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Vlata Dental Clinic

Vlata Dental Clinic

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Monday08:30 - 20:00
Tuesday08:30 - 20:00
Wednesday08:30 - 20:00
Thursday08:30 - 20:00
Friday08:30 - 20:00
Saturday08:30 - 14:00

Popular Treatments

Metal-ceramic crown on implant From ₴4180
Ceramic Veneers From ₴4180
Teeth Whitening for the entire oral cavity From ₴1254
Dental Crowns
Plastic crown From ₴564
Restoring a tooth. crown From ₴334
Dental Bridges
Adhesive bridge (1promezhutok) From ₴2717
Adhesive bridge (2promezhutka) From ₴4389
Removal of milk teeth From ₴125
Removing tooth odnokorenevogo From ₴209
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From ₴4180
Augmentation (enlargement) of the alveolar ridge
Dental Bridges
From ₴2717
Adhesive bridge (1promezhutok)
From ₴4389
Adhesive bridge (2promezhutka)
Dental Checkup
From ₴63
Initial inspection
Dental Crowns
From ₴334
Restoring a tooth. crown
From ₴564
Plastic crown
From ₴4180
All-porcelain crown
From ₴4180
Metal-ceramic crown on implant
From ₴8360
Mini Dental Implants (MDI)
From ₴75
X-ray image
From ₴2717
Full removable denture
From ₴125
Tooth extraction about periodontitis
From ₴125
Husking periodontal cyst after tooth extraction
From ₴125
Removal of milk teeth
From ₴209
Removing tooth odnokorenevogo
From ₴334
Removal of multi tooth
Surgical Extractions
From ₴543
Difficult removal
From ₴836
Difficult removal 8th tooth
From ₴460
Composite fillings
From ₴50
Covering teeth fluoride varnish
General Anesthesia for dental treatments
From ₴84
Anesthesia ("Septonest" "Ubistezin")
From ₴125
Removing the pin from the root canal
From ₴230
Gingivovektomiya 1 tooth
From ₴84
Consultation periodontist
From ₴104
Periodontal dressing in the tooth 1
Root Canals
From ₴313
Root canal treatment
From ₴251
Amputation root
Root End Surgery
From ₴836
Operation cystectomy with resection of the root apex in the front tooth
From ₴1149
Operation cystectomy with resection of the root apex in the molars, pre- molars
From ₴11285
Lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sinus lift)
From ₴585
Surgery for surgical lengthening of the tooth
From ₴1254
Teeth Whitening for the entire oral cavity
From ₴4180
Ceramic Veneers

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Private Patients Welcome

Dr Copula Vadim Vladimirovich

Job Title:
Chief doctor of dental clinic "Vlata." In 1994 graduated from the Moscow Academy of Dental. In 1996, completed an internship in "prosthodontist." From 1995 to 1997 he worked as a dentist in a private office at the "Yard" in Sevastopol. C 1997 to 2003 worked at the hospital in Moscow. Since 2003 he has been working in the clinic "Vlata." Vadim Vladimirovich is receiving orthopedic and therapeutic dentistry. - November 1997 - practical course on microprosthetics (veneers, inlays) in the training center, "Dean MMSI", Moscow. - December 1998 - Training Seminar "Prosthesis clasp dentures with keystones fixtures company "ZL-MICRODENT" (Germany), Moscow. May - June 2001 - the practical course and master class "AMERICAN DENTAL ACADEMY" PRF. Joffe (USA): - direct and indirect restorations, - practical course "Edodonticheskoe root canal treatment. Recovery methods of teeth. " - November 2002 - participant of the international conference "Aesthetics in dentistry", Moscow. - December 2002 - a master class of prof. Rufenahta (Switzerland) "veneers and ceramic crowns", Moscow. - May 2003 - practical course "Art restoration of anterior teeth," Poltava. - March 2004 - member of the International Conference FDI and ASU "Creating aesthetics in dental prosthetics metal-ceramic crowns. Aesthetics with prosthetic dentures ", Kiev. - May 2005 - Party Retreat teachers Tel Aviv Dental Academy in Kiev "Features of treatment silnozagnutyh and curved root canals." - October 2005 - Workshop and practical course "Modern methods of root canal filling. Using medical microscope and ultrasound in the treatment of root canals, "Learning Center" Profident + ", Lviv. - January 2006 - practical course "Problems of corrections and treatment of occlusion. Using the articulator in prosthetics, "Learning Center" INTEX ", Kiev. - March 2006 - participant of the seminar and practical course "Direct and indirect restorations. Prosthesis using veneers, all-ceramic systems and tabs. The problem of occlusion in esthetic dentistry, "Dusseldorf (Germany).

Dr Narina D. Bocharov

Job Title:
In 1997 she graduated from the Dental Faculty of the Omsk Medical Academy. In 1998, completed an internship in "general dentist." From 1998 to 2000 - clinical residency at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Dentistry (ZNIIS), Moscow on a specialty " Periodontics. " Best student Head of Department prof. Grudyanova A. From 2000 to 2004 he worked as a dentist in a clinic in Moscow. works in the clinic "Vlata." Narina D. is receiving in therapeutic dentistry also treats gum disease (periodontal disease, gingivitis, periodontitis). - September 1998 - a participant of the International Conference and Exhibition "Topical issues in the regeneration of periodontal tissues", Moscow. - May 1999 - Practical course "Plastic gingival margin. Surgical lengthening of crowns ", Moscow. - December 1999 - a participant of the International Conference "Aesthetic operative periodontics" CNIIS Moscow. - October 200 years - practical course prof. Grudyanova "Guided tissue regeneration to close the gingival recession", Moscow. - May 2002 - a participant of the International Conference and Exhibition "Modern trends in the treatment of oral diseases." - May 2005 - the participant teachers Retreat Tel Aviv Dental Academy Kiev "Modern methods of periodontal treatment." Narina D. fluent in English. Can lead the admission of foreigners owning English

Ms Trinko Tatiana

Job Title:
n 2001 she graduated from the Dental Faculty of the Crimean Medical University. In 2002, completed an internship in "dental therapist." Since 2004 he has been working in the clinic "Vlata." - August 2002 - Practical course on restoration and endodontics at the Poltava Medical Academy. - June, 2003 - training workshops relevant problems in the treatment of root canals, Simferopol. - July 2003 - practical course "Direct anterior and posterior restorations of teeth", Simferopol. - May 2004 - the German company "Voko" - "Adhesive systems and steklopolimery" of Sevastopol. - November 2005 - the practical course "Planning result in aesthetic dentistry restoration. Tunnel preparation" training center "Kristar +", Kiev. - March 2006 - Practical course on "Direct and indirect restorations. Prosthesis using ceramic systems and tabs. Problems occlusion in esthetic dentistry ", Dusseldorf (Germany).
Show Phone NumberSevastopol, Str. Quarantine, 16, CrimeaUkraine