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About BodyClinique Ltd

BodyClinique is a leading company putting you in touch with experienced, highly valued and board certified surgeons in the Czech Republic. We would be delighted if you chose us as your partner when considering surgery in the Czech Republic. Our main priority is your safety, well-being and great experience. We are proud to provide second to none personal service. Together with our partnering surgeons we are here to help you on your journey.
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"I can say with 100% honesty I have received the best possible care"
5 50Reviewed 14 Aug 2018 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Gastric Sleeve
I have recently been to Brno and had gastric sleeve surgery performed by Dr Cierny, who has performed over 1000 bariatric surgeries.

I have had an amazingly positive experience through Bodyclinique. My flights and transfer were all included in the package so I had nothing to worry about.

I was met at the airport from Katerina, my liaison, we had been in regular contact from the start of the process so it did not feel awkward at all. She is lovely and knowledgeable about all procedures.

Fast forward to the hospital. It is scrupulously clean. You will receive lots of tests a day prior to the surgery and have chats with the medical professionals involved. The tests will all be assessed to ensure you are fit for surgery and you will need to be passed by an Interne doctor. It is not a willy-nilly procedure your health and suitability for the surgery are taken very seriously.

My operation was performed on a Tuesday morning. From there, the aftercare is superb. Most of the staff speak English and language is not usually a problem. Dr Cierny will visit you twice a day to check your progress. He speaks excellent English and is a kind, considerate man. You will be on simply water consumption for the first day or so after and then you will be introduced to liquid food.

A few days later you will fly home with Anti thrombosis injections and more omeprazole. Again, you will be transferred to the airport by the lovely Katerina.

Please do not let the media scare you off from visiting another country for surgery.

I can say with 100% honesty I have received the best possible care and I am already saving for my abdominoplasty surgery again with Bodyclinique. Hand-on-heart you will not regret choosing this company to have surgery with they are thorough and Katerina will still be in touch afterwards to check your progress and that you are doing fine. So it is not a case of grabbing your money and run! I am one happy client. Thank you to everyone involved in my surgery.

P.S. If you do have surgery. If you feel any discomfort post-op try walking. It works wonders.

Treated By: Michal Total Amount Paid 173727 Kč
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Mandy UK
"An engaging person, who genuinely has your best interests at heart"
5 50Reviewed 08 Nov 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Tummy Tuck
18 months ago, with the help of BodyClinique, I had a Gastric Sleeve resection, which went extremely well. After losing a lot of weight, I was left with loose, saggy skin around my abdomen, that needed removal, so I contacted Katerina at BodyClinique early in 2017.

After sending over some photos, showing what needed to be removed, we set a date with Dr. Paciorek, the surgeon in the Czech Republic, for October 2017 to have an Abdominal Tummy Tuck. Dr. Paciorek quite rightly suggested that the autumn would be better for the operation as I would most likely be uncomfortable recuperating during the heat of the summer.

Katerina arranged my flight from Luton Airport to Katowice in Poland, where I was once again met by Katerina and her father, Lubos. After a short drive into the Czech Republic, I was taken to a lovely hotel in Karviná to stay the night, before heading to Ostrava the following day to meet Dr. Paciorek.

We arrived in the afternoon at the University Hospital in Ostrava where I was taken to my private room and to meet Dr. Paciorek.

I found Dr. Paciorek to be an engaging person, who genuinely has your best interests at heart. We discussed what the procedure would be and he openly answered any questions I had. Later in the day, I met with Martin, who works alongside Katerina. He would be my first point of contact during my stay in Czech. We got on very well and Martin would be there to come and visit me each day, checking up on my progress and would offer to bring me anything I needed from outside the hospital. He would be key in translating anything I needed to know in English.

On the day of the operation, Dr. Paciorek checked that I was OK and he drew on my abdomen where the skin needed to be removed from. At 1.30pm I was taken to the operating theatre and prepped for surgery. The anesthetist spoke to me in English and told me what she was going to do. I felt very calm and before I knew it, I was awoken by the team. The operation was complete.

I was taken back to my room and was made comfortable. I had pain relief, but if I am honest, I don’t recall being in any pain at all. I was wearing an abdominal compression belt and was slightly inclined in my bed. On the second day, I was encouraged to get out of bed and walk to the toilet. From then on, I was encouraged to walk further and along the corridor of the ward, which I did several times a day.

The staff was AMAZING! Although English is not their first language, we managed to communicate well and I was blown away by their compassion, patience and understanding. I feel I formed a bond with a couple of the nurses and we had fun using Google Translate on the iPhone to communicate anything that was required. But to be fair, they knew exactly what I needed or not needed 99% of the time.

