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Saint Stephen Dental Clinic (Medical Holidays)

031 630 0484Str. Piata Sf. Stefan 13B,, Sector 2 ,Bucharest, Bucharest, 023998
"Impressed by their professionalism"Marcel, Austria, 10 Apr 15
"My wife and I had dental implants at this clinic. We were a bit scared at the start because they had no reviews from other clients,so we took a chance, but from the first day we were impressed by their professionalism, quality of their work, attention to every detail, hygiene, relaxed atmosphere in the most difficult moments of the treatment. We felt safe on that dentist chair. Thanks to Dr Sabina and Dr Gligor and their golden hands."
  With an active experience since 2001 , Saint Stephen Dental Clinic (Medical Holidays)   is one of the leading dental clinics in Romania. With more than 3000 yearly satisfied patients ,   it is our pleasure to offer you the best dental treatments .    Saint Stephen Dental Clinic (Medical Holidays)   is an  european level clinic with up-to-date technology and aparatures. Doctors with over 15 years of experience and a continuously learning approach , attending to many international dental  congresses . A cost saving alternative to your local dental care. SSD clinic  offers dental services in Romania to patients from the UK, Ireland ,France, Germany , US, Scandinavia etc. We designed all our services to meet the special needs and expectations of our guests travelling for treatment:  50-70% lower prices Cash & volume discounts  Free consultation (incl. x-ray, written quote & transport)  Extended guarantee packages for all treatments  Shorter treatment times and no waiting list Free all time patient support  Travel and hotel assistance  Free after-care services IN-House Technical Laboratory (short time process dentures/crowns/ veneers) LASER DENTESTRY (WaterLase IPlus) - no shot , no drill ,no pain   We wish to ensure that your visit not only saves you money  but you receive the best care for your dental needs .     SSD Clinic is dedicated to provi
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
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031 630 0516Bucuresti-Ploiesti Street No 17, Iridex Building, District 1, Bucharest
"The answer was very fast and helpful "Elena, Cyprus, 26 Jan 15
iDentity Clinic – ex Multident Dental Clinic, born in 2007 and recently rebranded this year-is situated in Bucharest’s north business area on 17th Bucuresti – Ploiesti Road, near Otopeni Aeroport. In an atmosphere of elegance and comfort, our specialists, helped by the latest technology, are offering our patients, tailored to their needs, the best integrated dental treatments in order to regain the perfect smile. We take care of your health trough the treatments we offerand the strict measures of hygiene and sterilization. We use modern materials and instruments, disposable supplies and sterilization procedures to the highest standards. Identity Clinic has a special office with a pleasant environment for children. The dental office is equipped to European standards: dental unit is purchased in Germany and accessories in Switzerland. Two other offices, equipped with the equipment and tools to the highest standards, are intended for adults. In addition, the clinic has a radiology lab.
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Dentist Consultation
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Dental Implants
ROL2000  -  ROL6500 Enquire
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Bucharest British Dental Place

031 630 1004 ext: 74988Str Putul Lui Zamfir, 37, Bucuresti
"Excellent response"David, US, 21 Jan 15
! BRITISH STAFF, BRITISH TRAINED PROFESSIONALS, BRITISH STANDARDS ! Services: - General Dentistry, Operative Microscopy - Same Day Teeth on Bredent Implants - Sedation - Initial Consultation and Maintenance in the UK - British Staff,  British Standards - British Trained Professionals registered and Indemnity Insured in the UK - Bucharest prices, important savings of more than 50% We invite you to come and meet us at Bucharest British Dental Place in Bucharest, where you will have a chance to inspect the clinic and to see for yourself that we deliver our services according to your expectations. Combining the dental treatment with a holiday, weekend get-away or visit to a resort spa, you will be pampered with personal attention here! Our dental team is dedicated to providing you with the very best quality in all aspects of dental care, within a friendly and caring environment. We are a modern, technologically advanced, forward thinking Dental Practice reflecting changes in patients attitudes and expectation towards dental care. We prefer prevention to excision (drilling and extractions), avoiding the invasive nature of Dentistry. When treatment is necessary then consideration in given to comfort and to restore cosmetics and function. We are a Mercury-free practice, we look to use what we understand are the safest and most biocompatible materials and techniques, scientifically proven to be successful. We are aim
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
From ROL2777 Enquire
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031 630 0523Aviatorilor bv 15, Bucharest, 011861
"I will highly recommend DENT ESTET"Elena, US, 13 Feb 13
"Hello from USA, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to your company DENT ESTET. We traveled to Romania for almost two weeks and as you know time can fly too fast sometimes. I meet all my dental needs with a very high professionalism and the quality of work was up to the higher standards somebody can expect! The scheduling of appointments was always on the dot and by the time you arrive there was somebody expecting you with a greeting smile! The Dentist that I was recommended to, Dr.Alice Gavrilescu and her assistant are not only very qualified for the work that they do but also showed a lot of care and compassion for making your experience very comfortable. I will highly recommend your practice to friends and family and next time that I will visit Romania you will be on my list!"
The Leading Dental Centers of Romania since 1999.  Excellence in dental care and expertise of our over 100 trained specialists position us as the number one in Romanian patients preferences. 
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
ROL2045  -  ROL4104 Enquire
DENT ESTET has a team of experts in dental implantology with great experience. We use the ultimate technology and materials for a successful treatment results. Each patient is carefully evaluated and treated
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Dental Aria

