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Dentalestetic Dra. Melisa Meneses

(866) 771-0184Benemérito de las Américas 168 c, Col. Valentín Gómez Farías, Puerto Vallarta, 4
"Very pleased"Dave, Kelowna, 06 Jun 14
"I am very pleased with the work that was done. The price was exactly as quoted. I think I have found my new dentist."
Our mission is to provide dental, comprehensive, personalized services to our patients, by returning your oral health and recovering their confidence in themselves.
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Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
$950  -  $1150
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Dentoamerica - Puerto Vallarta

(866) 679-8168#430 Tepic-Vallarta, Local #C20, Puerto Vallarta, 63735
"well connected and looking forward to have the work done"Don, Canada, 19 Oct 13
"Responce was great"Knud, Canada, 07 Mar 15
Our large team of professionals is like no other in Puerto Vallarta. We have dental specialists  in all areas including Endodontics, Implants Periodontics, Surgery, Pathology, and Orthodontics. Our facility is complete with hospital level sterilization for your safety, and fully modern equipment. Our prices are of course a fraction of what they are in Canada, and the US, but also about 10% less than your average Puerto Vallarta Dentist. English is spoken fluently at Dentoamerica. We treat patients only with professionals holding degrees in their field of expertise whether that be cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics (root canal) or orthodontics. Even your basic cleaning services, and teeth whitening is performed by a Dentist, and . See our staff page for the Doctors and their Universities attended. We have 9 dental stations to serve you. We are fully equipped with Autoclave sterilization. Our Xray equipment is low-dose digital x ray imaging. We also employ a digital imaging system so that explaining the work to you is very easy. Checkup and Revision When you come to Puerto Vallarta for your checkup, you will be pleasantly surprised with our diagnostic consult. Our checkup includes the revision, a full set of xrays, and photos all for about $25 dollars. Cleanings are performed with Ultrasound for the best possible result. If you would like traditional scaling with manual tools, we can accommodate that as well   Whitening We provide a whitening sy
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Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
$20  -  $25
We perform a full set of Xrays, and Fotos during your consultation for 300 pesos, or about $23-$25 dollars.
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening with gels and UV acceleration. See our main website for packages including cleaning, whitening, and diagnostic revision.
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Unident Dr.Benjamín Valle

(877) 572-4074Paseo de la Marina # 245 Office D, Timon Street Royal Pacific Condominium, Puert
"Went very well"Paul, US, 16 Mar 14
"The treatment went very well. This is my second visit to Dr Vale. My recent visit was on March 6, 2014. He is a very good dentist that has a lot of interest in giving his customers great service. I receiver X-rays cleaning and whitening this visit. I spent two hours in the chair. During this time Dr Vale never stopped working. I originally had requested information on getting bondings. After being examined Dr Vale he told me that I had good teeth and didn't recommend doing any cosmetic work that required grinding my teeth down to do cosmetic work. I appreciated this as I was intent on having this done. In the US I am sure that They would have done anything to make money on me. However I was very happy with the clean white teeth that I had upon leaving. I will be going back next year for a vacation in PV and some more great dental work with a great guy. Scheduling is easy and the office is two blocks from the Marriott."
Highly prepared staff, Certified by the best Universities in México. We use high quality material (3M ESPE, DENSPLY, KERR, NSK, authorized and recommended by the ADA. All the areas are disinfected after each patient. We are sure that in UNIDENT you will get the best dental treatment. UNIDENT is a member of ITI (International Team for Implantology).We use Digital X ray (needs 90 % less radiation), metal free dental treatments, Zirconium Crowns. You can get the best quality of implants with us like STRAUMANN and ZIMMER. 
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
$746  -  $896
Biomet 3i
Teeth Whitening
$149  -  $249
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El arte de sonreir/ DENTAL CENTER

