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About Hungarian Dental Travel

Our Dental surgery is situated in the quiet green hilly Buda side of the city close to the river Danube. The clinic itself is very modern comprising of the latest equipment. Diagnostic equipment includes various types of digital x-ray machine to provide intraoral and panoramic radio-graphs. This allows the specialist dentists to provide the best and most accurate care possible. 

The surgery has a comfortable waiting room as well as specialist treatment rooms which provide care in all key areas of dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on perfectly made crowns in both porcelain and white zirconium materials as well as various veneer techniques. Restorative dental care includes dental implants and bone grafting procedures. The clinic also carry out a wide array of general dental treatment and orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth. 

Hygiene control procedures are carried out at the highest level with a separate hygiene room within the clinic which has the newest equipment to ensure your safety. 

The clinic will provide the best care possible and provide a generous guarantee on the treatment you receive. 

Meet Renata, our dental surgeon - Hungarian Dental Travel
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Patient reviews

4.8 from 18 verified reviews
Deborah Mccolgan, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Very friendly and comforting support from all the staff

4 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 567543 Ft

Very friendly and comforting support from all the staff.

Hi Deborah, thank you so much for your review. You were an absolute pleasure to treat and I am so pleased with the result we achieved. I was thrilled to see that you updated your WhatsApp profile pic immediately showing your dazzling new smile! The happiness and confidence I see in a client's smile after treatment is what my work so worthwhile. Thank you for trusting us to care for you and all the best for the future.

Miss Sara Abbas
Miss Sara Abbas
Brent, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I am happy to say that everything has gone very well

5 50 Dental Implants, Bone Graft • Paid: 4684544 Ft

After putting up with a few missing teeth and some very old and in need of treatment crowns I decided that investing some money in a brand new smile was something that I would benefit from greatly for the rest of my days. I wanted something permanent that didn't involve me having false teeth so I decided to research the possibility of the use of implants to restore my smile and get back my self-confidence. Knowing full well that the treatment was going to be expensive I looked around for the most cost-effective way of doing this.

In my case, this involved a visit to London for an exploratory 3D Scan and a quotation to have treatment for both my upper and lower teeth. I wanted a full set of white porcelain teeth ideally like the ones the actor Burt Lancaster was fortunate to have when he was alive. The scan revealed that I would need extensive full upper jaw replacement and quite a lot of bridging work on my lower teeth.

The quotes which I received from the UK were ridiculously expensive. So on advice from a friend I investigated the feasibility of having the treatment done in Hungary which has a very good reputation for technical excellence as well as being much much cheaper than the UK. After getting 4 competitive quotes I decided to pay a slight premium and pick the one which I was advised may be able to help me to achieve my dream, a smile like Burt Lancaster!

The surgeon there Renata Heintz was very well recommended and I liked the feedback which I had about her work very much. Once the decision was made I was very pleased to hear that her clinic could offer me a treatment package straight away, so that was that it was off to Budapest!

I have only recently returned from my first visit to the Clinic in Budapest and I am happy to say that everything has gone very well. I couldn't have wished for better treatment from a fantastic team. I was treated with dignity and kindness and I can honestly say that for such a complicated procedure I didn't feel any pain.

Dr Renata Heintz was very inspirational and she put my mind at ease as did all the staff at the clinic for which I am very grateful. I am looking forward to my second visit to the clinic in 3 months time when my bone grafts have healed and the implants are ready to have my new white porcelain teeth fitted.

From the experience which I have had so far, I would have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to anybody who is looking for first class treatment!

