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Pod Szyndzielnia Dental Clinic

Pod Szyndzielnia Dental Clinic

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Opening Hours

Monday  9:00 -   8:00pm
Tuesday  9:00 -   8:00pm
Wednesday  9:00 -   8:00pm
Thursday  9:00 -   8:00pm
Friday  9:00 -   8:00pm
Saturday  8:00 -   2:00pm

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Popular Treatments

Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
Dental CrownsFrom zł750
VeneersFrom zł750
Porcelain VeneersFrom zł750
BracesFrom zł2000
Teeth WhiteningFrom zł300
Dental BridgesFrom zł750
Root canalsFrom zł250
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About Pod Szyndzielnia Dental Clinic

This clinic is a Polish-German enterprise situated in Bielsko-Biala and is one of the largest dental clinics in Poland. The team consists of 15 dentists who practice different specialties. The staff is trained to communicate both in German and English and financial documentation is handled in both these languages. Specialties in the clinic include root canal treatments, implantology, orthodontic treatments, children’s dentistry, gum disease treatments and dental prosthetics or tooth repair. The 15 consulting and treatment rooms are fitted with state of the art equipment. Arrival, transport assistance and onsite accommodation is given to foreign patients.

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Jan Netherlands
Reviewed 20 May 2010 "The price was western European"
"the treatment yes, the price was western european"
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Cosmetic Dentistry


Endodontic Services

Family Dentistry

Dental Implants

Orthodontic Services

Children's Dentistry

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Dental Restorations

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From zł150
Air Abrasion
From zł2000
From zł4000
Clear Braces
From zł10000
Incognito™ Braces
Orthodontic Retainer
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Bonding
From zł750
Dental Bridges
Dental Checkup
From zł750
Dental Crowns
From zł1000
Gold Crown
plus price of gold
From zł750
Porcelain Crown
Ceramic crown PROCERA / LAVA
Dental Implants
Implantology deals with implants (implants), which are placed in the upper or lower jaw bone. The implants replace the tooth's roots. This solution allows to restore individual teeth or fasten the prosthesis, increasing the comfort of its use. This solution also eliminates the pain that can occur when fitting dentures, and their look and feel are the same as if we had our natural teeth. Reconstruction of single crowns on implants eliminates the need for grinding healthy teeth or bridgework.
Dental X-Ray
3D Dental X-Ray
Dentist Consultation
From zł1000
Acrylic Dentures
Denturist Consultation
Endodontist Consultation
This branch of dentistry deals with the root canal treatment. The innermost part of the tooth is the pulp. Like other living tissue in the human body, it may be subject to inflammation which is manifested by pain. The most common cause of inflammation of the pulp is deep caries. Root canal treatment is essential in the case of an irreversible pulp inflammation and nerve damage. In this situation it is necessary to remove the remnants of the nerve and bacteria from the root canal. Purification of channels is a difficult task due to their small size. The more detailed purification, the better the treatment effect and the tooth in the oral cavity can preserve longer. The use of a microscope with sophisticated optics and illumination allows the physician to obtain excellent visibility of the most difficult to reach places. With a microscope it is possible to find all channels, including additional ones and to treat even the choked ones. With additional system of ultrasonic equipment, the doctor may perform microsurgical microendodontics interventions saving teeth from extraction which seemed inevitable before. The use of endometer in root canal treatment allows for precise determination of the length of the channel, and eliminates the need to perform additional radiographs, which shortens the treatment time and reduces irradiation of the patient.
Family Dentist Consultation
From zł100
Gum Surgery
Implant Dentist Consultation
Orthodontist Consultation
Orthodontics is the dentistry discipline dealing with malocclusions, which is commonly known as straightening of teeth. It is focused not only on improving the aesthetics of a smile, but also on the functional conditions of occlusion. Malocclusions are in fact a real threat to the health of masticatory apparatus, resulting in increased tooth decay, the development of periodontal disease (periodontitis) and disorders of the temporomandibular joints. Orthodontic treatment is carried out in both children and adults. The most common classification distinguishes between removable orthodontic appliances and fixed installations. The former is usually applied for children, and the effectiveness of this application depends to a considerable extent on the cooperation of the patient, i. e. whether the appliance is worn 16 hours a day. Fixed appliances can be glued to the lip facing surface or the inner tongue facing surface of the teeth (lingual appliances). There are two versions of fixed appliances depending on the material used for manufacturing - metallic or aesthetic (for example, made of porcelain or monocrystal). A nice smile is not just healthy and white teeth but also straight teeth.
Paediatric Dentist Consultation
Pedodontics deals with the treatment of the youngest patients. Children are often afraid of the dentist visit - especially if they had some bad experience or heard something that frightened them. Fortunately, thanks to our specialists? experience, patience, and psychological training they can break the resistance of children and make them asking about the next visit themselves. It is important that the child from an early age was accustomed to dentist visits, and the first visit should take place approximately at the first year of age. This allows the application of effective prevention and appropriate care of the child's teeth. Regular visits should be conducted every six months. Keep in mind that taking care of deciduous teeth determines the health of permanent teeth. Healthy "milk teeth" prevent malocclusion, the spread of caries on permanent teeth during the mixed dentition, damage to the developing buds of permanent teeth under deciduous teeth.
Periodontist Consultation
Periodontitis Treatment
Restorative Dentist Consultation
From zł250
Root canals
First channel 350, each additional channel 250
Teeth Cleaning
From zł300
Teeth Whitening
From zł750
From zł750
Porcelain Veneers


Private Patients Welcome

Katarzyna Becker

Job Title:
MD medicine. dent. Specialist Orthodontist. Co-owner and co-founder of the clinic. Studied at: Medical University of Silesia

Claudius Becker

Job Title:
M.D. Co-owner and co-founder of the clinic. Studied at: Silesian Medical University Faculty of Medicine Department of Dentistry

Malgorzata Sanecka

Job Title:
Jagiellonian University Medical College. Professional interests: Cosmetic Dentistry Endodontics Prosthodontics
Show Phone Number Aleja Armii Krajowej 193, Bielsko-Biala, 43309