanium implants were placed in the jawbones (or the  surrounding them) but had high complication rates due to . In fact, implantable fixtures to replace teeth are not a new concept, with evidence of use at least 4000 years ago with ancient Chinese bamboo dental implants. The prerequisites to long term success of osseointegrated dental implants, are healthy  and . Pre-prosthetic procedures sometimes are required to recreate ideal bone and gingiva to enable implant placement (particularly after from previous tooth removal). In the presence of healthy tissues, a well integrated implant with appropriate biomechanical loads can have long term success rates of 93 to 98 percent for the fixture and 10 to 15 year lifespans for the prosthetic teeth. e wi
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