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The Hong Kong Japanese Dental Clinic

The Hong Kong Japanese Dental Clinic

5808 5920 Suite 1002 Eton Tower, 8 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Directly Opposite: LEE GARDENS ONE


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"Dr Lee was helpful, informative and kind. He really did make me feel at ease and I felt like he had my best interests at heart. Dr Lee helped me make the decisi.."

Daniella, Hong Kong SAR
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About The Hong Kong Japanese Dental Clinic

Dr.Benjamin Lee BDS -The Royal London Hospital, The University of London, England, UK

Dr.Benjamin Lee first studied basic sciences in Oxford,England, and later graduated from Dental School at The Royal London Hospital Medical College, University of London. His brother in law is also a practicing dentist in Harley Street, London, England.He has been practising general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry in London and Hong Kong, for the past 25 years. He is currently developing a new 3D technology and, as guest speaker, he had presented this new 3D technology at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority 2014 on the topic of "3D Printing in HealthCare".

"We make people beautiful with their smiles." , via one way or another, any which way you choose,  to give you the star power, and to be a center of attraction, and attention.

Manageress; Miss Hiroko Jinno, Dental Surgery Assistant: Miss Vienna Lui.

At the Hong Kong Japanese Dental Clinic, we have a patient satisfaction record of 98% overall as we provide painless and highest meticulous care in world class clinical dentistry, as from the Royal London Hospital.

Affordable (down to earth local fees in Causeway Bay), cheerful, reliable, quick and easy painless treatments in the heart of Causeway Bay, opposite Lee Gardens One.




1). INVISIBLE BRACES- Straighten your smile easiily, quickly using clear invisalign aligners.

2). ORTHODONTICS; Traditional Braces; Metal/White Full Band Brackets.



 A Beautiful Smile in 2 Visits. (Glamour, Model, Celebrity Smiles, Natural Healthy Smiles).

If you do not wish to wear braces, how would you like it if your orthodontic problems could be effectively corrected all in just 2 visits ? Quick and painless, no extractions, superficial treatment. Easy for you for a beautiful instant smile change. no braces, no time-consuming commitment, no regular adjustments, no retainers, no relapses and failures. Sure-shot everlasting result. If ever anything is perfect about your face, one thing for sure, it is your perfect smile. That's what it is, people will say.Your smile is always your charm-point. (But if your face is perfect, but your smile is just not, then, what a shame).This is possible and so practical for adults; it saves time and gives you the perfect smile. Why go through several teeth extractions and 2-3 years of wearing braces to correct your smile and bite,heavily dragging all the teeth roots inside the solid jawbones, brackets fall off, wires poking the gums, cannot floss the teeth, stains accumulate around the brackets, food trappings everywhere after each meal ? But your only concern and wish is to smile beautifully, and perhaps for only just the front teeth, why suffer going through the braces? Besides, natural teeth on therir own often look dark, dull and discolored, or their shapes and sizes are uneven. Braces does not add lustre to give glamour spakling smiles to look sensational enough.Celebrities typically do cosmetic teeth makeovers in this way once-time and it lasts forever. In effect, the teeth are also sealed inside and protected forever by armoured shells of zirconium, like ivory white jacket surface finishings, from external exposures to acid atrtack and bacteria.

For this lifelong enamel resurfacing change, it must be beautiful, strong and durable in zirconium. Must get it right first time. All the other ceramics fall short, and are less durable, often they tend to crack. We use the latest technique in dentistry today for an amazing transformation of smiles and is beyond routine dental care. Whether 6-10 upper or all 16- 20 upper and lower teeth for total mouth corrections can be beautifully-managed together one time effort with perfect preparations.Normally we treat 20 teeth at one time, for a complete change, and is easier this way to take into account and orchestrate all the imperfections in the mouth calibrated uniformly for the best overall balance.The fist visit for the pristine preparations will take 3 hours or so, including study models, photo records, bite registrations, beautiful white temporary provisions.The Cad/Cam 3D scans your corrected teeth preparations for your new smile over to Sweden to achieve the perfect straight-and-white smile, perfect bite, gaps closed, and the beautiful set of zirconia crowns that tailor suits you come back from Sweden via courier in 14 days. The final fitting visit takes 1 hour or so, inc. fine adjustments.This results in a poster perfect smile for you to enjoy for life, in literally 2 visits, straight, white, and perfect bite. All natural and attractive. If it is your long-desire to smile beautifully, and is an inevitable choice for you over braces, why not do it (all in 14 days, guaranteed perfection completed) before your next celebration event, e.g. Christmas, to show out your new, beautiful smile? Mark the date of your final fitting visit,'the moment of truth',because that might just be a hi-point in your life, after years of being 'too embarrassed to smile'.

