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About ClinicForYou

ClinicForYou is a trusted Medical Tourism provider in Poland, with years of experience in the field. We offer a full spectrum of services concerning cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and dentistry. Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest level of medical expertise and make sure that they receive the results they expected. What is more, the prices we offer are one of the most competitive on the market – you can save up to 70% on a procedure!

Our medical centers are all modern and fully equipped facilities where hygiene and safety are top priorities. The doctors are among the best specialists in the country, with a caring and friendly attitude towards their clients. All treatments and surgeries are performed by experienced surgeons and professional 

EU qualified medical staff. The procedures we offer are cutting-edge solutions designed for both men and women. They are preceded by a thorough medical consultation, free of charge for cosmetic surgery and dentistry. We also exceed in the level of after-care, ensuring maximum comfort and well-being to all our patients.

Additionally, our coordinators help in arranging the trip and stay, tailoring it to the needs and expectations of our customers. The Assistance Package includes:

- transfers to and from: the airport, the clinic and the hotel, 

- finding accommodation, 

- providing interpreting services where necessary 

- a local mobile phone number to contact our staff member 24h. 

Our English-speaking representatives are friendly and supportive; they will do their utmost to help feel secure even for those travelling alone. ClinicForYou team is determined to make each and every customer happy, therefore whatever the requirements, we will do our best to satisfy them. 

Please visit our website to know more about ClinicForYou and the procedures we offer, as well see some 'before and after' photographs.

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"Go with him, you won’t be disappointed"
Clinic's favourite review
100%Reviewed 20 Jul 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Breast Lift, Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction+Lift, Very pleased....Settle down, this is going to be a long read….

I had wanted to have a breast reduction + lift (BRL) for as long as I could remember. I constantly hunched my shoulders, suffered from back, neck and shoulder pain, had to wear big loose size 16 tops to allow room (even though I am a size 12), could not wear button up blouses, and always had painful tender breasts. I knew I had to do something about my 32GG asymmetrical breasts – yeah, the left one was noticeably bigger than the right one.

I went for a few consultations in the UK and the prices were exorbitant! (3 times more than what you would pay in Europe). I thought hard and long about it, there isn’t any difference in breast reduction/lift procedure in the UK and Europe, the only security I get by having the procedure done in the UK is the option to get emergency help if things go wrong? Perhaps? If they are more benefits I am not aware…also, just like anywhere else in Europe, I would still have to sign a waiver in the UK to say that I accept that the procedure comes with risks, and thereby waive my rights to claim damages should things go wrong. With all these thoughts in my head, I decided to have the BRL done in Europe. Poland to be precise.

I consulted a few surgeons in Poland - from a well-known reputable one in Wroclaw, to one in Poznan and Sczecin and Warsaw. All surgeons came with good reviews, and various but reasonable prices, but I didn’t go with these surgeons for various reasons ranging from long waiting times, or no direct flights.

I went to Realself a clinic I found on Whatclinic and after about 1 year of researching and reading reviews, I decided to go with Dr. Piotr Rataj in Wroclaw (pronounced “Vrot-suaf”) for my procedure. Many forums advised to wait to have children before having the BRL surgery, but as time went on, my breasts got heavier and denser and I couldn’t suffer anymore. I thought if I wait to have children before getting this procedure done I would be unable to stand by the time, lol!

I sent an email to Anna Malanda and thus began the communication process. I sent photos of my breasts and had the email consultation with Dr. Rataj who confirmed that I was a suitable candidate for a BRL. My surgery was booked for the 24th of April 2017 and I paid a deposit to secure my surgery date. I also paid for the assistance package (which I highly recommend) to save me the stress of having to arrange your own translation and transportation.

I opted to stay at the self-catering apartment at the Rynek (Market Square). Now, staying at the Rynek is a good option as it is very central, lots of sights to see, loads of options for food and drinks and walking distance to one of the shopping malls and a 15mins tram ride to the main shopping mall called Magnolia. However next time, I wouldn’t choose to stay at the self-catering apartment if I came back to Wroclaw. You see, the self-catering apartments although comfortable and affordable, is a no frills and fairly used space. So, if you like a bit of luxury/comfort, then choose a different accommodation within the Rynek e.g the Sofitel Hotel or Puro Hotel. If like I was, you are on a budget and don’t mind, then go for the self-catering apartment, it is a short stay anyway.

