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Nuacell Clinic Is s a Specialist Regenerative (Stroma Vascular Cell-Based treatment) and Functional (Optimal Health and Wellness) Clinic that also provides Aesthetic and Cosmetic Services, Minor Surgical services and specialist Male Health procedures. The Nuacell Clinic specialises further in non-invasive (Filler) and invasive (Stroma Vascular Cell-Based) Facial Reconstruction and Rejuvenation, Skin Rehabilitation, Hair Transplant and non-invasive treatments for thinning of hair and hair loss.

Dr. van Eeden is a qualified Cosmetic Dermatologist and completed his specialty training and graduated Cum Laude from Queen Mary Barts and the London School of Medicine with a MSc in Aesthetic Medicine. He is currently holding a position at Queen Mary University as a Honorary Clinical Lecturer in the Centre for Cell Biology & Cutaneous Research - Blizard Institute. Dr. van Eeden became the first Irish Doctor to pass the ABHRS / IBHRS examination for Hair Restoration Surgery and is a Diplomate of the IBHRS (International Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons) and the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons). Our Clinic is very fortunate to offer you the services of an Irish registered Doctor with an ABHRS/ IBHRS qualification.

HAIR RESTORATION: The Clinic offers you the services of permanently based Qualified Physician Hair Restoration Surgeon. This is one of the few Clinics in Europe offering our clients the services of two surgical teams performing your procedure - reducing the procedure time and offering you larger procedures on the same day and in one session. The Clinic is one of only a few Clinics in Europe specialising in the FUE technique only (Follicle Unit Excision - one by one follicles removed).

GENERAL AESTHETIC SERVICES: Muscle relaxing injections for wrinkles and lines, dermal fillers, semi permanent fillers, facial volume correction and facial aesthetic correction.

ADVANCED AESTHETIC & COSMETIC SERVICES: 1. Blood PRF Stroma Vascular Cell-Based& Adipose (Micro / milli and nanofat) Stroma-Vascular-Fraction based treatments - used for facial reconstruction and rejuvenation 2. Surgical Skin and SMAS lift - Suture lift mid-face/ jawline and neck 3. Surgical Skin tightening Mini Face-lift. Procedure

ADVANCED SKIN REHABILITATION AND CHEMICAL PEEL FACE-LIFT - OBAGI BLUE PEEL & ZO CONTROLLED DEPTH PEEL SPECIALISTS. Obagi is the nr. 1 non-invasive face lift and skin rehabilitation system used by Plastic Surgeons in the USA. Dr. van Eeden was trained personally by Dr. Zein Obagi in Beverley Hills. LA in 2011. Dr. van Eeden further qualified as the only Master Obagi Practitioner in Ireland in April 2012. Dr. van Eeden was the ZO Skin Health Principle Trainer for all doctors and Practitioners in the UK and Ireland from 2014 - 2017. He has a special interest in skin rejuvenation - non-surgical facelift Blue Peel procedures and treatment of brown facial pigmentations.

SURGICAL PROCEDURES: Minor surgery for skin lesions and lacerations.

MALE HEALTH : MALE HORMONE Optimisation - TOT and MALE HORMONE Replacement - TRT Clinic. Male Circumcission - Partial or Classical and Vasectomy.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE: Optimising health, performance and quality of life - full blood, scans, examination service with design of customised treatment plan for individual clients. Males and Females

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: 1. SPORTS INJURIES - Chronic Tendonitis and Tendinosis 2. AGEING - ARTHRITIS 3. INJURIES - CHRONIC COMPLICATIONS - 1-2 Using BLOOD - PRF Stroma Vascular Cell-Based & ADIPOSE (Micro / milli and nano- fat) Stroma-Vascular-Fraction based treatments - used for facial reconstruction and rejuvenation All treatments can be used in combination with PROLOTHERAPY



We have one Class II and one Class III theatre (highest EU theatre classification). All procedures are performed in and comply with these stringent Theatre Regulations.

Our shared waiting room for all disciplines and services ensure optimal privacy and confidentiality for your visit. All consultations and treatments performed only by permanent Doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council.

QUALIFICATIONS: Dr. Sam van Eeden: MBChB BMedSci MSc Aesth Medicine(Cum Laude) Diplomate ABHRS IBHRS

 and Regenerative Medicine
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Patient reviews

4.9 from 56 verified reviews
Ricardo F, Romania
( Review verified by phone)

Procedure was painless and of good quality

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: €1450

Exceeded expectations.