(805) 394-4620heroe de Nacozari #18, Bucerias, 63732CR63733
"Really Pleasen"Alain, Canada, 11 May 15
"I was referred by a friend who had used Dra Cristina’s services and was very satisfied. That being said, I cannot praise enough the service and expertise I received from Cristina. She is very qualified dentist whose work exceeded any dental work I have received in Canada. She took the time to correct some of the mistakes other dentists had left behind. She is a young talented professional whose services I would recommend to anyone. Dra Cristina will not stop until you are completely satisfied with her work! As far as charm and personality, she is a kind person with an excellent disposition and gentle touch! Her work is totally pain free and second to none! For any further dental work that I would require I will be making the trip to this dentist, sincerely John P. (Thanks again Cristina!!). My name is John and I am from Brantford, Ont., Canada. En el arte de sonreir, el servicio es excelente, la atención, el material, el equipo, un ambiente relajante, La Dra.Cristina Peña te atienden de la mejor manera. Por supuesto que recomiendo el trabajo tan profesional de la Dra.Peña porque estamos en buenas manos desde el momento de entrar al consultorio. Saludos Melecio Mariscal Ruiz Puerto Vallarta Hi my name is Angie and I don’t usually get along with dentists. However I had an amazing experience here in Mexico. I broke a tooth and needed to have a crown. I was referred to Dr. Pena by a friend, I went too see her told her my problem and explained how much I didn’t like going to the dentist and how most dentists consider me a nightmare to work on. She said “no problem”. I have to say it was the most positive dental experience I have ever had in my 58 years of life. She was quick and efficient and made me feel very comfortable throughout the two visits it took. I would highly recommend Dra. Pena to anyone. My crown looks awesome and it felt right, right away. Sincerely Angie I came to Puerto Vallarta and met Dra. Cristina, she provided me with great service, great care, and virtually painless service, as well as doing beautiful work. I had a particularly difficult bridge which she provided and I have not had any problems with any of her work since I returned home. Dra. Cristina also did a cap and pulled several teeth for me. The cost was only about 20% of the price in the United States and the work quality was fantastic. I will be returning in the spring to have the rest of my work completed with Dra. Cristina. I was referred to Dra. Cristina from a local person in Puerto Vallarta and was extremely pleased with her service. Sincerely, Tami Van Natta Grand Lake, Colorado, USA Hello My name is Egon Culmsee, from Denmark and I am a pacient of Dra. Cristina Pena Jimenez . My dental procedure included two crowns, cavity repair and dental cleaning. I highly recommend Dra. Cristina Pena Jimenez. My name is Alain Lavoie and I am from Québec, Canada. I’ve had the chance to encounter Dra. Cristina, who offered me to check my teeth, that needed many repairs. I’m extremely happy to have decided to accept her services. I’m coming back home with my teeth all well repaired, at a very accessible cost (I would have needed to borrow money to have that work done in Canada, where I had here I was able to pay it). I strongly recommend this serious and attentive young professionnal. In addition to her technical skill, I have been amazed with the quality and efficiency of the equipment and products she uses."
El Arte de Sonreír / Dental Center, carries out the attention of holistic dentistry for the whole family, which consists in providing health, function and aesthetics to the mouth. Our major focus in our Dental Center it’s a plan of treatment individualized for each of our patients, using innovative and high quality materials. We are a group of dental specialist that want to prove a friendly, comfortable and of course backed with high quality.
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
$13  -  $32
Dental Implants
$636  -  $64
Teeth Whitening
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Armenta Dental Studio

