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Art of Surgery Dr Rastogi

Art of Surgery Dr Rastogi

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Lv 3, 4-10 Bay Street, Double Bay, Sydney, New South Wales, 2028Australia

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About Art of Surgery Dr Rastogi

Dr Rastogi Cosmetic Surgeon has an unmatched reputation Australia-wide for Liposuction and Breast Augmentation. Opening in 1998, his Double Bay Cosmetic Surgery clinic has seen thousands of local and international patients seek him out for his artistic approach to surgery and non-surgical treatments, such as cosmetic injections.

Dr Rastogi is widely known for his natural looking cosmetic results, which he achieves through surgical precision and artistic aptitude.

Having trained in Europe under some of the most highly regarded cosmetic and plastic surgeons globally, today this experience sees Dr Rastogi specialise in a finely-tuned selection of cosmetic procedures. These include: Breast Augmentation (either via Breast Implants or Fat Transfer to Breast), Liposculpture (Liposuction), Mini Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck), Facelifts and Upper Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid surgery).

Dr Rastogi’s famous ‘Ultra Short Recovery Technique’ and perfected use of the Furry Brazilian (polyurethane coated implant) for Breast Augmentation ensure his patients recover remarkably well and see very low rates of post-surgical complications.

With his gentle hands, warm nature and high level surgical skill, Dr Rastogi is very popular amongst his patients. 

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Patient reviews

4.9 from 18 verified reviews
Sam, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

The whole experience was made so easy by his wonderful staff and of course the doctor himself

5 50 Breast Implants

I have now had two procedures with Dr. Rastogi. Three years ago I had my breast augmentation and only recently I came in for a liposculpture. Firstly let me say that Dr. Rastogi and his team are so incredibly professional and caring. I have never felt so at ease after meeting the team they're going in to have surgery. After my BA Dr. Rastogi called me over the weekend to check that I was recovering ok. Truth be told, I was out shopping when he called and was feeling really good. My breasts look fantastic and I couldn't be happier 3 years on. When I had my Lipo done earlier this year Dr. Rastogi removed the excess saddle bags from my thighs and fat around my hips. I wish I had have done it sooner. Bruising was minimal and again, the recovery was relatively easy with minimal pain. I am over the moon with my results. Dr. Rastogi is an absolute genius. If you are considering a BA or Lipo, you must see Dr. Rastogi.

The whole experience was made so easy by his wonderful staff and of course Dr. Rastogi himself. They are like no other clinic I have ever been to. Fabulous.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Hayley, Australia
( Review verified by email)

My experience was outstanding

5 50 Mommy Makeover

I had a "Mommy Makeover" with Dr. Rastogi, which, in my case, was a Revision Breast Augmentation combined with a Mini Tummy Tuck. The surgery was this year and 3 months on I couldn't be happier with the results.

After 3 children, breastfeeding and many a waking hour spent tending to my kids' needs, I came to the conclusion that my body might be ready for a bit of a makeover. I wanted to do something for myself. I liked my existing implants somewhat, but the pregnancies, the weight fluctuations, and lost upper breast volume were noticeable. I called Dr. Rastogi's clinic and booked a consultation to talk to him about it.

And wow, what a lovely surgeon, I wish I had gone to him the first time around! Following the appointment, I booked in for the procedures and set about planning for my surgery, which he did simultaneously at Waratah Private Hospital.

Following surgery, I recovered well and have been very happy with the results. My breasts are much fuller and the shape is lovely. Plus they are already starting to feel soft, despite them being polyurethane coated or 'Furry Brazilian'. My Tummy Tuck scar is so small and nicely hidden underneath my bikini line, he did an incredible job.

If you want a detail-oriented, supportive and friendly surgeon, I would highly recommend Dr. Rastogi and his team. My experience was outstanding.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Bianca, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

I knew I was in expert hands

5 50 Facelift • Paid: $25000

Dr. Rastogi is a genius! He performed a facelift on me in January this year and it was everything I had hoped for. I wanted the surgery because as a 59-year-old the sagging skin made me look sad and old. The work this incredible doctor did is truly amazing and I was back at work 3 days later. There was: NO bruising, NO Scars, NO drains, NO pain. I knew I was in expert hands and was never apprehensive or concerned. Being in sales I need to look fresh, confident and happy and thanks to Dr. Anoop Rastogi I look and feel fantastic and I really have been given a new lease on life. It is the best thing I ever did. I am more than happy to discuss my experience with anyone thinking about having a facelift with Dr Rastogi.