I am a young healthy person in my early 30s. I never thought I would need a circumcision as I never had an issue pulling my foreskin all the way back. However, things started to change 3 years ago when I noticed a small patch of whiter skin appeared in the foreskin towards the very end. I didn't pay much attention to it but little by little my skin started losing elasticity. I tried cortisol creams as recommended by a doctor who also said that if such didn't work, circumcision would be the next thing to look at. Creams didn't work and the issue got to the point where I was having a really hard time cleaning myself because the foreskin couldn't retract behind the glands. I knew I needed to get a circumcision. I contacted Naucell Clinic and gave me an appointment same week. Dr Sam himself contacted me and from the moment I arrived at the clinic he made me feel at ease. The main reason why I decided to use his services was because of the good reviews and feedback of other patients.

Long story short Dr Sam cleared my doubts. Procedure was painless and of good quality.

Don't get a circumcision if you don't need to. I still miss my foreskin :V.

Nevertheless, if you'll get it done better be with Dr Sam. He is your man.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Dear Ricardo - I am delighted you are recovering well and had a positive experience. I value your sincere and honest review of a very daunting experience for any man :) All the very best and never look back again:) Dr. Sam

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
TeeJay, Ireland
( Review verified by email)

The procedure was quick and painless

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: €1450

I got a circumcision done by Dr Sam in Feb 2019 after many years of suffering.

My only regret is not finding Dr Sam sooner. He was world-class. Very calm and reassuring. He talked with me on the phone prior to surgery and any questions he was on hand to answer as was his secretary.

On the day of the surgery he made the whole process so straightforward I was in and out in no time. The procedure was quick and painless. The aftercare shown by Dr Sam was what really made him stand out. I had to contact him a few times afterwards with several questions and no matter what time or day/night he would respond. I know for a fact I wouldn’t get this service anywhere else.

Two years on and it’s the best decision I ever made. Dr Sam is a true professional and a master at what he does. Thank you.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Thank you TeeJay - Much appreciate your feedback and real life experience - only too happy to make you smile :) Dr. Sam

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Zack, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

I was very well satisfied with the procedure, results and the after service

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: €1450

I have undergone full circumcision procedure under Dr Sam and the service was purely world-class. Dr Sam already explained everything in detail beforehand. He has immense knowledge regarding this field.

At first, I thought it is going to be a very complex procedure but Dr Sam has made me at ease, also the clinic was very spacious, clean. I suffered from a massive foreskin but the idea of circumcision actually scared me a lot so I was postponing this procedure for decades furthermore has an issue with my sex life but thanks to Dr Sam, he is so easy to talk to ......on top of that he is just one phone call away for any kind of doubts. If it wasn't Dr Sam and his way of explaining things, the knowledge I wouldn't have undergone the procedure.

After surgery service is also the best I have seen, you have direct access to his phone no and will help you with any kind of info, doubts. I was very well satisfied with the procedure, results and the after service. Purely 5-star treatment from this clinic I would say

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Thank you Zack for your review and delighted your personal experience was good and you got over this big hurdle in your life with confidence :) Thank you and happy to assist. Dr. Sam

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Rosemary Mcguire, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I am always very pleased with his care

5 50 Deep Chemical Peel • Paid: €250

Excellent Doctor. I have been attending Dr Sam for a number of years and I am always very pleased with his care.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden
Sean Mc Donald, Ireland
( Review verified by phone)

Wouldn’t recommend him enough

5 50 Paid: €300

Went to doctor Sam in March to get blood done in March for an overall check-up. Always felt tired and have a history of depression and anxiety. Doctor Sam got the route of problem and thanks to him I’m nearly off antidepressant medication and feeling a lot better and it’s only 6 months on and I still have Not explored another therapy’s he has to offer. Wouldn’t recommend him enough

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Dear Sean - Delighted you responded so well to the treatment, but in all fairness it takes a focused and motivated patient to put hard work in to follow my advice and yes results you will reap :)

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Henry, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Best decision I ever made

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: €1350

I had a partial circumcision done with Dr Sam in early August. I’m so happy with the result and it’s only been 4 weeks. I followed all of his advice and have had no issues. Before going in do your research and ask plenty of questions. Dr Sam had all the answers and could not have been more helpful. But it helps if you know some information that way you know what result you want and Dr Sam can then achieve that for you.

