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Hypnotherapy from £60
Reflexology from £30
Indian Head Massage from £30
Reiki from £30
Food Sensitivity Testing from £50
Luxury Thai Foot Reflexology from £40
Hopi Ear Candling from £28
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About Alternatively Better

Non surgical appearance enhancement procedures are performed by the team at this clinic located at Grassendale in Liverpool. The team is led by a qualified dermatologist, registered nurse with wide experience in enhancing the appearance of patients using non invasive techniques. The goal of the team is to help patients look younger and more beautiful in the shortest possible time using the best available techniques and products. Services available at the clinic include the administration of anti aging facial injectables, laser based hair removal and facial rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, skin peels, IPL hair removal and treatments for hand and feet.

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  • BCMA - British Complementary Medicine Association (UK) 
  • ATCM - Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK) 
  • BAcC - British Acupuncture Council (UK) 
  • RCHM - Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (UK) 


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Holistic Health

from £28
Hopi Ear Candling (40 mins)
A Hopi Ear Candle treatment is a deeply relaxing, calming experience and is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. Used for centuries throughout North America and Asia, originating from the Hopi Tribe. Hopi means ‘peaceful people’. The Hopi Tribe were the first settled Pueblo Indians of the North American continent. For many centuries they lived in harmony with nature and the original universal laws passed down to them by the great creator Massauu. Their responsible treatment of Mother Earth, their culture standards, universal spirituality and pronounced knowledge of healing still underline the elevated status of these peaceful people.
from £60
Hypnotherapy (1 hour)
Hypnotherapy is a very popular and powerful way to help people quit smoking or any other bad habits or addictions. Hypnotherapy is proven to be the most effective way to give up smoking.
from £30
Reflexology (45 mins)
Reflexology Is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes the natural function of the related body area. It has proven highly successful over time to relieve symptoms or ease pain or discomfort, that have manifested themselves physically in the body-either as a result of STRESS, trauma or disease.
from £40
Luxury Thai Foot Reflexology (1 hour 20 mins)
An exotic treatment inspired by an ancient Polynesian rite for bestowing well being to the feet. Luxurious pebble foot soak beautifully fragranced with Taire flower extract. Removal of hard skin & nail tidy, followed by reflexology using Thai foot massage stick. Leaving feet feeling and looking fabulous.
from £30
Reiki (45 mins)
Is primarily perceived as a practice for healing the body, it is also a method for healing the mind, and spirit. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy” universal life energy flows through all of us (chakra), however this flow of energy can become blocked during periods of stress and illness.

General Practice

from £50
Food Sensitivity Testing
Food sensitivities are on the increase due to many factors, stress, pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and hormone in our foods, over indulgence in specific food groups to name a few. There are many unpleasant symptoms including abdominal pain and related conditions, asthma, eczema, migraines, weight gain, joint pain, depression, fatigue, A.D.H.D., sinus conditions, hay fever and many more that can be related to food and food additive intolerances.

