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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are anti-aging products that are injected into the skin of patients to add volume. They are injected to make skin that is sagging or has become wrinkled because of age look smooth and plump. They are also called injectable facial fillers, injectable cosmetic fillers or soft tissue fillers.  They are made of hyaluronic acid taken from animals or from the fat of the patient. It takes five minutes to an hour to perform dermal filler procedures.  

How long do Dermal Fillers last?

Dermal fillers last from six months to five years. They are not permanent and are absorbed by the skin over time.  

Is the administration of Dermal Fillers painful?

Local anaesthetic is applied to the skin before dermal filler injections are administered. Patients will feel the pain of the injection during the procedure and after the anaesthetic wears off, for a few days. Some fillers contain an analgesic substance called lidocaine. These fillers are less painful than other fillers.   

When can I travel by air after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Patients should wait one week after getting dermal fillers injected before travelling by air. Air travel can aggravate the swelling and bruising that may occur after dermal fillers are injected.   

How long does recovery take after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Recovery from dermal filler injections may take seven to fourteen days. Recovery depends on each individual patient.  

What after care is required after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Patients should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol until any swelling has subsided. They should avoid touching their face for at least one day. They should avoid going in direct sunlight for at least two days. They should drink plenty of water after the treatment. They should not get any beauty treatments done on their face for at least a week. They should avoid strenuous exercises and lifting heavy objects for at least a month. They should avoid blood thinning medications for a few weeks.  Patients should perform facial exercises for a few hours after the procedure.

What are the alternatives to Dermal Fillers?

Collagen stimulation therapy, some herbal medicines or lotions and micro-current assisted skin toning are some alternatives to injecting dermal fillers.

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Aesthetic Medical Clinic Singapore - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in SingaporeFeatured

Aesthetic Medical Clinic Singapore

(888) 848-7639 ext: 34010 Singapore, Singapore
Rating from 13 Reviews I can see instant result and I am very happyJenny, Singapore, 04 Nov 16

The treatment was great, i can see instant result and I am very happy. I will come back for the next treatment. Dr Lim kindly explained what was my problem and how he was going to procceed the filler treatment. He was so gentle and slowly when injecting filler on my cheeks and chin so I didnt feel any pain at all. Overall, it was a great experience, thank you Dr. Lim.

Dermal Fillers
Iontophoresis with vitamin C and HA from $222
Infusion of cocktail of Vit C  and Hyaluronic acid to achieve radiant, fairer and clear skin
picolaser $333 - $370
With the picolaser, tattoo removal is now made easier and faster with successful outcomes.  Our picolaser features up to 3x more energy to deliver therapeutic fluences for the entire range of spot sizes. Improved treatment efficacy for benign pigmented epidermal and dermal lesions and multiple tattoo ink particle sizes are observed.
Skinboosters - hyal lift, glow $481 - $591
This is a specific skin injection for lifting, hydrating and whitening the skin. 
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4.5 / 5  Excellent
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CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics - Dr Charlene Scicluna CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics MaltaFeatured

CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics

(888) 848-7639 ext: 88564 Luqa, Malta
Dermal Fillers $204 - $703
At CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics, dermal fillers used are world-leading top quality branded products that give smooth, gentle and long-lasting results. Aesthetic doctor has been specially trained in London and has a studied sense of what a natural look should be like. This ensures optimum results and a safe procedure.  Our goal with your filler consultation is to provide you with a careful and honest aesthetic assessment in order to achieve the best aesthetic result possible. We also ensure that your procedure is as comfortable as possible for you and that the end result is still a natural look.
Lip Augmentation $227 - $454
If you’re considering lip enhancement it’s important to choose a doctor with great care – see that you choose a properly trained practitioner. Bigger is not always better, so find a doctor with a studied sense of how natural lips should look, to ensure you don’t end up appearing artificial or odd. There’s more to this than just pushing the plunger on a needle, after all. At CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics lip enhancement is done by an aesthetic doctor specially trained in London to give you the most desirable results meeting your expectations.
Treatment for Wrinkles $204 - $703
At CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics we can make you look your best and feel your best, while you age gracefully. We all want to look good for our age and we can help you reach such objective. Ageing is a natural process everyone must pass through, but with us you will definitely not regret getting older. CHIC offers a vast range of non surgical anti-ageing solutions using Injections and dermal fillers coupled with effective long term personal skin care advice.  Book your consultation with one of our experienced doctors, and depending on your concerns and expectations, we will be able to personalise a treatment plan for you.
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Canmore Medispa & Laser Centre - Dr. BalharryFeatured

Canmore Medispa & Laser Centre

(424) 352-8833 Canmore, Canada
Rating from 1 Review Made me feel relaxed and confidentJaime, Canada, 15 Nov 15

