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"Underwent breast augmentation, with good results"Jassie, Singapore, 13 Oct 14
"Underwent breast augmentation, with good results and back to work on the 3rd day. Didn't know that I could recover so fast. Would recommend Dr Shens as he is meticulous and is a very patient doctor."
Dr Shenthilkumar is a Ministry of Health accredited consultant plastic surgeon. He graduated from the National University of Singapore. He is the first Korean trained plastic surgeon who received a sponsorship for his fellowship in Hanyang University. He trained under the world-renowned Professor Jeong Tae-Kim while in Hanyang. He also trained under many famous Korean surgeons in well known bespoke clinics in Korea for cosmetic surgery. Dr Shens is well -known for his signature double eyelid surgery or DST method, signature scarless Eyebag surgery, small scar breast augmentation, Korean style eyelids surgery, fat transfer, filler injections. His surgeries are tailored to fit the individual. He has one of the largest series on double eyelid creation in Singapore and he was invited to speak on this topic in various regional and international conferences.  Dr Shens has a special interest in the art of body contouring and he has taken it one step further in doing fat transfers in combination with liposuction. He is well known in the art of filler and toxin injections as a result of his expertise in fat transfers to the face. Dr Shens in a visiting consultant in TTSH where he still shares his expertise in cosmetic surgery with his colleagues and trains them. He participates regularly in humanitary mission works that has brought him to provide free surgery to the underprivileged in countries such as Indonesia, China, Myanmar and also Cambodia.
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Buccal Fat Removal
From $2587 Enquire
"very detailed reply!"Anette, Singapore, 26 Dec 14
"replied within 2 days, and provided very detailed information. still considering on consulting with this clinic."Farah, Singapore, 28 Dec 14
Welcome to Alaxis Aesthetics.Thank you for taking some time to explore the website.Alaxis Aesthetics is an exclusive clinic that aims to provide good quality cosmetic medical and surgical services, dedicated to shape and define your life. We provide a full range of non-invasive and invasive treatments for face, skin, body and hair.At Alaxis Aesthetics, we have a real enthusiasm for each and every patient. As part of a network of doctors locally and regionally, we are committed to sharing experience and expertise to improve our level of care and results. We are here for you and your cosmetic concerns, providing clear explanations on all possible treatments. You can expect to be attentively looked after from the start of treatment process. Along the way, we will tailor the treatments to meet your needs and expectations. Alaxis is derived from the greek word which means metamorphsis. At Alaxis, we believe in intensive devotion to define awe-inspiring beauty and anti-aging resolution.Alaxis hypothesis of theory is ‘ To feel good to look good’
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Buccal Fat Removal

Grand Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea
"Highly recommend this clinic to all"Mavia, Singapore, 22 Jul 14
"I did partial eyelid surgery and the results are good. All my friends commented it look very natural just after 1 week. In actual fact, the swelling subside on the 3rd day. Great staff and doctor. I was quite nervous and the doc joked to calm me down. Highly recommend this clinic to all."
Grand Plastic Surgery is the best Plastic Surgery Center in Gangnam, Korea and aiming to become the world's leading plastic surgery center which is visited by numerous celebrities from more than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, ?Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, UK, Norway etc.  Grand has 5 centers such as the Main Surgery Center, Facial Contouring Center, Body Line Center, Dermatology Center in the Gangnam area and Busan Center. And the 6th hospital building is under construction with 21 floors. It is the only hospital where it has 5 centers in South Korea.  Grand ensures to provide customized and qualified medical service to its patients and 30 medical specialists such as plastic surgeons, dentists, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and physicians collaborate together to enhance patient's safety and customer satisfaction.  Grand can perform any type of plastic surgery such as eye, nose, facial contouring, body shaping and anti-aging surgeries.  Grand has a special  patient safety system which is controlled by 4 anesthesiologists, Uninterruptible Power Supply, High-tech Monitoring System, Air Shower System and Sevoflurane Anesthesia.  Grand provides customized post-surgery treatment for its patients such as high frequency, ultrasonic, O2, Vitamin, M
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Buccal Fat Removal