(805) 434-6083Avenida Fluvial Vallarta 260-3, Plaza San Marino, Puerto Vallarta, 48312
"My teeth have never looked so good"Larry, Oregon, 03 Apr 15
"I have had several appointments with Dr. Benjamin Armenta during two visits to Puerto Vallarta in the last year. Benjamin installed crowns on most of my upper teeth and the remainder of my lower teeth. Additionally he provided me with a partial lower denture. I am extremely pleased with all the work. My teeth have never looked so good. I was a little worried about fitment of the partial denture because I didn't get it until the day before flying home. It fit very well, but ended up being a bit tight in a few spots making it painful to chew. Benjamin warned me that this might happen and told me to visit a Denturist for adjustments. A few days after arriving home, I visited a local Denturist. After a few minor adjustments everything is wonderful. The partial is so comfortable that I forget it's there. Unlike my old denture, food does not get trapped between the denture and my gums and the color matches my teeth perfectly. If you are thinking about having dental work in Puerto Vallarta, I highly recommend Dr. Armenta."
Straumann dental implants summer special. We have a premium dental implant brand in super special. Valid from july 1st 2015 to august 31st 2015. Pay $8,000 mx pesos for the implant placement and after healed, you will pay $8,000 mx pesos for the artificial tooth. You will be paying $16,000 mx pesos total in two partials payments. Dental implants are placed in the jaw bone to replace missing tooth roots. Once healed, act as an anchor portion of the artificial tooth. A dental implant is the only solution offering important benefits: feels and looks like a natural tooth; helps prevent and minimize bone loss; helps preserve surrounding, healthy teeth; improves appearance.  Making every dental treatment unforgettable????????????.  Whether you, family or friends are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Tooth Restoration, Dental Fillings, Teeth Whitening, Dental Bridges, Smile Makeover, or any other dental needs, we should be your first call and we will be your last.  We are committed to delivering quality dental care, and the best consideration for all patients needs. You can save money with us and have the best dental experience. Our mission is to contribute, provide and maintain patients general health through dental treatments at high level standards. Dr. Armenta concluded his postgraduated studies in Dental Prosthesis by Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Barcelona, Spain.  ARMENTA DENTAL STUDIO in Puerto Vallarta offers the bes
Bookings available for Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  Show Times
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
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Dental Office Puerto Vallarta

Plaza Marina Suite G24 and G25, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, 48335
"Great! Quick response and booked for when we are in Mexico in 3 weeks. Great service!!!!"Shawna, Canada, 03 Feb 14
"Great follow up-phone call and e-mail"Martha, US, 07 Apr 15
Grupo Odontologico Integral started out treating children in our Orthodontist division, but year after year we have grown to include every major type of dental procedure imaginable. We provide a wide range of dental services, from simple cleanings and preventive care to the latest cosmetic techniques. Our modern , clean office is located in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, about 2 minutes from the International Airport (PVR). Puerto Vallarta may be reached by most major US carriers, Alaska, US Air, American, Delta, Continental, United and Frontier airlines, leaving from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and New York. At Grupo Odontologico Integral, we specialize in Dental Tourism. We understand the efforts and costs of dental procedures in the US and we strive to not only provide the best prices in dental care (you can save up to 75% off US prices) but we also strive to provide top notch care, state of the art technology. Services provided at the clinic are: General Checkups, Teeth Cleaning and Polishing, Full and Partial Dentures, Fluoride Treatments, Fillings, Surgical and Normal Extractions, Wisdom Tooth Extractions, Crowns, Bridges and Veneers, Root Canal Treatments, Gum Disease Treatments, Teeth Whitening, Resin Treatments for fractured Teeth, Microabrasion of Enamel, and Dental Implants.
Bookings available for Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  Show Times
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
From $25
We give you all your option to improve the looking of your teeth (color, shape, position) with different techniques (veneers, metal free crowns, bonding, zirconium)
Dental Implants
From $950
If some teeth are missing, either due to congenital causes or to an accident, it is possible to replace them without anyone noticing they are not your own. First a small titanium screw is placed either in the maxilar or mandibular bone, used to hold the replacement piece. There is no need to wear away any of the neighboring teeth, wich is done when fised implants are placed. Implants are helpful also for improving chewing and it can be done from one tooth to all the mouth; for the latter, a minimun of six screws are required.
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1 other location in Puerto Vallarta for Dental Office Puerto Vallarta.