Dr. Paciorek saw me every morning and checked my wounds and cleaned them. I was amazed at just how neat the incision lines were. I took my laptop with me and watched some TV box sets and films to while away the time, in between walking along the corridor of the ward. Martin also visited me daily and we had some great conversations. He is a very engaging person as well and he too has a genuine interest in my well-being.

I stayed in the hospital for 5 days after the operation before I was moved to a lovely hotel in the town of Štramberk, which is a small town in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It was here I would stay for the next 5 days, with regular contact with Katerina and Dr. Paciorek by phone and with Martin visiting each day. I was able to go out and about, albeit quite gingerly
and explore the beautiful town. I must stress that it is important to get as much rest as possible and not to exert any strain on the abdomen, but personally, I felt that the fresh air and light walking helped to speed up my recovery.

On Wednesday I was driven by Katerina’s father and Martin back to the hospital, where I had a checkup with Dr. Paciorek, and again on Friday to have my stitches removed. After saying a massive thank you to Dr. Paciorek and to his staff at the hospital, I was taken back to the hotel and the following day, Lubos and Martin drove me to Katowice airport to fly home to the UK.

I was very sad to say goodbye to these 2 great gentlemen, whom I had formed a trusting bond with over the 2 weeks (I had met Lubos on my first trip to Czech). Upon my arrival home, Katerina checked in with me to make sure everything was OK and that has continued for the following week. Dr. Paciorek has been in touch via email, checking up on me and I have been sending him photographic updates and we are both extremely pleased with the results.

3 weeks to the day, I had my belly button stitches removed and everything is fine. I have had no pain or any complications. The Abdominal band takes a bit of getting used to but I get on with it. Time is passing so fast, and it’s only a couple of weeks before I can remove it at night and by Christmas, I won’t have to wear it again.

I am over the moon with the results. I cannot thank BodyClinique, Katerina, Lubos and Martin enough for arranging everything and looking after me. And also not forgetting Dr. Paciorek and his team for doing an outstanding job. 100% total satisfaction.

100% satisfied
Treated By: Katerina Total Amount Paid 115720 Kč
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review avatarGlenn UK
"Just go for it"
5 50Reviewed 29 Dec 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Gastric Sleeve,Bariatric Surgery Consultation
I'd been wanting the Vertical sleeve gastrectomy for a few years. I asked my insurance 3 times over the last few years, if I would qualify and I was rejected all three times (twice because I wasn't heavy enough and the last time because I'm moving soon (at the time I still had 6 months left in Europe). So I went in search of how much the cost was in Europe. I found out that in the Czech it was 1/4th the cost as it is in the US. So I sent Katerina an inquiry and she got back to me very fast. I wasn't really expecting this to happen so fast or at all. I was pretty hopeless. Before I knew it I had paid the money and had plane tickets. When the time came I flew over to the Czech. I was getting over a cold and still had a pretty ugly cough so they wouldn't do the surgery (Thank goodness! After knowing what it was like to get the surgery I'm so glad I didn't do it with a cough!). So we rescheduled for a month later and so I flew back again. Katerina couldn't meet me this time but her dad and friend met me at the airport and drove me to the hotel and I walked to the hospital the next day. Katerina was always calling the hospital and checking in on me everyday. The nurses are very friendly and they helped me every step of the way. The next day after all my tests were cleared I had my surgery. It still doesn't feel real to me that I had VSG finally. Before the surgery with my two pre-op diets I managed to lose 21lbs on my own and today I'm one month out and I lost 20lbs more since my surgery and so I'm down 41lbs in just 4 months. I think Dr Cierny did a PERFECT job! I have never gotten sick from eating and I can't over eat. I'm healing SUPER fast and the stitches on my tummy healed so fast and well. The holes will one day be invisible. If you're reading this, thinking about getting weight loss surgery with Katerina and Dr Cierny then all I have to say is to not worry about anything, just go for it. It was really easy going. The people are all awesome. Dr Cierny is an expert in his field. The surgery is not so much painful as it is uncomfortable. After the 1st or 2nd day I was feeling almost my old self. I didn't have gas like I read so much about. It just felt like I worked out SUPER hard so I was sore for a few days. after 6 or 7 days I felt normal again. Funny thing about pain and comfort is that once it's gone you tend to not remember it. If you're afraid, try not to be. Dr Cierny is fabulous. Katerina is amazing and does her job wonderfully. She makes you feel like family. Her dad is fantastic too.