Best decision I ever made. The clinic is so comfortable to deal with. Their so professional and put me at ease all through the procedure especially with the ongoing COVID situation. The clinic was immaculate and so organized. Thank you to Dr Sam and the entire clinic.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Thank you for your comments Henry and delighted you doing so well and happy with your results. This type of surgery can be challenging and complicated and it is important to make sure we deliver safe treatments with optimal results even in the midst of a pandemic. Getting a review like this means a lot to me and my staff working very hard to achieve exactly this. Thank you. Kindest. Dr. Sam

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Ciarán, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

Couldn’t be happier with the end result

5 50 Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

I used doctor Sam, and I found him unbelievable good. He was very easy to talk to and straight away he had a plan in place. Went to meet him and on the same day had my surgery and couldn’t be happier with the end result. It was pain-free during and after, couldn’t recommend Dr Sam enough. He answered and questions I had and reassured me everything was going to be all fine, also aftercare service is outstanding. You can message Dr Sam anytime and he will always reply and talk to you with any questions you might have, thanks again, Dr Sam.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Thank you for your valued response and delighted you happy with our services Ciaran...we are working hard as a team to deliver service of outstanding value and quality and would like to offer our clients nothing less than a world class experience - delighted you happy with your results :) Dr. Sam

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Germain, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

The doctor made me feel really comfortable and reassured me

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: €1235

I recently had a circumcision with Dr Sam and well, what can I say everything went perfectly. I had chronic inflamed BXO. Dr Sam made me feel really comfortable and reassured me that he'd seen cases just like my own and everything would be fine.

I would highly recommend Dr Sam if you are doing it to make your male genitals look better or for medical reasons. I was told by the hospital that I'd be waiting 1 to 2 years before even been seen never mind getting it done. With Dr Sam, he booked me in within a week after my consultation and I paid 1050 for the operation, 115 for a biopsy on my foreskin and 10 on cream.

I arrived at the clinic at 11 am and 2 hours later I was all sorted. The tea that Sandra made after it was amazing, thank you. The following few days I rested as advised by Dr Sam. He was at the end of the phone if you had any issues or questions which I found great, wasn't just like he wanted your money. I can't thank you enough Dr Sam. Cheers.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Thank you for your kind words Germain and delighted a challenging condition and situation turned out to be a very positive experience. Grateful we could have supported you and you found great solution :) Value your support and gratefulness.

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Rowan, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

From the time I walked in, I was put at ease and all my questions and concerns were addressed

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: €1290

I had a case of phimosis for some time but was too nervous and embarrassed to take action. I eventually made an appointment with Dr Sam and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. From the time I walked in, I was put at ease and all my questions and concerns were addressed. The doctor and his staff were professional and friendly.

The procedure itself was completely painless and the sedation just made me feel like I nodded off for 5 minutes. There is some discomfort after but it fades after a couple of days/ 1 week. 4 weeks post procedure I am completely healed.

Phimosis can happen for several reasons so whatever you do don’t let it go unchecked, make an appointment and get it sorted. You won’t be sorry you did. My only regret is that I didn’t go see Dr Sam months ago.

Extremely positive experience. I was kept informed of everything and it was all explained to me by Dr Sam. He even gave me his contact details and said I could reach out if I had any concerns or questions post procedure. Not too many doctors who would do that.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Thank you Rowan and delighted you recovered well and to plan - more important delighted you find the whole experience not daunting and traumatic. All the very best. Dr. Sam

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Mike, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I couldn’t be happier with how the procedure went and am really looking forward to my recovery

5 50 Circumcision

Was extremely nervous going in for my circumcision. However, I was completely put at ease by Dr Sam who ensured it was going to be a completely painless procedure. He does his job very professionally and also acts as a friend talking to you about what all with happen throughout.

I couldn’t be happier with how the procedure went and am really looking forward to my recovery. Thank you so much to you and the staff at your clinic as well.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Delighted you "survived" well and recovering well Mike :) All the very best and we happy when you happy - Dr. Sam

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Anonymous, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

You're treated so well, l they make you feel like a friend in a relaxed environment

5 50 Circumcision

For years I’ve suffered from extremely tight foreskin, it took me a long time to go about getting it sorted. I’m only sorry I didn’t find Dr Sam sooner as I’ve gone years in silence with this issue. I got a partial circumcision as my choice and I’m so happy with the results it’s a couple of weeks since the surgery. I've never felt as happy with the result.

