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How much does it cost for a Hair Transplant worldwide?

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular with more men and women seeking procedures worldwide. WhatClinic aims to provide you with all the information you need when seeking hair transplants.

Many countries such as India, Thailand, Turkey, Greece and Sweden offer great standards of care to patients at affordable prices. In Turkey alone over 30,000 WhatClinic users enquired about hair loss procedures last year. Greece is also very well recommended and many hair loss professionals travel there for research and training purposes.

Wherever you decide we at WhatClinic aim to give you as much information as we can, so you can decide what is best for you. However it is still a good idea to contact the clinics to avail of any package deals, discounts or any further information you may need when choosing the right clinic for you.

What is meant by Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the body to the scalp or face of a patient. The part of the body from which the follicles are taken is called the donor site and the part of the scalp or face where follicles are placed is called the recipient site.

Is Hair Transplant permanent?

Hair transplants are usually permanent, as the translanted follicles are taken from areas where hair loss will not occur. Patients may experience hair loss in other areas of their scalp or face but in not the recipient site. The transplanted hair will fall out after the surgery, but will grow back within about six months. Surgeons usually prescribe medications to strengthen hair follicles to prevent the loss of non-transplanted hair after the surgery.

How long does it take to recover from Hair Transplant surgery?

Recovering from a hair transplantation procedure depends on the type of procedure. Patients may take many weeks to recover from an FUT, or strip type, hair transplantation procedure while recovery from an FUE type of hair transplantation surgery takes about a week.

What are the different types of Hair Transplant?

Types of hair transplantation procedures include FUSS, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or the strip method, where a strip of tissue is removed from the scalp and then hair is transplanted in groups of one to four units called follicular units, the minimally invasive FUE method where a hole is made in the donor site with a punch and single hair follicles are taken from the donor site and placed in the recipient site. The ARTAS method is a robotic hair transplantation procedure that performs the FUE hair transplantation procedure faster than traditional hair transplantation procedures.

We have all the information you need about public and private hair loss clinics that provide hair transplant Worldwide. Compare all the hair loss specialists and contact the hair transplant clinic Worldwide that's right for you.

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New Hair Institute (NHI) - Hair Loss Clinic in South Korea

New Hair Institute (NHI)

Seoul, South Korea
"We make all transplanted hair grow."It is a story felt by heart, saying, “This is a really good thing to do.”Such a valuable and touching vision raises my enthusiasm, and all members are the driving forces toward the goal.Global NHINHI New Hair, founded by Dr. WILLIAM R. RASSMAN, is the largest hair transplant network in the western United States.The service of NHI New Hair is the same anywhere in the world. The World’s Best Medical Group NHI New Hair operates 10 network hospitals in the United States, and is constantly developing surgical procedures and related medical equipment.Its Korean branch is continuing its 21-year history as the headquarters in ASIA, and is constantly conducting exchanges with the U.S. headquarters to provide the same quality of medical service.
Hair Transplant
Scalp Micropigmentation $2093 - $5024
 1> SMP reproduces even irregularities, based on the characteristics of each individual.  2>Naturalness of SMP Will the hair color become blurred or blue after the SMP procedure? During the development of the SMP procedure, the emphasis was on preventing the pigment from turning green and keeping the size of the points from changing. The tattoo that we can see is discolored and it spreads over time because of the type of pigment used and there are differences in the depth and angle of the injected skin layer. For the SMP, the ink developed by NHI is injected at a special depth and angle, which prevents deformation  3>Guaranteed scalp tattoo results with trustworthy technology  Procedure done by professional medical staff Don’t be anxious. The professional hair loss medical staff will accurately diagnose your current hair condition and carry out the procedure within a safe depth to avoid damaging hair follicles First to popularize the scalp tattoo   With reliable technology and being the first to introduce scalp tattoo, its stability and effectiveness have been recognized worldwide. 1:1 customized procedure SMP reproduces the same color, size, and density as the individual’s hair, as well as its irregularities. Self-developed medical pigment To avoid awkwardness from up close, the technology used by the medical staff, specialization of theequipment, and the use of pigment that does not turn blue over time are required.
Hair Transplant-Hairline $3349 - $5024
New Hair 3D Contour LineMake your face look smaller by correcting the appearance of an asymmetric face.The result has been made possible through 10 years of know-how! The difference is in the design and technology. We finalize the design with a different perspective from men's hair transplant. You can feel the effect of contour surgery as it makes your face appear smaller through 10 years of hair transplant technology and 1:1 customized design based on the shape of the face.Why is New Hair highly reliable in outline hairline surgery?The result has been made possible through 10 years of know-how! The difference is in the design and technology.We finalize the design with a different perspective from men's hair transplant.You can feel the effect of contour surgery as it makes your face appear smallerthrough 10 years of hair transplant technology and 1:1 customized design based on the shape of the face.Pain ManagementDuring the hair transplant, anesthetic management is handled effectively so it is rare for a patient to complain about feeling pain. However, once anesthesia wears off upon returning home, pain may be felt and may interfere with post-surgery recovery.Hair transplant is a type of surgery in which the patient stays in the same posture for an extended period, so one must relax after the surgery. If postoperative pain persists, stress increases in the body, which may lead to an adverse effect on freshly transplanted hair follicles.
Hair Transplant-FUT with Slit $4186 - $10047
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Clínica Ibérico Nogueira - Algarve - Dr Francisco Ibérico Nogueira
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
Fantastic doctor and very professional. He is an expertJohanna, Portugal, 22 06 18