Newlife Plastic Surgery Center

Mandaluyong City, Philippines
"My New Look - I Like!"Julie, UK, 17 Oct 11
"There were two moles on my face, near my right nostril and the other on my left cheek (almost along the jawline). I've had them for as long as I can remember and there came a point when I they disgusted me. I had no choice if I wanted to see my self comfortably, so I had them removed. It was easy enough for the doctors since it's nothing but a very minor operation. Now when I face myself in the mirror, I can't help but be amazed. I'm still not used to it, particularly how amazing my look turned out to be. In other words, I looked a lot better than I thought I would. Not only that, I feel I'm more comfortable and therefore confident about myself. Obviously, this makes me extremely happy."
Dr James B Joaquino is an acclaimed and valued board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for more than 20 years.  The industry recognizes him as a steward of safe and correct procedural practices in the field, of which a bona fide board-plastic surgeon is expected.  He has been a member of the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgey for the last 8 years, a body responible for upholding the strict standards of plastic surgery safety and quality in the country.  He also teaches plastic surgery as an assistant professor at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center and is section chief at two government hospitals. As head of the NewLife Plastic Surgery group, composed of members who are known experts in their respective specialties, he strives to restore the real image of plastic surgery that has been tarnished by surgical stunts performed by growing unregulated private clinics.
Buccal Fat Removal
Buccal Fat Removal is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia, which removes the buccal fat pad to correct chubby- or round-looking faces.
2 other locations in Philippines for Newlife Plastic Surgery Center.

Cebu City Newlife Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Center

Ground Floor Vicente Gullas Memorial Med

Newlife Plastic Surgery- MegaClinic

5th Level SM Megamall Building, Mandaluy

Dr Colin Tham

Lucky Plaza 05-06, Singapore
"Very good. Informations very detailed. "Siti, Singapore, 09 Oct 14
"Doc called me up personally and explained in details to me about how the procedure will be like. Extremely patient and helpful!"Stephanie, Singapore, 28 Oct 14
Dr Colin Tham is a consultant plastic surgeon in private practice.  He is accredited and recognised as a specialist plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon by the Singapore Ministry of Health. 
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Buccal Fat Removal
From $2957 Enquire
"A STAR in the field of cosmetic surgery. "Aparna, chennai, 19 Aug 11
"Before i talk about the proficiency of Dr.Sameer i would like to mention something.Among the group of people opting for cosmetic procedures there is a set comprising of normal healthy beings who seek a doc's help purely to add something extra to their persona.These are the ones who at some point feel the psychological pressure & dilemma as it gets difficult to decide (1)whether or not to deviate from NATURAL SELF & try something that medical science offers? (2)how AESTHETIC & ACCURATE would the procedure be?Dr.Sameer is a blessing to such people undoubtedly. He is extremely affable.Within minutes you are in a comfort zone to express without any inhibition what you exactly want.He explains you every detail of the procedure with a patience admirable.He is a symbol of Conscientious and Ethical medical practice.He never influences you to go ahead with the procedure.Having clarified everything he gives you enough time and space to decide in an UNBIASED way whether or not to take the plunge.He never promises unrealistic things.Whatever possible on you within the existing constraints that is what he puts forward.The result he delivers is OVERWHELMINGLY SATISFACTORY.A very soothing & caring person.Treats his patients with utmost RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY both pre & postop.I was elated after i got his service.Patient's safety,comfort & satisfaction always remain his priority.He works magic with his dexterous fingers.High grade of PRECISION.EXTREMELY HUMBLE & MODEST individual.Once you build up a camaraderie with him you would love to keep it for life.SAFEST HANDS to bring a big smile on your face.A STAR in the field of cosmetic surgery. "
The Centre for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery (Mumbai)is an exclusive modern surgical facility catering to surgical specialists in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. We offer scientific cosmetic surgery services for face and body makeovers: Face Definition (Facelifts, Nose reshaping, Liposculpture, Chin & Jaw Implants, Otoplasty, Dimple Creation)Breast Contour (“Scarless” Videoendoscopic Breast Augmentation, Breast lift, Breast reduction)Body Sculpture (VASER Liposelection, Tummy tuck, Male breast reduction, Brazillian butt lift)Follicular Unit Hair TransplantsOur dedicated facility is specifically designed to make every cosmetic surgery procedure more effective, more affordable and safer. Our team of surgeons, skilled nurses, and dedicated support staff are privileged to serve you in a unique, state-of-the-art operating complex.  The Centre is situated in the sprawling Soham Gardens Complex on the GB Road which connects Thane to the Western Express Highway. The Centre is situated about 25 minutes from downtown Thane and a 30 - 45 mins drive from the western suburbs of Mumbai with facilities for car parking and lift access. Our business partners for travel and accommodation make the entire “cosmetic surgery experience” seamless, complete and worth remembering.
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Buccal Fat Removal
"Quick response! "Camila, Australia, 13 Sep 12
"The clinic responded in a timely manner and pleasant customer service. I got the answer that I was looking for."Yanny, Australia, 03 Oct 12
Welcome to Ultimo, your one stop beauty solution.. Ultimo Aesthetic & Dental Center is a One-Stop Beauty Solution Clinic. We provide beauty treatment, dermatology, aesthetic surgery and dental treatment, which is supported by the latest medical technology, internationally experienced doctors, safe medicine, high quality products and instruments, skillful and compassionate team and comfortable clinic facility. Your safety and high quality result with thorough and gentle care is our first priority. Clinic is located in strategic Area of Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. As a professional clinic that handles thousands of local and expatriate clients from many countries, ULTIMO Aesthetic & Dental Center Your One Stop Beauty Solution, comes with cozy, comfortable and a high privacy concept.
Buccal Fat Removal
2 other locations in Indonesia for Ultimo Aesthetic & Dental Center.