Catherine Zeta Jones was in fact treated at my brother-in-law's dental practice in London, for her new smile.

”This express cosmetic treatment is ideal for busy people who missed braces at school and simply now need to correct their smile.The material employed for beauty smiles is zirconium, Made in Sweden.This is the strongest and most natural mineral ceramic material used for teeth in the entire dental profession today and will last over 30+ years to a lifetime.This art and science dramatically creates a beautiful transformation to your smile, perfect, straight and white, and corrects the bite, in two visits, so that in reality it naturally appears as if you had just received orthodontic and teeth whitening treatments. Your new 'Perfect Smile' will be expediently realized,be most everlasting and forever attractive. No more teeth stains (highly resistant to tobacco and coffee stains), no crossovers, no teeth overlaps that collect food stagnation areas, so is healthier for your teeth and gums over the long term. Eliminates decay and gum disease often caused by food trappings in-between teeth. Easier to brush, easier to floss, thereafter. Smooth and White. (Maintenance care,flossing and brushing, is paramount).

Your new 'Perfect Smile' will be permanent, expediently realized, be most everlasting and forever attractive.

Maintenance care,regular check-ups, flossing and brushing, all remain paramount to prevent gum disease and decay.

Graduated in 1988 from The Royal London Dental Hospital. Provides pain free dentistry for to ensure your visit will be painless and stress free. • Cosmetic full mouth make-overs using all-porcelain crowns and/or veneers • Teeth whitening• Implants (using the “ Straumann” implant system)• INVISALIGN ( cosmetic teeth straightening )• Gum treatment• Wisdom teeth extractions• All general dental procedures inc. teeth cleaning, fillings, root canal treatments. Patients in pain will, as far as possible, be seen immediately.

Teeth Whitening:

World's Fastest top whitening system; teeth super whitened in 25 minutes to last 3+ years.(Pola Office Plus from SDI).

Dental Implants: Straumann ITI SLActive from Switzerland (est. 1952) . Full-mouth reconstruction using dental implants.


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from 10 reviews Patient Reviews of The Hong Kong Japanese Dental Clinic

Daniella Hong Kong WhatClinic User
Reviewed 24 May 2012
"Dr Lee was helpful, informative and kind. He really did make me feel at ease and I felt like he had my best interests at heart. Dr Lee helped me make the decision between veneers and invisalign, and he was totally right in his advice!!! I am so glad that I went here for my treatment. The practice is clean, tidy, spacious and friendly. The dental nurse was organised and also made me feel at ease. I am so glad that I found this dentist- I definitely recommend it!!"
Erik Hong Kong SAR Clinic Patient
Reviewed 27 June 2014
"Very nice dentist, decent price (I think), good location in CWB."
Chandra Kowloon Verified by Phone
Reviewed 26 June 2014
"Dr. Lee was very knowledgeable and friendly and easy to contact. I liked that he provided me an estimate before I even came to the office and the ending price was in line with this estimate. He laid out the options for filling the gap between my front teeth and the pros/cons of each. I made my decision and the procedure was done within 40 minutes and I am very happy with the results."
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Up to HK$200
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From HK$30000
Dental Bridges
Dental Checkup
From HK$4000
Dental Crowns
From HK$30000
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Dentist Consultation
Endodontist Consultation
Up to HK$200
Family Dentist Consultation
Up to HK$200
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Orthodontist Consultation
Up to HK$200
Paediatric Dentist Consultation
Up to HK$200
Periodontist Consultation
Up to HK$200
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From HK$2800
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From HK$3000
Teeth Whitening
From HK$3000

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Miss Hiroko Jinno

Job Title:
 Nurse Manager

Dr Benjamin Lee BDS The Royal London Hospital,U.of London

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 Principal Dentist
5808 5920 Suite 1002 Eton Tower, 8 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Directly Opposite: LEE GARDENS ONE