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In recent years, Poland has emerged as a popular medical tourism destination. Polish doctors provide an attractive option for people in nearby countries who are seeking a high standard of treatment at more affordable price. Although the cost of treatment is the most common reason, there are many others why patients are prepared to travel. For example, Polish clinics invested in multi-lingual staff, who are briefed to understand foreign patients' expectations and to assist with travel arrangements. Practices have had to be flexible and extend their opening hours. Some medical tourism companies offer treatment packages with local support, some modest sightseeing plus recovery and recuperation in first-class spa resorts.

Poland as an attractive destination

There are many factors which make Poland an attractive destination:

  • Price - patients who are facing a surgery bill can often save a considerable amount, even after taking into consideration the cost of flights and accommodation.
  • High standards - surgeons in Poland are highly skilled, with many having worked in other countries, including US and UK. Many clinics are ISO certified and have accreditation with the international Quality Monitoring Centre. The assurance of EU monitored quality levels in materials and facilities make Poland highly competitive. The Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons is a professional body which ensures that high standards are maintained. However, patients are advised to be thorough in researching their options.
  • Modern clinics - there are numerous clinics and hospitals equipped with the latest technology. Infection control and safety is taken very seriously.
  • Location - Poland is very close to the United Kingdom and Ireland, with many cities available in approximately 2-3 hours by air.
Healthcare organizations

The Ministry of Health holds overall responsiblitiy for the management of healthcare within Poland. Doctors are registered with the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. This is an independant body responsible for overseeing the profession in Poland.

The Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons is the main professional body representing plastic surgeons in Poland. Surgeons specialising in head and neck surgery may also be members of The Polish Society of Otorhinolaryngologists, Head and Neck Surgeons.

Medical education

The basic medical degree takes 6 years. Graduates are awarded the title M.D. ('lekarz') and following this doctors either complete a compulsory 1 year internship or apply for training in one of the basic specialties: internal medicine, emergency medicine or family medicine.

Plastic surgeons hold a Specialist Diploma with the title 'Chirurgia plastyczna' representing addtional specialist training of 5 years. This is commonly refered to as the "second-level specialization degree in plastic surgery".

Poland operates a mandatory system of compulsory continuing education with all doctors required to amass 250 continuing education points in a 5 year period. Continuing education points are only valid for accreditited courses and failure to gain the required number of points results in the suspension of the right to practice. Professional organizations such as the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons help organize training and seminars specific to their specialties.


A Screener for Professional Liability (SPL) investigates any complaint against a medical professional. Their findings are adjudicated by a regional medical court. Appeals are sent to the supreme medical court. Full details are available on the site of the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in the reference section below. Complaint mechanisms may be found at

Storage and access to medical records

Polish doctors are bound by both ethical and legal constraints to respect patient confidentiality and ensure the security of their data.

Information must be stored in paper form but may be backed up by electronic means. The Act on Access to Public Information (6th September 2001) mandates an individuals right to access information stored about them and includes sections on access to medical data. As an EU member Poland has an additional requirement to comply with the EU's laws on data protection and access.


Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists
ul. Sobieskiego 110
00-764 Warszawa
tel: (22) 559-13-00
register of doctors:

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MEDIKO Plastic Surgery Szczecin

91 887 15 17Szezecin, Poland
Mediko Plastic Surgery focuses on providing high-quality affordable plastic and cosmetic care to international patients through its network of clinics in Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Thailand. All staff are highly educated and experienced specialists, using most up-to-date instruments and materials.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
From zł10953


71 881 08 21Your First Choice in Poland, Wroclaw
"I am very pleased"Daniel, Bloomington, Indiana, 03 Feb 15
"I am very pleased with the procedures I received at ClinicForYou and recommend the Clinic highly! I had both my upper and lower eyelids corrected as well as a full-face Cortex C02 laser treatment. Dr. Bienick performed the eyelid procedure and Dr. Monika Heisig handled the laser rejuvenation. Everything went exactly as planned and I know that I saved three thousand dollars by going to Wroclaw. The city is very nice, so I enjoyed the sights there and also spent a weekend in Poznan (easily accessible by train). Matt was my Assistance contact and he was an excellent caregiver and transportation provider!"
ClinicForYou is a trusted Medical Tourism provider in Poland, with years of experience in the field. We offer a full spectrum of services concerning cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and dentistry. Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest level of medical expertise and make sure that they receive the results they expected. What is more, the prices we offer are one of the most competitive on the market – you can save up to 70% on a procedure! Our medical centers are all modern and fully equipped facilities where hygiene and safety are top priorities. The doctors are among the best specialists in the country, with a caring and friendly attitude towards their clients. All treatments and surgeries are performed by experienced surgeons and professional  EU qualified medical staff. The procedures we offer are cutting-edge solutions designed for both men and women. They are preceded by a thorough medical consultation, free of charge for cosmetic surgery and dentistry. We also exceed in the level of after-care, ensuring maximum comfort and well-being to all our patients. Additionally, our coordinators help in arranging the trip and stay, tailoring it to the needs and expectations of our customers. The Assistance Package includes: - transfers to and from: the airport, the clinic and the hotel,  - finding accommodation,  - providing interpreting services where necessary  - a local mobile phone number to contact our staff member 24h.  Our English-speaking
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
The pre-initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeon is performed via e-mail. Patients provide our English speaking Patient's Coordinator with photographs of the areas they would like to correct. Based on the pictures our cosmetic surgeon decides, which surgery would be the most effective, and determines the final price.  Additionally, patients may also make an appointment with the surgeon at the Clinic in order to have a consultation, which are always free of charge. For more information contact the Patient's Coordinator. 
Breast Implants
From zł11500
A breast enlargement is a popular procedure among women who feel their breasts have lost their shape after childbirth or perhaps with age, and they want their youthful figure back. Other women may feel they are not as curvy as they would like to be, and they would simply like to have a bigger bust. A breast enlargement can boost your confidence along with your cup size, and help you feel comfortable in your own skin. The procedure is done under general anaesthetic. An incision is made in the natural crease underneath the breasts and the implants are inserted behind the breast tissue or, in some cases, behind the chest muscle. The size of the implant varies depending on your individual needs and expectations which are discussed with the doctor before the surgery. After the operation you may need to have drainage tubes in your breasts that are usually removed the next day. You can expect your breasts to be swollen and firm for several weeks before they begin to feel more natural. Stitches and dressings are removed after seven days, and after that you can return to your regular life. You should avoid any heavy exercising for at least 1 month following the surgery. Because of the added weight you will want to wear a good sports bra for the first 12 weeks day and night, which will help the healing process and provide the comfort and support you need.
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CMR Hospital