Treated by: Dr Renata Heinz

"Dear Brent, Thank you so much for your comprehensive review, I am sure it will be very helpful to others trying to work out which dentist to choose. I should point out to people reading this that the scan in London was performed by an independent company and this was then sent to our dentist. You are so right in pointing out that for a small premium you get so much more with Renata which is why we market ourselves as being good value. Having an oral surgeon who is also a senior lecturer in implantology in one of the best dental schools in the world ensures that the most advanced techniques and products will be used should they be needed. Her partner at the clinic is also one of the top orthodontists in the world and Renata herself is qualified and experienced in cosmetic dental treatment making for , in my opinion, the best clinic for clients who may need complex work which may involve different areas of dentistry. Add to the above the fact that Renata herself is a very friendly caring person who really listens to what you want before giving you a couple of solutions to choose from and you have the perfect clinic! I would like to say that you were also a model client! Some clients go to Budapest and start shopping around for the best and cheapest dentist , no dentist is going to give a great deal of time to this type of client so the plans and estimates given will not have been planned out properly nor be accurate and then the client chooses a dentist based on this below standard information. You were very educated about your oral situation and also very respectful of Renata's standing in the field of dentistry and her time. Dentists really do pick up on this and respond to it so you get that respect and care back. I can't wait to see your new smile in a few months!

Miss Sara Abbas
Miss Sara Abbas
Geoffrey, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

The clinic spotlessly clean with very friendly and helpful staff

5 50 Dental Implants, Extractions, Dentures

Treatment first visits 5 implants top and bottom, teeth removing and a fixed temporary denture with no pain throughout. Good value and would encourage other people to seek treatment at Hand Picked Clinics.

I chose this clinic because all the treatments were performed by the same dentist from start to finish. I was made confident and at ease with him. The clinic spotlessly clean with very friendly and helpful staff.

On return home message from Alpa enquiring if all was ok and to contact him if any problems develop. Look forward to my final visit next year. Recommend this dental practice 100%.

Dear Geoffrey, Thank you so much for your kind words. Alper is indeed a very caring man who treats each client like a friend. I'm also pleased that you enjoyed your stay at the Falcon Hotel and were able to chat to all the other guests who too had come to Antalya for dental treatment! Your wife was telling me that you used to compare notes on each others experience and all agreed that you had had the best quality personal service! I think it is the right decision to wait until April to go back as your temporary teeth are strong enough to last that long and the weather will be so much better. Although you will need to stay for 10 days you will only be needed in clinic for the first day and the last 2 days for the fitting, tweaking and then bonding. You will have plenty of time to explore different parts of Turkey, I would suggest Cappadocia which has the most incredible scenery. I should warn you that before you leave in April I intend to tell your wife where she can get the most gorgeous dresses at amazing prices and also tell her about the beauty treatments we offer in our cosmetic clinic there! I look forward to welcoming you both back in April!

Miss Sara Abbas
Miss Sara Abbas
Rod, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

We have nothing but praise for the professionalism and excellence in the treatment of the clinic

4.5 50 Dental Bridges

I had 2 15-year old bridges in my upper jaw and a denture for my lower jaw. The porcelain cracked on one of the bridges revealing the metal beneath. Having seen the cost of new bridges in this country, I decided to go to Hungary and enlisted the help of Hungarian Dental Travel.

Sara could not have been more helpful and proposed a clinic in Mosonmagyarovar, a small town near the Slovakian/Austrian borders, which is very easy to reach by cheap flights into Bratislava. Help to find a hotel was also provided since we arrived very late at night.

I went with my partner, as we decided to make a holiday of it and see something of Hungary, which was quite delightful. My word, how hard they have worked at reconstructing their ancient city and town centers. Gyor and one unpronounceable town were just fantastic.

Anyway, back to the clinic. This town's main industry seems to be dentistry - there are signs everywhere for different clinics. How to choose without Sara's help would have been a nightmare. The clinic was excellent, so much so that my partner decided to have his teeth done as well, and came away with 4 bridges, both sides top and bottom. We have nothing but praise for the professionalism and excellence in the treatment of the clinic.

Treated by: Miss Sara Abbas

Dear Rod, Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure helping you and quite exciting to hear about the wonderful plans you made to hire a car and explore this wonderful part of Europe. I hope that when I retire I have some of the sense of adventure and zest for life that you obviously have. I am always so pleased when patients report a positive experience at one of our clinics. I work very closely with our clinics and there is quite a lot of behind the scenes planning between us so a successful trip means that each person involved played their part perfectly - including the patient! The patient needs to be actively involved, getting an X Ray done, sending me medical information, booking flights etc. You have proved what a simple process this can be and I thank you for your co-operation and appreciation. I also want to thank you for giving Hungarian Dental Travel the opportunity to be part of your journey to own a beautiful smile.