Grupo Odontologico Integral

Riviera Nayarit, Mega Flamingos, Nuevo V

PV Smile Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33606111A Havre Street, Colonia Versalles, Puerto Vallarta, 48310
"Highly recommend"Mimi, Sarasota Florida, 01 Nov 13
"This is my second year going to Dr. Noel. He is fair, smart, office is spotless. I had no pain and no problems. I highly recommend PV Smile. :)"
 Welcometo PV Smile Dental Clinic. Ours is a boutique cosmetic, restorative and implant dental practice located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  You can enjoy wonderful holidays in a world class beach destination while having your dental work done.  We offer a high quality, yet affordable services to our international clients in a friendly and comfortable environmentand. We strive to give to our patients an unrivalled experience . We care for a limited number of patients in order to offer a very personalized and warm service.  Cosmetic dentistry is not an area many dentists get into, but Dr. Rivas is considered one of the best in his area. This, combined with his gentle treatment approach, a good sense of humor and his complete devotion to fulfilling your wishes and resolving any doubts you might have, means you can feel confident about getting an experience well beyond your expectations.  At PV Smile we use only the best materials and techniques emphasizing the use of inert properties to keep our patients healthy. Not every patient has the same needs and wishes with regards to their smiles but we have the procedures to please everyone. Our goal is to satisfy your desire for a healthy, attractive smile while pampering you in the friendliest city on the earth.  OUR FACILITIESPV Smile dentalclinic is located in Puerto Vallarta's North Hotel Zone, at 111 Havre Street,Versailles. Midway from down town and the airport a 10 minu
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Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
$35  -  $70
Cosmetic Denal consult involves the collection of graphic information from photographs, video, study models, X rays and wax up or digital smile design. This allows the dental team to interpret your needs and desires to turn them into a specific treatment paln created specially  for you.  
Dental Implants
$1250  -  $2750
Dental implants are substitutes for missing teeths roots and can be used to replace a single missing tooth, to support a bridge, or  to retain a complete denture. Usually 3 visits are required to complete the implant procedure: One for examination, planing and site selection, the second for surgical placement of fixtures and a third, a minimum of 8 weeks later, for placement of the final restorations. Root shaped implants are made of titanium, a metal that has proved to be bio compatible and that can actually integrate with bone to form a strong bond. The newest are zirconium oxide implants which are bio compatible. Mini implants are a different type of implant land are much less expensive. Please contact us for more information.
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Sand Dental Studio

(888) 848-7639 ext: 22252AVENIDA LOS TULES 160, NEO-MEDICA LOS TULES, PUERTO VALLARTA, 48310
"Excellent! Gerald was very helpful!"Judy, US, 08 Sep 13
"very professional and helpful"Rick, Canada, 26 Dec 14
We are located a short distance from the beaches of the hotel zone in Puerto Vallarta and a short taxi ride from almost any hotel in Vallarta.  Our Dental Office is located at Ave Los Tules 160 Col. Díaz Ordaz. C.P. 48310. We are located in NEO-MEDICA LOS TULES, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. México. Our office consists of a specialized medical group of some of the best trained doctors in all of Puerto Vallarta, where you will also find not only our office, but one of the most sough after Plastic Surgeons, Otolaryngologist, Pediatrician, Ginecologists and other Specialists, all located in one building. Ask us for a free consultation without any obligation from you.  Dr. Armenta is a fluent in English, you will be able to communicate in your language with him. All questions and demands will be attend by a dental professional for your comfort and security.  We strive on Customer Service and Communication so we will be there for you!  Visit Sand DENTAL STUDIO! General Dentistry and specialized in Oral Aesthetics Rehabilitation and implants. Dr. Armenta concluded his postgraduated studies in Dental Prosthetics by Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Barcelona, Spain.  With professionalism, service and a high sense of responsibility for your health, we are dedicated to all aspects of general dentistry and we are focused on Oral Rehabilitation and Aesthetics.  At Sand DENTAL STUDIO we combine our exceptional dental techniques with the latest technology availab
Bookings available for Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  Show Times
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
Noble Biocare  Swiss implant $2000us. Adin implant made in Israel $1500us 
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Odonto Klinik