I had a labiaplasty and also the O-shot yesterday by Dr Balharry. Very pleasant doctor and he made me feel relaxed and confident in his knowledge.The best thing I like about Balharry is he made sure I got to participate in what was to be preformed and took the time to discuss all my questions. For example I wanted the wedge method instead of the common trim and we were able to discuss the pros n cons of each.I am less sore today then yesterday, so feel I am recovering quickly! He has given me good aftercare instructions and even tho my girly bits look a bit distorted from slight swelling n bruising, I'm very happy with the result so far!!!! I totally recommend him! Great guy and great bedside manners as they say ;-) As a last note I'm super excited I've had the O-shot done and that it's offered at this clinic, since it has not been offered long anywhere!!!!! I will be sure to update in a couple months and share my recovery and if I can finally have strong orgasms from the shot. As for the review of the clinic- First thing when I came in I saw they have over blue boot/shoe coverings, which is nice to keep the area clean. Second when filling out my information they used erasable sheets instead of regular paper and that is way kinder to our trees.Awesome staff,very pleasant, accommodating, conciderate and aim to please. They made me feel very comfortable to say the least! I was served tea during my wait before my procedure. All in all I would absolutely recommend and return to Canmore medi spa for treatments. Big thank you to the staff!!

Dermal Fillers  
Treatment for Wrinkles  
Non-Surgical Nose Job  
4.0 / 5  Very Good
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DermaKurve - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UKFeatured


(888) 848-7639 ext: 73859 Manchester, UK
Rating from 23 Reviews Great experience.Brenda, Manchester, 12 Jul 16

Very easy to find the clinic which is run from Dr. Rose's house via a treatment room. The treatment room is extremely clean and very clinical-looking, everything white. Both Dr. Rose and Mirella are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their products. There's no rush, and you're not talked into anything you're not happy about doing. I had treatment for wrinkles in three places; forehead, corner of eyes, I was talked to throughout the process. Afterward, I was left with very tiny brushing (but I bruise very easy). I was told after if I had any concerns later then to ring/text and they would answers any of my concerns no problem. I returned two weeks later for the check-up, and everything was fine. I even went ahead and had Dermafillers in my cheeks which look great very natural. So, thank you, Dr. Rose and Mirella for your patience, knowledge, and care. Very clean, professional, knowledgeable people that seem to have a good client based clinic.

Dermal Fillers from $596
Our philosophy is to refresh and enhance appearance while maintaining a natural look. We work together with the patient's wishes to achieve the desired appearance in the lips, cheeks, the under-eye (called tear- trough) lower face and lines or wrinkles. Contact use for a free consultations
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation up to $66
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YS Clinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in MalaysiaFeatured

YS Clinic

(202) 851-9651 Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Rating from 31 Reviews I love the results so muchjanet, cyberjaya, 15 Jun 16

I went to YS Clinic for a consultation. Dr Por was the doctor on duty. After a detail history taking and examination, he suggested for me to do PLLA which stimulate collagen development) and nose thread augmentation. From his suggestion, I guess I don’t need to tell how bad my condition was at that time. I proceeded with the treatment immediately. It has already been 2 months after the procedure and I love the results so much. Finally I have gained back my confidence, Feel great about myself. I will definitely recommend this clinic to others. You will never regret it. :D I was recommended to this clinic by a colleague. Good service by the staff , very knowledgeable, not pushy. Doctor is very detail and careful. Spend a lot of time to explain. Lastly, The prices are REASONABLE! P.S: I am staying at PUTRA HEIGHT. and the clinic is located at One City, very near my house!!

Dermal Fillers from $442
Lip Augmentation from $442
Treatment for Wrinkles $221 - $491
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Metro Bangkok Clinic - Metro Bangkok ClinicFeatured

Metro Bangkok Clinic

(866) 833-0913 Bangkok, Thailand
Rating from 53 Reviews An amazing resultSammie, US, 02 Apr 17

Wow! I took a trip to Bangkok just to see Metro Bangkok Clinic! Renaud d'Harcourt was so accommodating to my few days in the city. I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and went straight to clinic. We had a very lengthy and informative discussion about the services I was interested in. I was convinced this was for me, so same evening I had filler in both of my hands. An amazing result!!! Instant gratification! I then had my laser treatment on my arms. After that I had Thermage on my face, buttocks, and thighs. I was there for 4 hours. Renaud put me into a taxi at midnight and then called my husband to say I was on the way. What a caring clinic besides being quite professional. I am a huge fan of Thermage. I watched the skin and fat change around my knee. It was so amazing that I encouraged to stop and photograph the leg that was just completed standing up so you can see the difference of it next to the other leg. I also encourage the clinic to post these photos for others to see. Thermage works! You must prepare yourself to take the sometimes pain as the higher strength you can take the better the results. I went on line and researched reviews of Thermage prior to arriving in Bangkok. The people that say they did not get results, I am certain it is due to them not having the fortitude to "bite the bullet" to look younger. My husband also had Thermage and filler of the face. I am already planning to return to Bangkok within the year for my "medical holiday" and go straight to Metro Bangkok Clinic!! I live in the USA. Samantha