You pay upon arrival for the accommodation at the apartment reception desk, so obviously, this is separate arrangement from the procedure and assistance package.

I Arrived on Saturday 22nd April, and Eveline came to pick me up from the airport. Ahhh! Eveline - Lovely, Beautiful, Friendly, Kind and very organised. She contacted me even before I arrived in Poland to say when she would be at the airport and was in contact often after that. Because I arrived on a Saturday I was the only one she picked up that day, but typically she picks up a few arrivals at a time and several per day and yet she amazingly and effortlessly juggles every one’s different schedules, knows the time and type of procedures, their arrival and departure dates and does it all with so much ease. Eveline, thank you and well done!

That same Saturday, Eveline took me straight to the lab (separate from the clinic), I had my blood tests done at no cost because the cost was part of the price I paid for the surgery. After my tests, Eveline took me to my apartment, told me the directions and tram numbers to the malls and left me to explore. I went shopping and eating on Saturday and Sunday. Eveline was back to pick me up on Monday Morning. She picked me up with two other patients and drove us to the hospital at about 9.00am. I was shown my hospital room (2 persons per room) and I must say that the hospital is very clean and spacious.

After I was shown my room, I had a physical consultation with Dr. Rataj with Eveline translating. Although I think Dr. Rataj doesn’t give himself enough credit when it comes to speaking English, in my opinion, he is able to communicate quite well in English, but I guess with his line of work he wants to make sure crucial information does not get lost in translation. Dr. Rataj is always smiling and friendly, he whistles and hums as he goes along, and I noticed he has ‘well-used’ hands, which for some unknown reason, helped to reassure me.

During the consultation, Dr. Rataj made markings on my breasts with a marker and after about an hour, I was wheeled into in the theatre and put under General Anaesthesia. I woke up about 4 hours later in my hospital bed with my breasts in bandages and a surgical bra. That night was a little rough as I threw up due to my period arriving. Also, Dr. Rataj had done some lipo on the left (larger) breast and this bruised and hardened the breast and thus I needed a drain inserted. (The other breast was fine with no pains and no drains inserted). Dr. Rataj drove to the hospital at about 1 am that night to put a drain in for me because I was in pain and the nurse had phoned him to come. Thank you, Dr. Rataj!

Most Importantly, Dr. Rataj did a fantastic job, as my breasts don’t have that ‘square shape’ you typically see from a breast reduction. He made them rounded and perky. His stitching was very neat and precise and as I am a ‘woman of color’, I appreciate that, as it is helpful to minimize scarring and hyperpigmentation. He used dissolvable stitches by the way.

The nurse who looked after me that night was very kind and patient with me, I can’t remember her name, she had dark hair in a bun and a comforting motherly energy but I thank her. The Breast Reduction+Lift makes you constipated for days so be sure to take some Ducloease with you. With drains inserted and pain relievers, I slept most of the night.

The next day I was discharged, and Eveline drove me back to the apartment and thereafter drove me to the clinic every morning for the subsequent 4 days for post-surgery checkup with Dr. Rataj, although the check-ups were rushed because he had a lot of patients to see. I spent a total of 6 nights in Wroclaw and had no issues after that. I was asked to send progress pictures every two weeks after that, which I did.

I would like to advise that after the procedure, getting up and lying down needed some tact, and one has to be careful so that you don’t open pop the stitches. Although the stitches were sewn very neatly and tightly so this is unlikely, but you know what I mean – no unnecessary stress to that area.

I am writing this review in July, with smaller perky breasts, better posture, smarter blouses and a smile on my face. I highly recommend and happy I chose Dr. Piotr Rataj and his team!!! Go with him, you won’t be disappointed.
Treated By: Piotr Total Amount Paid £2,800
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Hi Winnie, thank you and so glad that you are happy :) Greetings and kisses from the entire team!

Anonymous Manchester
"My experience of this clinic was fabulous"
100%Reviewed 13 Jul 2017 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Liposuction
I had a huge stomach and none of my clothes would fit right, absolute nightmare trying to find something nice to wear. It's 3 1/2 weeks now since my Liposuction, and the difference already is brilliant, with still more improvements to come!!

