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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
Implant Abutment From ₴2660
Porcelain fused metal crown on standard abutment with cement fixation (for 1 psc) From ₴6483
Porcelain fused metal crown on screw-retained restoration (for 1 psc) From ₴8312
Porcelain fused metal crown on individual abutment (for 1 psc) From ₴7148
Metal free ceramics on oxide (1psc) From ₴11304
Surgeon consultation and treatment planning From ₴399
Single-stage implantation From ₴13299
RADIX (Belorussia) From ₴16458
Alpha Dent (Israel) From ₴16458
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About 32Dent

Clinics staff are experienced therapists, orthopedists, orthodontists and surgeons with major experience.Teeth treatment is done in fastest time, and what is more important, absolutely painless. All procedures are made on state-of-the art equipment with latest tchnologies.Thanks to innovative methods clinic has decreased the number of unneccessary procedures and time for treatment of painful symptoms.Clinics specialists have major experience in treatment of difficult cases, when most tooth part is destroyed or when the teeth channels are damaged etc. 

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  • QHA Trent Accreditation (UK) 





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From ₴12302
From ₴4322
Dental Bridges
Dental Crowns
From ₴5985
Dental Crowns
From ₴665
Pulp Cap
From ₴299
Anchor Post
From ₴166
Crown cementing Fuji
From ₴266
Crown cementing Reli
From ₴1829
Solid cast crown
From ₴10639
Ceramic crown
Temporary Crown
From ₴499
Temporay crown (in lab)
From ₴266
Temporay crown (in office)
From ₴166
Temporary crown cementing
Dental Implants
From ₴9974
Dental Implant without crown
From ₴2660
Implant Abutment
From ₴6483
Porcelain fused metal crown on standard abutment with cement fixation (for 1 psc)
From ₴8312
Porcelain fused metal crown on screw-retained restoration (for 1 psc)
From ₴7148
Porcelain fused metal crown on individual abutment (for 1 psc)
From ₴11304
Metal free ceramics on oxide (1psc)
From ₴10473
Temporary implant
From ₴2494
Multi-rooted tooth reimplantation
From ₴399
Surgeon consultation and treatment planning
From ₴13299
Single-stage implantation
From ₴16458
RADIX (Belorussia)
From ₴16458
Alpha Dent (Israel)
From ₴20780
Alpha Bio (Israel)
From ₴20780
AB Dental Devices (Israel)
Dental X-Ray
Dentist Consultation
From ₴12634
Dental prosthesis on clammers
From ₴16624
Clasp dental prosthesis
From ₴1330
Prosthesis relining
From ₴1330
Repair of fully removable laminar prosthesis
Removable Partial Dentures
From ₴4987
Fully removable laminar prosthesis
From ₴3990
Partially removable laminar prosthesis
Endodontist Consultation
From ₴166
Filling Extraction
From ₴166
Post Extraction
From ₴997
Simple extraction of single-rooted tooth (including X-ray and anesthesia)
From ₴1496
Simple extraction of multi-rooted tooth (including X-ray and anesthesia)
From ₴1330
Cystotomy without causative tooth extraction
From ₴2161
Cystotomy with causative tooth extraction
From ₴2494
Cystectomy with causative tooth extraction
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
From ₴332
Milk tooth filling (Fuji VIII)
From ₴2660
Atypical extraction; extraction of impacted teeth (including X-ray and anesthesia)
From ₴332
Extraction of milk tooth by physiological change (including X-ray and anesthesia)
From ₴499
Extraction of milk tooth by complicated caries (including X-ray and anesthesia)
From ₴199
Amalgam Filling Extraction
Glass Ionomer Cement Filling
From ₴166
Insulating Cap (Glass Ionomer)
From ₴332
Proroot Cementum
From ₴665
Fiberglass Post
From ₴166
Temporary Filling
Gum Surgery
Implant Dentist Consultation
Inlay or Onlay
From ₴1330
Stump inlay
From ₴2327
Non-disposable stump inlay
From ₴1496
Silver stump inlay
Orthodontist Consultation
Periodontist Consultation
Periodontitis Treatment
Root Canals
From ₴1330
Root Canal Treatment
From ₴2494
Molar and premolar teeth crown top resection
From ₴1662
Hemisection of multi-root teeth
From ₴1662
Amputation of of multi-root teeth root
From ₴1330
Crown-radicular molar separation
From ₴1662
Single-rooted tooth reimplantation
Root End Surgery
From ₴2327
Frontal teeth crown top resection
From ₴3159
Cystectomy with crown tops resection (2-3 teeth)
Teeth Cleaning
From ₴831
Ultrasound, Polishing Paste — One Jaw
From ₴1164
Ultrasound, Air flow - One Jaw
Teeth Whitening
From ₴3657
Tooth Whitening One Jaw
From ₴366
Tooth Whitening One Tooth
Tooth Jewellery
From ₴8312
From ₴10639
Ceramic veneer

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