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Moscow Next Generation Clinic - Fertility Clinic in RussiaFeatured

Moscow Next Generation Clinic

Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 3, bld.3, Moscow
The dream of every family couple to have a child sometimes crashes against a problem called "infertility". But this is not a doom: our programmes of treatment of various types of infertility, their competent selection, ongoing monitoring and consulting help most of our patients. Sometimes the problem of infertility is solved just by administering hormonal drugs, in this case there is no need to use the complex and costly methods of assisted reproductive technologies. Our doctors never prescribe procedures not needed by the patient, but they are armed with the whole arsenal of techniques, from the basic to the most complex. One can also make use of the programme of postponed motherhood, which supposes vitrification of oocytes in the young age, with their further use in more mature age, for generation of embryo and conception with the use of in-vitro fertilisation. The cryoconservation of embryos in the bank of our clinic allows a woman not to be subjected to hormonal stimulation in the future, but to use the embryos remaining after the first transfer. IVF programs we provide: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) IVF with ICSI IVF in natural cycle Egg / sperm / embryo donation programs Artificial Insemination (AI) Programs for female patients with reduced ovarian reserve, oocytes banking, embryo banking Postponed maternity In vitro Maturation (IVM) Fertility preservation programs for cancer patients IVF with PGS/PGD Androlog
ECG - Electrocardiogram from 1200 ₽
Hormone Treatment  
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Stolichniy Doctor - compiling

Stolichniy Doctor

Butyrskaya 53/3, Moscow, 127053
Clinic "Capital Doktor " - diagnostic and treatment facilities with more experience , which is safe to entrust their health . All clinics "Capital Doktor " you are guaranteed :          confidentiality,          individual approach,          comfortable environment ,          all highly qualified professionals. In our clinics employ the best professionals in Moscow and the Moscow region, many of whom have advanced degrees . Our professionals have many years of practical experience , and constantly improve their skills by participating in international scientific conferences.
ECG - Electrocardiogram 850 ₽ - 1000 ₽
What Is an Electrocardiogram (ECG, EKG)? The (ECG or EKG) is a diagnostic tool that is routinelyused to assess the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. While it isa relatively simple test to perform, the interpretation of the ECG tracingrequires significant amounts of training. Numerous textbooks are devoted to thesubject. The heart is a two stage electrical pump and theheart's electrical activity can be measured by electrodes placed on the skin.The electrocardiogram can measure the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat, as wellas provide indirect evidence of blood flow to the. A standardized system has been developed for theelectrode placement for a routine ECG. Ten electrodes are needed to produce 12electrical views of the heart. An electrode lead, or patch, is placed on eacharm and leg and six are placed across the chest wall. The signals received fromeach electrode are recorded. The printed view of these recordings is theelectrocardiogram. By comparison, a heart monitor requires only threeelectrode leads – one each on the right arm, left arm, and left chest. It onlymeasures the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. This kind of monitoring does notconstitute a complete ECG.
Blood Pressure Monitoring 2400 ₽ - 2500 ₽
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) measures blood pressure at regular intervals. It is believed to be able to reduce the white coat hypertension effect in which a patient's blood pressure is elevated during the examination process due to nervousness and anxiety caused by being in a clinical setting. Out-of-office measurements are highly recommended as an adjunct to office measurements by almost all hypertension organizations
Cardiac Monitoring 2400 ₽ - 2500 ₽
As thecardiac monitor is most commonly used to monitor electrical activity of theheart, the patient can expect the following preparations. The sites selectedfor electrode placement on the skin will be shaved and cleaned causing surfaceabrasion for better contact between the skin and electrode. The electrode willhave a layer of gel protected by a film, which is removed prior to placing theelectrode to the skin. Electrode patches will be placed near or on the rightarm, right leg, left arm, left leg, and the center left side of the chest. Thecable will be connected to the electrode patches for the measurement of afive-lead electrocardiogram. Additional configurations are referred to asthree-lead and 12-lead electrocardiograms. If noninvasive blood pressure isbeing measured, a blood pressure cuff will be placed around the patient's armor leg. The blood pressure cuff will be set to inflate manually orautomatically. If manual inflation is chosen, the cuff will only inflate at theprompting of the health care provider, after which a blood pressure will bedisplayed. During automatic operation, the blood pressure cuff will inflate attimed intervals and the display will update at the end of each measurement. Disposable pressure transducers require areference to atmosphere, called zeroing, which is completed before monitoringpatient pressures. This measurement will
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New Life Clinic - Fertility Clinic in Russia

New Life Clinic

ul. Sovetskoy Armii, 7, Moskva, 127018
For more information about New Life Clinic in Moscow please contact the clinic.
ECG - Electrocardiogram from 1400 ₽
Ultrasound - Ultrasound monitoring (follicles endometrium) from 1210 ₽
Ultrasound - Pelvic ultrasound from 1600 ₽
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