My experience of this clinic was fabulous. The Doctor and all staff were absolutely so nice. The clinic is pristine clean. The work by Dr. Piotr is absolutely great and so professional!!
Treated By: Piotr
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you Alice and glad to hear that you are happy :) Greetings from the entire team Anna

Alison Ireland
"I was well looked after from start to finish"
100%Reviewed 05 Jun 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Breast Reduction
I had been wanting a breast reduction for so many years but it was an impossible dream because of the high cost of such surgery here in the UK. Never the less I still kept saving towards it! I unexpectedly had two days off work and was browsing the Internet when an advert for cosmetic treatment at a clinic near me popped up. I filled in the enquiry and lo and behold I received a phone call and was told my nearest clinic was just 30 miles away. So, I thought I may as well get some information from a consultation with the sales person. What I learned was, the cost at £6,800 which would include the op, one night in their own clinic which is a 4 1/2 hour drive from home. I wasn't impressed!

This spurred me on to research surgery abroad specifically in Europe. I narrowed it down to either Czech Republic and Poland. I found and plowed through their lists of clinics offering my choice of surgery. I did lots of reading of reviews of the clinics and surgeons and decided on ClinicForYou. My first point of contact was with Anna through email. I was required to send photos so I could be assessed by the surgeon if I was suitable for my requested surgery. A couple of days later I received confirmation I was able to have the surgery and given the price, which was a third of the U.K. Quote! Also the name of the surgeon who would perform my surgery, Dr. Andrzej Bieniek. The next step was to book a date and pay my deposit. Yes! This is really going to happen.

So many people have said the assistance package was invaluable so I booked that too and I am so glad I did. Evelina was super, she met me at the airport at (2.30am!) took me straight to the clinic for my blood to be taken and getting me ready for surgery later that day. A couple of weeks before the surgery I enquired if tummy lipo could be done at the same time as breast reduction and once again I sent a photo sent for assessment. Yes, it could. So that was booked too. The day of the surgery I met my surgeon and anesthetist Dr. Krzysztof Goral. Both made me feel at ease and spoke perfect English. My blood results were all in order and my general health checked and good. After being mapped out for the reductions I walked into surgery and that's the last thing I know until I woke up at 7.30 in the evening.

I was monitored throughout the night by a lovely nurse, I think her name was Bartha. I managed to eat a little and dozed in and out of sleep. Not a lot of pain at all really but was on intravenous painkillers. The doctor came in a couple of times to check up on me. The next day I walked to the treatment room to have my dressings changed and the wound checked. All was OK. I was picked up and taken back to my apartment in Wroclaw with an appointment to go back for a dressing change in 4 days. I was staying alone but felt OK with my surroundings. I walked every day, a bit further each day but also rested. On dressing change day they saw no problems so the stitches came out two days later and I could fly home that evening.

This is a big surgery and I had done a lot of research beforehand and it was very helpful. I found it a good experience and would recommend to anyone thinking about going. I was well looked after from start to finish. Anna the coordination; Evelina my personal assistance package, Justyna on reception at the clinic and Dr. Andrzej are brilliant!

Very clean, modern and above all nice and friendly!
Treated By: Anna Total Amount Paid £4,000
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Hi Shona, thank you for such a nice and detailed review :) Hope you're doing ok, greetings from the entire team! Anna

Shona UK
"I could not be happier with the overall result"
100%Reviewed 16 May 2017 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Breast Implants
I had a size 34A cup size with very little breast tissue and I wanted implants for years but always saw it as an unreachable goal. After looking at different clinics Dr. Piotr was my choice. I read reviews both good and bad and it was about 2000 GBP for what I wanted. I decided to travel Scotland to Poland and the overall cost for 5 days there including food, travel, drinks, flights and accommodation cost us around 490 pounds. We were really pleased we booked some apartments which seemed popular with other people staying there. I had a blood test on arrival and my surgery was scheduled for the next day. I was finished by 1 pm and had 350CCS of silicone implanted and I love them.

I did have to get antibiotics during healing as the stitches they used were extremely thick compared to the ones being used in Scotland. The massage of each breast 4 x daily was a little painful but I could not be happier with the overall result.

