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iGoPhysio - Golders Green

0203 322 9884 ext: 29305 Golders Hill House, 592 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7RX
We are health care professionals concerned with human function and movement and maximizing physical potential, our goal is to make you "Feel Better Today".We treat injury and disease by enhancing the body's own healing mechanism and we ensure that you have all the knowledge and support that you need to understand, manage and prevent injury so you do not need to keep coming back. Prevention is better that cure.We will assess, diagnose and treat your condition so to ensure that you are well informed about your condition and all your treatment options are explained.If necessary we will recommend referral for investigations and explain why and to who, by involving all the right partners we intend to get you the best possible care and achieve normal physical function as soon as possible.We have an excellent team who are devoted and highly skilled in using physical approaches to improve, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being.
Book a Initial Assessment (includes consultation and treatment) - Show Times
Initial Assessment (includes consultation and treatment) From £55
Physiotherapy is an established and dynamic profession that uses a range of treatment techniques to restore movement and function to the body. We treat people of all ages for a large range of physical problems resulting from injury, illness, disability or ageing. We devise and review treatment programmes to assist the rehabilitation process enabling patients to improve their movement and function and reduce levels of pain. We also offer advice on injury prevention to achieve healthy and active lifesytles. 
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Capital Physio Golders Green

0203 322 9884 ext: 42691 Temple Fortune Health Centre, Temple Fortune Lane, Golders Green, London, NW11 7TE
Capital Physio is a group of professional clinics providing physiotherapy and related services across London and surrounding areas.Our core service is physiotherapy but we believe that a team approach and good communication gets faster results. We offer a variety services to support recovery, including massage therapy, running coaching and podiatry. We also work closely with local consultants and GPs. All our therapists are trained to the highest standards and we ensure that they stay up to date with their professional development and provide treatment in line with the latest research.
Self Funding, GP Patients £30  -  £60
Capital Physio offers Physiotherapy at competitive prices across all of its clinics. Discounts are available for select corporate clients and special rates are available at select GP clinics for their registered patients.
Initial Consultation Up to £60
(New Clients Only)
Physiotherapist Consultation From £50

Golders Green Chiropractor

0203 322 9884 ext: 62597 166-168 Golders Green Road, Golders Green, London, NW11 8BB
Golders Green Chiropractor is a Chiropractor in Golders Green. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Physiotherapist Consultation  
Back Pain Treatment
Acute Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain  
Back Pain Treatment  
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The London Biomed Clinic

993 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7HB
Alex Anzelmo a physiotherapist and former sportsman with vast experience treats patients at this clinic. The clinic is located in Golders Green in North London. The clinic treats orthopaedic conditions, post operative conditions, back and neck pain, muscle, tendon and ligament conditions, bone injuries, cardiac rehab and respiratory conditions like pneumonia and chest infections and sports injuries for athletes, dancers children and elderly patients. Physiotherapy and sports massage are the specialties offered by the clinic. The clinic is recognized by all major insurance companies.
Physiotherapist Consultation  
Sports Massage  
Spinal Rehabilitation - Neck and Back Injury  
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Nearby Physiotherapy Clinics:

Sayer Back & Neck Pain Clinic - London W1

11 Welbeck Street, London, W1G 9XZ
Big difference very quickly.Lily, London, 22 Aug 11

Treatment was very professional and made a big difference very quickly.

Physiotherapist Consultation
Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist Initial Assessment From £65
Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist Consultation From £55
Deep Tissue Massage £36  -  £90
Marta Sofia, Olga, Karolina and Nobue are absolutely incredible deep massage Physical Therapists -unsurpassed in their deeply relaxing muscle bodywork and amazing stretching techniques probably the best hands-on therapists in the world.
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Sayer Chiropractors & Physiotherapy Kensington W8

8 Sunningdale Gardens, On Stratford Road at junction with Abingdon Road, Kensington, W8 6PX
Good health and happinessTitus, UK, 30 Nov 10

Miraculous Chiropractic Doctor ‘Michael Durtnall’: ?? This weekend I marked not just my birthday but the fifth anniversary of my herniated disc and the start of Michael Durtnall’s remarkable work to restore me to full health without surgery. All other diagnoses recommended immediate surgery, probable disc fusion, months of recuperation and a lifetime of related problems including the inability to do many of the things I love. Michael took a radically different approach and in his confident and expert care I recovered fully without any surgery and without any loss of strength, fitness or ability to ski, cycle or any of the other activities I enjoy. I continue to ride my bike regularly and will be in Austin, Texas next month to ride the Lance Armstrong “Ride for the Roses” for the second year running. I owe my good health and happiness to Durtnall’s incredible expertise.?

