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Hungary Dental Implant - Budapest

Hungary Dental Implant - Budapest

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Dental Implant, NOBEL (Premium titanium) From Ft288569
Dental Implant, DIO From Ft167696
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Temporary removable denture From Ft114339
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Porcelain Veneers (E.Max) From Ft87115
Bone Graft Material /0.5g (BioOss) From Ft71507
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About Hungary Dental Implant - Budapest

We offer Premium Dental Implants with LIFETIME guarantee, Conscious sedation (IV sedation) for nervous patients as well as CT scan and 3D planning based dental surgery, as standard!

We are specialists in Full Mouth Restoration and All-On-4 Implant Procedure, using Premium NOBEL Implants and 3D computer modelling technology for the best and safest outcome. Painless and fully guaranteed dental work include premium Dental Implants with lifetime guarantee, Bone augmentation, Sinus lift and Cosmetic dentistry such as Porcelain, Zirconium-Ceramic, Pressed-Ceramic crowns, veneers and bridges and overdentures.

We offer consultations, before- and after-care in London. Our British Dental Council-registered dentist practices in Harley Street, London every month for your convenience. Should you choose treatment in Budapest, we gladly organise your entire trip and provide dedicated assistance during your stay.

At Hungary Dental Implant, we want to help you achieve a smile you can be proud of. Through affordable tooth replacement and teeth implants, our dental specialists will send you home feeling immeasurably more confident about your pearly whites. Our friendly staff offer great service, and our prices are the best in the area.

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from 5 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Hungary Dental Implant - Budapest

Anonymous Australia
Reviewed 20 January 2017 "Treatment represented excellent value"
"Both my husband and I had extensive dental treatment with Dr Mayer. I had many missing teeth from a young age and was fed up with upper and lower part dentures which were uncomfortable, always became loose and constantly collected food under them. I wanted to have the All on Four procedure which is popular in Australia right now but Dr Mayer explained why it would be better to retain the teeth I had which were strong enough and have implants to replace the missing teeth which, along with some of my own teeth, are supporting a full mouth of crowns and bridges. I had a few more teeth removed and 10 implants inserted all in one day including the insertion of temporary teeth. It was a big day of surgery and the next day I felt rather tired and in some pain but the following day I was fine. I spent many hours in the chair with Dr Mayer so that both mine and my husband's dental work could be completed within two weeks. With Australia being so far from Europe we were time limited, hence the intensive work. My husband had only a couple of teeth missing but being a night grinder of his teeth had worn them down quite a lot so his needs were mostly cosmetic. A couple of other teeth that were not in great shape were removed too in preparation before we left Australia so that his mouth would be healed and ready for his othet teeth to be ground down and fitted with a full set of crowns and bridges. The cost of our treatment represented excellent value in comparison with what it would have cost us in Australia. It was approximately a fifth of the cost in Hungary.