Miss Sara Abbas
Miss Sara Abbas
Earl, Hungary
( Verified user)

I would certainly recommend them

5 50 Dentist Consultation

My first visit was very positive. I am to be back later in the year. The staff and Doctor were friendly. They did the first part of my treatment very efficiently. I would certainly recommend them.

Very good service.

Thank you so much for this review. I am so glad that we managed to book your appointment and hotel at such short notice and despite the Easter closures. This is why Hungarian Dental Travel uses dentist owned clinics, so that I can still phone them at home on Good Friday and manage to book you in for the Tuesday! I am glad that you decided to travel for a consultation as it is so much more than a chat, you got an X Ray, a definite treatment plan you both agreed on and your treatment could be started. I wish there was a place that we could review clients as I would give you 5 stars as well! You were communicative, open to the dentist's advice and were motivated to go and get the work done. I am so pleased the first part of the treatment went well and we are looking forward to complete the treatment later in the year.

Miss Sara Abbas
Miss Sara Abbas
David, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

So would I recommend then well yes

5 50 Dental X-Ray, Dentist Consultation

I first heard about Hungarian Dental Travel from a friend who had a lot of work done a number of years ago, with great success.
I was always very sceptical about going to Hungary for treatment, but I bit the bullet and emailed Chris Hall, I got a reply very quickly. We then chatted on the phone about my dental problems.
Chris then arranged for me to have a X-ray done at a local clinic this was promptly sent of to Hungary to the surgeon so he can do an evaluation on the state of your teeth,and in my case they were pretty dam bad
Within a short while Chris had some options for me on the best way forward complete with some rough prices.
I then had a long conversation on the phone to discuss the treatment plans,at that point I decided to go and booked my flights, in the mean time Chris arranged the hotel for me and the transfer from the airport.
This whole process only took around a month or so and that included a 2 week holiday on my part
I hate going to the dentist and always have done but Chris eased that pain very well by his reasurring nature.
So would I recommend then well yes the whole process was easy problem and stress free, in fact I can not fault the 1st part of my journey

So the time came to fly to Hungary, I was met at the airport and transferred to my hotel as arranged by Chris. The hotel was good very friendly and most staff spoke ok english , the rooms were well fitted out and very clean what more do you need from a hotel
Well Monday morning Chris himself came to my hotel and we walked the short distance to the Clinic together,to me that was a great thing to do as by this time I was getting pretty tense about the whole thing.
At the clinic I met Frank the surgeon and had another X-ray, then I had a long no rush discussion on the best way forward for me after that I discussed it all with Chris and I made my decision on what I wanted.
I was also given a firm price on the treatment, I won't go into any detail on my treatment only that to was pretty extensive over 2 days on this visit.
Frank and his team did a fantastic job of reassuring me though the whole treatment process, unlike most dentists I have seen in the uk. Their aftercare was also second to none,in fact I can not fault any part of it
Chris looks after you so well he could not possibly do any more to help you though what is a very stressful time
So thats it I have had my first round of treatment and I go back in 3 months to have my treatment completed, and believe it or not I'm actually looking forward to going again
Now that is some statement from a guy who would not go to a dentist

Treated by: Mr Christopher Hall
Jane, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I felt it was good value for money.

3.5 50 Dental Bridges, Dental Crowns • Paid: 1216 Ft

I used Hungarian Dental Travel to help me find a dentist in Hungary. Chris gave me two possible clinics after I forwarded an oral X-ray for him. I chose one and went to Hungary in March. The arrangements were well organised and there was free transfer from the airport. I had booked a hotel very close to the clinic and which was one of the ones suggested by Hungarian Dental Travel. It was comfortable, clean and very reasonable. This was booked for me.

The arrangements and accomodation were very good. I had several bridge and crown combinations done. The work was fine except for one tooth that did not fit properly when it came back from the lab. I did not pay for this but will need to return to have it done. I felt it was good value for money.