I chose this surgery as everyone recommended it. So glad I asked around. Now I tell everyone to go here!

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi

You're so very welcome, Bianca. Appreciate you taking the time to write such kind words. Your Facelift result was natural and beautiful, made even more special because of your warm and generous nature. Glad to hear you're still smiling and happy with your procedure. Best, Dr Rastogi

Art of Surgery Dr Rastogi
Art of Surgery Dr Rastogi
Kat, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

His patient care is above and beyond

5 50 Breast Implants

I am having trouble putting into words my experience with Doctor Rastogi so grab a cup of tea and get ready for a novel as summarizing is not at all my strong point.

I am almost a week post op and although you can only read my words I honestly wish I could show you the pure happiness radiating from me right now. My three year old said today, 'mummy sorry the doctor made your boobies sore but he made your smile always be on your face now'.

Doctor Rastogi is one of the most genuine caring gentlemen I have ever met. I have researched breast augmentation for over 10 years however made the decision to wait until our family was complete before going ahead with the procedure. I've had the family, friends many a random lady I managed to engage in breast conversation undergo augmentation (I take research very seriously). Dr. Rastogi came highly recommend.

Next step, social media stalking. A stand out for me was that Doctor Rastogi's practice isn't about posting 10 photos a day of oversized (my opinion only) breasts, or snap chatting surgeries or creating marketing hashtags so patients can flash their assets to an international audience. His practice is not about 'followers' or the glamour or fashion of large breasts. It's about being true to his patients and their wishes and that's why his work is art.

I struggled my entire life with the appearance (or lack there of) of my breasts. Even knowing I would have to take my shirt off for the initial consultation had me shaking and teary. Within minutes of speaking with Doctor Rastogi, I was settled and comfortable and really felt that he honestly cared and had empathy for how I was feeling.

As a mum, I look in the mirror and see stretched skin, child bearing hips, breasts scared with stretch marks that had been relocated to somewhere under my armpits. The inner female goddess in me wanted to be all like yeah you gave life you rock no matter what, the shy 33-year-old who had always lacked self-confidence had me tear up the second I needed to take my shirt off. There is something so special about the way Doctor Rastogi can make you feel in his presence. I was at ease in seconds, and if I'm to be truly honest I think my husband (who came for the consult) fell a little bit in love with Doctor Rastogi too! Natural looking breasts was all I ever desired and I knew immediately upon consultation that I was in the right hands with Doctor Rastogi.

Now for the cost side of things. Nowadays you can have a breast argumentation for as little as $6k. We are just your average income earners. I have two small children, a mortgage and all those other bills that come with the glory of being an adult. I'm also blessed with something that most of you mums are familiar with, a little thing called 'mum guilt'.

To spend a rather large sum of money on myself was actually one of the hardest things for me to accept in the whole process.

In this world, you get what you pay for. My body needed to be respected during the surgery. I'm not a piece of meat I'm a mum and I wanted to be taken care of. I needed to be well after the surgery, not bed ridden and compression bandaged to beyond movement. I'm now 5 days post op and while avoiding the heavy lifting as required we've had our usual park outings and beach walks. The most painful part of preparing lunch for my toddler is not the movement but if I dare serve it on the wrong plate. I've built a several hot wheels tracks and 2 days post op managed a short little dance with my boy at a 4th birthday party. Now if my body hadn't been in the hands of such a gentle professional I don't think any of that would be possible. I urge anyone to really consider what is at stake when looking at a cheaper surgeon. What is your body worth to you? I don't think surgery is ever something you should skimp on. You have one body put it in the hands of someone you can trust.

The day of surgery: To say that I was scared is the understatement of the century. I had only been in the hospital to have my babies and never had a general anesthetic in my life. Both the anesthetist and Doctor Rastogi on the day of the surgery took the time to put me at ease. Like the big baby I am, I cried the second I got onto the operating table but Doctor Rastogi held my hand as I fell asleep and I drifted off feeling calm. I think I then had the best sleep I have had since my kids were born as I wasn't blessed with sleepers. I woke up in recovery feeling (very surprising) amazing. I felt rested, a feeling I haven't had in years.

Over the weekend Doctor Rastogi sent me text messages to touch base and make sure I knew he was available should I need him. He also took the time to call me on a Sunday night. His patient care is above and beyond.

