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Arizona Dental Now

(877) 854-7507 Pesqueira 14, Suite 1 to 4, Nogales, 84030
Rating from 32 Reviews All was fine!Anonymous, Tucson, 21 Mar 15

I need to install two implants. First visit: panoramic view of all teeth (price $85), free consultation with the specialist and modeling implants. Second visit: two implants were installed successfully. I paid a half of money $ 2000. 1 months later the third visit was to check my implants. All was fine! I will have the next visit in 2 months to take the impression am I have to pay $ 1000, a couple weeks later the work will be finished when the doctor will install abutments and crowns. I will pay the last $ 1000. The same dental work in USA is about $8500.

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Dental Implants $1300  -  $1900
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Best Dental

(805) 639-8776 Calle Elias #93_B Col. Buenos Aires, Nogales, 84010
Rating from 9 Reviews Dr. Saavedra is fabuolous!Linda, US, 18 Sep 16

He answers his own phone, which I think is really nice. Instead of giving me instructions on how to get to his clinic he sent his assistant to meet me at the border. That was even nicer because even with the best directions I can get lost very easily. I had three cavities filled and very minimal pain. Even the novacane shot barely hurt. The most painless part, though, came afterward. The total bill was only 95 USD! I would highly recommend him.

Dentist Consultation Free
Dental Implants Up to $1500
Veneers Up to $350
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Dental Arts

(805) 283-6841 Ruiz Cortinez #59, Col. Buenos Aires, Nogales, 84000
Rating from 4 Reviews I highly recommend this dental clinic to anyoneRussell, US, 09 Dec 16

The treatment was very good, everything that the doctor said was totally in agreement with any doctor I went to in the US. The treatment plan was very good and very cost-effective. Even the basic dental cleaning was a very good job. I highly recommend this dental clinic to anyone. The staff was very Cooperative, nice, and even help me do some shopping. My experience could not have been any better if I had done this in the states, except for the fact that my pocketbook feels a lot better. The work that was performed is just as good as any dentist in the US.

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Dental Implants $985  -  $1000
A dental implant stimulates the bone the same way a natural tooth root would and prevents this underlying bone from degenerating.  Today, almost all dental implant surfaces are made of titanium because of its suitability for fusing to the bone.Dental implants properly placed by good restorative dentists allow for implant crowns to be placed over them which look completely like real, natural teeth.  There must be enough bone left to allow tooth replacement with a dental implant.  Clinical dental studies show that the success rate is 95% or higher for dental implants and once installed, dental implants can last your entire life.
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(888) 848-7639 ext: 87755 Ave. Ruiz Cortines, No. 9, colonia centro, Nogales
Rating from 2 Reviews Great experienceRobert, US, 21 Oct 16

Great Service my wife and I had a great experience with Young Dental Fantastic will be getting our teeth clean in April 2017

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Zirconia Crowns Up to $485
Veneers (each) Up to $450
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Endodental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 24913 Ave. Obregón # 305, Nogales, 84000
Rating from 1 Review The Endodental Clinic is a newly remodeled clinic that features tile and a water fall in the lobby, very soothing while you wait. It is located about 5 short blocks from the border (AZ, please see map .) Dr. Gámez and Dra. Gámez use the latest technology to provide root-canal therapy and general dental care to adults, children and adolescents.  The clinic is equipped with the latest dental  equipment such as the digital, computerized X-ray, computerized anesthesia delivery system and the latest endodontic equipment that insures complete eradication of root canal bacteria. The dental record system is also the state of the art with complete records and X-rays on screen for the doctor and the patient to see. The small, personalized office is staffed, besides the two doctors, with two dental technicians. 
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New Image Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 64402 Álvaro Obregón #29 Col. Centro, Nogales, 84000
Located 5.3 km from Nogales, this clinic provides Dentist Consultations.
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
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Dra. Ana Lucia Rodriguez Sánchez