031 630 0723Street Tudor Stefan Nr. 53-55, Sector 1, Bucharest, 010000
"Nice and professional people"Tine, Norway, 15 Oct 14
"Veey good treatment. Nice and professional people. Would definitely recommend and go back myself."
DentalARIA is a dental clinic concerned with new technology regarding dental treatment. Situated in a central area of Bucharest  our clinic offers medical treatment needed  to the highest standards. In an friendly atmosphere you will find a team of doctors who are continuously trained in the most prestigious courses of the moment, ready to develop the most thorough dental treatments obtaining top results. Our team of doctors are continuously training to national and international courses with the most prestigious teachers of our time. Combining the technical and artistic skills, using the latest technology, our doctors offer a wide range of possibilities for getting a beautiful smile. Our vision: thoroughness, attention to our patients' needs and customized treatment without compromise. Our mission: Everyone is a member of our team.   
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Dentist Consultation
Free Initial ConsultationThis is the first and most important meeting in which doctor and patient get to know one another. The   form of consultation  is completed based on the individual doctor-patient discussion on which information on the dental status, general health and need for treatment that will define the future of the patients treatment plan. The information in consultation sheet will be stored in the data noatra not have access to specialized clinic staffDentalARIA than observing the strict rules of confidentiality.
Dental Implants
ROL1197  -  ROL5301 Enquire
DENTAL IMPLANT: WHY IT MAY BE THE BEST OPTION FOR YOUTooth loss can greatly impact a person’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth; this can have a profound effect on their social and family life, and can even affect productivity at work. Losing your tooth can gradually affect the shape of your face, as the bone of your jaw begins to move inward where the root once was. When an individual tooth is lost, there are several different options. However the one that makes most sense is getting a dental implant. WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTSA dental implant is an artificial tooth root ,usualy made of titanium and lately of zirconium,used to support restorations that resemble a single tooth or a number of teeth. Dental implants can be used to support crowns, implant-supported bridges, dentures and other dental prostheses.The most common reason for hesitation is fear of pain or discomfort during surgery, and concerns that a dental implant procedure are prohibitively expensive. The pain can be addressed either local or general anesthetic which will significantly reduce the pain. In terms of cost dental implants can be a preventive of any further damage so the reward does outweigh the expense long term. REWARD VS. RISKSuccess rates of dental implant procedures are around 97%, and are considered one of the most effective tooth loss repair measures available. Your teeth can be fully restored, with the replacements having no negative effects on the surrounding teeth or gums.
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Uzina de Zambete

031 630 1004 ext: 85298Boulevard Nicolae Iorga, nr 6, bl 903 A, Ground floor, Across the street from th
"Very pleased"Tataru, Iasi, 25 Feb 15
"I'm very pleased with the results!"
The name Smile factory is notaccidental. We have a double mission: behind every aesthetic smile that we will create with the state of the art techniques and tools currently available there will be the genuine smile, coming from the soul. In other words, the result of our work – a better denture – will be seconded by the pleasure of coming to the dentist, to our dental room from Iasi. Thedental room Smile factory was born from the desire to offer people from Iasi the chance to be treated in an ultra-modern clinic, where the fear of the dentist shall become a myth. We selected young, enthusiastic and communicative doctors nevertheless with proficiency in the field. Then we offered them state of the art equipment that other local clinics are not endowed with yet. And despite the appearances, the smile our dental room, Smile factory from Iasi offers is for all pockets. Although we offer premium services, our prices are comparable to those of other local clinics.
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Dentist Consultation
Up to ROL44 Enquire
Dental Implants
From ROL2509 Enquire
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge
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SMILE Dental Clinic