Treated by: Mr Christopher Hall
Maureen, UK
( Verified user)

Brilliant new teeth

5 50 Dental Crowns

I was really upset when i was told by my dentist that i would have to wear a denture when my front crown broke.I enquired about private treatment but was quoted £2500 . I started to research my options on line when my husband mentioned going abroad to have treatment.

After about a month of researching different dentist countrys and reviews i decided to go with hungarian dental travel.I sent an e-mail to Chris and he rang me straight away to discuss what treatment i wanted , checking with the dentist if what i wanted was possible.I was told he could certainly help me.I then arranged an appoitment and a couple of weeks later i was sitting in Dr Franks dental chair.On completion of a check of my mouth i had a scan taken and then sat at a computer with Frank to discuss my expectations and treatment.Everything was explained fully and in detail about treatment and cost with no pressure to go ahead unless i wanted to.I decided to have a bridge with seven crowns as my NHS crowns on my top teeth had been done really badly.Frank started the the treament straight away and after painless work ,two teeth taken out , impressions done and a temporary bridge fitted i left his clinic with an an appointment to return three days later to have my permanent crown.On returning Frank took out the temporary bridge and gave me a complementary clean on my bottom teeth and fitted my permanent bridge. When he held up the mirror to show me my new teeth my eyes could not believe how lovely they were, i can honestly say my eyes welled up with tears.My sister who used to be a dental nurse was allowed to sit with me through the whole treatment and was really impressed with how my beautiful new teeth looked. Frank was genuinely so pleased i was happy with them.I cannot recommend this really lovely clever man enough.Professional throughout but with a really lovely kind manner.A month has passed and i have not had a bit of bother with my brilliant new teeth.I would like to say this was certainly one of the best decisions i have made and would go back to Frank for any future treatment i may need.I would just add that my treatment for seven crowns on a bridge was far less than i was quoted for one crown by a few dentist in England. Kind regards Maureen Leigh on sea Essex.

Judit, Hungary
( Review verified by phone and email)

I am really happy with my teeth

4.5 50 Dental Implants

I’ve never thought I could have nice teeth again. I had a lot of moving teeth and my previous dentist told me there is no solution.
Then I’ve heard about Hungarian Dental Travel, they listened to my concerns and provided the information I needed to make a decision.

Frank, the dentist offered a „not so drastic „solution for me, and with his personality he convinced me at the first time. My decision was born: he will be my new dentist.
I had a previous consultation before the treatment, he explained everything and nothing unexpected happened neither during nor after the treatment.
Since then I am really happy with my new teeth.

(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Since then I am really happy with my new teeth.

Dentist Consultation, Dental Implants

Dentist Consultation, Dental Implants

I ’ve never thought I could have nice teeth again. I had a lot of moving teeth and my previous dentist told me there is no solution.
Then I’ve heard about Hungarian Dental Travel, they listened to my concerns and provided the information I needed to make a decision.
Frank, the dentist offered a „not so drastic „solution for me, and with his personality he convinced me at the first time. My decision was born: he will be my new dentist.
I had a previous consultation before the treatment, he explained everything and nothing unexpected happened neither during nor after the treatment.
Since then I am really happy with my new teeth.

Treated by: Dr Frank Kannmann
Cris, UK
( Review verified by email)

A mouthful of white fillings

5 50 White Filling • Paid: 1864785 Ft

I write this with my new smile on my face. No missing teeth, no old and discoloured crowns and a mouthful of white fillings to replace the old amalgam ones. What really makes me smile is the fact that having paid off my mortgage I didn't need to take out a new one to pay for first class treatment.

Thank you Chris Hall for the time and patience you put into answering my questions and addressing my concerns, if you were cursing me under your breath it certainly did not show!! top marks for customer service. I could not have asked for more.

I was initially sceptical about travelling abroad for dental treatment but the cost of private treatment was eye watering, around £14000!. It is a good job I do not have a weak heart too. I spent a few days in Hungary combining a short break with having an initial consultation. ( A Ryanair return for under 50 quid ). Even with travel and accommodation etc I estimate I saved at least 60%. Once I had seen the place and spoken to Frank the dentist who would be doing the work I was reassured. His fluent English was a big plus as he could easily answer my questions and I felt there would be no misunderstandings. This was one of my main concerns and Frank not only speaks English fluently he is clearly knowledgeable and highly skilled. He performs this complicated dental surgery daily so he is very experienced.