The clinic was clean and comfortable and the operating theater was spotless. There was a translator and the anesthetist spoke some English, but I was fine.
Treated By: Piotr
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you Rachel, glad to hear you're happy! Please remember to stay in touch with pictures so that the surgeon can monitor the healing process x

Rachel Poland
"So so happy"
100%Reviewed 02 May 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.
Treatment Received: Liposuction
So so happy would definitely recommend to anyone wanting surgery here. The results are amazing (lipo suction to tummy and sides)

The best clinic I have ever been to so clean so friendly and caring I thouroughly enjoyed my stay here and will be back :)
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you Bianca! Take care and kisses from Wrocław

Bianca UK
"From start to finish excellent service"
100%Reviewed 13 Apr 2017 Verified user.
Treatment Received: Hair Transplant
From start to finish excellent service Peter Anna and eveline great service be back soon thanks for a stress free time

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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you Alan and best wishes from Wrocław!

Alan UK
"Definitely happy"
100%Reviewed 24 Mar 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Gynecomastia
I had Gynecomastia surgery done at ClinicForYou. The surgery was done by Dr Rataj and at 3 weeks post surgery I am very happy with the results. If you are thinking of getting Gynecomastia surgery done yourself then I highly recommend Dr Rataj.

My opinion of this clinic is top notch. If you are nervous about going to Poland for surgery, don´t be. Eveline picked me up at the airport and took me everywhere I needed to go. Everything went very smoothly. The nurses don´t speak much English but they are very friendly and helpful.

Definitely happy I made this trip.
Treated By: Piotr
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you Jason for such a nice review :) We are so glad that you are satisfied. Take care and all the best!

Jason UK
"Really ensured the treatment went well"
80%Reviewed 20 Mar 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Liposuction
So far great, early days and awaiting the results of the surgeries, but all staff were kind, helpful and really ensured the treatment went well.

Great, clean tidy and friendly, Eveline was helpful, friendly and went out of her way, overall a great experience, i would recommend this clinic.
Treated By: Eveline Total Amount Paid zł20,500
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you Christopher, your happiness means a lot to us! Glad you enjoyed your stay at our clinic:)

Christopher Northamptonshire
"I will be coming again in the future"
100%Reviewed 15 Mar 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.
Treatment Received: Labiaplasty
I had upper eyelid surgery and labiaplasty done almost six weeks ago under local anaesthesia. I was slightly nervous about being awake but it was a comfortable, pain free procedure.
The procedure went really well and the surgeon and his colleagues made me feel so at ease.
I'm so happy with the results it all looks so amazing! The healing has been perfect and scars are barely visible after less than six weeks! You can't even see the swelling anymore! My labiaplasty is perfect and exactly what I wanted. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and I know I will be coming again in the future when I decide it's the right time for another cosmetic procedure.

The clinic was beautiful. Extremely clean and a nice relaxed environment.
The rooms were very clean and the staff made you feel welcome and relaxed. Everything is explained well to you and language barrier is no issue as many staff members speak fluent English.
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you Kara for such nice words! Hope to see you again :)

Kara UK
"Really good service received"
90%Reviewed 11 Mar 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.
Treatment Received: Fat Transfer
Fractional laser to face, neck, chest and hands

Really really good. such nice people, to be honest, i didnt meet one miserable, nasty person in the whole of poland, from hotel, taxis to clinic. english isnt widely spoken but theres a lovely young lady who translates and most patients are english. ill definitely return here for my next treatment
Total Amount Paid £600
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Miss Anna Malanda responded to this review:

Thank you so much for your kind words Leigh, looking forward to seeing you again:) Greetings from Wroclaw!

Leigh UK
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Plastic Surgery

From zł12000
Abdominal Etching
From zł4800
Arm Lift

There are different factors that influence the excess of skin on our arms, including rapid weight loss, age or hereditary predisposition. In many cases, however, physical activity and regular exercising isnt enough to improve the condition of our arms. Often the only solution that can bring  results is an Arm Lift, a procedure that reshapes the area from the underarm to the elbow, giving a toned and proportioned look. 

During the procedure, an incision is made, usually on the inside or back of the arm, depending on individual needs. Its length and pattern is determined by the amount and place of excess skin that is to be removed. If needed, the area is treated with liposuction. Later, the tissue is being reshaped, tightened and the new contour of the arm is smoothened over. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia although in some cases the doctor may advise otherwise. It may be possible to use absorbable sutures, however regular stitches make the scar more aesthetically pleasing. They can be removed within approximately 1-2 weeks from the procedure. 

