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The Campbell Clinic

The Campbell Clinic

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173 Loughborough Road, Nottingham, NG2 7JSUK

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Dentist Consultation

Dental Implants

Fast Implants from £15000
Complete Implant Smile from £15000
Dental Implants - Study models from £185
Dental Impant - Bespoke guide for surgery (per arch) from £133
Dental Implants - Diagnostic Wax up from £275
Dental Implants - Temporary restoration from £406
Dental Implants - Implant from £1794
Dental Implants - Implant Crown from £1563
Dental Implants - Implant with tooth from £3358
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About The Campbell Clinic

Preventive dentistry and the long term dental and oral health of patients is the main focus of the team at this dental clinic located at Loughborough in Nottingham. The latest in dental technology and techniques are used to achieve the best possible dental results for patients by the highly trained and experienced team. Services provided by the team are examinations and the services of a hygienist, children’s dentistry, general dental care, child and adult orthodontics, cosmetic smile makeovers and fitting dentures or surgically placing implants for patients with teeth missing.

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Patient reviews

Marisha, UK
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Excellent treatment care

Dentist Consultation

Always excellent, everything I have ever had done here from root canal work to cosmetic procedures far outstrips any other dentist (specialist or other wise) in Nottingham. If you can afford it don't take a risk with your appearance or health go to this dentist.
Marisha 12/4/2017






White Brace

Orthodontic Retainer
from £315

Bonded retainer (single arch)

from £525

Bonded retainers (both arches)

from £782

Dental Bridges

from £782

Dental Crowns

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

from £15000

Fast Implants

from £15000

Complete Implant Smile

from £185

Dental Implants - Study models

from £133

Dental Impant - Bespoke guide for surgery (per arch)

from £275

Dental Implants - Diagnostic Wax up

from £406

Dental Implants - Temporary restoration

from £1794

Dental Implants - Implant

from £1563

Dental Implants - Implant Crown

from £3358

Dental Implants - Implant with tooth

from £6483

Dental Implants - Over-denture on 2 implants

from £985

Dental Implants - Simple bone graft

from £1852

Dental Implants - Block bone graft

from £3500

Single Implant


Dentist Consultation

from £900


from £2756

Swiss denture concept

from £250

Temporary denture

Acrylic Dentures
from £637

Acrylic Partial Dentures

from £985

Acrylic Full Dentures (Single Arch)

from £1448

Acrylic Full Dentures (Both Arches)

from £1332

Cobalt-Chrome Dentures

from £174

Simple Extractions


Multiple Extractions

from £290

Surgical Extractions

from £290

Wisdom Tooth Extraction



from £174

Silver Fillings

from £174

White Filling



from £1575


from £3045

Invisalign™ lite

from £1575

Invisalign™ 17

from £992

Advanced gum treatment

Root Canals
from £689

Root Canal Treatment

from £744

Re-Root canal treatment

from £579

Sedation for dental treatments

Sinus Lift
from £1852

Small Sinus lift

from £2426

Large Sinus Lift

Teeth Whitening
from £290

Home teeth whitening (single arch)

from £434

Home teeth whitening (both arches)

from £551

Internal Tooth whitening

from £782


The Campbell Clinic - 173 Loughborough Road, Nottingham, NG2 7JS,

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173 Loughborough Road, Nottingham, NG2 7JSUK