Ultimo Aesthetic & Dental Center- Bali

(888) 848-7639 ext: 10926Sunset Star Shopping Arcade, Jl. Dewi Sr

Ultimo Aesthetic & Dental Center - Surabaya

(888) 848-7639 ext: 65131Rich Palace Shopping Arcade R-18, Jl. Ma
"They reply very fast"Alex, Thailand, 09 Oct 14
"Very thorough with information"Julie, Australia, 20 Nov 14
This is the practice of Dr. Chettawut Tulayapanich a specialist cosmetic and sex reassignment surgeon. Dr. Chet performs surgery at Chettawut Plastic Surgery Center (CPSC) in Bangkok, Thailand. Sex reassignment (SRS), Facial Feminization (FFS) and Body contouring surgery are his specialties. CPSC has well-appointed private patient rooms and fully equipped operation room.   These are services we offer:   Breast Surgeries; Breast Augmentation with cohesive gel implants, Female to Male Breast Surgical Removal, Male Breast Surgery (Gynecomastia Correction/ Subcutaneous Mastectomy) and Breast Lift Surgery   Sex Reassignment Surgery; Standard SRS and Colon Vaginoplasty   Facial Feminization Surgery for Male to Female; Trachea Shave (Adam’s Apple Shaving), Forehead/ Brow Ridge Contouring, Forehead/ Brow Lift, Cheek Bone Contouring (Zygomatic Arch Bone Reduction), Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implant Surgery and Chin Implant Surgery   Facial Cosmetic & Rejuvenation Surgery; Face & Neck Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Cheek Fat Removal (Buccal Fat Pad Removal) and Dimple Creation (Dimpleplasty)   Female to Male Surgery (Facial, Body & Genital Masculinization Surgery); Male Brow Ridge Bone Construction (Male Brow Bone Bossing Surgery), FTM Breast Surgical Removal and Abdominal Hysterectomy & Bilateral Oophorectomy Body Contouring Surgery & Female Genitalia Cosmetic Surgery; Buttock Augmentation, Tummy Tuck (Fully Abdominoplasty/ Abdomin
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Buccal Fat Removal
1hr 30mins
From $1687 Enquire
"Quick and clear response."Virginie, Brunei, 16 Nov 14
Dr Leo Kah Woon is a Ministry of Health accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He graduated from Medical School at the National University of Singapore. Thereafter, he completed his Plastic Surgery training at Singapore General Hospital. He was awarded the College of Surgeons Gold Medal for his Plastic Surgery Exit Examinations for being the top candidate in his cohort. Then, he completed a one year fellowship in University of Washington, USA, under the world renowned Dr Peter Neligan where he trained in the latest techniques of breast reconstruction, reconstructive microsurgery and cosmetic surgery. Upon his return to Singapore, he served as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Singapore General Hospital and Visiting Consultant to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. He subsequently commenced his private practice at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (Orchard).Dr Leo is well versed in non invasive as well as invasive cosmetic facial surgery. He has frequently been invited to give lectures on the latest techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has conducted numerous workshops on toxin and filler injections, training fellow junior doctors on the proper injection techniques. One of Dr Leo's main interest is body contouring. He has one of the largest series of Post-bariatric Weight Loss Body Contouring patients in Singapore. Another main interest of his is eyelid surgery  for the correction of eyebags or the creation of double eyelids.Within the plastic surgery fraternity, Dr Leo is cur
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Buccal Fat Removal