Had dermal fillers for my wrinkles (around the lips). Fantastic doctor and very professional! He is an expert. Also compliments for the great staff. Very recommended, I will definitely go back.

Hair Micro-Transplant  
Hair Loss Specialist Consultation  
1 other location in Portugal for Clínica Ibérico Nogueira - Lisboa
Clínica Ibérico Nogueira - Lisboa

Clínica Ibérico Nogueira - Lisboa

Avenida Torre de Belém, nº 17, Quinta Sh
WhatClinic ServiceScore™
7.4 Very Good
from 46 users
Preston Hair Loss Clinic - Hair Loss Clinic in the UK
4.8 from 4 verified reviews
So pleased with my resultsLucy, UK, 18 11 13

My treatment went really well. I had 6 months laser hair therapy and noticed such a difference. My hair began to regain thickness. I have continued using products from Preston Hair Loss Clinic. I am so pleased with my results and would recommend this clinic to anyone who has got hair loss. There were no extra costs added on throughout my treatment. All the staff were friendly and welcoming.

Hair Transplant $2496 - $6241
You will need to schedule a consultation at one our locations to see if surgical treatment is considered the best approach for your unique hair loss condition. All of our hair transplant surgery specialists are board certified physicians. Hair transplant surgery – or “hair transplants” is a basic operation whereby the physician takes “donor hair” from the backside of the head and moves it to area experiencing hair loss. The area of the head where the donor hair is taken from is an area that will continue to grow throughout the life of most patients. 
Micrografts / Minigrafts - Hair Restoration  
Laser Hair Therapy $936 - $2496
Groundbreaking treatment in the fight against hair loss has now arrived in Manchester/Yorkshire offering Laser Hair Recovery, a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment honed in the United States. The laser hair recovery treatment is risk free and distributes laser light energy on the scalp, increasing the blood flow to the scalp and encouraging hair regrowth. Together with FDA approved hair regrowth products it is the best hair regrowth treatment on the market today. This new technology creates new blood vessel formation to encourage hair regrowth.
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Dr Srinjoy Saha - Dr Srinjoy Saha

Dr Srinjoy Saha

Kolkata, India
4.9 from 2 verified reviews
I look 10 years youngerSubba, US, 29 10 17

Hair transplant - amazing results! My back of the head healed without seeing any scars. Front of the head is full with dense hair, I look 10 years younger. Dr. Srinjoy Saha and his team were fabulous. Excellent doctor. Very knowledgeable, kind and courteous.

Hair Transplant  
Hair Loss Specialist Consultation  
1 other location in India for Dr Srinjoy Saha
Dr Srinjoy Saha Ben Nevis

Dr Srinjoy Saha Ben Nevis

Ground Floor. 11 A Rawdon Street, Kolkat
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8.9 Excellent
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San Medical Center - General Practice in Austria

San Medical Center

Salzburg, Austria
5.0 from 1 verified review
For more information about San Medical Center in Salzburg please contact the clinic.
Hair Transplant  
Hair Loss Specialist Consultation  
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9.5 Outstanding
from 298 users
Dr Bakshi Cosmetic Clinic - hair transplant-laterall view

Dr Bakshi Cosmetic Clinic

Panchkula, India
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
Happy with hair transplantRahulbhutani, India, 02 02 17

Got my hair transplant done last year.....Very happy with the results.... Very through professional and systematic and all lattest equipments. Best part is you enjoy the process with music of your choice.