By now you should have finished your cup of tea and I hope that I have been able to give you some insight into what it's like being a patient of Doctor Rastogi's.


Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi

Dear Kat, thank you for your heartfelt review. I am very moved by your words and appreciate you taking the time to write this. You story is similar to so many other women who embark on breast augmentation surgery following children. I wish you further good recovery and look forward to seeing you in a couple of months. Best, Anoop Rastogi

Art of Surgery Dr Rastogi
Art of Surgery Dr Rastogi
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I felt confident

Breast Implants

I had been considering breast augmentation for a while but had my reservations because of the possible risks that I had read about. I also wasn't sure whether it was something that I absolutely needed. Through open source research as well as word of mouth I decided to undergo this surgery, Dr. Rastogi would be my first choice as I felt his years of experience and quality or work were reassuring and I felt confident that he would do a good job & get me the results that I wanted. I finally decided to go ahead with the surgery and booked a consultation with Dr. Rastogi, his whole office staff, as well as the Dr, were absolutely great to deal with. Dr. Rasgoti is an expert in this field & I could tell right away that he knew what he was doing & had listened to me and got me the result I wanted. Furthermore, the support staff working at Dr. Ratogis office were very professional and helpful & I felt comfortable to call up with any questions I had. I must say I did not have many questions as I had informed myself about the surgery & in addition was provided with all the necessary information & documents during the consult. I would recommend Dr. Rastogi to anyone who is considering breast augmentation surgery and say with full confidence that he is truly a great Dr & expert in this field. I personally am very glad that I made this decision & chose Dr. Rastogi to do my surgery.

All the staff at Dr. Rastogis clinic were professional and especially helpful, everyone was absolutely great to deal with and called me to follow up on my progress as well as prepare me for surgery various times.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Serena, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

The best choice I ever made

5 50 Breast Implant Revision

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, I wanted to get my boobs back to the lovely shape and size they were after my first breast implant surgery, which I’d done in my 20’s. Since then, I’ve had 2 kids, grown a little older, I felt it was time for a refresh. The surgical consultation with my surgeon in Adelaide didn’t pan out as I hoped. He recommended a breast lift surgery and replacing my large implants with smaller ones. But I didn’t want this, I knew I needed a second opinion, so I started researching Sydney surgeons. After phoning around and having some rather abrupt conversations with rude plastic surgery receptionists, I was starting to feel like a number. Like, if I didn’t book then and there on the spot, these young girls weren’t interested in speaking to me! Fortunately, though, I came across Dr. Rastogi in Double Bay. From the moment I called I had a great first impression, the lady I spoke to gave me lots of time, she asked me a series of questions and explained the Revision Breast Augmentation procedure, their consultation process and why Dr. Rastogi was ‘different’. I decided to book flights to Sydney and come in for a consult.

When I met Dr. Rastogi he was absolutely lovely. He really took his time with me, which was a comfort because I had traveled all this way to see him. It was a 2-hour appointment! He was kind, professional and sympathetic to my situation. I really got the sense of his artistry as a surgeon. He carefully maps out your body shape, asks you about yourself and your intentions for wanting surgery. Then he starts explaining the implants that would work well for me, the surgery and the result. I felt so at ease and within minutes I knew I had found the right surgeon!

After seeing him, I was enthusiastic and ready to book my surgery. The process was pretty easy and straightforward. A week before my surgery, however, I was starting to feel nervous. Not about the surgery itself, but questioning my reasons, ie - flying interstate for cosmetic purposes, leaving the kids at home back in Adelaide and traveling alone for this procedure. Was I making the right decision? All fears were allayed though when I called Dr. Rastogi’s rooms. Virginia, one of the girls in the clinic, was lovely and said “oh darling, really? Don’t be nervous, you’ve been through worse than this. You’re a Mum! You’ve given birth and raised two kids! You have a great team of people around you, and you’re in the best of care with Dr. Rastogi. In 4 days you’ll be home, feeling well and later you’ll wonder why you were ever feeling nervous.” Or something like that! She was right. She immediately rid me of any anxiety and gave me the confidence to start preparing for the trip.

I decided to stay overnight at the hospital in Sydney following my op, not because I needed to, but we had private health so figured I may as well. Dr. Rastogi saw me after surgery to tell me everything had gone really well. The following day (Saturday), Virginia called me as well, just to check up and ask me how it all went. It was her day off, she didn’t have to call, but it showed me she truly cared.

