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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure where localized fat is broken up and sucked out of the body.  Liposuction is performed by making small incisions in the body in order to insert a thin tube, or cannula, through the incision into localized fat deposits between the skin and muscle of the patient. A suction pump or syringe is then used to suck out localized fat deposits.

What is the recovery time after Liposuction?

Recovery time after liposuction is usually one to two weeks, depending on the area of the body and the amount of localized fat sucked out.  You will see the end results of Liposuction within one to four months after the procedure.

Is Liposuction Painful?

Liposuction is painful but most surgeons perform the procedure under general anaesthesia to ensure that patients don’t feel pain. They also prescribe painkillers for relieving pain after surgery.

Is Liposuction Permanent?

The liposuction procedure permanently removes localized fat. The patient’s body will retain its contour after liposuction, provided the patient does not gain weight.

What is Non-Surgical Liposuction?

Liposuction procedures that do not use injections or incisions are called non-surgical liposuction procedures. These procedures are performed using laser energy, ultrasound, cryotherapy or radiofrequency.

Liposuction Recovery Tips?

Following the doctor’s post-procedure instructions helps patients to recover quickly and effectively after a liposuction procedure. These will include taking sufficient rest, taking prescribed anti-biotics and pain-killers and wearing compression garments correctly. The patient should also start moving as soon as possible to prevent blood clots but should avoid strenuous activities for at least a month.

Why do tourists visit Romania?

Romania is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and historic buildings. The capital, Bucharest, is a lively city with museums, performing arts centres and a vibrant nightlife. The Danube delta, the place where the Danube enters the Black Sea, is in Romania and has a wealth of flora, fauna and species of freshwater fish. Romania has a rich history and the country is studded with castles and monasteries that tell their own unique tale including the Bran castle that was the inspiration of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The cuisine of Romania is a mixture of the cuisine of its neighbouring countries and of countries that ruled Romania over the years. Accommodation options in Romania include luxury hotels, traditional guesthouses, budget hotels, homestays and apartments.      

Why do International patients visit Romania?

Hospitals and clinics in Romania offer high quality specialist medical, dental and surgical services at affordable prices for overseas patients. Romania has medical spas near thermal springs for patients looking for an alternative healthcare experience. Many hospitals offer packages that include treatments and procedures, transportation, accommodation and a holiday.   

Does Romania have international airports?

Romania has twelve international airports that serve major cities and tourist areas. Many hospitals and clinics arrange airport transfers for medical tourists.

What are the visa requirements for patients travelling for medical treatments to Romania?

Romania is a member of the European Union and patients from other EU member countries do not require a visa for medical treatments in Romania. Patients from other countries can get a short stay visa and travel to Romania for medical treatments. Details on how one can obtain a short stay visa to travel to Romania is available at the website:

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Dr. Luminita Banacu - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Dr. Luminita Banacu

Srada Sevastopol, nr 9, sector 1, Bucuresti
For more information about Dr. Luminita Banacu in Bucharest please contact the clinic.
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Carpatia Group - CARPATIAGROUP

Carpatia Group

2 Burebista Blvd D14-3, Apt. 79-80 4th Floor, Bucharest, 031108
4.2 from 4 verified reviews
We offer the best medical services, performed by the most reputable specialists.Our medical range covers: ophthalmology, dentistry, assisted fertilization,bariatric surgery, hair transplant, plastic and cosmetic surgery.We customize each package per demand.
Liposuction 10957 lei - 25952 lei
Laser Assisted Liposuction  
Tummy Tuck 15993 lei - 22490 lei
5 more treatments
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Medical Center Nordestetica - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Medical Center Nordestetica

Strada Daniel Ciugureanu nr 24A Sector 1, Bucuresti
For more information about Medical Center Nordestetica in Bucharest please contact the clinic.
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Dr. Ovidiu Grecu - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Dr. Ovidiu Grecu

Bvd Maior Coravu nr. 36-38, București
For more information about Dr. Ovidiu Grecu in Bucharest please contact the clinic.
Silhouette liposuction  
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Pro Estetica - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Pro Estetica

Tudor Stefan Street, No. 38-40 Sector 1, București
4.0 from 1 verified review
I had a good consult at a good clinicAb, Romania, 16 11 17

I had a good consult at a good clinic.

Liposuction from 3171 lei
Face liposculpture from 7317 lei
Abdominoplasty from 9756 lei
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Clinic Aesthetic SLIMART - Reception