22 307 18 73 ext: 25370Armii Krajowej 180, Bielsko-Biała, 43316
"Very quick and helpfull"Elaine, UK, 08 Jun 15
The facility is over 6000m It has four very modern operating rooms, a recovery room and comfortably equipped post-op rooms. Our patients enjoy the benefit of round-the-clock friendly and professional care in comfortable, two-and one-bed rooms, each with its own bathroom and TV. We provide a wide range of medical services with main focus on both: Bariatric Surgery - weight loss surgery and Plastic Surgery.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
From zł150
Specialist medical advice plastic surgery. Follow up Up visit with a specialist 60
Breast Augmentation (Implants)
From zł15375
Gynecomastia both-sided
From zł8610
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71 881 06 37Karola Olszewskiego 58, Wroclaw, 51644
"very polite , nice lady called made me feel comfortable "Elizabeth, Ireland, 15 Dec 14
"Very good prices compared to UK"Jo, UK, 29 Nov 14
PLEASE, CHECK YOUR SPAM ( OUR MESSAGE CAN GOING TO THE SPAM)  Wroclaw in Poland is the location of this clinic where a comprehensive range of services are provided to improve the appearance of patients and for their general health and wellbeing. Cost effective services are provided for overseas patients and they are offered the convenience of booking appointments online. The clinic is fitted with state of the art equipment and cutting edge techniques are used while treating patients. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and body proportions, gynaecology including cosmetic gynaecology, general surgery, physiotherapy, nonsurgical aesthetic dermatology and urology.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
zł12000  -  zł14500
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Beauty Poland Wroclaw

22 307 18 73 ext: 32178ul. Karola Olszewskiego,, 51-644, Wrocław, 02670
The aim of Plastic Surgery Clinic Wroclaw and aesthetic medicine treatments is not only prevention and fight with the effects of ageing, but also correction of aesthetic body defects resulting from illnesses, accidents or simply from deficiency of natural beauty. Medical Holidays Abroad Clinic in Wroclaw offers wide range of treatments within the fields of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and dermatology. Our professional and qualified staff and advanced technologies make our patients confident about the highest level of provided medical treatments.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
From zł12886
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22 307 18 73 ext: 73809Wojciechowskiego 7, Szczecin, 71476
"I would recommend Artplastica"Anonymous, Germany, 26 Oct 14
"I was very pleased with all services at Artplastica from the reception, doctors, nurses, and nurse assistants. Everyone was polite and concerned that I was comfortable and my needs were all meet. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the personal care is exceptional. The doctor was very clear in explaining all procedures and answering all of my questions. Surgery was excellent. Reception was always there to assist with every detail, explaining in English, so that I knew exactly what to expect and to answer any questions. The price was definitely fair for all that is provided at Artplastica. I would recommend Artplastica."
We welecome all international patients to our clinic located in Szczecin, Poland. Our facility specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery. The clinic adheres to all international standards of hygiene and cross infection control for the optimum benefit of patients. The team consists of highly qualified and experienced surgeons and nurses. Patient coordinators arrange local transportation and hotel accommodation upon request. Services include the surgical face and body reshaping, breast augmentation, body sculpting, surgical fat reduction procedures, nonsurgical facelifts, laser and anti-aging facial injectables.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
From zł200
Breast Augmentation
From zł13000
From zł6000
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22 307 18 73 ext: 20941Al. Raclawicka 23, Lublin
Swidnik in Poland is the location of this clinic where an expert and experienced ENT physician offers services of a high standard for patients. Health tourists are welcomed at the clinic and treated at affordable prices by the expert and his team. Referrals are accepted from general medical practitioners and other specialists for patients requiring advanced ENT care. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of the nose, treatments for nose related sleep apnoea, surgery for adenoids, hearing tests, ear surgery and the administration of skin firming facial injectables.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
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Body Aesthetic Center

