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Chennai Plastic Surgery

Show Phone NumberOld No.12, New No.10, McNichols Road,, 4th Lane, Chetpet,, Chennai, Tamilnadu, 600031
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About Chennai Plastic Surgery

Chennai Plastic Surgery is a prime cosmetic clinic in Chennai. Themed around bringing the innate beauty that lies within every single person, Chennai Plastic Surgery has a handpicked team of highly qualified and committed people. Each one of them shares the same vision and drive.


“To deliver quality aesthetic procedures at international standards for the enhancement of individuals in a comfortable, friendly and confidential environment”


-Customer satisfaction

-Transparency of procedures



Working towards the perfect look, Chennai's young and famous Plastic Surgeon has many clients flying in from different parts of the world to get Cosmetic Surgery and Liposuction Surgery. He is a very well qualified Plastic Surgeon in Chennai and makes every body and every face beautiful. In ways that give his patients a fresh start - naturally. 

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from 91 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Chennai Plastic Surgery

"They made me feel that I am in my home with my relatives"
100%Reviewed 07 Apr 2018 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Eyelid surgery
I did fasanella servat procedure at Chennai plastic surgery. This is the 1st time that I have undergone a surgery. But all the doctors over there made me feel so comfortable. Finally, we did it successfully. I could see the result immediately with this procedure. They are very confident in this procedure. I have been consulted many doctors for this to be treated. But none has given a suggestion for this problem. But Dr.Karthik suggested this and also he made it. Happy with the results.

I had a great experience in 3 days. They have taken care of me well. Dr. Karthik and Dr. Bharathi keep on watching the status of the recovery and all. They are very kind, supportive, helpful and caring. The nurses and the staffs are all very supportive of each and everything. like buying foods and providing juices and giving tablets on time. They made me feel that I am in my home with my relatives, very sweet of you guys.
Treated By: Karthik Total Amount Paid ₹80,000
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Padmavathy India
"The experience in hospital was awesome"
100%Reviewed 04 Apr 2018 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Liposuction
This is a fat story of ten years. A grand ten years of fat accumulation. I was normal weight and very healthy. Due to the change of lifestyle (mine is a 10 hrs table work job), I started to put on weight. Though I ignored at the beginning, I could not when fat started to lay in abdomen and thigh part. I started to worry a lot when my chests started to look like breasts.

Then started exercises and diets. Though I was very much successful in losing 15 kgs (From 100 to 85) in two months of heavy workout and diet. I failed constantly in keeping myself active. The diet and exercise make us thin, if followed regularly and properly.

I was reaching 40, and one of my cousins died just because of obesity (He was 150 + KGS). The sad demise left me thinking seriously about weight loss and I was nearing 100 KGS.

I started to think of non exercise and one time solution for fat reducing. I have read and watched lots of stuffs about both the Bariatric surgery and liposuction.

Apart from overweight, I was totally healthy. No BP, no Sugar, no medical complications. I was not admitted to the hospital even once in my life. I thought, should I go for these surgeries?

My wife and I thought very much. One sentence of my wife made me to decide over the surgery. She said, If we do not act today, in coming years we have to pay more and hospitalised for other ailments related to obesity.

I chose liposuction over bariatric because in the lipo surgery no inner organs of my body are touched. Which is not in the case of bariatric.

I found the details of Chennai Plastic Surgery over the net and I met Dr. Karthik in 2015 at Apollo, Bangalore. I personally oppose to get admitted in bigger hospitals where doctors behave like aliens and remain never reachable to the patients.

I prefer small hospitals where I can directly speak to the doctors and get the full information about what is happening.

So, I went to Apollo to just to gather information not to get treated there. But when I met Dr. Karthik Ram, I made my mind that he is my lipo surgeon.

It is true that, he is a friendly and soft spoken person. But what made to make my mind about surgery is his genuine explanations about liposuction. He attentively listened to me, answered all my questions and finally he educated me about the limitations of liposuction. He clearly said, “it is not a weight loss surgery, it helps a lot in weight loss”.

Convinced by his unfeigned and genuine advice, I decided to undergo the surgery.

But there was an another hurdle. The money! The cost of surgery was over 2 Lakh Rs and I was a middle class common man.

I started to save money for liposuction and finally in December 2017, I flew to Chennai and got operated! Thanks to the Doctor, the charges were same as it was quoted in 2015.

The experience in hospital was awesome! Yes, you read me correctly, it was awesome. Everyone starting from the attenders sisters to coordinators and doctors everyone in Chennai Plastic surgery are wonderful human beings.