(888) 848-7639 ext: 86552Av. los tules # 277 2nd floor, Puerto Vallarta, 48328
"Very impressed"Shirley, Canada, 26 Oct 13
"Highly recommended!!! - Dr. Juan Claudio Taborga and Dr. Arlette De Alba I have a new smile and sound teeth and feel years younger thanks to these two fantastic dentists. I am career woman, 69 years young, and consider myself fortunate to be still working part time in the nursing profession. I had become increasingly self-conscious of my smile due to my upper teeth with old fillings and crowns that were showing the amalgam and a missing tooth that allowed some shifting of my teeth. When I asked my regular dentist about doing something to improve my smile, he told me I was being vain and why would at this age want to change things. He said the estimated cost of the work that would be needed would be astounding! Fortunately, my husband and I had vacationed in Puerto Vallarta and were aware of OdontoKlinik from recommendations of other travellers, including my sister and her husband who had work done there. In February 2013, I visited the clinic. I was warmly welcomed and given a tour of the clinic. I was very impressed with the pristine cleanliness, sterilization procedures and state of the art equipment. After a thorough dental assessment they provided some recommendations for future work and approximate projected costs. They took time to teach me regarding dental options, showing me models and providing literature. I left very impressed with their knowledge and up to date techniques and was confident that I would be returning for dental work. I returned to Puerto Vallarta in September 2013 to have most of the work completed at a very reasonable cost comparing to Alberta, Canada. I had seven caps and some other additional work done. On the last visit Dr. Taborga also made me a temporary mouth guard to use until I can get a permanent one made."
OdontoKlinik is a full-service dental clinic and laboratory located in the heart of the popular tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta. Established by Dr. J. Claudio Taborga, the clinic provides both general and specialist dental care, conveniently situated in Fluvial Vallarta near to hotels, restaurants and other amenities. Our small team is specialist in a number of areas, including dental implants, prosthetic dentistry and endodontics. Using the latest dental technologies and techniques available we deliver highly-successful good-quality treatments to provide patients with incredible results.  At our in-house laboratory CAD-CAM technology allows computer-aided technology to come up with amazing results for our restorations, giving our patients the ultimate smile make-over whether they are having implants, crowns, veneers or dentures. Our clinic is new, sleek and modern, designed with state-of-the-art technology and ergonomics. Operating rooms are spacious, clean and hygienic and we use autoclaving for instrument sterilization. Our clinic has been designed with patients in mind, and we offer a peaceful, secure and relaxing environment in the treatment rooms and the waiting areas. We aim to achieve high aesthetics, ensuring your smile looks natural, while preserving as much dental tissue as possible. We are proud to help you achieve a beautiful and confident smile, and will be happy to discuss your requirements further with you prior to booking an appointmen
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Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
From $22
Dental Implants
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International Dental Center PV