It’s been 10 days now since my surgery. I’m not in pain and because of this I have to keep reminding myself that I’m healing internally and need to take it easy! I absolutely love the result so far. My boobs are full and lovely again. Best decision I ever made calling Dr. Rastogi and going ahead with my op. I can’t wait for my 3 months follow up appointment not only to see how my breasts have settled but to see the lovely staff at Dr. Rastogi’s clinic.

Take my advice, follow your intuition. If you’re not happy with your first consult experience, get a second opinion from a different surgeon – it’s YOUR body and your health so you need to have faith in the people looking after you. The best choice I ever made.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Geana, Australia
( Review verified by phone)

He turned any anxiousness into excitement and with his eye for detail and perfection- I knew i was

5 50 Breast Implants

I fell in love with this doctor just as my girlfriends said i would. He is truly a gentle soul. My consultation was calming, exciting and non invasive. I had no nerves regarding my procedure around Dr Rastogi due to his calm kind nature. He turned any anxiousness into excitement and with his eye for detail and perfection- I knew i was in great hands.
2 days later I was in surgery meeting his amazing team! They were so welcoming and still, knowing I was in the best hands. I had no nerves! I got to meet part of his team who were just as soothing and lovely as Rastogi himself and made me feel comfortable and safe. My Anesthesiologist was so sweet and professional he explained everything clearly and simply. Rastogi then held my hand as the anesthesia kicked in and was the last person I saw.
When I woke Rastogi was there but I remember very little of our conversation. I was given his personal number to call day or night if necessary for any reasons. 3 weeks on I’ve taken literally 3 relaxants from the medication he provided and that was only because I was so cold from the weather my muscles couldn’t relax. I’ve taken 0 pain killers. Why? I’m not in pain! That’s right! No pain! He is so gentle in his procedures just as my girlfriends described.
2 days after I was meeting family again seeing the beautiful sights of Sydney and within a week back to full time mum with a toddler and work, of course listening to Dr Rastogis post care. My breasts are still settling and look better every week! My scaring- absolute minimum! Will be a hairline! My breasts are even in size looking and looking absolutely prefect and most of all will be natural looking in time!!!
Love love love them! I feel so much more womanly and confident! Any future work I’ll go to Dr Rastogi! His team in the office, also amazing my treatment for wrinkles looks the best and it was a comfortable experience.
The ladies at Rastogi's office have been more than amazing and patient also! Answering all of my silly billion questions 3 months prior surgery. Just adore Dr. Rastogi and his team couldn’t recommend them any more highly!

Just adore the clinic and team!

Meg, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

I could not be happier

5 50 Breast Reconstruction

Absolutely love my new boobs, I went from an A cup to a fuller C cup and could not be happier. The shape is incredibly natural - they don't look fake at all, this was something I was concerned about so am really happy with the finished product. The scarring is very small but also in a position where no one except me would see anyway, I haven't yet gotten 100% feeling back and my nipples are still a little sensitive as each month passes post op they feel more and more normal. I'm also impressed by how much the implants have softened already, with my procedure only being done 7 months ago they are feeling really good.
In terms of recovery - its was really quick! I was unable to drive for 48 hours post op due to the anaesthetic but aside from that I was up and walking the following day with no pain or discomfort. My operation took place on a Thursday and was back at work on the following Tuesday. I had absolutely no pain or bruising on my breasts, I did however have a some bruising on the incisions where I had liposuction on my underarms which I have been told is very normal.

I found Dr Rastogi's bedside manner to be absolutely beautiful. He is a very kind man who I felt was very wary of what I wanted out of the surgery and wanted to make sure I was comfortable and confident before proceeding.
On a personal level, I consider this operation to be one of the best decisions I have ever made and have zero regrets. Would highly recommend and often do if anyone is to ask for a suggested surgeon specialising in breast augmentation.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Melinda, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

The results are incredible

5 50 Fat Transfer

I'm 47 years old with 2 adult children. I had both children by caesarian plus multiple extra abdominal surgeries that resulted in adhesions, skin nerve damage, and side-to-side thick scars. The scars caused my tummy to hang over the top no matter how much exercise I did. I also had numerous biopsies and core samples taken from breast lumps that meant my breasts were sagging and not very nice.
Dr Rastogi performed 2 separate surgical procedures 3 months apart.
The first involved a mini abdominoplasty to remove the scars, adhesions, and reconstruct my abdomen. I now have a fine scar below the bikini line (I bought 2 new bikinis this year and looked amazing!) and a flat tummy. He sculpted my outer thighs and transferred 350ml to the left and 250ml to the right breast. This evened up the shape and gave me a natural lift.
The second procedure was 10 days ago. This time fat was taken from my inner thighs, near the knees, my upper arms, and back. Dr Rastogi was able to add a further 200ml to each breast.
The results are incredible.