031 630 0574Str. Palas, United Business Center 3, Iasi, 700051
"Recommended"Frank, MIlton Keynes, 23 Dec 14
"I visited Smile in Lasi in November 2014 to have a range of treatment including extractions, implants, a sinus lift and bone augmentation. Initially in Lasi I visited a number of clinics to find the one that I was most comfortable with and to get a number of opinions on a treatment plan. What impressed me most with Smile was Dr. Gaga's willingness to explain everything to me until I understood it and to let me ask questions - even if he'd already covered the subject. Smile's communication was better than any other clinics including prompt replies to email. I should have got an MRI before travelling this would have helped Smile communicate a plan in advance.The prices were reasonable compared to other clinics. I do feel that could have been lower and if I'd been buying anything other than healthcare I would probably have handled this better. There are discounts on their Romanian language web site which I didn't get. However the price I paid was comparable with the other quotes I received so I am no unhappy. During treatment I had a primary team treating me, Dr Baltag and Monica, although I did see other dentists and the surgeon as well whilst there. Despite being very nervous I was set at ease. I don't think I could have been in better hands. Everybody was supportive and professional. My smile was restored, and I'm extremely happy with the result. I shall be returning to Smile for two more sets of treatment, and although this was explained to me before the start it wasn't explained how long each subsequent visit would last. I should have understood this better before starting. Regardless, I actually find myself looking forward to going back, which is strange because I normally avoid any dentist. To summarise excellent communication and a good team set Smile apart"
The Smile Dental Clinic team is made of highly educated, competent and enthusiastic dentists with extended experience in dental practice. Based on their experience in working with foreign patients, our dentists will provide responsible works, guaranteeing the same treatment quality from which you benefit in your country, but for much lower prices. The dental offices of Smile Dental Clinic are equipped with modern state-of-the-art and highly efficient dental medical equipment. Besides the highest standard equipment, our clinic uses for your treatment state-of-the-art dental materials supported by conformity certificates. Our purpose is to restore your healthy smile on a long term, for a fair price.
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
ROL2200  -  ROL3500 Enquire
MIS implants (Israel) and BREDENT implants (Germany) with lifetime guarantee.
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Biodent Professional

031 630 1004 ext: 9289836-38 Strada Mihai Eminescu, Sos. Pipera Tunari, no. 44, Bucharest
With a background of over 20 years in providing quality dental care, we have distinguished by the value of our activities and professionalism. The entire medical team is dedicated to providing the best health care to our patients and ensuring a modern dentistry treatment. We offer general dentistry, oral surgery, fixed and removable prosthodontics, dental implants, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, periodontal treatments.   Our clinic is equipped with a wide range of the latest technology, including CAD-CAM CEREC System ( chair side ceramic restorations in one visit), laser surgery & therapy, digital Xray, piezosurgery, ZOOM dental whitening.
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
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Medical Holidays Abroad Bucharest