In the process I needed part of skin tested as lesion was found Dr Sam had it tested and all was ok. Another thing I have to say about Dr Sam is that he stays in touch with you regularly to make sure you are doing good and recovering well. I really liked that and it showed the good character this man has.

I have a generalised anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. I’m an extremely nervous person in my daily life we won’t go too much into that here. Going for this procedure I was beyond the point of tears I was so anxious but I knew deep down I was in good hands with Dr Sam after our previous consultation few weeks prior.

He calmed me so much and reassured me everything will be ok. Played my favourite music allowed a friend to come in beforehand which made me even more relaxed. He is a true gentleman and he takes his work very seriously. A lot of places you call or attend for consultations is very in and out we want your money bye type vibe. By no means is this the case at this practice. I love a good distance from Malahide and I’m happy a made the trip.

You're treated so well, l they make you feel like a friend in a relaxed environment. I’m sorry I didn’t find you sooner Dr Sam thank you for everything forever grateful to you.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Hi Jamie - Delighted you so happy with your end result !! - I agree the whole subject and concept of a male procedure can be very daunting, but hey... that's my job and will always make sure you safe and getting the best possible intervention and support. Now you can go out there with confidence :) thank you for your valued reflexion Jamie.

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Thomas, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

The results are exactly as he promised

5 50 Circumcision • Paid: €900

I suffered from phimosis for many years and visited numerous doctors and clinics about my issue, but I had no success as many doctors did not fully understand the problem. I then heard of Dr Sam and the Arte Novi Clinic from an online forum and decided to give them a call. I had an appointment booked within a few days of my call and the staff were incredibly helpful.

Within 2 mins of Dr Sam examining my problem, he knew exactly what was wrong and what had to be done. His experience and knowledge in this area are incredible.

He had a plan in place for me and assured me everything would be fine. I decided to have a partial circumcision done on the day and I was heading home on the bus within a couple of hours. Dr Sam gave me his personal phone number if I needed him day or night and discussed the recovery process with me. Dr Sam even took a phone call from me the next week while on his holiday abroad, which says a lot about him.

The results are exactly as he promised as I was able to keep the majority of my foreskin and the visual look of it is perfect. Dr Sam's experience in this area is impeccable and I'm sure he's seen every problem imaginable, but what stands out is his patient care as he is very friendly and makes the experience much easier. As everyone says my only regret is not having the procedure done sooner.

Thank you, Dr Sam.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Hi Thomas - you most welcome and humbly accept your gratitude and most of all delighted you happy,looking good and working well :)

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
Killian, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

I'm now 2 weeks post-op and happier than ever with the results

5 50 Circumcision

So I had suffered from Phimosis and only up until recently did read up about what it is via the website that is linked with Arte Novi Clinic.

I booked a consultation for a Friday afternoon to find out more about the treatment involved and about recovery etc. I left the clinic and arranged the following week to have the treatment done. One of my main concerns was when I could resume work and return to exercising.

The procedure we had agreed to do was Partial Circumcision and Frenuloplasty. When I went to the clinic I received a local anaesthetic which made me feel like I dozed off for 5 mins however 1-hour passed and the procedure was done!

No pain at all, only a little nauseous that evening from the local anaesthetic which is a common side effect that lasts only about 20 seconds.

I had no complications and by Tuesday morning I was able to resume to Spinning classes with zero pain or discomfort!

The stitches dissolved within 7 - 10 days and I'm now 2 weeks post-op and happier than ever with the results.

Dr Sam was always accessible through call or text with any concerns I had day or night. I would highly recommend this to anybody interested and to just book a consultation!

The clinic was very welcoming and easy to find. The staff made me feel really comfortable, relaxed coming in for the consultation and then treatment.

