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Dr Shafiz Surgery Clinic

Dr Shafiz Surgery Clinic

03-9212 1174 ext: 48125

UNIKlinik, 3 jalan persiaran permata,taman permata, hulu klang, Kuala Lumpur, 53300Malaysia

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Haemorrhoids Treatment

Haemorrhoids Treatment- banding RM300 - RM450
Haemorrhoids Treatment-removal surgery RM1200 - RM2000

Minor Surgery Consultation

Minor Surgery Consultation RM250 - RM450
sebaceous cyst removal RM500 - RM1200
lipoma Surgery Consultation RM500 - RM1200
lump Surgery Consultation RM500 - RM1200
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About Dr Shafiz Surgery Clinic

Uniklinik Permata as a group of clinic consist of group of doctors and staff determine to give best of experiance and medical attention regardless of patient conditions and situation.

we consist of 2 doctor that familar with surgical cares and also maternal check up.

had assisted multiple patient in multiple surgical conditions such as hemorrhoides, warts , cyst removal, and phimosis.

since been handling multiple cases of circumcision our clinic had been persistently finding ways of improving patients comfort and recovery so that patient well being come first,

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Patient reviews

4.9 from 14 verified reviews
Vetia Bouamama, Malaysia
( Review verified by phone and email)

Our son has made a full recovery

5 50 Circumcision

Thank you so much Dr. Shafiz for being so patient with our many questions as worried parents, and took them into consideration, and we are so grateful that our son, Mohamed Ali has made a full recovery.
Highly recommended he is the best Doctor.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini

tq for coming from Arab Saudi to see me and do the circumcisions. it is nice having your family to visit my clinic and Malaysia

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Edmond, Malaysia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Value for money

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: RM1600

Highly recommended. Very nice doctor, if you have any concerned problems he is willing to answer and help. Value for money. Thank you Dr. Shafiz

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini

thank you for your kind review. i am glad to help all patients that come to me

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Vincent, Malaysia
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Good services and highly skilled

Circumcision • Paid: RM1700

Zero pain. Good services and highly skilled. Great job. Highly recommended.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini

tq vincent for your review

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Mervin, Malaysia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

He spent quite some time briefing me and did not rush

5 50 Haemorrhoids Treatment • Paid: RM325

Excellent response forms the staff. From the time I called to make an appointment until I walked into the clinic the staff were helpful and friendly. The appointment was made immediately. Dr Shafiz was very experienced and explained and walked me through the process and the types of treatment. He spent quite some time briefing me and did not rush. Very professional. Would surely recommend this clinic and especially Dr Shafiz.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini

glad that you you know that not all hemorrhoides need surgery.thank you for your review

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Alexander Montgomery, Malaysia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

He is a confident and skilled doctor who made me feel comfortable through my whole procedure

5 50 Circumcision

Dr Ghana is the most professional and honest doctor I have ever met. He holds such a high amount of care for his patients and really values them. He is a confident and skilled doctor who made me feel comfortable through my whole procedure. Post surgery, he messaged me to ask how I was feeling and told me to contact him directly if I had any concerns or problems. He was very gentle during my post-surgery visits when changing my dressings.

I highly recommend this doctor all of who are thinking of visiting him. Best wishes for the rest of your career.

thank you mr alex for your review

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Satis, Malaysia
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I will return to this clinic for any of my needs


I did stapler method circumcision in this Clinic. The Circumcision was performed by Dr Shafiz. Prior to the circumcision, I went through lots online stuff and I was terrified with all the experience sharing. But I wanted to do it anyway. I was terrified and worried even when I was sitting and waiting to meet Dr Shafiz.

However, immediately after meeting him, I started to feel so relaxed because of his jovial, frank but assuring outlook. I went through the surgery.

Pain: a red ant bite is more painful than this overall procedure. All I felt was few knock sensations at the base of the penis and I felt nothing afterwards. Suddenly the Dr asked if I want to see before the wrapping, I was surprised like "done already". I was worried though if I might feel excruciating pain after the local anaesthesia effect is gone. To my surprise, there wasn't any. When I was checking prior to circumcision, people said, first erection after circumcision will be after the 3rd day. But I had an erection on the same night after surgery which was less than 12 hours after surgery. That erection was a bit painful for 2 days though because of the tightness of bandage. For this, I took the painkillers. But that is all. I didn't take any painkillers after that 2 pills. other than the extra effort to take shower without getting it wet, everything else was just normal. I was able to walk, sit, stand normally. As I pre-applied leaves, I went on shopping and movie spree. it was all okay.