Hair Transplant  
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction  
WhatClinic ServiceScore™
9.2 Outstanding
from 118 users
Medical Tourism Vietnam - Dental Clinic in Vietnam

Medical Tourism Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam
Can you imagine how great it would feel to actually experience a combination of smart health care and exotic travel? Welcome to Vietnam – the land of Culture, art and exotic beaches
Hair Transplant per 500 grafts from $3199
Hair Loss Mesotherapy from $142
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8.5 Excellent
from 26 users
Medical Hair Restoration Australia - Kate Dawes IAT
4.7 from 1 verified review
Went as expectedBrenda, Perth, 05 06 14

It was the price stated over phone. The appointment went as expected.

Hair Transplantation  
Scalp Micropigmentation  
Hair Loss Treatment
Male Hair Loss  
3 more treatments
WhatClinic ServiceScore™
8.7 Excellent
from 141 users
C Clinic - Gastroenterology Clinic in Egypt

C Clinic

Giza, Egypt
C.Clinic in Cairo ,Egypt We are ready for serve you and your relatives Plastic , GIT , Dentistry , cosmetics , dermatology , Surgery , Orthopedics , LASIK we have the best doctors with good prices
Hair Transplant  
Micrografts / Minigrafts - Hair Restoration  
FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant  
13 more treatments
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8.2 Excellent
from 6 users
Akacia Hair Clinic - Hair Loss Clinic in Somalia

Akacia Hair Clinic

Mogadishu, Somalia
5.0 from 1 verified review
The results are goodHanad, Sweden, 28 03 19

Hair transplantation. The results are good.

Hair Transplant  
Eyebrow Transplant  
Facial Hair Transplant  
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MedicalTravel -  Serdar Kara


Bern, Turkey
We as Medicaltravel health travel agency work with one of the best hospital of the world. The Medical Center Acibadem has the newest equipment and technology in Istanbul. At the same time, it is one of the most prestigious private hospitals in Istanbul and in the list of top 100 companies in Turkey. Besides, Acibadem health group corporation has been growing and developing every year. This hospital has more than hygienic standards of EU and you are taken care by the expert doctors and surgeons. Hospital has 24 different medical centres and most of them are in Istanbul. It is the first medical choice of high society in Istanbul and all around Turkey. Turkish national football team and well-known football clubs such as Fenerbahce, Galatasaray or Besiktas are also under medical protection of Acibadem. Acibadem Hospital has more than 1600 very well trained doctors, continuously improving technological and scientific developments, including expert aesthetic surgeons. Why should you prefer Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul? ? It has accreditation document determining international medical quality standards received from Joint Commission International. ? It is a member of European Foundation For Quality Management. ? It is the medical sponsor of Turkish national football team. ? It employs 10500 people and 1600 of them are doctors. ? It has more than 24 medical centres in Turkey ? It is one of the top 100 companies in Turkey and it is traded at stock m
Hair Transplantation for Men up to $3306
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction  
Hair Loss Treatment up to $3306
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8.0 Excellent
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British Hair Clinic - Hair Loss Clinic in the UK

British Hair Clinic

Shenfield, UK
5.0 from 14 verified reviews
Finally, I can have a hairline to complement the years of gym trainingRic, UK, 30 01 18

I got talked into it by my friend (who was looking like Alan Shearer but 9months later is closer to Robbie Savage - hair wise, not personality). I started losing my hair four years ago and thinned everywhere. My donor area wasn't great either. So I opted for British Hair Clinic as that's where my friend had it. Dr. Shuja was my surgeon. Great surgeon and was so easy to chat to. He reassured me and said 'he would get as much hair out of the donor area as possible without leaving it too scarce'. That made me relaxed as I'd been to Harley St and they were charging an arm and a leg and all their surgeons weren't British. Seemed difficult to have any rapport with them. As an Essex lad, it was great to be able to have conversations with a surgeon who knew London and the area. I don't trust people easily so being to chat about football, cricket and clothes during a 6-8hour procedure made it really enjoyable for me. Its 5months down the line now and I'm feeling fab. Can't wait for the summer. Finally, I can have a hairline to complement the years of gym training. A big shout to Dr. Shuja and thanks, everyone at British Hair Clinic.

Hair Restoration  
FUE Transplant  
Eyebrow Transplant  
1 more treatment
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