Treated by: Dr Sam van Eeden

Delighted you happy and as promised - no pain :)

Dr Sam van Eeden
Dr Sam van Eeden
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  • IMC - Irish Medical Council (Ireland) 
  • ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (International) 
  • ESHRS - European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (International) 
  • ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (International) 
  • IBHRS - International Board of Hair Restoration Specialists (International) 
  • IAHRS - International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (International) 
  • ABHRS - American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (US) 
  • AHLA - American Hair Loss Association (US) 


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Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Plastic Surgery

up to €1550

Circumcision- CLASSICAL OR PARTIAL (2 hours 30 mins)

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Circumcision (for adults only) - FOR TIGHT FORESKIN / PHIMOSIS (2 hours 30 mins)

Medical Aesthetics

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Carboxytherapy - Hair Loss (20 mins)

20-30 minutes treatment -  repeating monthly or 3-4 times per year - STIMULATION HAIR GROWTH = 
Cheek Augmentation
from €250

Cheek Augmentation - FILLER

€1800 - €4800

Cheek Augmentation - MICRO / MILLI AND NANO- FAT - Adipose Tissue Stroma Vascular Fraction + PRF (3 hours)

Enhancing / Restoring and Rejuvenating loss Facial Cheek Volume - Using your own body fat / Adipose Tissue for the procedure - If you prefer not to use any synthetic filler and want to achieve a more natural correction and optimisation of your appearance using your body own tissue - Fat cells are sourced with a Liposuction Procedure. The Adipose tissue is processed and a preparation of Macro fat - larger cheek volume loss correction / Milli  fat - cheek bone and smaller volume loss correction for skin support and Nanofat for wrinkles and lines correction

The procedure is offered only under FREE sedation services - painless procedure - enquire from the clinic please 

€250 - €1600

Deep Chemical Peel

Excellent and low down time chemical peels - BioREpeel - excellent TCA peel with Amino-acids to enhance skin rejuvenation and advanced technology to reduce redness and very little peeling with deep penetration results - no down time or off-work time needed.

Traditional Skin Rejuvenation with Skin / Face Lift effects  - Deep tightening peels - Obagi Blue Peel and ZO Controlled Depth Peel offered 

€350 - €900

Skin Boosters - Sunekos and Profhilo

SUNEKOS - DARK CIRCLES AND FINE LINES AROUND THE EYES IMPROVEMENT - Skin Enhancement and contouring - face neck and décolletage - 

PROFHILO - Skin Enhancement and contouring - face neck and décolletage 


Dermal Fillers


Fat Filler


Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler

Use of Radiesse for soft tissue augmentation. This product is particularly suitable for chin augmentation and improvement of the ageing jawline - very suitable and popular for female and male chin and jaw enhancement.

Teosyal™ Filler

All traditional areas for correction and enhancement - Upper / Mid-face / Lower face and Jawline / Neck and décolletage
€450 - €900

Gynaecomastia / male breast non-surgical

NUACELL CLINIC - Dr Sam van Eeden, MD  MBChB BMedSci Diplomate ABHRS IBHRS MSc Aesth Med Cum Laude

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Dr Sam van Eeden - Doctor at NUACELL CLINIC

Dr Sam van Eeden

Job Title:
  Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Beauty Therapy, Cosmetic Medicine, Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics, Dermatology, General Practice, Hair Transplant Surgery
  English, Dutch

Dr Sam van Eeden is the Medical Director and founder of the Arte Novi Clinic. Dr. van Eeden has extensive training and experience in Aesthetic Medicine in Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, The United States, The Caribbean and South Africa and has been practicing Aesthetic Medicine for the last 22 years. He is also the first and only ABHRS/ IBHRS qualified hair transplant doctor in Ireland. He is only one of eight Hair Restoration Surgeons in Europe and the only doctor in Ireland with this International qualification. 

The popularity and success of the Clinic resulted in the opening the second Clinic in April 2011 in South Africa - providing Hair Transplant and Skin Restoration Medical Tourism to South Africa. The third clinic was opened in May 2012 in Pretoria, South Africa. This enable the Clinic to offer world class Skin and Hair Restoration services at more competitive and affordable prices. The Arte Novi Clinic is a popular destination for patients traveling mainly from Belgium, Switzerland, the U.K, Austria and Germany. Our Hair Restoration Services are COMPETITIVELY PRICED and competing with service providers in these Countries. Our International Clients has a choice of traveling for treatments to our Clinics in Ireland or any of the two Clinics in South Africa. REFERENCES AVAILABLE.

The Clinic is known for its high international standard of services and treatments offered. The popularity of the Clinic is a result of offering high end excellent treatments at very competitive and affordable prices. All consultations and treatments are performed only by Medical Doctors registered with the Medical Council Ireland and the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.

Dr. Sam van Eeden:  IMC : 122373   MBChB, BMedSci, ABHRS, IBHRS

(01) 525 5077

Kilronan House, Church Road, Malahide, Co.DublinIreland