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Pitangui Medical & Beauty

(888) 848-7639 ext: 79426 Seoul, South Korea
My treatment went really wellKim, south Australia, 18 Feb 15

My treatment went really well. The staffs there were very friendly and nice. They looked after me very well. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

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Inverted Nipple Surgery  
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Super friendly and accommodating personnelKristine, caloocan, 03 Aug 12

My breast now is ok after the augmentation. I am happy with the result. Super friendly and accommodating personnel :) looking forward for next transaction..

he's the best!SundaeAnn, Canada, 08 Oct 13

I had a breast augmentation two years ago at age of 21. I had it done through periareolar incision and there are no visible scars. I felt no pain during and after the surgery and I was back to work after a week. I recommend Dr. Raynald Torres, he's the best! He helped me every step of the way! He answered and explained all of my questions in front of my mom. I wouldn't recommend any other doctor, he's so professional! All of his staff are accommodating, friendly and supportive. and now I'm so happy with the result; they look amazing and natural! I went from an A cup to a small C. He did an excellent job and I know I made a right choice by choosing Dr. R. Torres.

Breast Implants  
What is breast augmentation? Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure of placing special implants under your breast to enhance its size and shape. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. It is usually an out patient procedure though the patient may opt to be admitted in the hospital for one day. What is the difference between silicone filled gel implants and saline filled implants? There are two kinds of implants approved for breast augmentation -saline filled and silicone gel filled implants. I personally prefer using silicone gel filled implants because of its softer and more natural feel compared to saline. Saline implants also have to be filled during the surgery which runs the potential of contamination with bacteria or fungi inside the implant, though this is rare. Where are the incisions placed? I offer 3 types of placement of incisions. Peri-areolar, inframamary and axillary. I personally prefer a peri-areolar incision since this is the most hidden location. The scar is where the skin meets the areola and when healed,  is unnoticeable. However, this might be not possible in women who have very small areolas wherein other sites might be of benefit.  An inframamary incision is placed on the skin crease or fold. This type of incision is best for breasts that have some volume on the lower pole thus having a very well defined crease to hide the incision. A trans axillary approach is also an option for women with very flat breast and small areolas. However, there is a risk of a visible scar in the armpit area. What is better, putting the implant over or under the muscle? The breast implants are positioned either over or under the pectoralis major muscle. I personally prefer an implant placement under the muscle. The advantage of this is a more natural appearance of the breast, more tissue to cover the implants, parti
1 other location in Philippines for Dr. Raynald Torres Enhancements Skin and Cosmetic Surgery Alabang.

Dr Raynald Torres Enhancements Cosmetic Surgery Makati

(424) 364-2187 Suite 2012, 20th floor Centuria Medical,

Centre For Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery

(888) 848-7639 ext: 12752 Shaw Centre, Singapore
Underwent breast augmentation, with good resultsJassie, Singapore, 13 Oct 14

Underwent breast augmentation, with good results and back to work on the 3rd day. Didn't know that I could recover so fast. Would recommend Dr Shens as he is meticulous and is a very patient doctor.

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Breast Implants From $7556
Breast Lift From $3672
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Asia Cosmetic Hospital

(424) 543-8105 Nontaburee, Thailand
Fast response to ease my worriesYen, Malaysia, 26 Feb 16

The staff here was friendly and helpful ,clinic is very clean and well managed. The first day I arrived they even got somebody to come to the airport and get me to the hospital ,which this save a lot of my time on searching and doing research.

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We offer high quality Cohesive silicone gel for the breast augmentation. Our surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeons who perform breast surgery for more than 18 years. Dr. Tanongsak, our operating surgeon is also a plastic surgeon professor at one of the best and oldest hospital in Thailand. He received a number of professional certificates from domestic and overseas. He is an active member of International Society of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeon.
Fat Transfer  
The surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeons who perform surgeries for more than 18 years. Dr. Tanongsak, our operating surgeon is also a plastic surgeon professor at one of the best and oldest hospital in Thailand. He received a number of professional certificates from domestic and overseas. He is an active member of International Society of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeon.

