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What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is a surgical procedure that transplants fat taken from the patient’s body to areas of the face and body in order to restore the volume lost because of the process of aging. The procedure is also called fat grafting or fat injection. Typically fat is transferred to the breasts, the buttocks, hands and facial features including the lips, chin and cheeks. Fat transfers are also performed to treat acne scarring.

How is Fat Transfer done?

Fat is removed from one area of the body by the surgeon using liposuction. The fat is purified and turned into liquid form. It is then injected into another part of the body to give more volume. The time taken for the procedure depends on the part of the body from which the fat is harvested, the processing of the fat and the part of the body or face where the fat is transferred to. A fat transfer procedure to the buttocks, for example, may take five to eight hours.

Is Fat Transfer painful?

Fat transfer procedures are performed under general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia or intravenous sedation, depending on the needs of each individual patient. Patients will not feel pain during the procedure.

How long does it take to recover from Fat Transfer?

Recovery from fat transfer depends on the part of the body to which fat is transferred. The recovery time for patients choosing a fat transfer procedure to their buttocks may be about four to six weeks.

When can I travel by air after Fat Transfer?

Patients can travel by air 10 days after their fat transfer procedure.

What post-operative care should I take after Fat Transfer?

Patients should rest for a few days after a fat transfer procedure. They should take all prescribed medications correctly and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. Patients should avoid strenuous activities and lifting heavy objects for at least a month after the procedure. They should, however start walking as soon as possible to decrease swelling. They should also wear the prescribed compression garments correctly.

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Regen Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Sweden

Regen Clinic

Östra Varvsgatan 38, Malmö, 211 13
For more information about Regen Clinic in Malmö please contact the clinic.
Fat transplantation with Bodyjar from 39000 kr
Knee from 20000 kr
Lower from 22000 kr
7 more treatments
from 9 users
Laser Center - Beauty Salon in Sweden

Laser Center

Solna Torg 19, plan 7, Solna, 17 45
For more information about Laser Center in Stockholm please contact the clinic.
Fat Transfer
Lips from 18000 kr
Under the eyes from 20000 kr
Kinder from 24000 kr
4 more treatments
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Plastikkirurgiska Institutet - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Sweden

Plastikkirurgiska Institutet

Lilla Varvsgatan 11, Malmö, 211 17
For more information about Plastikkirurgiska Institutet in Malmö please contact the clinic.
Fat Transfer
Yoke legs - enlargement with own fat from 12000 kr
Cheeks - enlargement with own fat from 14000 kr
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
26 more treatments
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Gerlee Medical Consulting - K. Kohnke

Gerlee Medical Consulting

Drottninggatan 42, Helsingborg, 25221
You will feel welcome and safe with our courteous warm and experienced staff. All plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Gerlee possesses extensive experience and other staff are adequately trained to provide care and world class service. Security, safety and your beauty is most important to us and we will do our utmost to ensure you will be satisfied with your visit with us.  Your plastic surgeon will show you understand and fulfill the desire to make you happy throughout the medical process and after care. Due to high demand expands Gerlee Plastic surgery continuously since our goal is that we will be your first choice when requests regarding changes concerning your outer appearance and growth of your well being.
Fat Transfer  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation from 500 kr
All prices in SEK Consultation with doctor 500 : - Secondary Statement 2500 : - Face lift / facelift from 69.000 : - Minor facelift / neck lift from 50.000 : - Fat transplantation  for wrinkles and creases from 15.000: - Fat transplantation for lips from 18,000 : - Chin / cheek implants from 28.000 : - Blepharoplasty Upper / Lower from 22.000 : - Blepharoplasty Upper + Lower from 31.000 : - Ear Back Typesetting from 19.000 : - Brow lift from 29.000 : - Less rhinoplasty from 30.000 : - Larger rhinoplasty from 40.000: - Breast Augmentation Mentor implants from 52.000 : - Breast Augmentation Mentor implants + Blast from 75.000 : - Breast augmentation with fat transfer / Body Jet from 35.000 : - ( Per treatment) Breast Lift from 38.000 : - Breast Reduction / Reduction Surgery from 42.000 : - Gynecomastia surgery / Male breast reduction from 29.000 : - Small tummy tuck from 25.000: - Larger abdominoplasty with umbilical transfer from 38.000 : - Liposuction small areas ( chin , knees, etc. . ) From 17.000 : - / area Liposuction larger areas (waist , love handles , abdomen, etc. . ) From 25.000 : - / area Arms from 29.000 : - Thigh from 39.000 : - Varicose Veins Surgery from 14.000 : - intimate Surgery  from 19.000 :
Breast Implants from 29990 kr
9 more treatments
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Tereskliniken Malmö Arena - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Sweden

Tereskliniken Malmö Arena

Hyllie Stationstorg 2, Malmö, 215 32
For more information about Tereskliniken Malmö Arena in Malmö please contact the clinic.
Fat Transfer  
Breast Augmentation  
10 more treatments
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