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Spa Heaven Massage

Spa Heaven Massage

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Churchfields, South Woodford, London, London, E18 2REUK

Popular Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage £60 - £120
Sports Massage £60 - £90
Hot Stone Massage £70 - £100
Indian Head Massage £60 - £90
Neck and Shoulder Massage £60 - £90
Swedish Massage £60 - £90
Lomi Lomi Massage £60 - £90
Facial Massage £60 - £120
Holistic Massage £60 - £120
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About Spa Heaven Massage

For more information about Spa Heaven Massage in South Woodford please contact the clinic.
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Massage Therapy

£60 - £120

Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)

Deep tissue massage treatment focus on different layers of your muscle and tendon tissue and help to relax and lengthen muscles and reduce repetitive strain pattern injuries. Benefits of deep tissue include strengthened muscles, reduced inflammation, ease aches and strain, improved posture.

£60 - £120

Facial Massage (1 hour)

Facial massage works towards improving the tone and firmness of facial skin. It involves gentle kneading of the facial muscles to revive tired skin and eliminate excess fluid in the skin surface. A good facial massage helps to minimise wrinkles and tension lines.
£60 - £120

Holistic Massage (1 hour)

£70 - £100

Hot Stone Massage (1 hour)

£60 - £90

Indian Head Massage (45 mins)

Indian Head Massage involves deep kneading of the scalp and neck with gentle strokes over pressure points on your face. It is helpful for relieving tension headaches, stress and reducing tightness in the head and neck.

£60 - £90

Lomi Lomi Massage (1 hour)

Lomi Lomi means to push, pull and knead in Hawaiian. Lomi Massage is appl

ied using forearms and hands, comprising fluid, rhythmic motions. Imagine smooth, powerful waves of relaxation sweeping over your body, with different parts being massaged at the same time. This massage is an overall healing system and a deep sense of balance, restoration and natural peace is achieved as your body and mind totally switch off.

£60 - £90

Neck and Shoulder Massage (1 hour)

Targeted massage with focus on the neck and shoulders. Shoulder massage is an effective way of increasing your range of motion, reduce tension, stiffness and achieve greater flexibility
£60 - £90

Sports Massage (1 hour)

Sports massage is a massage technique used to stretch the muscles and connective tissues of the body to enhance performance. This technique helps to stimulate circulation, increase lymph flow, relax muscle spasm and relieve pain.
£60 - £90

Swedish Massage (1 hour)

Swedish massage is the classic style of massage that comes to mind when most people think about massage. The goal is to relax the entire body and this is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Additional techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, bending and stretching.
Spa Heaven Massage - Churchfields, South Woodford, London, London, E18 2RE,

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Churchfields, South Woodford, London, London, E18 2REUK

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