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Acu Solution and Acupuncture Clinic - Acupuncture Clinic in India

Acu Solution and Acupuncture Clinic

Banashankari 2nd Stage, kadrenahalli, Natures Clinic, Bangalore, 560070
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we do only Acupunture, In our clinic practice  We are specialized in treating diseases and disorders like : Asthma, Gastritis, Insomnia, Palpitation, Epilepsy(fits), Hernia (acute), Tinnitus (acute), Swellings,  Frozen shoulder, Neck pain, Stiffness of neck, Peri arthritis of shoulder, Sciatica, Rheumatoid arthritis, Body pain, Sprain, Tennis elbow, Gouty arthritis, Spine pain (acute), Knee joint pain, Osteoarthritis, Back pain, Thigh pain, Ankle pain.  Renal calculi(Kidney stone), Bladder and Gall, Bladder Stone,   All kind of Gynecology problems Infertility, Low sexual desire, Obesity, Poly cystic ovary syndrome, Premenstrual syndrome, Fibroid, etc,  Any kind of Male infertility Low Sperm count, Erectile dysfunction, Low sexual desire, etc,  Migraine, Headaches (any kind),  Hyper tension, Hypo tension, Hypo and Hyper Thyroid.  Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Nausea and vomiting, Dysentery (acute), Morning sickness, Abdominal pain, Chole cystitis. Diabetes mellitus  Urination problem (any kind), Epistaxis, Eczema, Hyper lipaemia , Ménière’s disease,  Sore throat (including tonsillitis), Whooping cough.
Dry Needling  
Fertility Acupuncture up to ₹500
More than 60% success rate in infertility
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Anandamaya Wellness Center - Acupuncture Clinic in India

Anandamaya Wellness Center

1252, 7th Cross, 27th Main, J P Nagar I Phase, Bangalore, 560078
Anandamaya Wellness center is based on Vedic wellness concepts for Holistic Health & Well-being. We offer an integrated approach of Ayurvedic lifestyle concepts, Naturopathy, Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating modern day psycho-somatic illness and chronic degenerative conditions. The treatments we offer are highly personalized to each individual based on their state of health and constitution. Treatments offered are Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga therapy, Diet & Nutrition consultation (based on Ayurvedic concepts) and Naturopathic consultation. Encouraging results are found in treatment of several chronic ailments through a effective integration of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga therapy & Food therapy.
Dry Needling  
Fertility Acupuncture from ₹800
Acupuncture has been more than proven through several scientific studies about its benefits in the management of Male or Female infertility. The success rates of IVF will jump by about 10 - 15 % with Acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture also helps in male infertility to improve the sperm count, morphology & motility
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Rehab One - Physiotherapy Clinic in India

Rehab One

11, Ist Main BRR Layout , Behind RK Plaza, Banaswadi Main Road , Dodda banaswadi, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560043
For more information about Rehab One in Bangalore please contact the clinic.
Dry Needling ₹300 - ₹400
Physiotherapist Consultation up to ₹300
Sports Injury Rehabilitation - Strapping and Taping from ₹300
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Diagram Health Care - Beauty Salon in India

Diagram Health Care

RMV Hospital, RMV 2nd Stage, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore, BANGALORE, 560094
We offers treatment like Dry Needling Technique, Mckenzie Treatment, Myofascial Trigger Point release, Fascial Manipulation,  Kinesiotaping techniques and Mulligan approaches. With the most advanced treatment approaches, we offer solution to almost all the neuromusculoskeletal pain conditions. Conditions like cervicogenic headache , Spondylosis, Arthritis, Disc pain, jaw pain , post pregnancy pain and all other musculoskeletal pain conditions would be treated in quick time.
Dry Needling
Dry Needling Therapy up to ₹700
Fascial Manipulation  
Dry Needling  
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Sama Wellness Clinic - Acupuncture Clinic in India

Sama Wellness Clinic

79,14th Cross, 20th Main, 2nd Phase, J.P Nagar, Bangalore, 560078
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Her Accupuncture and Yoga helped me physically, her belief and confidence helped me mentallySoneeta, India, 12 09 16