031 630 0739Str. Putul de Piatra, Bucharest
"Very professional"S.F., France, 31 May 13
"Very professional and kind dentist, who answered to all my questions about porcelain veneers. I explain that I didn’t want a Hollywood smile, and they perfectly respect my decision. The result is very natural. Great and fast work, and so much less expensive than in France. I love my new smile."
Medical Holidays Abroad offers you dental treatment in one of the best dental clinics in Bucharest. In our clinic you will receive effective, painless dental treatment by the best dentists in Romania, affordable prices and the highest quality of dentistry in Bucharest. We provide specialists in every field of dentistry thanks to which we can offer you comprehensive and professional treatment. Our dentists are characterized with a patient oriented approach, and we always treat each patient individually, thanks to which you can feel safe and taken care of in our clinic.
Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
From ROL2118 Enquire
Dental Crowns
From ROL1326 Enquire
Crown on implant
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031 630 1004 ext: 69036Str Saulescu Street Nr 13, Terramold Business Center, Iasi, 700010
"Root Canal and 4 Crowns"Donna, Ashtead, 14 Oct 12
"I was well informed and well taken care of throughout my treatment, dentists and staff were excellent. Very high quality of work with good materials and clean state of the art facilities. I had root canal treatment and 4 crowns on my front teeth, the price was as quoted, which worked out to about a 3rd of what it would have cost in the UK. A surprisingly comfortable experience in a beautiful city. I would highly recommend this clinic to any one requiring treatment. The results are very good and I will be returning next year for further dental treatment."
DENTESSE is one of the highest rated eastern Europe's dental clinic with 10 years experience in dental tourism which will provide you the best experience for your dental health. Using only state of the art technology, including dental Laser (Kavo - Germany), in-house 3d CT (Planmeca - Finland) piezo surgery (Acteon - France), latest achievements in dental implantology, CAD CAM miling unit, Carl Zeiss microscope,  etc. our highly specialized doctors will give you back your smile and confidence in the shortest term possible, without compromising quality. Our ISO 9001-2008 quality management system ensures every procedure will follow the highest european quality standards. Your trip to Romania will be one of your best experience's ever! As a bonus, we will provide a beauty treatment package, at your choice (including the latest LPG Cellu M6 treatments) at our beauty center. Direct flights from London.
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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
From ROL1790 Enquire
MIS implants. Lifetime guarantee
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031 630 1004 ext: 74724Gheorghe Marinescu 58/1, Targu Mures, 540136
"Very pleased with every experience and treatment"Katalin, Romania, 07 Nov 14
"I am very pleased with every experience and treatment I received at Pomadent. I can characterize with 3 words: professionalism, fair play, promptness. Thank you again!"
Founded in 1993 by Dr. Pongrácz Antal, chief dental surgeon, university lecturer, our carefully selected staff provide the best available services, upgrading not only the state-of-the-art instruments and materials, but also our knowledge continuously. We welcome You in a relaxing atmosphere, ready to answer all your questions and treat You with our best knowledge.
Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
From ROL1380 Enquire
Dental Crowns
ROL490  -  ROL870 Enquire
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MD Clinic

031 630 1004 ext: 73655Nr 2 Frederic Joliot Curie str, AP 5, Cluj-Napoca
"Absolutely thrilled"Peter, US, 15 Aug 12
"I am absolutely thrilled by the level of professionalism I received while visiting Romania and having my teeth done in the same time. I had absolutely no pain during the treatment or even after, as the Doctor Mona Pantir was constantly checking with me to make sure everything goes smooth. Also she gives her personal number just in case. Even after the surgery I was feeling fine and happy to go out. I had the following work done: - immediate implants placement - temporary bridge (so I won't have to hide my smile) - sinus lift (bone augmentation) - extraction - laser whitening (fantastic results in less than 20 minutes) - various endodontic treatments (including some root canal treatment) – fillings. All this at a faction of the cost compared to Us or Europe, but using the same quality materials (actually most of them are imported from US) and in an extremely short time, as I had the appointments close to each other. I will return in June to finish my treatments and get the permanent crown and veneers (for a great smile) and I highly recommend Dr Mona Pantir, to all my friend and family. Treated by Dr Mona Pantir in Cluj-Napoca, Romania at MD Clinic"
We welcome you to our clinic, in a modern, relaxed and friendly atmosphere where our highly educated and experienced doctor and specialists, working with high-quality materials and state of the art medical instruments, using the latest technologies and modern equipments will ensure that you will get the best treatment possible. High quality dental treatment is performed after careful examination of each patient, including digital –Xray,  establishing a personalized treatment plan for every patient. We  have everything under one roof, in our modern clinic. This means you will save a lot of time and money. Our dental specialist covers everything you may need, from oral surgery to porcelain veneers, adults and kids alike, all in a safe and friendly environment. We use the highest standards in sterilization and disinfection, which is always a top priority. We use digital X-ray for a minimum of radiation, up to 90% less than traditional techniques, computer and digital image processing, laser whitening, high quality materials and implants, all together with a continuous training for our doctors and specialist, home and abroad. We believe that everyone deserves an attractive and beautiful smile , so our medical staff will give you the best treatment for the best results in a friendly, modern and safe place.
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Dentist Consultation
Up to ROL44 Enquire
We welcome you to our clinic as patients. We strive to offer you treatment to the highest modern standards in a new dental clinic, equipped with latest technology, where your health care is a priority.
Dental Implants
ROL1767  -  ROL1988 Enquire
How much does an implant cost? Price for the implant (titanium screw) is 350-400 Euro The Crown (the tooth itself) is 250-350 Euro, depending on the material used??.
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