Allure Medspa - Andheri

Mumbai, India
"Received information and follow up phone call"Brenda, Australia, 07 Jun 14
"They have contacted me now I am waiting for further details I am happy with the help given very considerate thanks "Pallavi, Italy, 09 Jun 14
A wide spectrum of cosmetic services is available at this the two clinics and medi-spas run by this practice. The clinics are located at Andheri and Goregaon in Mumbai. Cosmetic surgical, dental and medical services are provided to improve the appearance of patients at the clinic. Overseas patients are treated at affordable costs by the expert and experienced team. The best available technology and techniques are used while treating patients and all international safety and infection control standards are strictly adhered to. Services provided include the surgical correction of face and body proportions, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic skin enhancement procedures.
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Buccal Fat Removal
$316  -  $553 Enquire
Slimmer faces appear great as they can carry any look without making you feel uncomfortable. If you face looks like a storage of excess fat, particularly near the lower cheek area, then you should consider doing the Buccal Fat Removal surgery. At Allure medspa, you can get rid of those cheek pouches when you get this effective treatment done. 
1 other location in India for Allure Medspa - Andheri.

Allure Medspa - Goregoan

(888) 848-7639 ext: 8149465, Jawahar Nagar, Opp. Prakash Hotel,

Ashirwad Hospital

Dehradun, India
"Got a reply immediately"Anshuman, India, 20 Aug 12
This hospital dedicated to cosmetic surgery is located in the scenic town of Dehra Dun and is surrounded by large forests. State of the art facilities and surgical techniques are provided for overseas patients at the hospital. Procedures performed include breast reshaping , facial organ reshaping, eyelid reshaping, genital augmentation, hair transplantation, surgical insertions of facial and body implants, body contouring, male breast reduction and weight loss surgery. Non surgical fat, filler and Treatment for lines and wrinkles muscle relaxant injections are also administered.
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Buccal Fat Removal

Shape Cosmetic Center

Mumbai, India
ShapeCosmetic Center Mumbai, India delivers the highest quality care, underpinned by personal and proceduralclinical excellence that surpasses the expectations of our clients. We striveto be the trailblazers of ethical, honest cosmetic surgery practice; being thefirst of a new generation of providers who inspire trust and confidence in ourpatients. Shape Cosmetic Center Mumbai has been establishing in the year 2008 We have top Surgeon (best in their field) for all type of cosmetic& Plastic surgery. We are specialist in HAIR TRANSPLANT in both SURGICAL& NON-SURGICAL Procedure. Our goal is to achieve excellence in the art& science of beauty. A brief overview on all procedures available to assist us in achieving your dreams. In today's time cosmetic surgery has made rapid strides. Cutting edge technology has made procedures safer & faster. The single most important decision towards achieving a great result is choosing the right surgeon. Cosmetic Surgery performed by a qualified plastic surgeon is safer, quicker, has more natural looking results and minimum downtime. People will generally look for better results. That's why it is important for you to choose a clinic with the expertise and experience in making your treatment a successful one.We understand the decision to choose your doctor is only the first step and we want to ensure that we not only provide the best treatment possible but the experience is as comfortable and stress free as possible. Wi
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Buccal Fat Removal
$814  -  $1303 Enquire
Buccal fat pad extraction is aplastic surgery procedure for reducing prominent cheeks, by the proportionalremoval of buccal fat-pad tissue.
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