It is off course a very frustrating phase in life when all your efforts to have a baby keeps vanishing in thin air. The anxious wait for the date to miss the periods always disappoints. At certain point of time it starts affecting your personal, profession and social life. You start staying away from anyone who has got cute bundle of joys. You start avoiding functions and gathering. I have been there, done that and believe me even though your doctor says to stay happy and relaxed, it is just next to impossible to spend a single moment not thinking about it, about where things are going wrong. After trying naturally for a year, I had a case of ‘Ectopic pregnancy’. That put me into a high risk condition of having another ectopic. After a long wait and again trying naturally there was no result. Next step was IUI and it failed twice. I had prepared myself for anything that future had in store for me. And then one fine day my friend recommended ‘Sama Wellness Clinique’. Though the concept of acupuncture sounded exciting I was skeptical about its results. But with my first meeting with Dr Sneha, I realized all the faults in my treatment. Her smile gave me confidence and I went ahead with the treatment. I saw great improvement in the endometrial thickness in the first month of treatment. In the second month my husband and I both went for the treatment. I was preparing for a better chance at IUI this time. When I went for the follicular study doctor said that there are 5 good eggs released but doing IUI might increase the chances of multiple pregnancy. She asked us to try naturally. I discussed what the doctor said with Dr Sneha. She gave me a few advices and I followed it very religiously. And then came the anxious wait to miss the periods….and it did. But I still had to wait to check if it was in the right place and not in the tube. The results said everything was fine. One person whom I really wanted to thank when I first heard the heartbeat of the fetus was Dr Sneha. Apart from her treatment she also has an aura of positivity that inspires you to have faith. Her needles and yoga helped me physically, her belief and confidence helped me mentally and her smile helped me spiritually. And yes…it is the combination of a good physical, mental and spiritual health that is required to conceive…and SAMA WELNESS CLINIC is the place to get it.

Dry Needling  
Physiotherapist Consultation  
An approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with pain. Physiotherapy treatments at Sama Wellness Clinic involve-  •Interferential Therapy - stimulating the muscles by electric pulses to relieve pain •Ultra sound massage - Using ultra sound waves to repair the damaged tissue. •Trigger point release technique - To release the tightened muscle fibres. •Electro Acupressure- Stimulating acu points and painful areas by using electric pulses •TENS - An effective long acting pain relieving safe treatment  •Hydrotherapy - Water at different temperatures used to improve circulation and thus aid faster recovery from pain. •Exercises - Guide on Stretching and Strengthening exercises which are specific to the body parts involved. If you are suffering from any of these – •Back pain  •Neck pain   •Shoulder pain •Arthritic pains •Migraine headaches  •Sinusitis problems Neurological conditions like  •Paralysis •Trigeminal Neuralgia •Carpal Tunnel Syndrome •Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) •Facial palsy Then this is what you should opt now. Pain management at Sama involves multi model approach through techniques like Physiotherapy, Acupuncture & Acupressure, Shiatsu, Hydrotherapy, Myo-facial release/ Trigger point release techniques and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for coping with pain and thus improving quality of life.
Trigger Point Therapy  
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STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy Pvt.Ltd. - Physiotherapy Clinic in India

STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy Pvt.Ltd.

house 20,JP Nagar, bangalore, 560078
STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy Pvt.Ltd. Quality Care with Personal TOUCH..... We follow the Ethics of World confederation of Physical Therapy(United State) S-Sports Injury Rehabilitation T-Traumatic Injury Rehabilitation R-Repetitive Strain Injury Rehabilitation I-Intervention with Early(For children) D-Dealing Neuromuscular Rehabilitation E-Elderly Care / Ergonomic Rehabilitation Bangalore's First and Only One 24/7 Physiotherapy Home Care Service provider STRIDE Home Care Physiotherapy Pvt.Ltd. provide Physical Therapy Service to the patients who are not able to come for treatment to Hospital or Clinic due to injury or disability.  STRIDE follow the Ethics of World Confederation of Physical Therapy (USA).  STRIDE provide mainly Sports injury rehabilitation, any Traumatic Injury rehabilitation, RSI (Repetitive Strain  Injury rehabilitation), Intervention for the early (i.e for Childrens),  dealing any Neuromuscular rehabilitation, Elderly or Aged Care rehabilitation, Ergonomic Related rehabilitation. STRIDE  provide physiotherapy assessments and treatment at the comfort of your own home.   This service is often utilised by patients that have difficulty attending clinic appointments or for those that are experiencing difficulty performing everyday activities at home.   People that benefit from a home assessment and treatment are those that have difficulty getting in and out of bed, in and out of chairs, up
Dry Needling  
Physiotherapist Consultation ₹400 - ₹1000
Stroke Rehabilitation ₹400 - ₹500
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Recoup NeuroMusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre - Orthopaedic Clinic in India

Recoup NeuroMusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre

# 312, 10th Block, Anjanapura Layout Further Extension, Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar, 80 Feet Road, Bangalore, 560062
For more information about Recoup NeuroMusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore please contact the clinic.
Dry Needling  
Physiotherapist Consultation  
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