The results of the treatment are visible instantly, however the best effect is acquired  some time after the surgery, when the swelling and bruising disappears. 

zł11500  -  zł13600
Breast Implants

A breast enlargement is a popular procedure among women who feel their breasts have lost their shape after childbirth or perhaps with age, and they want their youthful figure back. Other women may feel they are not as curvy as they would like to be, and they would simply like to have a bigger bust. A breast enlargement can boost your confidence along with your cup size, and help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

The procedure is done under general anaesthetic. An incision is made in the natural crease underneath the breasts and the implants are inserted behind the breast tissue or, in some cases, behind the chest muscle. The size of the implant varies depending on your individual needs and expectations which are discussed with the doctor before the surgery.

After the operation you may need to have drainage tubes in your breasts that are usually removed the next day. You can expect your breasts to be swollen and firm for several weeks before they begin to feel more natural. Stitches and dressings are removed after seven days, and after that you can return to your regular life. You should avoid any heavy exercising for at least 1 month following the surgery.

Because of the added weight you will want to wear a good sports bra for the first 12 weeks day and night, which will help the healing process and provide the comfort and support you need.

From zł9600
Breast Lift

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity, heredity – any of these natural experiences can cause a woman’s breasts to sag and lose their shape. Whatever the reason, it causes loss of confidence and increase in self-consciousness. A breast lift can turn the clock back and put some firmness back in your breasts, and a smile on your face at the same time.

The procedure is done under general anesthetic. It involves removing the loose skin, lifting the breast, and repositioning the nipple on the new, firmer breast. Duration of the procedure varies from 1 to 3 hours.

A breast lift involves an overnight stay in hospital. The stitches are removed after a week and from that time you can start doing some light exercise and go back to normal life. For the best possible results you will need to wear a good sports bra day and night  for up to 3 months to help the healing process and provide  comfort and support you need.

From zł9200
Breast Reduction

Some women who wear a large cup size would rather have smaller, firm breasts. In some cases they  suffer from discomfort and aching in their back, shoulders and neck due to the weight of their breasts. Others want to get their proportions evened out, because their breasts are unequal in size or shape. A breast reduction can be the answer, providing you with a balanced figure that you feel comfortable with, and the confident to do those things you always wanted to do.

After discussing the size you would like to go down to, the procedure involves reducing the amount of breast tissue, and the surgeon may need to reposition the nipple and areola. This gives the breasts a natural appearance and helps achieve the desired outcome. Surgery can take up to three hours and the operation is carried out under general anaesthetic, so you need to stay at the clinic overnight.

After surgery you will probably want to take a week or two off work, and avoid exercising during that period of time. For the best possible results you will need to wear a good sports bra night and day for up to 3 months to help the healing process and provide  comfort and support you need. 

From zł4100
Chin Implant

Chin Implant is mostly recommended to patients who had a nose surgery to achieve balanced facial proportion, as the size of the chin may make the nose look much bigger or smaller. Chin surgery can provide you with  balanced facial features, so that you feel better about the way you look.

zł2900  -  zł3800

Eyelid correction, also called blepharoplasty, is a procedure that rejuvenates lower and upper parts of eyes, removing puffiness, eye bags or wrinkles. After the treatment, the face look fresh and alert. The main aim of the procedure is taking away the excess fat and skin from the area, caused by loss in firmness and elasticity. It is recommended mostly to adult men and women who wish to keep their young look for longer.

The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. The incisions are made within natural contours of our eyes, so that the scars were as invisible as it is possible. They are closed with absorbable stitches. It itakes some times to see the first results, as the swelling and bruising occurs. Gradually, the skin around the eyes will become smoother and the face much younger and better looking.

The final effect is seen after several weeks, however it takes up to one year for the incision lines to fade within the natural contours of our eyes. To some extent, the results will be permanent, however with time new aging signs will appear. Therefore, it is necessary to properly maintain our skin, protect it from the sun and moisture regularly. If we follow the simple rules, we will keep the young and fresh face for longer.

From zł10600

Face lift with Neck lift:

With age the facial muscles lose their firmness and skin becomes less flexible, creating lines and folds, and a tired facial expression. A facelift can create a fresher, more youthful appearance by lifting and tightening the excess skin, which smoothes out the wrinkles restoring healthy sheen to the complexion.

A facelift is a relatively straightforward procedure. It is performed under local anaesthesia and a sedative, and the results are immediate. Moreover, it can take years off your face. The procedure may be performed on both the upper part of 

face (brow) and the lower part , and is often combined with other procedures for maximum effect, such as a Neck lift, Eye bag removal and Eyelid surgery.