Massage Therapy

from £40
Aromatherapy Body Massage
Regarded by most a truly holistic massage, treating the individual as a whole, rather than just concentrating on physical conditions. A more gentle, slower massage, taking into account the face and scalp, which is quite often neglected by remedial or Swedish massage. Incorporating the use of essential oils making a wonderful addition to this massage. Not only can the fragrance lift your mood, but the individual oils have therapeutic properties that can enhance the health giving effect of massage.
from £38
Full Body Massage (1 hour 20 mins)
Massage can both stimulate and relax the mind and body. Swedish massage is a vigorous and deep massage, which helps to relieve muscular pain and tension. Stimulating the skin boosts the circulatory and lymphatic systems. As tense muscles relax, stiff joints loosen and the nerves are soothed. Leaving you with an overall feeling of relaxation and a sense of well-being.
Hot Stone Massage
from £60
Hot Stone Therapy Full Body Massage
Ultimate relaxation. Hot Basalt stones, smoothed by the cool, clear pure waters of a Peruvian river. These volcanic Basalt Stones are carefully selected for their size and shape. Imagine the warm stones as they glide over your skin, warmth radiates through your body, relieving stress and tension. Relaxation is instant as the warmth cocoons your body, giving you a soothing yet deep and profoundly effective massage.
from £40
Hot Stone Therapy Back Massage
Ultimate relaxation. Hot Basalt stones, smoothed by the cool, clear pure waters of a Peruvian river. These volcanic Basalt Stones are carefully selected for their size and shape. Imagine the warm stones as they glide over your skin, warmth radiates through your body, relieving stress and tension. Relaxation is instant as the warmth cocoons your body, giving you a soothing yet deep and profoundly effective massage.
from £30
Indian Head Massage (40 mins)
The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centres within your body. If you are feeling stressed or angry, tension tends to accumulate in these areas, later tension can show up as a stiff neck, eye strain, headaches, migraine and sometimes even hair loss. Indian head massage involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help unknot blockages and relieve uncomfortable build up of tension, within these areas. However, its effect is not just physical, it works on an emotional level too, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation, relieving stress. Working on the three higher Chakras.
from £30
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage & Reflexology (1 hour)
Release stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulders and unwind after a long day with a relaxing reflexology treatment to rebalance the body’s equilibrium and restore harmony.
from £35
Remedial Massage
Localised massage for specific problem areas, easing muscle strain and damage caused by being over stretched, torn or bruised, spasm or stiffness in neck area, loss of flexibility in shoulder joint, tendonitis swelling and inflammation or tear to the tendon caused by forceful or repetitive movement. Remedial massage is the most effect treatment for many types of injury.
from £25
Runners Relief Massage (40 mins)
Deep leg massage, concentrating on hamstrings, calves and quads, releasing and easing tense tight dehydrated muscles. Using lymphatic drainage and acupressure points, joints and soft tissue mobilisation to improve motion, helping to prevent injury and muscle spasms.
from £45
Male Re-Energising Pamper Massage (1 hour 30 mins)
Melt away muscle tension, aches and pains with smooth warm volcanic stones working deep into the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage, your pamper is then completed with a face and scalp massage, leaving you refreshed and re energised.
from £45
Tranquility Relax & Surrender Massage (1 hour 30 mins)
From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head the ultimate in relaxation a journey to peace and tranquillity, tension fades as rich scents engulf and cocoon your body, relieving your from reality’s stresses. Full body, foot, hand, scalp and face massage.
from £45
Baby Massage Class (1 hour 30 mins)
Effectively and enjoyably teaching the parent simple basic, gently massage techniques to massage, soothe and nourish baby. Many cultures have used massage as part of baby care for hundreds of years, used for healthy full term babies, massage can be relaxing for both babies and parents. Studies has suggested that physical contact is good for babies, and may be particularly good for babies with special needs: such as development disabilities and down's syndrome.
from £50
Mum-to-Be Ultimate Pamper Massage (1 hour 30 mins)
Slip away into a blissful land of utter relaxation, guaranteed to help you relax and unwind. Specifically designed for mums-to-be, a nurturing, safe, effective massage to relieve back ache and shoulder tension, reduce fatigue and improve skin tone, followed by a luxury facial to promote a healthy radiant glow and a foot massage to regenerate tired feet and swollen ankles.
from £38
Sports Conditioning Massage (50 mins)
Ideally the sportsperson should have massage daily, or at least after every hard training session, this is standard practice for top sportspersons in many Eastern European countries, however not in the west. The competitive sportsperson should consider having massage at least once a week, ideally after the hardest training session of the week. Massage should always be followed by one or two days of lighter training.
from £35
Swedish Massage
Is the most commonly offered type of massage, it was developed by a Swedish physiologist Henri Peter Ling at the university of Stockholm in 1812. it consist of firm, but gentle pressure in a variety of techniques, specifically designed to relax muscles. The main purpose of which, is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles.


from £35
Acupuncture/ Chinese Herbal Medicine
Acupuncture is a system of healing which has been practised in China and other Eastern countries for thousands of years. Although often described as a means of pain relief, it is in fact used to treat people with a wide range of illnesses it’s focus is on improving the overall well-being of the patient, rather than the isolated treatment of specific symptoms. According to traditional Chinese philosophy our health is dependent on the body’s motivating energy-known as Qi-moving in a smooth and balanced way through a series of meridians (channels) beneath the skin. Qi consists of equal and opposite qualities-Yin and Yang-and when these become unbalanced, illness may result. By inserting fine needles into the channels of energy an Acupuncturist can stimulate the body’s own healing response and help restore it’s natural balance. The flow of Qi can be disturbed by a number of factors: emotional states, such as anxiety, fear, stress, anger or grief, poor nutrition, hereditary factors, infections, poisons and trauma. The principle aim of Acupuncture in treating the whole person is to recover the equilibrium between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.


from £85
Homeopathy - first treatment
Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form, with the aim of triggering the body's natural system of healing. Based on their individual symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient.