Why Hungary and this clinic? Well, being from Australia, in looking for lower cost dental and medical procedures, one would normally look to Asia, particularly India, The Phillipines and Thailand. To be completely honest we did not feel comfortable or confident about going to those countries and felt that better treatment and hygeine would be found in Europe. My husband is from Hungary and I had noticed a lot of dentists around the country on a previous trip so began to do some research when we returned to Australia. I googled many clinics and contacted quite a few and all of my questioning and correspondence led me to believe that this group and clinic would be best suited to our needs and deliver us the best service. Viktor, with whom I was in contact for many moths prior to treatment, is a great communicator who answered all of my questions many times over. He conversed with Dr Mayer on our behalf on a number of occasions to advise and assure us of the right treatments for us. His English is very good and we understood each other perfectly well as we emailed back and forth numerous times. We came to arrangements that fitted in with our travel plans pre and post treatment and everything went like clockwork. Dr Mayer and his amazingly capable team worked for hours on us and such was Dr Mayer's commitment to ensure everything was absolutely right on a coulle of occasions we were at the clinic until midnight. Annet on reception was invaluable with her excellent command of English and would call us if there was even a slight change to times; in fact because we were located at a hotel very close by, Annet would call when Dr Mayer was ready for us and we'd simply walk around rather than have to wait at the clinic. Did I mention the hotel was also included in the price, as was a driver to take us to and from the airport and our accomodation? Most importantly did we get a good result? No, we got a great result with which we are both extremely satisfied....can't stop us smiling now!! Thanks everyone for a fantastic experience in April 2016, couldn't recommend our whole experience any more highly and when we go back to Budapest to visit family we will certainly make a visit to the clinic, not only for a check up but to catch up with such a friendly bunch of people. Regards from Wendy and Josef."
Alan Uphall
Reviewed 29 November 2016 "I was in tears at the result..such a good job"
"I had been looking about in Scotland for some implants and bridge work but the cost quoted back in 2012/13 was £30k upwards which was too much for me. I was having a lot of problems with loose partial upper and lower dentures and was desperate to try and do something. I got in contact with a few foreign clinics with offices in London and eventually found Hungary4U. Viktor the owner is from Hungary and was very knowledgeable about Budapest and all the Dentist (called Doctors). I sent X rays of my mouth taken from my local dentist to Viktor and these were looked at in the London surgery and a provisional plan and costing finally agreed. I had many phone calls and emails with Viktor as I was very nervous about the treatment and going abroad. Finally on 26 Jan 2014 I boarded a plane from Edinburgh to Hungary. Due to changes in my dental work when I arrived I ended up staying 12 days ( I could have come home for a few days while I waited on bridge work being completed). The final cost of my work and all accommodation and hotels in Budapest was around £7k. There were a couple of minor hiccups mainly my treatment plan changed after the dentist actually saw me (with my consent) In Budapest, the cost actually came slightly down. My Doctor as they are called in Budapest was Dr Furstner. I have nothing but praise for him and his teams work. He actually changed my plan to two implants, saved my molars, 3 bridges with all new teeth except my molars. I had quite a few hours in the chair on my first visit, a small op on a root, bad teeth filed down and impressions. Second visit two implant bases fitted. I felt no pain at any time, not even the jags!! In between visits I wondered around Budapest, a bit awkward eating as I only had temp dentures, but otherwise I just had to wait about 5 days until my teeth were ready. On the Friday I was leaving I got fitted with my new bridges and a general check over.............I was in tears at the result..such a good job. I then had to back 6 months later to have the top part of my implants put on. Since then I have had no problems, I visit my own dentist and hygienist twice a year and once a year I visit the clinic in London. Copies of my visits are sent to Viktor to keep my guarantee valid. My dentist told me the work had been very well done. I did buy a water floss kit from Boots which is great for getting into some small areas around the teeth. I met Viktor from Hungary 4u when I was in London after my treatment and we had a coffee and chat. Viktor is a genuinely nice friendly person. Do not be afraid to ask him lots of difficult questions. He will try and get answers."
Frank UK
Reviewed 24 November 2016 "Extremely pleased with the final out come"
"I had a major amount of dental work carried out by Dr Mayer and his team. Lower jaw had extractions and a bridge unit with partial over denture. Upper jaw had extractions, sinus lift and 4 post over denture plus 1 cap. Amazingly l had no pain but just a bit of discomfort as can be expected when having extractions. Because I am a wimp I chose to have at an extra cost conscious sedation which l highly recommend. All in all l am extremely pleased with the final out come and the procedures carried out by Hungary 4U / Dr Mayer and his team and can highly recommend them. Lots of things see and do in and around Budapest"
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  • HAED - Hungarian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (Hungary) 
  • MOT - Hungarian Orthodontic Society (Hungary) 



Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants

Travel Services

International travel - We help you organise your entire travel for all treatment visits.Local travel - Airport transfers are provided complimentary for all patients.Local accommodation - Free accommodation can be part of a treatment plan, which is subject to previous agreement.Local guide - Private sightseeing tours are available by a professional local guide.Tours and vacation servicesPick up service from hotel - Dental clinic is located within a short walk to several hotels and apartments.Pick up service from airport - We offer free private return airport transfers for all our clients as standard.

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From Ft71507
Bone Graft Material /0.5g (BioOss)
CAD/CAM Dental Restorations

The clinic's own dental laboratory uses only premium quality materials for the making of the crowns, bridges, inlays and any other dental prostheses with CAD/CAM technology for the most accurate and pleasing results.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Bridges
From Ft140473
Metal Free Crowns (advanced technique)

Metal-free crowns are made from the most advanced, absolutely metal free material and with the latest technology, which provides high translucency with no black margins around the gum lines. They are also made extremely solid, offer excellent bio-compatibility (made from the most tissue friendly material) and twice the longevity of ordinary porcelain crowns. They provide the most natural and life-like looking teeth. Each tooth has many different shades and you can discuss and choose the shape and colour of the final teeth as well. 

From Ft71507
Porcelain Crown

Porcelain crown provides long lasting and highly aesthetic result. Each tooth has many different shades, anti-glare coating and you can discuss the shape and colour of the final teeth as well.

From Ft125954
Zirconium-Ceramic Crown

Zirconium-Ceramic crowns are made from the most advanced, absolutely metal free material and with the latest technology, which provides high translucency with no black margins around the gum lines. They are also made extremely solid, offer excellent bio-compatibility (made from the most tissue friendly material) and twice the longevity of ordinary porcelain crowns. They provide the most natural and life-like looking teeth. Each tooth has many different shades and you can discuss and choose the shape and colour of the final teeth as well. 

From Ft21779
Dental CT

CT scan and 3D surgery planning provide a three dimensional image of one's bone structure, so the treating surgeon can see the height, width, depth and density of the jawbone as well as accurately locate the veins and nerves to make sure implants are positioned in the most appropriate places, which is important for the success and longevity of the treatment. This procedure is also called, computer-assisted implant surgery and provides the highest accuracy. This modern technology is beneficial for both the patient and the dentist since it significantly reduces chair-time and makes the treatment safer, while drastically helping and shortening the healing process.

