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031 630 0516Bucuresti-Ploiesti Street No 17, Iridex Building, District 1, Bucharest
iDentity Clinic – ex Multident Dental Clinic, born in 2007 and recently rebranded this year-is situated in Bucharest’s north business area on 17th Bucuresti – Ploiesti Road, near Otopeni Aeroport. In an atmosphere of elegance and comfort, our specialists, helped by the latest technology, are offering our patients, tailored to their needs, the best integrated dental treatments in order to regain the perfect smile. We take care of your health trough the treatments we offerand the strict measures of hygiene and sterilization. We use modern materials and instruments, disposable supplies and sterilization procedures to the highest standards. Identity Clinic has a special office with a pleasant environment for children. The dental office is equipped to European standards: dental unit is purchased in Germany and accessories in Switzerland. Two other offices, equipped with the equipment and tools to the highest standards, are intended for adults. In addition, the clinic has a radiology lab.
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Dental Implants
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031 630 0523Aviatorilor bv 15, Bucharest, 011861
The Leading Dental Centers of Romania since 1999. 2 SPECIAL OFFERS: Dental Implants and Prosthetics, available until 30th of March 2015! Dental Implants Bredent Package a 799 Euro Prosthetics Package at 249 Euro
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Dental Implants
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DENT ESTET has a team of experts in dental implantology with great experience. We use the ultimate technology and materials for a successful treatment results. Each patient is carefully evaluated and treated
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Medical Holidays Abroad Bucharest

031 630 0739Str. Putul de Piatra, Bucharest
"Yes, they did come back to me quicker than expected and I received sufficient details of all the questions I asked. I expected the prices to be more competitive or at least negotiable."Talal, United Arab Emirates, 19 Nov 13
Medical Holidays Abroad offers you dental treatment in one of the best dental clinics in Bucharest. In our clinic you will receive effective, painless dental treatment by the best dentists in Romania, affordable prices and the highest quality of dentistry in Bucharest. We provide specialists in every field of dentistry thanks to which we can offer you comprehensive and professional treatment. Our dentists are characterized with a patient oriented approach, and we always treat each patient individually, thanks to which you can feel safe and taken care of in our clinic.
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Dental Implants
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Dental Crowns
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Crown on implant
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Biodent Professional

031 630 1004 ext: 9289836-38 Strada Mihai Eminescu, Sos. Pipera Tunari, no. 44, Bucharest
Biodent Professional is a Dentist in Bucharest. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
Dental Crowns
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Radionic Company Dental Clinic

031 630 1004 ext: 6387787 Tunari street, 1st floor sector 2, Bucharest
"I was very impressed with the clinic it was so clean and hygienic; the staff was helpful and sweet. I'll be back again in 2012 maybe April or May."Kamil, Denmark, 11 Jul 11
The dental treatment that you will receive at our clinic is complete and realised in optimal conditions of hygiene and  with professionalism. Besides the outstanding results of our dental practice, we want your visit at the dental office to be a chance for you to meet your dearest friends. Thereby, at our clinic you will receive all the attention of our medical crew and of our staff and  you will benefit from high-rated dental services in a friendly environment. As you all know for some people the visit at the dentist can be a real torture but we thought of this and while you get the treatment you can listen to your favorite songs. So, at your first visit you will share us the music you like and we will make sure that you’ll hear it throughout the whole dental treatment thus combining business with pleasure. The pleasant ambient, both from the reception  area and from the dental office, will make  your visit at the dentist much more comfortable and  relaxing  offering also a sense of belonging and the safety  that you  need when you  arrive  at a dental office. In our clinic we use the newestdental techniques and the best equipment for better results, qualitatively speaking, and from the point of view of the treatment’s durability.
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Dental Implants
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The  dentist  who  makes  the implants  will help you  receive  the newest  and  perhaps  the  most popular  treatment -  the dental implant  at a competitive  price. The dental  implant it is actually  a  false  root,  most of the time consisting  of a titanium  metal screw,  which  is introduced  in the bone  and on which  the false  tooth  will be attached. The treatment  is  a complex one which  takes  a little more time to complete. Dental implant Superline -Dentium  (without prosthetic abutment) 400 € Prosthetic abutment aplicattion 180 €
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Bucharest British Dental Place