Healing: On the 5th day I opened bandage as advised by Dr Shafiz. There was a bit of swelling due to the sensitivity of my glans. eventually, that went away also. The pins started to fall from 14th day onward. on 16th days 45% of the pins were gone. In less than 4 weeks time, all the pins have fallen down on its own. there was a bit of would last up to 30th of December. But realized that it was my fault. Due to being paranoid, I was irrigating the growing skins in the name of cleaning. I got busy on 30th. so I couldn't do the "cleaning" and 31st morning I realised it's fully healed.

Scar: I like what I am seeing. It is a very clean cut, high precision cutting. The last thing I wanted to see was a mutilated penis in my pants and I am very happy the see the "workmanship" if I can call that.

Service: I am a difficult customer, to begin with. I will be fuzzy about a service. Good things are, generally, they nailed the service level. Very friendly staffs, The doctor made me give a review of fantastic beasts and the crimes of Grindelwald. That is the most comfortable thing he did during the entire process. I have no idea if he is a harry potter fan. I was encouraged to WhatsApp the doctor if I have any concerns from time to time. I bet I made use of that perk. I pestered Dr Shafiz a lot with my paranoia. I was sending him tsunamis of questions for every change I observed. I am just grateful how he was responding back every time to keep my mind at peace.

Price: I initially planned for laser circumcision which was advised to be RM600. However, later I decided to go for stapler circumcision. The total cost of the procedure was RM1500. (I am not listing the price. I am pretty sure the price is subject to the clinic, the flow of procedure and so on. So do consult with the friendly staffs). I find the price very economic when considering the fact that the tool used itself should be expensive, anaesthesia not cheap either, Dr fee, special cupped underwear, medications & ointments. I find the price is really reasonable. I would especially pay for that kind of pain-free experience and a clean scar for lifelong aesthetic appearance of the penis. I even feel like I underpaid when I consider the doctor's post-surgery consultations via WhatsApp.

Thanks for the experience. I will return to this clinic for any of my needs.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini

dear satis, i am glad that u find the process of circumcision is a pleasant experience for you. Please don't hesitate to refer to your friends.thank you

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Bean, Malaysia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

The surgery went so well

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: RM1500

I have some inflammation and thinking to have a circumcision for a better hygiene quite a long time ago. Finally, took a step to contact Dr Shafiz for circumcision surgery appointment.

Dr Shafiz is so humorous and friendly which made the patient feel comfortable to discuss the method and sharing some cases. Also, getting the patient to ready for all the information sharing and surgery.

I was the first lucky patient of the doctor to implement the new anaesthesia method. Which supposed to be the most painful part during the circumcision, but with this new method, it was not painful at all honestly.

The surgery went so well, that I can even record my circumcision surgery on my own and sharing together with the doctor. Thanks for the best surgery experience ever, Dr Shafiz.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini

thank you mr bean for your patience with me

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Vincci, Malaysia
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

After doing everything, I'm surprised that I didn't feel any pain at all

Circumcision • Paid: RM698

I had a surgical circumcision surgical here. After doing everything, I'm surprised that I didn't feel any pain at all.

Friendly, helpful and good experience doctor ever. 100% recommended.

tq for your visit and review.

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Mark, South Africa
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

It was 100% good value for money

4.5 50 GP Consultation

I found this clinic on the website and chose them based on good reviews. I’m satisfied with the results of the circumcision they did. We took an hour to complete the procedure. There was no pain during the surgery, but afterwards I felt it. They gave me painkillers as well as other medication to use at home.