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33605446 Lazaro Cardenas (downtown), Puerto Vallarta, 48380
"good so far"Charles, Puerto Vallarata, 13 Feb 15
"Incomplete but good so far."
Would You Like a Free Vacation in Paradise? Here at the International Dental Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico you can save as much as 75% over the cost of dental work in the US and Canada while experiencing a stress free vacation in paradise. For those clients who need extensive dental work, we offer free high-quality accommodations for the time necessary to complete your transformation. In some cases that can be up to a month as healing time may be needed between procedures. Contact UsWhile we can give you some general pricing over the internet, we can do much more by talking with you in person. At the International Dental Center we can talk to you over the pone  before you visit to begin building our relationship and to discuss the various options. Obviously there is only so much we can do without an examination but we will do what we can from a distance.Call Us Todayto our USA PhoneFree Accommodations Get a Luxury Vacation to Make you Smile, Smile, Smile! Clients who see Dr. Hernandez for extensive dental work will need to stay in beautiful Puerto Vallarta for a minimum of two weeks, depending on the work you are having done.Fortunately, Dr. Hernandez offers his clients who are doing full dental makeovers a free place to stay. (Rentals are available for other clients. Ask for information.) All Rooms equipped with:•32 inch Flat Screen TV, with Cable Service that includes all major US Networks•King Bed in single or double occupancy•Refrigerator•Complimentar
Bookings available for Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  Show Times
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
$2488  -  $1200
If you are missing a tooth but you are in good general health, with healthy gums and a jawbone that can support an implant, implant treatment may be an option for you. (However, keep in mind that in many cases, third molars called "wisdom teeth" do not require replacement.)Implants offer stability because they fuse to your bone. Integration of the implants into your jaw also helps your replacement teeth feel more natural and some people also find the secure fit more comfortable than conventional substitutes.Health is more a factor than is your age. For example, chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or leukemia, may interfere with healing after surgery.And if you use tobacco, you are at greater risk of experiencing gum disease, which can weaken the bone and tissues needed to support the implant.Candidates for dental implants need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. A thorough evaluation by your dentist will help determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.
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Smile Vallarta

(888) 848-7639 ext: 87444Francisco Medina Ascencio #2898, Villa las flores, Puerto Vallarta, 48335
"Excellent"Becky, Canada, 08 Feb 14
"Excellent. Dr Sanchez is gentle and its the best cleaning I have ever had."
Welcome,Smile Vallarta Dentist Dr Alejandro Sánchez have been serving the area for over 17 years. From General & Family Dentistry to advanced cosmetic dentistry,We can handle all your dental needs. Dr Sánchez is committed to provide you the highest quality in dental care in a confortable and relaxing,state of the art environment. We offer the full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry services,including porcelain crowns,porcelain dental veneers,braces to straighten your smile,teeth whitening,and we´ll replace your broken or missing teeth,and provide after-hour emergency dental services for those who need immediate attention. Give us a call today ! and let´s discuss how we may be able to help you with your dental needs.
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Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
From $338
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Dentist Ignacio Gómez Gutiérrez

(888) 848-7639 ext: 26453Calle Ignacio L. Vallarta No. 322, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, 48360
"Really good experience"Martina, San Francisco, California, 30 Dec 14
"Really good experience, definitely recommend Dr. Gomez Gutierrez. I planned my trip to PV for vacation, not dental work. So when I had a dental emergency I didn't know what to do or who to see. I'm just really glad I saw this dentist. I ended up having 5 fillings and a root canal. It all went amazingly well. And honestly I was shocked by how affordable it was. The reason I had such dental issues is that I can never afford to get everything fixed in the Bay Area (where I live). I'll definitely be back when I need more serious work done. The price makes it worth the cost of airfare, easily."
Dr. Ignacio Gomez Gutierrez in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico A Graduate of the University Of Guadalajara, Dr. Ignacio Gomez is the most popular and well-respected dentist in Puerto Vallarta. He is up to date on all the latest in dental computer technology and specializes in all areas of your dental needs. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. PREVENTION - RECONSTRUCTION - COSMETIC - EMERGENCY Don't live with dental pain or discomfort. Incorporate your dental work into your vacation schedule at a fraction of the cost with painless and professional results. Porcelain Crowns without Metal Cosmetic Bonding Mercury-free Fillings Bridge Construction & Repair Caps Cleaning Implants Digital x-rays with 90% less radiation Specialist in Esthetics and Prosthesis WE CATER TO DENTAL CHICKENS!! We want you to go home smiling
Bookings available for Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  Show Times
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
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