(888) 848-7639 ext: 87361 Ave. Obregón 56-1, Nogales, 84000
Nogales in Sonora, Mexico is the location of this clinic where general dental care is offered and specialist root canal procedures are performed by an expert and experienced dentist and endodontist. Cost effective services are provided for patients from overseas. The clinic has an onsite laboratory where a highly qualified and experienced dental technician accurately fabricates restorations. Services provided include examinations and professional dental cleaning, general dental care, root canal procedures to save teeth from extraction, emergency root canal treatments for children, root canal re-treatment and preparation work for the placement of crowns and bridges.
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Laser Tech Med Spa

(877) 304-0812 ext: 39968 Ave. Alvaro Obregon 200, Nogales, 84030
Laser Tech Med Spa is in its 10th anniversary as in integral clinic and offering dental services since 1960.  We  offer all dental services: including orthodontics, implants, root canals, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry etc.; Dermatology and Aesthetics, Pediatrician, Chiropractor, Podiatry and Spa Services.  We have 8 lasers and ozone to offer a wide range of minimally invasive treatments in both dentistry and dermatology. Laser periodontics, laser cavity removal, laser gum surgeries are some of the dental procedures. In medical/cosmetic skin rejuvenation, elimination of moles and skin tags, elimination of all color tattoos, elimination of HPV, acne and melasma.  Plus we offer injectables and plasma.  Body, Mind and Spirit taken care of in one place. 
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Dental Implants  
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Dental Care Center Nogales

(888) 848-7639 ext: 86730 Internacional 5, Colonia Fundo Legal, Nogales, 84000
Rating from 3 Reviews Everything on time and only 25ft from borderDominic, Saddlebrooke, 16 Aug 16

Had 2 routine cleanings because had other business down there from Tucson. Cost was $45.00 and did great job Everything on time and only 25ft from border. Very Clean.

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Dentist Consultation $20
The Dental Diagnostic cost $30 dlls but if you decide to get a dental treatment it will be free. 
Dental Implants $1500  -  $1700
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Nogales Quality Dental

(888) 848-7639 ext: 84330 Plutarco Elias Calles 1641-10, Nogales, 84030
Rating from 5 Reviews The process went very wellSusan, Phoenix, AZ., 11 Dec 14

The Dr. and office staff were extremely pleasant. The first day was a consultation. They juggled the next day's schedule to get me in. Then they even drove to the border to pick me up. The process went very well and the cost was 1/3 of what it would cost in Phoenix.

Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
Root Canal  
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Nogales Dental Advanced

(888) 848-7639 ext: 80284 Av. Obregon 147, Nogales
Rating from 1 Review Wonderful, modern and clean facilityJennifer, Tucson, AZ, 03 Sep 15

I went to Nogales Dental Advanced when I lost my partial bridge. I am so pleased with the results!! On my first visit they took impressions, on my second visit ONE WEEK later I received my new partial bridge. It was perfect and did not even need adjustment. The facility is wonderful. It is modern, clean, technologically state of the art and the staff is competent, friendly, and serious about giving good service. I recommend Nogales Dental Advanced wholeheartedly. They are three blocks from the point of entry into Mexico and was easy to find. It's a five minute walk from the border. I parked in Nogales, AZ, walked across the border, visited the dentist office, and walked back. The price was something I could afford, unlike prices I was quoted for the same work in Tucson, AZ. The clinic leaves nothing to be desired. It has state of the art equipment, competent and professional staff. It is convenient to locate, a short walking distance from the border, and very clean and I felt I made a very good decision choosing to go to them.

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Dentist Consultation $30  -  $50
Dental Implants $1400  -  $1200
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Dr. Jose Saturno Border Dental

(888) 848-7639 ext: 22712 Avenida Obregón 38, Nogales, 84000
Rating from 4 Reviews Very proud of their workLarry, big horn, wyoming, 23 Mar 15

3 amalgen fillings I always get treated well at this clinic. The expertise of Santurno and Rojas is second too none IMHO. They always go the extra mile and do not cut corners on their repairs. They work more like artists than dentist and are very proud of their work as they should be. I realize prices are going up on everything which is another good reason to invest in your tooth restorations now instead of later. Like oil changes/maintenance on your car. Pay now or pay later.

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