Beauty Salon Treatments

Beauty Salon Packages
from £20
Perfect Eyes Package (45 mins)
Eyebrow wax and tint Eyelash tint Full set individual lashes
from £88
Full Holiday Package (4 hours)
Shellac Manicure and pedicure Full leg, british bikini and under arm wax Eyebrow wax and tint Eyelash tint
from £68
Mini Holiday Package (3 hours)
Shellac finger and toes Half leg wax, british bikini underarm wax Eyebrow shape and tint Eyelash tint
from £42
Night Out Package (1 hour 30 mins)
Full set of individual lash extensions Full body spray tan Shellac finger nails
Body Treatment
from £35
Skin Saving Back Treatment (50 mins)
An ideal treatment for problematic skins and a treat for this hard-to-reach area. The back is deep cleansed with soothing oils and lightly dry body brushed and exfoliated to help stimulate circulation and cell renewal. Finished with a dead sea mud coat, and calmed with a luxurious massage balm.
from £30
Metamorphic Body Technique (1 hour)
The Metamorphic Technique is a simple approach to self healing and personal development. We all have great potential, but due to limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves and or lives, we tend to get ourselves stuck in particular patterns that keep us from fully realising that potential.
from £40
St Tropez Experience Spray Tanning (1 hour)
A safe natural glowing tan anytime of the year. St Tropez original tan manually applied. Light dry body brushing followed by an invigorating fruit exfoliating scrub to smooth the skin in preparation for its golden sun kissed look.
Alternatively Better

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Private Patients Welcome

Ms Tracy Farrell

Job Title:
  Chief Executive
  Massage Therapy
I have studied Complementary Therapies for 18 years. I have recognized diplomas in Aromatherapy, Body Massage, Remedial Sports Massage, Massage Therapy for people with Cancer, Massage Therapy for Babies & Children, Reiki, Reflexology, Indian head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles and Counselling. Working with Men, Women and Children of all ages.
I am a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Association of Reflexologists (AOR), The British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), The UK Reiki Federation (UKRF) and a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher.
I thoroughly enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and am committed to doing my up-most best by them through natural alternative ways for health and well-being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I commit myself throughout the year to a CPD programme (continual professional development) attending regular seminars, workshops and share groups.
Complementary therapies are proven and recognized to treating a wide range of ailments and conditions, However, they provide a wonderful preventive treatment, giving the individual a window or space for themselves, allowing time to relax and unwind in a hectic lifestyle, most of us find ourselves in today.
Through many of the therapies I have studied and through each individual I see at my practice, I have gained the awareness and courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to 
accept and understand what can not.

Mr Andreas Feyler

I graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne Australia with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Chinese Medicine in 2000. I also completed a year-long clinical internship at Nanjing University of TCM in China in 1999. My therapies of practice include traditional acupuncture, herbal medicine, and therapeutic massage (tuina).
I have been practicing in the UK since 2000 and am a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM), and the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM).
I have a special interest in the management of stress, the reduction of muscular-skeletal pain, menopause and skin disorders. Acupuncture ‘face lift’ is a new and exciting addition to my practice. Having completed post-graduate training in gynaecology and obstetrics, a large part of my practice focuses on female and male fertility and pregnancy care.  I am also a senior lecturer at the University of Wales where I teach acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Ms Hilary Hampel

I have been in full-time practice since 1989 and I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths, which was established in 1978. I trained at the North West College of Homeopathy and qualified in 1989. I was admitted onto the register of the Society of Homeopaths in 1992. I then went on to graduate at the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies in 1996, following a two year post-graduate course. My patients include people of all ages, from all walks of life.
Show Phone Number556-558 Aigburth Road, Grassendale, Liverpool, L19 3QGUK