I have to admit I was not sure what to expect. The clinic though is modern and to my inexpert eye seemed to be equipped with all the technology you would expect. Frank , my dentist besides being impressively multi-lingual and switching effortlessly between English, Hungarian and German was also technically very good. He inspired confidence. I am not a dentalphobe but having so much work done I needed to know I could trust the person doing it. Frank is clearly very experienced and I gather he has worked in Germany and the UK too. Once I spoke to him I got good vibes and I was not disappointed. Clearly he is very knowledgeable, open and highly skilled, but then he does this complex dental work daily. I am completely satisfied it could not have gone better. Thank you Frank, I never did get your surname.

Allan, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

The whole experience as painless and convenient as possible

4.5 50 Dental Implants, Dental Bridges

Following major heart surgery in 2001 - it became increasingly apparent over the following years that a number of teeth had been damaged whilst under anesthesia during the operation - and that this was leading to further problems and more and more visits to the family Dentist. After experimentation with various partial dentures - the decision was taken to start looking into whether or not Implants might offer a better solution.

Hungarian Dental Travel organised an initial meeting and assessment in London - after which the first Implants were done in Budapest in September 2010 - with a number of further visits to continue the restorative work in stages as and when needed over the following years until final completion in November 2015. I now have a full complement of Implants and Bridges in the Upper Jaw - and four Implants with a removable full Prosthesis in the Lower Jaw.

Most of the work on the Upper Jaw was undertaken at a Clinic in Budapest - whilst all of the work on the Lower Jaw took place at a Clinic in Mosonmagyarovar. Both Clinics - chosen by Hungarian Dental Travel - are of a high standard with modern equipment - the Dentists with impressive qualifications and reputations - and the Staff very friendly, re-assuring, and supportive.

I can assure anyone that is thinking of having similar work done that the Dentists and Clinics in Hungary recommended by Hungarian Dental Travel are very Patient-orientated - very experienced and professional - with patients from all over the World - and very skillful at making the whole experience as painless and convenient as possible - as was the planning and organisation by Hungarian Dental Travel. Costs - including travel and hotel bills - were well less than half of what they would have been to have the same work done in the UK.

Sarah, UK
( Review verified by phone)

The implants even feel like my own teeth now

5 50 Dental Implants, Root Canals, Dental Crowns

I had two implants done and a root canal with a new crown. We chose to save the one that needed a root canal as I could have had an implant there instead but I am glad that the dentist wanted to save it as much as I did, I have had no problems with any of the work done. The implants even feel like my own teeth now. I am sure it was good value.

The clinic have been brilliant! They always respond to phone calls or emails right away, they remember who you are and even though my work dragged on due to the nature of the work they always kept pace and phoned me for my next appointment. I always felt like an important customer and have found each dentist Ive had to be top quality, keeping me informed all along the way with what they were doing

Thank you Sarah for your kind review. I am so pleased that we were able to help you and now also your mother has had extensive treatment in Hungary now. We always strive to be as helpful as possible.

Miss Sara Abbas
Miss Sara Abbas
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Dr Renata Heinz - Oral Surgeon at Hungarian Dental Travel

Dr Renata Heinz

Job Title:
  Oral Surgeon
  Implantology, Oral Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Preventive Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics
  English, German, Hungarian

Dr Renata Heintz is one of the leading dental surgeons in Hungary. She initially qualified with a medical degree before qualifying as a Dentist at the University of Zseged in the southern region of Hungary. She has since gained her dental degree in Oral Diseases and has since become a Dental Surgeon and Maxillofacial specialist surgeon. She has also gained her Masters in Oral Medicine and Dental Implantology from the University of Munster in Germany.   

She specialises in providing Dental Implant solutions for patients including bone grafting techniques for building bone. 

Miss Sara Abbas - Chief Executive at Hungarian Dental Travel

Miss Sara Abbas

Job Title:
  Chief Executive
  English, Urdu

Fodor Utca140,, Budapest, 1124Hungary