Book a Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist Initial Assessment - Show Times
Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist Initial Assessment From £65
Deep Tissue Massage £36  -  £65
Agata, Sofia, Olga and Nobue are absolutely incredible deep massage Physical Therapists -unsurpassed in their deeply relaxing muscle bodywork and amazing stretching techniques probably the best hands-on therapists in the world.
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108 Medical Chambers

0203 322 6742 108 Harley Street, London, W1G 7ET
Physiotherapist Consultation  
Deep Tissue Massage  
Back Pain Treatment  
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Perfect Balance Clinic - Harley Street

0203 322 9884 ext: 66045 9 harley street, London, W1G 9AL
Perfect Balance Clinic are a group of Clinic dedicated to providing an exquisite level of care to all that come to their clinics.  Currently they offer osteopathy, physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Podiatry and Rehabilitation at 6 locations across london and hertfordshire including the clinic located here in the prestigious harley street, london. Perfect Balance work alongside the medical practitioners in Harley street providing truly integrated practices which mean that you get better much quicker and recover to full health leaving more time for living and enjoying your body!
Physiotherapist Consultation From £90
Our Physiotherapists specialise in musculoskeletal problems. They treat a range of conditions including shoulder problems, sports injuries and more.
Sports Massage From £120
30 Minute Massage £70
Back Pain Treatment  
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Ergotec Action

0203 322 9884 ext: 29499 100 & 100A, Belsize Lane, Belsize Village, London, NW3 5BB
This specialist health and fitness studio for adults and children is located in Camden Town in the Greater London area. Services provided at the studio include sports massage therapy, physiotherapy, sports and injury rehabilitation, arthritis, osteoporosis and osteopenia programmes, cardiovascular disorder treatments, pulmonary disorder treatments, metabolic disorders like Type II diabetes, neurological disorder treatments and treatments for patients who are recovering from stroke. The facility is fully air conditioned and a range of fitness training classes are held for kids and adults at the clinic.
Book a Physiotherapist Consultation - Show Times
Physiotherapist Consultation From £45
Sports Massage From £45
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Park Avenue South Osteopathic Clinic

0203 322 9884 ext: 81655 Pure Dynamic Osteopathy, 33 Park Avenue South Crouch End, London, N8 8LU
At Pure Dynamic we want you to achieve your optimum health. We recognise that everyone is different and that they each respond differently to our environmental stresses (e.g sitting at the desk in the office, looking after children or playing professional sport). We recognised that pain is usually a symptom of musculo-skeletal dysfunction from other areas in the body. This can ultimately lead to poor muscle recruitment patterns and joint over-compensation. At Pure Dynamic we treat all areas of the body (muscles, joints, ligaments etc) and not just the spine. Whilst spinal manipulation is a very effective technique to help relieve pain and increase mobility, we believe that the condition of the patient (age, level of fitness, medication and specific problem) determines the style of treatment required. Other aspects of our treatment include specific functional exercises, nutritional advice, dry needling and hydrotherapy, together with breathing and relaxation techniques. At Pure Dynamic we aim to help patients understand the nature of their condition and education is a fundamental part of the treatment process. Following the initial sessions focusing on the immediate problem, we design an exercise-specific approach is to build pure dynamic movement patterns. This together with pain management strategies helps empower patients to take an active role in their own rehabilitation. During each session there is time to discuss all aspects of th
Physiotherapist Consultation  
Sports Massage
Sports Massage From £55
Sports Massage From £75
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Healix Wellbeing Centre

0203 322 9884 ext: 29326 Balfour House, 741 High Road, North Finchley, N12 0BP
Healix Wellbeing Centre strives to offer the highest quality complementary therapies and resources to help on your self healing journey. We offer osteopathic treatment from our registered osteopath, who can help with a range of complaints such as back pain, neck pain and most musculo-skeletal problems. Call us to see if we can help you.Osteopathy is also extremely beneficial during pregnancy, and can help with babies where a branch of very gentle osteopathy is used.
Book a Physiotherapist Consultation - Show Times
Physiotherapist Consultation  
Reflexology From £40
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Pilates Clinique

0203 322 9884 ext: 85243 Unit A1 2nd Floor, Linton House, 39-51 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1RT
Trained and experienced practitioners treat customers at this Pilates and massage studio located at Kentish Town near Camden in London. The goal of the team is to give balance, strength and tone to the bodies of customers through Pilates instructions and massage services. The long term health and wellbeing of customers is the main focus of the team at the studio. The offer services to rehabilitate customers with sports injuries and painful musculoskeletal conditions. Services provided include Pilates instructions, sports and holistic massage, chair massage, personal training and nutrition therapy.
Physiotherapist Consultation Up to £56
Pilates From £60
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