Dr Rastogi is an unbelievably gifted surgeon and caring human being. He was referred to me by someone who explained that he is the best there is. She was right.
It really matters to choose someone who will work with your body and cares about the outcome they can achieve for you. Dr Rastogi listened to my concerns, advised me on what was possible and carefully explained what wasn't achievable and why. His surgery techniques are incredibly gentle.
I was up and walking several kms the day after each procedure. The first one lasted around 4.5 hrs and the second was close to 3 hrs. I'm back at the gym, bruising is healing, I feel fantastic, and I look even better.
He has literally changed my life.
The Autologous Fat transfer procedure means my breasts are still all my own tissue. They look and feel real. It is less predictable than implants because the fat will not all survive so there is some degree of shrinkage vs an implant that is a defined quantity. The down time is vastly less however, and there is no chance of leakage or being able to see that any enlargement has ever happened. I literally have a couple of dot sized scars that are healing nicely and will pretty much fade away.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Vanessa, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

They are an amazing group of girls who love their job.

5 50 Liposuction

I'm 44 yrs old and have had 4 kids. After a few sports injuries and operations I had become lazy about diet & excercise. I did get back into excercise and started watching what I ate. I wasn't happy with my appearance, I was feeling self conscious what I would wear out and started to wear looser clothing. So after speaking to my sister in law who had liposculpture a few years ago and how great she looks even now. I decided it was time for me to shine!!! So I decided to do it!!!! The staff at the clinic in double bay are absolutely delightful. From the moment any one answers the phone they are so welcoming and happy to answer any questions. When you walk into the clinic it is filled with life!!!! They are an amazing group of girls who love their job.

I highly recommend Dr Rastogi Clinic. Friendly, professional and most of all patient care is outstanding

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Recoveringmm, Australia
( Review verified by email)

I could not been happier with the result

4.5 50 Breast Implants

My surgery was booked within 2 weeks and I could not been happier with the result.

One of my implant was ruptured when I came to see Dr Rastogi. His staff were supportive, friendly and fast. She organised the Screen Test on the same day when she met me and I received the result on the same day.

R, Australia
( Review verified by phone)

It has given me that little self confidence boost I think I really needed

5 50 Breast Implants

As an older woman I was somewhat hesitant to book myself in for breast augmentation surgery. I am over 50 and I often wondered if I hadn't found Dr Rastogi then I may have just let it go and not bothered with breast implants, but today as I write this after my post-op appointment I can't tell you how happy I have been with the entire process. From the very first moment I called his clinic, the process has been easy and seamless. I live interstate and traveled to Sydney for my consultation with Dr Rastogi (who came highly recommended from a friend in the industry who had been impressed hearing him present at conferences) and I was instantly happy and grateful to have made the trip up here. The whole journey has been fantastic, from his friendly and helpful staff to the hospital - so lovely. I've had no pain and the result is better than I could have ever imagined. I didn't want to go too big as I just wanted to reach a C cup and for my breasts to look natural. Dr Rastogi did a great job, he was very gentle and I have minimal scars.
For anyone out there considering a breast enlargement I would highly recommend Dr Rastogi and his team and to not be scared, just to do it. Make that first consultation and see how you feel about surgery from there. It has given me that little self confidence boost I think I really needed.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
Mabel, Australia
( Review verified by email)

Dr Rastogi was great

5 50 Breast Implants

Dr Rastogi was great, it was a very thorough appointment and he went over everything. During my breast augmentation surgery he was very gentle, there was hardly any pain afterwards and he waited around after my surgery to see how I was feeling.
I received phone calls following my hospital visit from the doctor and his staff to see how I was getting along.. All in all Dr Rastogi is a lovely man and really looks out for you.

Treated by: Dr Anoop Rastogi
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