I fail in my duty if I won’t thank two mother hearted women, the sister (Unfortunately I forget her name) and Ms. Sunitha, who took great care just like my mother.

Coming to the post surgery care, the doctor and Ms. Sunitha was reachable through whatsapp. Both would reply without fail to every question.

I was weighing 99 KGs the day I was operated and after three months, today, I am weighing 85 KGs. Yes still there is a long way to go. I need to reduce another 15 to 18 KGs of weight through proper diet and exercise which I am following strictly so far.

I thank Doctor Karthik, his team for making my body thin and my faith in doctors thick.

Yogish Deshpande

A clinic with great human beings.
Treated By: Karthik
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Yogish India
"Everything went perfectly, all of them are too friendly and helpful"
100%Reviewed 01 Feb 2018 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Liposuction
It's a great plastic surgery clinic. I got my liposuction done from here. Everything went perfectly. All of them are too friendly and helpful.
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Abhijeet India
"Follow up with the team was amazing and I am extremely happy with the results."
100%Reviewed 08 Jan 2018 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation
I had severe hollowness under my eyes and decided to get an under eye fat fill treatment. I live in the USA and this procedure is very expensive here. Gladly I came to know about Chennai plastic surgery through youtube videos and decided to give it a try during my trip to India. The entire team of doctors was very friendly and excellent in terms of explaining the entire procedure and the precautionary efforts they have taken in terms of investing in high-quality equipment’s for the surgery to avoid all possible side effects. I was extremely worried about redness, swelling and bruising after the surgery but I was very surprised since I didn’t get any of those. The postoperative care (thanks to Nurse Ramya) and follow up with the team was amazing and I am extremely happy with the results.

I highly recommend Chennai plastic surgery for anyone who would like to get an under eye fat fill at an affordable cost.
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Karthik US
"I feel very happy and confident after the surgery"
100%Reviewed 06 Jan 2018 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Gynecomastia
I came to know Chennai Plastic Surgery and Dr. Karthik through the internet. I came here for gynecomastia surgery all the way from Theni. Now I feel very happy and confident after the surgery. Doctors and Nurses especially Ramya was friendly and caring. Overall my experience was too good and happy.
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Aravinthasamy India
"He is not like any ordinary plastic surgeon he is a lot more than that"
100%Reviewed 03 Jan 2018 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Gynecomastia, Liposuction
Dr. Karthik Ram is the best. For the people who are reading my review, my only advice is don't think twice you can trust him closing your eyes. He is not like any ordinary plastic surgeon he is a lot more than that. He was helpful and was a good listener towards me. He had all the qualities that I wanted from my surgeon as I was planning for my surgery for such a long time. I had my gynecomastia, thigh and buttock liposuction done 10 days ago. I have already started recovering better seeing a progression towards the results I wanted. I had zero pain after surgery. Doctor Karthik Ram kept me for 2 days in the hospital post surgery and was closely monitoring me. The clinic staff were really amazing and made me feel like I'm at home. All I wanted to say to doctor Karthik Ram and Chennai plastic surgery is thank you so much for everything. I will give a 5-star rating for you guys from bottom of my heart.

For people who are planning to travel abroad for gynecomastia and liposuction I would suggest nowhere but Chennai plastic surgery.They are the best in South India.
Treated By: Karthik
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Pradeesh UK
"I’m still in the healing process but the treatment and services I received have been brilliant"
100%Reviewed 26 Dec 2017 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Rhinoplasty, Liposuction
Treatment wise- I was not left alone once and Dr. Karthick even played my favorite song after I came out of the anesthesia which really calmed me down further. The little things this Clinic and the people involved do make a difference in your experience. I underwent rhinoplasty and liposuction; both I believe to have ended with a great result. I have a high tolerance for pain so I felt the post-operation pains were bearable. Swelling wise - I was told what to expect swelling, however, I was left with hardly any, this is my own personal experience and this can vary from person to person. But I should say, the reason I went to this clinic rather than a Clinic in European countries is that I felt that this Clinic is very knowledgeable in its treatment whilst being at an affordable price. Most practices focus on money or quickly finishing the surgery, however, with my extensive research on Dr. Karthik, I realized how much he focuses on the little things in what goes on in a particular process. This could be seen as pedantic but I feel that with this knowledge, I was able to have hardly any swelling and very minimal pain and scars. Take a look at his YouTube videos and he is also welcome to any phone calls to clarify any questions you may have.

