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We have a direct contact with clinics and surgeons in Turkey and we are able to answer all of your questions, give you detailed quotes and offer the best deals including airport transfers and accommodation.

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Concierge consultants are focused on assisting people that experience male or female pattern baldness or receding hairline and are thinking about having a hair transplant done abroad. We know that planning a medical trip on your own can be a real hassle

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and that's where we step in


We have over 10 years of experience in helping people like you. Our consultants are experts when it comes to hair transplant procedures and work only with certified clinics and surgeons in Istanbul.


You would be dealing with one person, a dedicated native English-speaking consultant, no autoresponders or careless call centers. We are available for you throughout the whole process, even after the surgery to make sure everything is going well.

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Urmila, Ireland

5 star rating Recently got my husband hair transplant from Istanbul through Whatclinic.Thanks for getting us the best rates and smooth procedure.

Murat, UK

5 star rating Very useful for patients like me to get hair transplant done within budget.

Benjamin, UK

5 star rating Extremely efficient support and great service. Close attention and great teamwork. Highly recommended for all.

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Why Turkey?

Hair transplant in Istanbul is a great choice. Make sure you know all the benefits and we'll take care about the rest.

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choose Turkey
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a hub for some of the best surgeons and physicians - members of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)


modern infrastructure and highest quality standards in JCI (Joint Commission International) certified hospitals

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attractive currency exchange rate ensures very affordable prices


three international airports serving Istanbul make it easy to get there


great place to visit and stay

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Before and after picture
Treated at Top Clinic Turkey
03.07.2019 This change of seeing your own hair growing on parts of your head where once you were bald is great. It's been only 4 months after the treatment and I expect the result is going to continue to improve.
David, UK
Before and after picture
Treated at Aestimed Hair Transplant Clinic
15.08.2018 The clinic itself was great, everyone was friendly and professional. I have nothing but good things to say about my entire experience; from price to treatment to the results!
Wendall, USA
Before and after picture
Treated at Dr Yetkin Bayer Clinic
15.08.2018 The team were extremely kind and took great care of every detail. Dr Yetkin offers unbelievable value. Thanks so much. After 6 months I look so much better.
Mark, UK

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3 days
Total process duration
6-8 hours
Surgery duration
Total average price

We know you have more questions - don't worry, we will answer them all

The current success rate for hair transplant surgery is between 80 - 95%. Some clinics have higher success rates than others, and also use different hair transplantation techniques. Reading patient reviews for each clinic may give you a better idea of what to expect. Do keep in mind that every patient is different and speaking directly to a surgeon will help you determine if this surgery is a good option for your individual needs.
The number of grafts will depend on the surgeon’s assessment. Once you have sent us photos, the surgeon will be able to give you more information. Depending on your needs, a maximum of 4500 - 5000 grafts can be provided.
After the procedure, you may experience some redness in the implantation and extraction areas, but this is perfectly normal. For the first 10 days after the procedure, there will also be tiny “dots” on your scalp from where the hair was implanted. As you heal, these dots will fade.
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