The clinic is quite good, the cost was not too expensive either. It took me nearly a month to make a full recovery. According to the wound check-up I had afterwards, everything had gone well. It was 100% good value for money.

hi mark. glad that you heal nicely..thank you for your trust in the clinic for managing your family

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Khoonibhai, Malaysia
( Review verified by phone)

The doctor knows what he is doing

4.5 50 GP Consultation • Paid: RM1200

I received treatment for 3rd-degree Hemorrhoid, externally visible Hemorrhoid. Excellent service provided. The doctor knows what he is doing, he can advice better than any Surgeon in other Hospitals. Before we visited a Hospital and were dissatisfied with their approach. Here the doctor has very simply by using local anesthesia first puncher the Hemorrhoid then a week later cut it out and stitched it. The procedure was outpatient treatment, with no admission and no fuss.

The pain was terrible before coming to the doctor, within 15 minutes after puncturing, pain reduced and was more bearable. Overall satisfaction 100% for treatment and doctors experience with such cases.

While the treatment was 100% satisfactory, I would give 70% only to the clinic as I would prefer much higher cleanliness when any kind of surgery is involved. As a clean atmosphere will be very helpful, practices such as changing sheets etc after every patient reduce the chances of infection. Overall, the clinic needs a classy upgrade and more assistants to help. Treatment wise again I will say, its best no doubt in that due to the doctors experience.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini
Vimal, Malaysia
( Review verified by email)

I had some infection and it was handled very well throughout my whole healing process

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: RM600

I underwent Circumcision surgery due to Phimosis. I made contact with Dr. Shafiz and everything went so well. I used to text him almost every day regarding the progress and he would reply with patience. Due to long-term Phimosis, I had some infection and it was handled very well throughout my whole healing process. Very friendly doctor and nurses.

Very recommended and reasonable price for each treatment given. Accessible location and clean environment.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini
Tan, Malaysia
( Review verified by phone and email)

Friendly environment, good doctor most important, reasonable price

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: RM500

I had an infection on my private parts foreskin. I went to a few doctors but they could not provide the proper solution or treatment, I spent 5K and yet the result was not what I expected. I searched online and came across Dr. Shafiz where I booked a consultation.

My first impression of Dr. Sharfiz was that he is super friendly, not that the previous doctors were not but he gives the feeling of a friend. He appeared to care for his patients so I was comfortable telling about my problem.

He advised me to go for a circumcision operation which I also planned to go for after the healing of the infection (I was curious why the previous doctor didn't advise me to go for this surgery). I booked the appointment and have since had the operation done. The whole operation was done in less than 30 min and I felt nothing at all. I did have some uncomfortable feeling but Dr. Shafiz was very kind regarding checking my blood pressure and making sure everything is fine for me before letting me go.

This is the second day of my operation, I feel very normal and not like I imagined previously that there will be a lot of pain or uncomfortableness. I can actually do my routine activity as usual of course I didn't go for any exercise or work out.

The charges are also super reasonable, if I had done it in the hospital I last visited they would have charged me at least 5 times the price I paid. A super thanks to Dr. Shafiz, keep up the good work you really deserve a medal.

Friendly environment, good doctor most important, reasonable price, but do make a booking of time due to Dr. Shafiz's good service, there might be a lot of patients sometimes.

Treated by: Dr Shafiz Zaini

hello Mr Tan, glad u happy with the treatment that we provided. u dont have to worry about the surgery and the recovery as we will guide all patient here from before the surgery and until u have heal completely. thank you for your wondrous comment..i am humble by your words.. sincerely doc..

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
Abdulkareem, Malaysia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Excellent treatment and staff

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: RM200

Excellent treatment and staff.

thank you mr AbdulKareem for your visit

Dr Shafiz Zaini
Dr Shafiz Zaini
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Minor Surgery Consultation
RM500 - RM1200

sebaceous cyst removal (15 mins, 2 sessions)

RM500 - RM1200

lipoma Surgery Consultation (15 mins)

RM500 - RM1200

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Haemorrhoids Treatment
RM300 - RM450

Haemorrhoids Treatment- banding (15 mins, 4 sessions)

RM1200 - RM2000

Haemorrhoids Treatment-removal surgery (30 mins, 3 sessions)

Dr Shafiz Surgery Clinic - UNIKlinik, 3 jalan persiaran permata,taman permata, hulu klang, Kuala Lumpur, 53300,

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