Clinic Aesthetic SLIMART

Calea Floreasca 91-111, Bucharest
SlimArt is a medical aesthetic clinic with a history of over 10 years in the Romanian beauty services. In order to get the results you desire, SlimArt has chosen to work with the best Romanian plastic surgeons. Our motto is to make no concession to quality and therefore all clinic staff is highly trained to offer our patients the most enjoyable experience. In our clinic you can choose between the following aesthetic surgeries: Liposuction with BodyTite assisted by radio-frequency - with reduced recovery period;Rhinoplasty;Breast Implant. If you decide to choose our surgery with our doctors you will benefit of: 2 nights accommodation in a modern apartment, in the old city center of Bucharest - a touristic area; Free overnight accommodation in the clinic after the surgery; Free of charge pick up from the main airport (Otopeni).  Please feel free to contact us to find together the best medical solution for you!
Liposuction BodyTite from 4878 lei
Get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite immediately without any scars! Without pain or side effects and at the best price! Assisted liposuction by radio-frequency treatment can be performed only with the  BodyTite device and does not require the implementation of the traditional procedures.  How it works? The liposuction treatment with BodyTite  is obtained by heating, melting and suctioning the unwanted  fat from the treated area. Also the skin will remain stretched, thus preventing the formation of unsightly bumps tissue. BodyTite device is ideal for treating areas with fat excess: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, hands, feet, knees, face and neck.  The patient can return to daily routine  in just hours after treatment!    FAQ: Can BodyTite  be performed in the  clinic? In the clinic we can do the consultation with the plastic surgeon. The procedure itself should be performed in the surgery room. In case of general anesthesia the patient will be kept under observation even if we are talking about of a short period of time. What is the recovery period? The  recovery time depends on the number of the treated areas. Small areas will recover in a few days whereas wider zones will recover in a week or two.  In order to obtain very good results and faster recovery after the procedure it is important for the patient  to wear an elastic bandage for a month  according to the  surgeon’s recommendation.  Suitable for everyone who wants immediate results of fat removal and powerful skin stretching!
Breast Implant from 4878 lei
INCREASE  THE VOLUME ON YOUR BREASTS  WITH IMPLANT! WE MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE! In addition, we are the only clinic who provides you the ACCOMODATION FREE of charge, into a very modern location in the old city center of Bucharest. Breast implant  is a surgical procedure to change the size and shape of the breasts. Slimart team, with its professional team of plastic surgeons can make your biggest dream come true. How is that possible? • By creating bigger breasts proportionate to your body shape; • By restoring volume lost through pregnancy and breastfeeding; • By creating symmetry in breasts that are different sizes; • By reconstructing breasts after breast surgery.   Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Women may seek breast augmentation for a number of reasons. Some may be unhappy with the size of their breasts and the way clothing fit their torso. Others may have noticed changes to the breast after childbirth and breastfeeding, and would like to regain their more youthful, before pregnancy breast contour. Choosing breast augmentation is a very personal decision that should be made between the woman and her physician.   Suitable Candidates The best candidates for breast augmentation are women who  want to improve the appearance of their breasts. Patients should be in good physical health with realistic expectations of what the procedure can do for them. You are welcomed in our clinic for a consultation with one of the most famous plastic surgeons, ready to answer all your questions about breast implant surgery.
In our clinic, Rhinoplasty combine SCIENCE with ART. Slimart together with  our doctor team formed by esthetic surgery doctor and specialized ORL doctors, we are focused on making the patient HAPPY! If you want your rhinoplasty to have  a natural, un-operated look, please CALL US NOW! In addition, we are the only clinic who provides you the ACCOMODATION FREE of charge, into a very modern location in the old city center of Bucharest.
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Clinica Estet and Gyn - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Clinica Estet and Gyn

Giroc, Str. Gloria Nr. 7A,, Timişoara, 307220
For more information about Clinica Estet and Gyn in Timisoara please contact the clinic.
Lipomodelare shins 2302 lei - 4605 lei
Lipofiling hands 3349 lei - 6907 lei
Abdominal Liposuction 4605 lei - 13814 lei
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Elysium Aesthetic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Elysium Aesthetic Surgery

Joel Street Pădureanu no. 5, ground floor, Sector 2, Bucharest
For more information about Elysium Aesthetic Surgery in Bucharest please contact the clinic.
Body Reshaping  
Lipofilling (Liposculture Facial)  
10 more treatments
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Clinica Nordestetica - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Clinica Nordestetica

Strada Daniel Ciugureanu , Nr.24 A , Sector 1, Bucharest, 012197
Clinica Nordestetica  ofera clientilor consultatii si tratamente chirurgicale.  Specialitati:  chirurgie estetica, chirurgie plastica si reparatorie, dermatologie cosmetica, chirurgie dermatologica, chirurgie generala, hematologie clinica, medicina interna
Liposuction 3150 lei - 6750 lei
Abdominal Etching 7650 lei - 9900 lei
Under general anesthesia , up to 2-3 days hospitalisation to our Clinic
Fat Transfer  
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Susanu Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Susanu Clinic

Str. Stihii nr.2 B, Lasi, 700083
For more information about Susanu Clinic in Iasi please contact the clinic.
Liposuction small areas from 3094 lei
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Rhinoplasty from 5304 lei
6 more treatments
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Clinica Polisano - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Clinica Polisano

Str. Izvorului nr. 1A, Sibiu
For more information about Clinica Polisano in Sibiu please contact the clinic.
Liposuction from 6629 lei
Abdominoplasty from 9723 lei
3 other locations in Romania for Clinica Polisano
Clinica Polisano - Constitutiei

Clinica Polisano - Constitutiei

Str. Constitutiei 24, Sibiu
Clinica Polisano - Timisoara

Clinica Polisano - Timisoara

B-dul Timisoara Nr. 26 Z, Bucuresti
Clinica Polisano - Cuza-Voda

Clinica Polisano - Cuza-Voda

Cuza-Voda Nr. 53, Sector 4, Bucuresti
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Clinica Arcalife - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Romania

Clinica Arcalife

Str. Jiului, 131, Bucuresti-Sector 1, Bucuresti, 013215
For more information about Clinica Arcalife in Bucharest please contact the clinic.
Liposuction upper abdomen (class method) from 6829 lei
Liposuction lower abdomen (class method) from 6829 lei
Chin liposuction (Vaser method or Tick LIPO) from 4878 lei
13 more treatments
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