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IAG Healthsciences Pte Ltd

3163 1114 ext: 25594 290 Orchard Road #07-11/12, Paragon Medical Suites, Singapore, 238859
Life!Clinic managed by IAG HealthSciences Pte Ltd has been a leading provider of quality healthcare products and services since 1998. Being one of Asia's leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) facility, Life!Clinic offers services from consultation, acupuncture, acupressure to cupping. Our specialities include immunology & oncology, musculoskeletal & neurological disorder, pain management, respiratory disorder, gynaecological disorder, paediatrics, aesthetics, weight loss management and much more. In addition to the above, complementing with Western Specialists for after care treatment is Life!Clinic's forte. We believe in communicating with the Western Specialists to enhance the well being of the patient. While traditional methods of decocting Chinese Medicine is very much a hassle and time consuming, at Life!Clinic, we prescribe concentrated soluble herbal granules packed individually that requires no decoction and is easy to consume. Located at Singapore's prime central shopping district, Orchard Road, the spacious and luxurious clinic has highly experienced and professional medical physicians, servicing clientele from all over Asia. Frequent visitors to the clinic includes patients from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and much more. With quality patient care as our motto, Life!Clinic's mission is to empower our patients with the optimum quality of life.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  

Thomson Chinese Medicine - United Square

3163 1114 ext: 25634 101 Thomson Road, #02-08A United Square, Singapore, 307591
Gentle and non-invasive traditional Chinese medical services are offered for patients of all ages at the three clinics run by this Singapore based group. The clinics are located at Thomson Road and East Coast Road. Cost effective services are provided for patients from overseas at the clinics. Patients are offered the convenience of booking appointments online. Conditions treated include painful conditions affecting women and children, infertility and pregnancy related pain. Services provided at all the clinics include acupuncture, Tui Na massage, traditional Chinese massage for children and traditional Chinese herbal medical treatments.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  

Urology Specialist Clinic

3163 1114 ext: 25663 Mount Elizabeth Medical CentreLevel 13 Unit #13-113, Singapore, 228510
Urology Specialist Clinic is a GP in Orchard Road. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  

Dr. Yap Lip Kee Surgery For Women

3163 1114 ext: 21759 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, 3 Mount Elizabeth #09-08, Singapore, 228510
Solutions for gynaecological problems are provided at this specialist gynaecology clinic located in Singapore. Adhesions, cysts, infertility endometriosis and fibroids are treated at the clinic. Dr. L.K.Yap an expert gynaecological surgeons treats patients at the clinic. Dr. Yap is an expert in gynaecology, infertility and endoscopic surgery. He has also maintained an active interest in institutional and academic practice. Dr. Yap conducts training workshops in endoscopy for gynaecologists and general surgeons from Singapore and around Australasia.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation  
IUI - Intrauterine Insemination  
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No further information on Fertility Clinics in Newton Town The following are fertility clinics in Little India (2), Novena (12), Thomson (13), Holland Village (1), Marine Parade (3)

Michele Lee Women And Fertility Clinic

3163 1115 ext: 19901 Unit 08-54,Mount Alvernia Medical Center D,820 Thomson Road, Singapore, 574623
Michele Lee Women And Fertility Clinic is a Fertility Specialist in Caldecott Hill. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Fertility Specialist Consultation Up to S$120
IUI - Intrauterine Insemination  
Ovulation Induction  

SGmedical Tour

3163 1114 ext: 25181 9 One-north Gateway, Singapore, 138643 ‎
SGmedical Tour is a GP in One-North. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  

The Christopher Chen Centre For Reproductive Centre

3163 1114 ext: 25665 6A Napier Road, #04-38, Annexe Block,, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, 258500
Reproductive medicine is the speciality of this expert and experienced gynaecologist and obstetrician who treats patients at his clinic located at Napier Road in Singapore. Patients from overseas are welcomed and treated at affordable prices by the specialist. The team at the clinic has served the needs of patients from the year 1993 and all services are customized according to the unique needs of each individual patient. Services provided at the clinic include general gynaecology and obstetrics, general andrology services, treatments for male and female infertility and assistive reproductive IUI and IVF procedures.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) - AH (Assisted Hatching)  
Artificial Insemination  
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ONE Hypnosis Pte Ltd

3163 1114 ext: 65998 10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Medical Centre #11-23, Singapore, 307506
Hypnotherapy with Sandy Hui, Founder ONE Hypnosis As a counsellor and a certified hypnotherapist, Sandy Hui is passionate about helping others and she has the skills to help you eliminate self-defeating behaviours. Sandy’s work encompasses many areas of concern for people including weight reduction, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, panic attacks, phobias etc. She has also helped people from all walks of life successfully lost weight, quit smoking, and work out strategies for better managing life’s problems and stresses. Her understanding of the corporate world and the needs of employers and employees has been appreciated by many of her business clients and individuals. Sandy demonstrates her devotion to clients and associates as well. As a mentor, she takes a keen interest in her team members and their growth. With a diversity of skills and knowledge – yet the same like-minded attitudes, principles and goals towards success – she and her team can help you achieve your goals. Through her practice, she has helped many people to realize their potentials and achieve their goals by taking control of their emotional and physical well being. Sandy has gained much public exposure through the media and she has personally helped many people from school children, couples and executives to realize their potential and to reach greater heights. Sandy also works in tandem with doctors using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to assist patients/clients, and she has also been
Fertility Specialist Consultation  