22 307 18 73 ext: 25104Panewnicka 5, Katowice, 40709
"I'll have to wait and see!"Terry, Poland, 18 Aug 10
"Very Good. I am happy that I chose this Center."Mavis, Poland, 20 Mar 11
We are a modern clinic offering cosmetic and plastic surgery, dermatosurgery, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and rejuvenation. In our Centre there are new treatment rooms where the latest laser procedures are performed. Surgeries are carried out in a high-standard operating theatre (air-conditioned with biofilter ventilation). After a surgery or treatment procedure the patient can be facilitated in our recovery room.We employ specialists in general surgery, plastic surgery and dermatology. They have been trained in a number of well-known European centres of aesthetic medicine, so that they can provide you with a high quality of service. Our medical procedures can be supplemented with a wide range of beauty and cosmetic treatments. Our centre is fitted with state-of-the-art RF therapy, laser and cosmetology equipment. Hi Def Vaser Lipo Vaser LipoLaser lipolysis Liposuction ImplantsEnhancement of:- breasts- buttocks- penisAbdominoplasty (tummy tuck)Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)Ear correction Nose correction Scar removalAutologous fat transferLaser ablation of varicose veins Laser vein closure Laser removal of skin lesions Treatment of:- hernia- cryptorchidism - phimosisTreatment for lines and wrinklesUltracontourRadio Frequency MicrodermabrasionLaser depilation Standard and needleless mesotherapy Medical peeling Face creamPRP RegenerationBeauty treatmentsMassagesDietary Advice
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
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Medimel Prywatna Praktyka Chirurgiczna

22 307 18 73 ext: 21062ul. Klonowica 45/2, Szczecin, 71249
Surgical and nonsurgical appearance enhancement procedures of a high standard are offered at this clinic located at Szczecin in Poland. The team is led by a skilled plastic surgeon with wide experience in improving the appearance of patients and increasing their confidence. Health tourists are welcomed and affordable procedures are performed to improve their appearance. The best available technology and techniques are used while treating patients at the clinic. Services include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breasts, male breast reduction surgery, surgical body sculpting, surgical genital augmentation and the administration of anti-aging facial injectables.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Augmentation
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Klinika Radość

22 307 18 73 ext: 21603181 Patriotow Street, Warsaw, 04881
Warsaw in Poland is the location of this clinic where affordable services of a high standard are offered for the benefit of health tourists. The team consists of highly trained medical and dental professionals with wide experience in improving the general health and the oral and dental health of patients and improving their smiles. All international cross infection prevention regulations are strictly observed at the clinic. Services include a comprehensive range of dental services, gynaecology, internal medicine, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, the services of psychiatrists, urology, laboratory tests and test results and orthopaedics and traumatology.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Health&Beauty Concierge

22 307 18 73 ext: 88094Emilii Plater 53, Warsaw, 00113
"They responded every email immediately and were really helpful"Andip, Ireland, 25 Dec 14
"They responded quick "Gabrielle, UK, 15 Dec 14
Normal 0 21 false false false PL X-NONE X-NONE We connect overseas patients with top class Polish clinics and doctors. We are with you on every step of your trip and we do not charge you for our services. We are just the company that takes care of health and beauty in the concierge style. What exactly we will do for you: support in choosing the most suitable clinic, doctor and city24h help and support during the whole stay in Polandbook flightsbook hotelsprovide organization of other attractions: sightseeing, SPA, rehabilitation, etc.organize free time for accompanying personssupport in providing translator, transfer, and any other necessary services during the stayWe will also provide you with all necessary information from the very beginning. All data concerning: Essential information about PolandTransportTreatmentExaminationsDoctorsPost treatment proceduresFree time spending possibilitiesPlaces worth seeingwill be delivered to you.
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Plastic Surgeon Consultation
From zł2500
What is important the price includes everything. Actaully it is the ALL-inclusive package: -consultation and naturally the surgery conducted by one of the best plastic surgeons in Poland, -general/local anesthesia, -all medical and nurse care, -all medication,  - stay in the clinic after the surgery- in case of general anesthesia, -post -operative after care and -Value added Tax,
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The Private Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of Dr. Henryk Knakiewicz

22 307 18 73 ext: 8919930 Rydygiera Street, Wroclaw
"Gave informed information and responded quickly."Sarah, UK, 20 Jan 14
"very informative,,, thanks"Jean, Ireland, 23 Oct 13
The clinic is situated in Wroclaw and is adjacent to the large Rydygiera hospital. The clinic can be contacted by telephone and email and there is staff who speaks English. The specialty of the clinic is plastic surgery. Surgery is available both for children and adults. Skin abnormalities and other dermatological procedures are also performed at the clinic. The system followed by the clinic is a one day surgery system. All equipment is up to date and the techniques used are most modern.
Bookings available for Plastic Surgeon Consultation  Show Times
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Implants
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