031 630 1004 ext: 74988Str Putul Lui Zamfir, 37, Bucuresti
! BRITISH STAFF, BRITISH TRAINED PROFESSIONALS, BRITISH STANDARDS ! Services: - General Dentistry, Operative Microscopy - Same Day Teeth on Bredent Implants - Sedation - Initial Consultation and Maintenance in the UK - British Staff,  British Standards - British Trained Professionals registered and Indemnity Insured in the UK - Bucharest prices, important savings of more than 50% We invite you to come and meet us at Bucharest British Dental Place in Bucharest, where you will have a chance to inspect the clinic and to see for yourself that we deliver our services according to your expectations. Combining the dental treatment with a holiday, weekend get-away or visit to a resort spa, you will be pampered with personal attention here! Our dental team is dedicated to providing you with the very best quality in all aspects of dental care, within a friendly and caring environment. We are a modern, technologically advanced, forward thinking Dental Practice reflecting changes in patients attitudes and expectation towards dental care. We prefer prevention to excision (drilling and extractions), avoiding the invasive nature of Dentistry. When treatment is necessary then consideration in given to comfort and to restore cosmetics and function. We are a Mercury-free practice, we look to use what we understand are the safest and most biocompatible materials and techniques, scientifically proven to be successful. We are aim
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
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Happy Smile

 Happy Smile it's a small clinic,with a very good reputation.All our patients are treatment with respect for their health.We have all you need,
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
ROL2100  -  ROL2700 Enquire
Alfa-bio implants
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Prestige Dental Care

Str. Piata Pache Protopopescu, nr. 14 , ap. 1 , ground floor, interfon 0, distri
Prestige Dental Care is a clinic founded in 2014 with young doctors with experience in the field. Our clinic was born from the need of bringing quality, approachable services. Our motto is : “ A beautiful smile for everyone”.   Both equipment ,meaning dental units , chirurgical vacuums, sterilizer , distilator, ultrasonics terilizer,physiodispenser , aphex locator and the substances used are topranking technologies of 2014 that fully respects European quality standards and norms for dental services. Our desire of offering an answer for any type of stomatological need determined us to find solutions that rise to international standards and also to create a team prepared in every dental medical branch.   Besides the need of fulfilling the high quality standards our clinic also proposed to offer a pleasent , relaxing environment for our pacients through a superior comunication between doctors and pacients also combined with a friendl yambience  thus creating a strong ,profesional relationship with them. We beleive in creating a connection that is beyond the relationship , sometimes too cold, doctor-pacient through clear ,understandable explications of the stages that implies the treatment and all informations councerning the postoperatory stages.   Through all these elements  we try to earn the confindence of those who turns to our services and so we are triyng to earn the prestige of this clinic.
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Dentist Consultation
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Implantology services
Dental Implants
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Dr Gamureac Ion

031 630 1004 ext: 60289Popesti Leordeni, soseaua Oltenitei, 32, Bucuresti, 077160
Dr Gamureac Ion is a Dentist in Bucharest. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Dentist Consultation
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Carpatia Group

031 630 1004 ext: 337922 Burebista Blvd D14-3, Apt. 79-80 4th Floor, Bucharest, 031108
"Good."Monika, New Zealand, 04 May 11
"Service oriented clinic."Benjamin, Romania, 19 May 11
We offer the best medical services, performed by the most reputable specialists.Our medical range covers: ophthalmology, dentistry, assisted fertilization,bariatric surgery, hair transplant, plastic and cosmetic surgery.We customize each package per demand.
Dentist Consultation
Free Initial Consultation.
Dental Implants
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Dental Crowns
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031 630 1004 ext: 26864Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara 35 Sc A, Bucharest, 011733
The DentAplus team is a group of enthusiastic and devoted specialists from every branch of modern dentistry. The clinic benefits from high end equipment that helps our specialists achieve artistic and exact dental results. Moreover our team members constantly participate in special training programs within the country as well as abroad in order to be able to always offer the latest treatment options.
Dentist Consultation
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Dental Implants
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Dental Crowns
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BestDental Implant Dent Tehnic

031 630 1004 ext: 74834Calea Grivitei Nr 111, Bucharest, 200716
"Dental Implants"John, Romania, 02 Mar 13
"Best dental clinic ever."
One of the BestDental Services in Romania , located in Bucharest the Dental Clinic Implant Dent Tehnic is providing Premium  Dental Services.    Founded in the year of  2000 by Dr. Susanu Maricica and is providing - Oral surgery  - Surgical extractions  - Dental implants  -  Cyst removal  - Apical resection  - Cosmetic dentistry  - Teeth whitening  - Dental jewellery  - Dental implants  - Porcelain veneers  - Crowns - Bridges  - Fillings  - Endodontics  - diagnosis, prevention and treatment of root canal diseases.  - Dental prophylaxis - To prevent dental and gum disease.
Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
Dental Crowns
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