Dental Implants
From Ft288569
Dental Implant, NOBEL (Premium titanium)

- Premium titanium dental implant with LIFETIME guarantee and 3D planning based implant surgery.
- These premium quality implants mimic the shape of a natural tooth root and provide the highest primary stability and tight sealed connection from the moment of placement.

- Please watch a short video about the implant surgery here:

From Ft167696
Dental Implant, DIO

Standard South-Korean-made dental implant with 5 years guarantee and 3D planning based implant surgery as standard.

- Please watch a short video about the implant surgery here:

From Ft208350
Dental Implant, iCX (German-made, titanium)

German-made titanium dental implant with 5-year guarantee and 3D planning based implant surgery.

- Please watch a short video about the implant surgery here:

From Ft1633407
All-on-4 Dental Implants

About the treatment
- The All-on-4 specialist oral surgeon has vast experience in this procedure with thousands of successful implant placements and a 98% success rate in implant integration (Osseointegration).
- The 3D implant surgery planning allows the surgeon to be more precise with the exact position and angle of implant placement as well as this makes the procedure safer.
- Special premium Nobel implants are used for this procedure, that reach deeper where bone density is higher, providing stronger stability and extra support for the final All-on-4 bridge.
- Once placed, implants are joined together with a custom-made titanium bar that provide a sturdy platform for the final, permanently fixed All-on-4 bridge.
- Temporary denture, for the duration of the treatment, is also provided, so you would not be without teeth for any period of time.

- Only premium quality Nobel Select/Replace/Groovy Implants are used in this procedure that come with lifetime guarantee.

- Please find more information about this treatment on our website:

This full jaw restoration includes the following:

- CT scan
- Tooth extractions, if necessary
- 3D guided implant surgery
- 4 premium Nobel implants with lifetime product guarantee
- 4 premium Nobel implant abutments
- operation fee
- conscious sedation for the surgical procedure
- temporary denture during treatment period
- permanently fixed reinforced All-on-4 bridge 

Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray
Dentist Consultation
We offer FREE implant consultation in Harley Street, London every month. Please get in touch for more details.
From Ft114339
Temporary removable denture
From Ft128858
Acrylic Dentures
From Ft598553

About the overdenture
- It is made very aesthetic and provides the most natural and life-like looking teeth. Each tooth has many different shades, anti-glare coating and you can discuss and choose the shape and colour of the final teeth as well. Furthermore, if you send us an old portrait picture of you, or any picture with a lovely smile on it, such as your favourite celebrity's image, the dentist can match the final teeth to that picture as much as possible.
- It has a hidden metal frame that joins directly to the implants and metal bar structure to provide the sturdiest support. Its base is hidden behind a high quality acrylic gum line.
- It can be clicked on and off. When it is on, any type of food can be eaten with it and it only has to be removed for cleaning purpose, which makes it easy to keep good oral health.
- It does not have any plastic plate or any kind of additional support running across the top of the mouth.
- The final shape and colour of the teeth can be discussed with the dentist and mended individually in the future.
Please watch these short videos about the overdenture procedure:


From Ft32668
Surgical Tooth Extraction
Implant Dentist Consultation
We offer FREE implant consultation in Harley Street, London every month. Please get in touch for more details.
From Ft81670
Conscious sedation (IV sedation) for dental treatments

The dental team can use conscious sedation (IV sedation) for anxious patients where the fear of the dentist and panic reactions can be avoided. And since the patient remains conscious this helps to finish work fast and with precision. This is also recommended for bigger surgical procedures, such as


tooth extractions, sinus lifts, bone augmentation and implant surgery. 

From Ft214158
Sinus Lift (big)

Due to weak bone structure and not sufficient bone quality, Sinus lift can be an important step in one's treatment, as in order to put the implant in the correct position and for the implant to be able to support the final crown/bridge, the treating doctor may need to perform small or big sinus lift to increase the bone's thickness and height with artificial bone material (BioOss). 

For video, visit:

From Ft87115
Porcelain Veneers (E.Max)

E.max Veneer (pressed full ceramic) 

Payment Information

Payment can be arranged by online bank transfer to our UK business bank account or by cash in Budapest. If you wish to pay by credit card, there is an additional charge of 4% by the card company. 

There is no need to make advanced payment at any point during the course of your treatment, which means you only pay for the treatment that is fully completed (pay-as-you-go). 

Discounts - Various discounts available for different treatmentsFree initial consultation - Free consultation in Harley Street, London or Budapest


Private Patients Welcome

Dr Szabolcs Mayer

Job Title:
 Oral Surgeon
 Oral Surgery
 English, Italian

Dr. Mayer works in the field of dento-alveolar surgery and implantology, with a special interest in guide surgery based on 3D planning. He specialises in NobelGuide implant surgery. 
Dr. Mayer likes to take the time to develop a relationship with patients and explain all aspects of the forthcoming treatment to them. By discussing their dental history, he is able to gain valuable insights that allow him to achieve a very high standard of care.

Mr Viktor Hajko

Job Title:
 Operations Manager
 English, Hungarian
Show Phone Number Szabolcska Mihaly street 1., Budapest, 1114