Thomson Fertility Centre

3163 1114 ext: 25562 8 Sinaran Drive Level 7 Units 02-07, Singapore, 307470
A range of services to help patients with infertility start a family is offered at this clinic located at Sinaran Drive in Singapore. Low cost and high quality treatments are offered for patients from overseas by the highly qualified and experienced team. The best and least stressful method of conception is used while treating patients after a thorough assessment of their unique needs. The team is committed to continuing professional development and staying abreast about the latest advancements in infertility treatments. Services provided include treatments for male and female infertility and IUI and IVF procedures.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation Treatment  
ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Treatment  
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The O and G Specialist Clinic

3163 1114 ext: 25568 Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore, 307677
Fertility treatments and high quality gynaecology and obstetrics are offered at this clinic located at Thomson Road in Singapore. Cost effective services are provided for patients from overseas at the clinic. All treatments at the clinic are customized according to the unique needs of each individual patient by the specialist gynaecologist and obstetrician. High quality technology and leading edge techniques are used while treating patients at the clinic. Services provided include routine checkups and ultrasound scanning, ante-natal and post natal care, treatments for male and female infertility, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and IUI, IVF and ICSI procedures.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
Egg Donor  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation  
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FertilityCare Singapore

3163 1114 ext: 75652 11 Sin Ming Road, #01-25, Thomson V2, Singapore, 575629
FertilityCare combines natural fertility awareness with a medical treatment program (NaProTechnology) to help people reach full procreative health. This can be used successfully by: Married couples having difficulties achieving a pregnancyMarried couples who have experienced miscarriagesWomen wishing to care for their own gynaecological health, including those with problems such as Pre Menstrual Syndrome, irregular cycles, unusual bleeding, postnatal depression and other conditions.Couples wanting to learn about their fertility and plan their familiesThe work of FertilityCare and NaProTechnology was pioneered by Dr Thomas Hilgers MD, obstetrician-gynaecologist and reproductive endocrinologist, who is the director of the Pope Paul VI Institute, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He has been working with FertilityCare since 1976, and now trains students from all over the world in NaProTechnology medical and surgical techniques.
Fertility Specialist Consultation S$150  -  S$210
‘FertilityCare’ is a program of integrated health education in the area of fertility, using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. FertilityCare increases a couple’s awareness of and appreciation for their fertility, enabling them to be active participants in the care of their particular fertility situation or women’s health issue. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System teaches a woman or couple to accurately identify the time of ovulation in each of their own cycles. The naturally-occurring times of fertility and infertility in each cycle can be pin pointed with ease using this method, and couples can use this information to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. The system is also very useful for arranging medical investigations such as blood tests and ultrasound scans to correspond with the time of the woman’s ovulation in the cycle. A medical interpretation of the woman’s chart can itself give valuable clues in the diagnosis of fertility and women’s health problems. For family planning purposes, the Creighton Model FertilityCare System is 99.5% method-effective and 96.8% use-effective for avoiding pregnancy. (TW Hilgers, JB Stanford; ‘Creighton Model NaProEducation Technology for avoiding pregnancy: use effectiveness’; J Reprod Med 1998; 43: 495-502)
Sperm Assessment S$100  -  S$150
Sperm Analysis can be prescribed if required. We focus on understanding the couple fertility. You can walk in to arrange for the sperm test. Dr will see you and write a referral to the test centre. sample needs be collected using a perforated condom and during normal act of intercourse and sent to Mt Alvernia test centre during office hours. Once results out, will meet you to review results. For more info on our clinic contact, pls send us a message. Take note: You need to be married to do the sperm test and come as a couple. Feel free to enquire if any more questions. Thanks. Andy Fertilitycare.

Noel Leong Fertility and IVF Clinic Pte Ltd

3163 1114 ext: 25564 10 Sinaran Drive #09-14, Novena Medical Center, Singapore, 307506
Customized services according to individual needs are offered at this reproductive medicine clinic located at Sinaran Drive in Singapore. The team is led by a highly trained and experienced gynaecologist and obstetrician who is also an infertility and assistive reproduction specialist. Cost effective services of a high standard are offered for health tourists by the specialist. Services provided include treatments for male and female infertility, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy procedures, treatments for uterine fibroids, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis and assistive reproductive surgical procedures including IUI, IVF and ICSI procedures for couples with infertility.
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation  
Gamete Intrafallopian Tube Transfer (GIFT)  
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