Dr Colin Tham

(888) 848-7639 ext: 81103 Lucky Plaza 05-06, Singapore
Pleased with the results.Catherine, Singapore, 31 Oct 13

I'm pleased with the results.

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Breast Implants From $9548
Breast Lift From $8813
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Seoul Surgical Hospital -

(888) 848-7639 ext: 66078 Seoul, South Korea
Breast Augmentation  

Alps Medical Centre

(877) 304-0812 ext: 18756 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Superb facilities, which offers luxurious comfort and state-of-the-art equipment, and our strategically located Medical Centre, which is easily accessible. Relentless pursuit to help people live a better quality life through our products and treatments, always putting safety, quality and efficacy as our top priority.Last but not least, our caring and dedicated team of professionals and support staff, who will journey with you on your quest to feel Rejuvenated, Confident and Radiantly Healthy!
Breast Augmentation  
Breast Lift  

My Secret Fountain Of Youth - Penang

(877) 304-0812 ext: 18671 Tanjung Bungah, Malaysia
I am very pleased with the resultsDavid, UK, 17 Apr 16

I had good and extensive pre-sales discussions with MSFOY, before I booked, which made me confident in the treatment and service I could expect. I was well looked after for my entire time in Penang (over one week). I traveled alone, so the concierge service and transfers were really helpful, particularly when recovering from the anaesthetic combined with my jet leg.

Breast Enlargement $3026  -  $6053
Breast Lift $2270  -  $4539

Grand Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea
Dr Yim and his staff have been so niceAnonymous, Seoul, 23 May 12

I am so pleased with the result that I recommend this clinic, Dr Yim and his staff have been so nice, interpreter in English did a great work too, attending all the appointments with me, communication is still very efficient. Clinic is 5' from station. I am from France.

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Breast Implants  
Breast Lift  
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George Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Breast Implants From $3657
Breast Augmentation done under twilight anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.  Preferred method: Inframammary incisionSubglandular placementSilicone or saline implants (manufactured in UK or USA)
Breast Lift From $3783
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Nicanor Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

(888) 848-7639 ext: 68705 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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Breast Implants From $3531
Fat Transfer From $1135
Fat Transfer to Face  -  from RM4500 onwards Fat Transfer to Breast - from RM12000 onwards

Dr Nguyen Viet Thanh

(888) 848-7639 ext: 26683 Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Book a Mastopexy for breast ptosis - Show Times
Breast Implants
Mastopexy for breast ptosis From $0
Breast ptosis Definition:  Falling of the breast or breast ptosis refers to the position of the nipple relative to the imframammary crease. An aesthetically pleasing breast should have the nipple located above this crease at the most projecting part of the breast mound. 2.  The degree to which the nipple descends below the level of the crease determines the severity of the ptosis. Grade I ptosis  diagnosis when the nipple is at or up to 1 cm below the inframammary crease.  Grade II ptosis   describes the nipple at level 1 to 3 cm below the crease but not yet at the lowest contour of the breast.  Grade III ptosis   describes a nipple more than 3 cm below the crease or at the lowest contour of the breast gland. The surgical correction of the breast ptosis is termed mastopexy. Any procedure designed to accomplish elevation of the breast must take into account four essential elemens: elevation of the nipple-areolar complex (NAC) and preserving its blood supply,  Removing redundancies parenchyma if necessary,  Removing excess skin,  Shapping the breast.  Excess skin can be resected in different way. The most common skin resection pattern are circumareolar, vertical, lateral and inverted T (Wise).
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation Through The Areola From $0
Endoscopic axillary approach incision at the armpit surgery under endoscopy 2500 usd for round gel breast implant 3200 usd for shaped gel breast implant 
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