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Dr Sylvain Mouraret

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 24576 30 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Nice, 06000
I will return for periodontal treatmentA., France, 22 Jul 16

Dr Mouraret saw me quickly after I first contacted him, and speaks excellent English. He also referred me to an excellent dentist.

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09 87 67 96 55 ext: 66420 16, rue Marc Courriard, 6th floor with elevator, Le Clos Saint André, Annemasse, 74100
I am very happy with the knowledgFouad, Neuchatel, 26 Jan 15

I searched around for clinics and decided on The Implantx Dental Clinic because of their ideal location. I am based in France so the short journey to Switzerland suited me rather than travelling to countries further away. The clinic is not very big but it was adequate for my needs and I will be returning in February for some treatment after this consultation. The facilities were very good and the staff were also excellent. The clinic contacted me by email and phone and they were very quick with their replies. We spoke about my treatment in February and I am very happy with the knowledge I now have before I return.

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Cyril Gaillard Center

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 24399 14 rue Montesquieu, Bordeaux, 33000
Very welcoming and friendly staff.Christian, France, 03 Nov 14

Quick response. Very welcoming and friendly staff. Knowledgeable dentists.

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Docteur Luc Poty À Reims

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 24536 200 rue Louis-Victor de Broglie, Bezzanes, 51100
A range of high quality orthodontic teeth alignment correction services are provided for patients of all ages at this clinic located at Reims in France. The specialist orthodontist and his team aim to improve the appearance of the smile of patients and to correct the clarity of their speech and the comfort of their bite by fitting appropriate orthodontic appliances. Services provided including orthodontic assessments, the services of an orthodontic orthotists, fitting metal appliances for children, emergency orthodontics, surgical orthodontics, orthognathic surgery and fitting aesthetic appliances including Invisalign clear aligners for adults and adolescents.
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Cabinet Dentaire Galilée

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 24935 Chirurgien-Dentiste 30, Place Galilée, 21000
Dijon in France is the location of this clinic where a full range of dental services are provided for patients of all ages by a family oriented dentist and his team. Saturday appointments are offered to accommodate busy schedules at the clinic. The focus of the dentist is to help patients enjoy long term dental and oral health and beautiful smiles for a lifetime using the best available dental technology and techniques. Services include examinations and oral hygiene services, general dental care, the cosmetic improvement of smiles and the surgical placement of implants to replace missing teeth.
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La Reserve Bandol

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 69664 237, Avenue de la Liberation, Bandol, 83150
Dr Patrice Bergeyron, Dr Marie-Christine Francisci, Dr Marjorie Ponsot-Grobert work at La Reserve Bandol, a Dental Clinic located 0 km from Bandol. Open late, till 12:00 on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri.
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Docteurs Paulus Et Richard

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 24219 5 Rue Chambovet, Lyon, 69003
Surgical and nonsurgical procedures to enhance the appearance of patients are offered by the team at the two clinics run by this group. The clinics are located at Lyon and Bourgoin Jallieu in France. All procedures are explained and all options discussed with patients before procedures are performed by the caring surgeons. The comfort and safety of patients is the main concern of the surgeons during procedures. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breasts, oral and maxillofacial surgery, surgical body sculpting procedures, teeth whitening and the administration of anti-aging facial injectables.
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Docteurs Paulus Et Richard - Bourgoin

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 24253 60 Avenue du Médipole, Bourgoin

Cabinet Dentaire

09 87 67 96 00 ext: 14117 35 ave.Amiral Courbet, Antibes
At our dental practice understand that all of our patients have one thing in common: your smile is incredibly important to you. This is not hard to understand considering that your smile is one of your key physical assets and perhaps the one – second only to the eyes – that says the most about you! If your teeth and gums are not healthy, you will probably struggle to smile with confidence and this can have far-reaching ramifications on all areas of your life, from the social sphere to the professional working environment.For this reason, we  are not only concentrate on improving your standard of oral health and hygiene, we also focus on how we can bring out the beauty of your smile! Dental esthetics are as important to our patients as they are to us and so we have made available a suite of procedures and treatments designed to put the glint back into your grin.
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SELARL cabinet dentaire Aix en Provence

23 avenue Victor Hugo, Aix en Provence, 13100
Preventing the extraction of the teeth  is the main objective this experienced endodontist at his clinic located at Aix en Provence in France. Referrals are accepted from general dental practitioners and specialists for patients requiring simple or complex root canal procedures. All cross infection control protocols are strictly followed at the clinic for the safety of patients. A detailed examination of the patient is conducted at first, a diagnosis reached and a treatment plan is formulated and a cost estimate provided before treatments are performed. Services provided include simple and complex root canal procedures and endodontic microsurgery.
Dentist Consultation Up to €69


09 87 67 96 55 ext: 24918 242 Rue De Rivoli, Paris, 75001
A skilled and experienced dental surgeon and his qualified team treat patients including overseas patients at this clinic located at the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, France. The focus of the team at the clinic is to improve the dental and oral health of patients and enhance their smiles using state of the art equipment and cutting edge procedures. All standards of sterilization and cross infection control are strictly followed at the clinic. Services include examinations and oral hygiene services, general dental care, adult orthodontics, cosmetic smile makeovers and the replacement of missing teeth by surgically placing implants.
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Chirurgien Dentiste . DDS. DMD .

09 87 67 96 55 ext: 23091 10 rue David D'angers, Dunkerque, 59140
Chirurgien Dentiste .Specialist in esthetic dentistry , Implantology and oral rehabilitation . Ex assitant in the Medecine faculty of LILLE , Department of Maxillo Facial Surgery .
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Dental Implants €650  -  €720
Dental implants replace lost or missing teeth .They are in effect artificial tooth roots to which a new tooth is attached. To day Implants are a common procedure .At the first visit , we take an X ray to determine the appropriate site for the implantplacement , sometimes we may prescribe CT scans as well .Impressions are madeto aid in proper implant placement .At the second visit we place the implant in the desired position in the bone .The implant is left undisturbed for 10 weeks to allow it to mesh with the bone .At the next visit , asmall metal post called abutment is attached to the implant and an imprssion is done .2 weeks later the permanent tooth is placed on the abutment .
Braces €1000  -  €1875
You can choose metallic or ceramic braces , one or both arches .
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Cabinet d'orthodontie du Dr Rousset

25 rue de la Gare -, Cande, 49440
Cande in France is the location of this clinic where a skilled and experienced orthodontist welcomes patients of all ages. Sophisticated technology and leading edge techniques are used to correct the alignment of the teeth of patients. All cross infection control regulations are strictly observed for the safety of patients at the clinic. Services provided include orthodontic assessments, emergency orthodontic care, interceptive orthodontics for young children, thumb sucking prevention assistance, fitting functional appliances for children and adolescents and fitting aesthetic appliances including Invisalign clear aligners or Incognito lingual appliances for adults.
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