Liposuction - The surgery itself went so fast, you could say you woke up from a nap. I felt very little pain or at least bearable pain after the surgery however the post-op care was by far the most uncomfortable thing you could experience and that is wearing the pressure garment. That is not something any Clinic can help with as it’s a garment that has to be worn in order to get the desired results. I was left with minimal scarring and just one bruised area, which considering I had done lipo on my stomach, back and arms, this was very impressive. It does show that these doctors really do take into consideration of our needs and the extensive knowledge acquired does help in avoiding as much post-op scarring and bruising.

Rhinoplasty - What I had asked for, I got. I wanted my deviated septum and bulbous nose tip corrected. Dr. Karthik also suggested alar reduction, however, my main concern was to sort out my breathing issue which he completely understood and did not force me to do other procedures which again shows their person-centered intentions. I am able to breathe properly and I feel great.

Don’t judge a book by its front cover, people normally shy away from coming to India for surgery but I really think you should give this clinic a call if you are looking to get these surgeries done as you will not regret it. In fact, I spoke to a young girl who had gone abroad for rhinoplasty and was extremely unhappy with her results. She was here to see Dr. Karthick for a consultation and he advised her honestly of what had happened to her nose and what she can do about it in the future. Why wait to see Dr. Karthick after bad results when you can get it right the first time!

One last thing, the clinic is in Chennai so don’t turn it down because upon first impressions it doesn’t seem to have everything a Clinic in say London or USA would have. But, Chennai Plastic Surgery has things that even clinics abroad don’t have. If there are any adjustments or requirements you need, do not hesitate to tell Dr. Karthick as he will arrange a suitable solution.

Nothing to complain about. I’m still in the healing process but the treatment and services I received have been brilliant. I saw all three of the doctors, Dr. Karthick, Dr. Bharathy and Dr. Arvind.

What I liked the most was the extensive testing they made me take before the surgery to check whether I was healthy or not which made me realize that they weren’t there for the money and that they really cared about their patients and their needs. I actually came for surgery with the intention of someone relieving me of my health issues so doing these extra steps was very comforting as I knew they had taken all the procedures necessary to ensure that I do not have any complications during and after my surgery. Whilst all these testings, I was not alone which as a foreigner was very helpful as all I had to do was pay and get tested then my results would come immediately, no admin or talking to receptionists!

All the Sisters (in India, they call nurses) were really friendly and caring and it was not hard to become well acquainted with them. I met all the Sisters: Ramya, Furita, Jesteela. The close-knit community feeling you get at the clinic is what I needed to relax my mind as I knew I was in the right hands. The care I received was remarkable. I always thought care in the USA was top but this marks that.
Treated By: Karthik
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Janaram India
"I am extremely happy with the results and staff are friendly and give good care for their patients"
100%Reviewed 11 Dec 2017 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Rhinoplasty
Here I describe my experience in Chennai Plastic Surgery since I underwent Nose Surgery with them. I am extremely happy with the results and staff are friendly and give good care for their patients. I extend my special thanks to Dr. Karthik Ram and his team.

Treated By: Karthik
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Gaichamdin India
"It was world class treatment and all the supporting staffs are very polite"
100%Reviewed 06 Dec 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Dr. Aravind words giving us boosting to return back. It was world class treatment and all the supporting staffs are very polite and taking special care.

Its was like staying in home. Superb maintenance.
Treated By: Arvind Total Amount Paid ₹50,000
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Mohammed India
"I will remember him as the four C's which stand for Calm, Compassionate, Caring & Courteous"
100%Reviewed 29 Nov 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation
I came to know about Chennai Plastic Surgery on the internet. Superb! I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Karthik and his team. It is sure good value for money. I will remember him as the four C's which stand for Calm, Compassionate, Caring & Courteous. I reached out to Dr. Karthik immediately. He needs to be appreciated for his prompt response in answering my queries at any time irrespective of the time difference.

The team of doctors and other staff are extremely polite and courteous and always ready to help. A special thank you to Dr. Bharathi, Dr. Arvind and all those who work tirelessly behind the scenes always with a smile. I am 100% satisfied with Dr. Karthik who am sure passes on his positive energy to all those around him. Kudos to you and keep up the good work.
Treated By: Karthik
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Beverly India
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Dr Karthik R

Job Title:
  Principal Surgeon
  Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine, Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics, Hair Transplant Surgery
  English, Hindi, Tamil

Dr Arvind Maharaj

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery
  English, Hindi, Tamil
Show Phone NumberOld No.12, New No.10, McNichols Road,, 4th Lane, Chetpet,, Chennai, Tamilnadu, 600031