From zł7000

Statistics show that 40-60 percent of men suffer from excess fat and tissue in the chest area, due to the abnormal increase in glandular tissue which no amount of exercise can reduce. Self-confidence can be an issue for some men, causing them to avoid wearing t-shirts and sunbathing. Gynaecomastia is the second fastest growing procedure for men, surgery can give you a flat chest, and boost your confidence at the same time.

The procedure is normally done under local anaesthetic and takes 1- 2 hours to complete. The surgeon will remove the excess fat and tissue by liposuction, leaving the chest flatter, firmer and better contoured.

Stitches are usually dissolvable so do not need to be removed and the area heals quickly with scars fading well. You will need to wear a supportive elastic garment for a week, but can usually expect to return to work within a few days.

From zł3800

Labiaplasty is getting more and more popular among women at all age. There are many reasons they decide to undergo this procedure, such as  alleviating the pain in genital area, or cosmetic correction of their labia. Additionally, patients hope that the surgery will enhance their love life.

The procedure involves trimming and shaping labia, which surround the external part of vagina entrance. It is done under local anesthesia and lasts about two hours. The incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches.

In the month following the surgery, patients should refrain themselves from sexual intercourse. The swallowing and tenderness may last up to several months. Also, there may be visible bruising around the genitals and the surrounding skin. Patients are required to avoid physical exercise for at least 3 weeks after the surgery.

From zł3500
Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
From zł2800

Liposuction is a very effective method of removing  fat excess from basically any area of our body. It is recommended to both, men and women who find their bodies resistant to diet or exercising. The biggest advantage of Liposuction is that the removed fat cells do not regenerate, therefore the results are long-lasting. 

There are various Liposuction techniques. They all involve inserting a tube through a small incision in a certain area and removing the fat cells. During the consultation you will discuss the body parts  you would like to correct (which may include the waist and back, hips, buttocks, stomach, outer and inner thighs, knees, and the area around your chin). For smaller areas the procedure is often done within one day using local anesthetic injections, or an epidural if your lower body is being treated, however if  the surgery concerns bigger parts  of your body, you may need a general anesthesia and an overnight stay at the clinic.

The results are visible immediately, however in the following days or sometimes even weeks your body may be swollen. You will be required to wear a supportive bandage or garment to help reduce the swelling and achieve the desirable shape. The final effect is visible after several months, when the swelling completely disappears. As long as you maintain healthy lifestyle and control your diet, you will enjoy your new slimmer shape and enhanced self-image.

From zł2800
Neck Liposuction
From zł4000

Protruding or misshapen ears can be lower our self-esteem and raise self-consciousness. Such cases require surgical corrective procedure, that would enhance the shape, position and proportion of the ear. Pinnaplasty can treat inborn defects in the structure and shape of our ears (as macrotia or microtia) as well as disfigures caused by injuries and accidents.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is quite straightforward, therefore it does not require an overnight stay in the clinic. The incisions are usually located in the areas that are not overt, most often on the back surface of the ear or, if necessary, in the natural folds in the front. The methods of conducting the surgery are always individually suited to the specific needs of a patient.

The effect are instant, however they are not visible until the bandages around the area are removed. Within the few days following the surgery we can feel  burning pain and itching, but it is essential not to take off the bandages until the doctor allows. 

Plastic Surgeon Consultation

The pre-initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeon is performed via e-mail. Patients provide our English speaking Patient's Coordinator with photographs of the areas they would like to correct. Based on the pictures our cosmetic surgeon

 decides, which surgery would be the most effective, and determines the final price. 

Additionally, patients may also make an appointment with the surgeon

 at the Clinic in order to have a consultation, which are always free of charge. For more information contact the Patient's Coordinator. 

From zł12000
Rhinoplasty with Nose Tip Reshaping

The advantages of surgical nose correction are obvious, we all realize how important is the shape and size of our nose and how it influence the general appearance of our face. Unfortunately, it often happens that our nose is not what we would expect it to be, as being too big or crooked, it disfigures the way we look, distracting others from seeing the beauty of our eyes or lips. It damages our self-esteem and makes us feel unattractive. Rhinoplasty may be the only solution to improve our appearance and self-confidence. The procedure can: change the size, shape, profile and proportions of the nose, correct nose tip, septum and nostrils.

It can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on which type of surgery will be performed. Also, the incisions and corrections will be individualized to the needs and requirements of each and every patient.