Thank you Katerina and Dr Cierny! The main reason I chose this clinic was the cost. My first impression of the hospital was that it was clean and very different from the hospitals in the US. Not in a bad way, just different. The room was pretty comfortable. You couldn't beat the view from your room. It has a balcony that overlooks a garden with trees surrounding the area. It snowed a couple times when I was there and it made it even more dreamy and beautiful. You get your own private room once you're out of ICU. The room had a toilet and a sink but the shower is outside of the room to share with the room next door. I'm not sure anyone was in the room next door so I think I had it to my self. The room also has a table, chairs, TV, refrigerator, tea kettle and of course a bed that is adjustable. The hospital even let me stay an extra night at no additional cost because I needed to wait for a flight one extra day. I think the hospital has a couple pharmacies. They sale drinks, teas, meds, etc. All in all I enjoyed my stay.
Treated By: Michal Total Amount Paid 144282 Kč
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review avatarJulie Spain
"My stomach is about 15% of it's normal size"
5 50Reviewed 21 Jan 2016 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Gastric Plication
I was described by my doc as morbidly obese. After researching private clinics for weight loss surgery, I decided to go ahead with a gastric greater curvature plication.

This was carried out just over 2 weeks ago, in which they folded my stomach to make it around 15% of its normal size. It was done by laparascopic surgey, in which the surgeon made 5 small incisons and carried out the procedure by keyhole surgery. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days after the operation.
The cost of the surgery was less than half what I was quoted in UK, and it was certainly value for money.

Bodyclinique were excellent to deal with from first contact until even after I was home from the operation. Katerina answered every question or doubt I had about the operation, sending countless emails so that I knew exactly what was going to happen, what to expect with results, and what was expected of me prior to and after the operation.

Katerina collected me from the airport in Brno, Czech republic and drove me to my hotel. The next morning she collected me from the hotel and escorted me to the hospital and stayed with me throughout all of the pre-op tests and translated for me where needed. The hotel in Breclav had excellent nurses who looked after me in my own private room.

The surgeon Dr Cierny spoke excellent English and again answered all questions prior to the operation. He was very attentive and caring. I felt that they would not carry out the operation just because I paid for it. They would only carry out surgery if it was felt that I needed it, and was fit enough to go through with an operation. My op was a complete success and I was discharged from hospital 3 days later, when Katerina collected me again and drove me to the airport and helped me get checked in. I would very much recommend Bodyclinique for anyone looking at weight loss surgery.
Treated By: Michal Total Amount Paid 141337 Kč
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Robert UK
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Private Patients Welcome

Mrs Katerina Beckles

Job Title:
  Bariatric Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery
  English, Czech
Having been approached about organising surgery in the Czech Republic I have decided to form a company and BodyClinique came into existence in April 2014. I was born in the Czech Republic and lived there until I was 18 but then decided to come over to England to learn about the culture. I fell in love with London and 17 years later I am still here and very happy. In my working career life I have worked for major Market Research Company as well as big international Clinical Research Company as a Manager in the Learning & Development department. Having come from the Czech Republic I have a great knowledge of the Czech Medical System which is a huge advantage when advising patients on the care they will receive. My role in BodyClinique is also as a patient coordinator and I will accompany you when you travel with BodyClinique for your chosen surgery.

Melissa Foreman

Job Title:
Having had a successfull gastric surgery with Dr Cierny himself, Melissa will be providing pre and post surgery advice for our patients. Melissa is a NMC registered nurse and a nutritional advisor. Melissa had her gastric wrap operation in Breclav - Czech Republic in 2012. Since then she has lost unbelievable 12st and her transformation is truly amazing. After the successfull surgery with Dr Cierny and the huge weight loss she has been left with a lot of access skin. So she decided to go under the knife once again in order to have it removed by cosmetic surgeon Paul Baguley in the UK. Melissa is very knowledgable and experienced in the aesthetic and the weight loss world and is able to provide great advice.

Mr Michal Cierny

Job Title:
  Bariatric Surgery
  English, Czech, Slovak

Dr. Michal Cierny is a senior surgeon specialising in laparoscopic and mini-invasive surgery, particularly in (also called bariatric surgery or obesity surgery). With more than 1000 procedures (gastric bands, gastric sleeves, bypasses, plications) he is one of the most experienced surgeons in this field in Czech Republic and in Europe.
Currently he has been performing most frequently gastric bypass surgeries and gastric plications.

MUDr Michal Cierny CSc is a member of the comittee and a founding member of the Bariatric Section of both the Czech Surgical and the Czech Obesitological Society. He is a member of IFSO (International federation of Obesity Surgery) and of EAES (European Association for Endoscopic Surgery) He has frequently lectured and attended IFSO Congress worldwide, and he is the founder of Bandingklub   – an organisation set up to inform, support and provide a forum for patients who are looking for or have had Bariatric Surgery in the Czech Republic . He also has been instrumental in setting up“VOLO“, a web-based method of tracking and stastical evaluation of the results of obesity surgery for Bariatric specialists. .

Show Phone NumberU Nemocnice 3066/1, Breclav, Czech Republic, 690 02Czech Republic