After several weeks following the surgery, the swallowing should dissipate, however the final result of the procedure will be visible after up to one year. The changes will appear gradually until our nose achieves the aimed effect. Within the first years, we can notice swallowing that occur in the mornings.

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Nasal Tip Surgery

Nose tip reshaping surgery improves the appearance and gives good proportions to your nose, no matter whether it is large or bulbous, dropping or too upturned. The procedure enhances facial balance and thus self confidence.

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Thigh Lift

This procedure is recommended to patients who wish to reshape their thighs by removing the excess skin and fat from that part of the body. It is often performed among people who, after some major weight loss, are left with loose and unpleasantly looking skin, but also among those who are simply not satisfied with the way their thighs look. 

Thighs lift is done under general anesthesia and lasts from 2 to 3 hours. An incision patterns differ, however the most common technique is a cut in the groin, extending downward wrapping around the back of the thigh. The surgeon determines what is appropriate to each, particular case. Deep, supportive sutures close the skin incisions. The results are visible instantly, however the final effect may be seen after the swelling and bruising are gone. After several months you will enjoy smoother, tighter contouring and improved skin condition both in appearance and feel. What is more, the results are long lasting and relatively permanent.

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Tummy Tuck

The excess skin and fat around the abdominal area is a major problem for many men and women. It is mainly caused by a rapid and significant weight loss. No matter how much exercise we do or what diets we use, it is simply impossibe to achieve the desired look. Very often in such cases  the only solution to feel comfortable in our own body is to undergo the Tummy Tuck procedure. Abdominoplasty, as it is also referred to, removes the excess skin and fat which makes our tummy look smoother and firmer. If needed, the procedure also restores and tighten the abdominal muscles.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and lasts around 2 hours. The incision is usually made along the bikini line, between the navel and the pubic area. Its length and shape depends on the individual needs of a patient. In some cases it also necessary to make another incision around the navel. After the surgery the patient is required to stay at the clinic over the night and wear a special medical garment. 

The results are visible after the initial swelling and bruising disappears, which may last around up to two weeks. Nevertheless, after several weeks, when the expected effect is achieved, we will finally enjoy our new slimmer profile and feel comfortable in our own skin, no matter what clothes we are wearing.

From zł8500
Full Abdominoplasty

The excess skin and fat around the abdominal area is a major problem for many men and women. It is mainly caused by a rapid and significant weight loss. A full Abdominoplasty 

isperformed in order to remove the excess skin and tighten the muscles.


Thissurgery is especially effective in dealing with the excess skin and stretchedmuscles that result from the pregnancy and giving birth.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and lasts around 2 hours. The incision is usually made along the bikini line, between the navel and the pubic area. Its length and shape depends on a patient's individual needs. In some cases additional incision around the navel

 is necessary. After the surgery a patient is required to spend the night at the clinic and wear a special medical garment. 

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People often combine Tummy tuck procedure with Liposuction to achieve a nicely shaped waist as well as a flat tummy. Tummy tuck helps with the excess skin and fatty tissue at the front of the torso, whereas Liposuction is aimed at the sides to slim out the waistline down to give you the famous hourglass shape.

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Mini Abdominoplasty

Medical Aesthetics

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Excessive Sweating Treatment
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Lip Augmentation

Hair Loss Treatment

zł6000  -  zł10600
Hair Transplant FUT

Hair loss may have different reasons, as aging, hormonal chan ges or heredity, among others. Premature baldness causes major discomfort and the sooner it starts the more severely it develops. Hair transplantation is at the moment the most effective method of treating it, bringing life-long results.

The hair are taken from the back of the scalp, therefore it is necessary to have healthy hair grow in the donor area. The method used by our plastic surgeon is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), which involves harvesting grafts using a thin donor strip and dissecting it into individual follicular units. As many as 2000 – 2500 grafts can be transplanted during one hair replacement procedure.

After the surgery, the patient may feel itching, excessive tightness of skin or throbbing pain, therefore some painkillers will be prescribed by the doctor. The next day, the bandage will be removed and the patient is asked to wear a cap. During the follow up, the doctor will instruct the patient in terms of after care and informed to avoid any activities that may increase blood pressure in the scalp, as psychical exercising. Within the first weeks following the surgery some hair may fall out, however, there is no reason to be concerned, as most of them will grow again after the next few weeks.

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