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers $441 - $631
Skinboosters Filler $504 - $946
Lip Augmentation $284 - $504
Lip contour and volume augmentation with Perfectha Deep  1cc, long lasting Hyaluronic acid up to 12 months. Perfectha Deep is made in France by ObvieLine Laboratory and is awarded best anti-aging medicines in Monte-Carlo in 2010; with a very high concentration and cross-linked HA polymers, the gel is very soft, specially designed for a very natural and smooth result, with very minimal swelling reaction. Definitely the best Dermal Filler for lip augmentation!
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Browns Clinic of Sevenoaks - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UKFeatured

Brown's Clinic of Sevenoaks

(888) 848-7639 ext: 29150 Kent, UK
Rating from 13 Reviews They most natural lip fillers everDaniella, UK, 02 Apr 17

I would not go to anyone other than Marion for my lip fillers. I get so many compliments on them. I've been working with two women for about 3 months now and the other day one of them said "I always look at your lips they are so beautiful" and I said "Thank you I wish they were naturally like that." and they both gasped and said they wouldn't ever have known and how well they have been done and they are most natural lip fillers they have ever seen. Thank you so much Marion x

Dermal Fillers $331 - $523
Treatment for Wrinkles $391 - $464
Wrinkle relaxing injectionsbetween 1 to 3 areas of the face
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The Melrose Aesthetic Centre - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in South AfricaFeatured

The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

(888) 848-7639 ext: 67422 Johanneburg, South Africa
Rating from 66 Reviews They were very pleasant and it went very wellMmasechaba, South Africa, 06 Apr 17

I was very satisfied with the information that I received upon inquiring about my Liposuction treatment. This also helped me decide to go with this clinic as they were a bit expensive but I have to say that it was good value for my money. They were very pleasant and it went very well. It was what I expected, their service was great and met my needs. They were very professional and well organised as they provided me a lot of options. I am happy with the experience that I had.

Dermal Fillers $238 - $754
We now stock a variety of Dermal Fillers to suit every need. Tissue Fillers are used for facial sculpting procedures, i.e chin, cheek, nose, lip augmentation, volume restoration (i.e nasolabial lines) and hand rejuvenation. The cost ranges from R3,450 – R10,950 (depending on the brand and volume of the syringe).   During the treatment the gel-like substance (Hyaluronic Acid) is injected into the areas of volume loss, giving an immediate improvement in the appearance lines and wrinkles, and so a more youthful and radiant appearance. The result of a single treatment is immediately noticeable and can last up to a year.
Non-Surgical Facelift $1722 - $4477
The Sciton laser system works by emitting concentrated, brief beams of concentrated laser light to areas of damaged skin, and so removes thin layers of your skin’s surface, which will be replaced by younger skin growth. Only CONTOUR™ has the ability to provide a treatment that is optimized to your skin condition. Your wrinkles will soften and become less noticeable; some will disappear. Pigmented lesions will greatly improve.Laser Resurfacing can be performed as a once–off procedure for a more dramatic result or as a series of smaller, individual treatments with less down time (Micro Laser Peel).This system is effective in the treatment of wrinkles, epidermal nevi, acne scars, solar lentigines, actinic keratosis, hypertrophic scars and surgical scars, and for overall skin rejuvenation and skin tone improvement. For a less invasive approach we recommend a full thread lift with Silhouette. (see thread lift)
Fat Filler $1033 - $1722
The facial areas that can be improved with fat injection treatment include creases in the forehead or in between the eyebrows, and hollows under the eyes. Fat injection can also plump up or improve the contour around the nose, the area between the upper lip and the nose, the jawline, and the temples. Indeed, fat transfer can correct scars, sunken or hollow areas, and any place on the face or neck where fat has been lost. Some of these facial areas need only one fat injection for noticeable and long-lasting improvement, whereas others will require more than one fat transfer to be adequately corrected.
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Sandes Avenue Dental Practice - Dental Clinic in the UKFeatured

Sandes Avenue Dental Practice

(888) 848-7639 ext: 70428 Kendal, UK
Rating from 1 Review Fantastic experience have re gained faith in dentistsAilsa, UK, 14 Jul 16

I joined sanders avenue due to very bad past experience at my dentist I visited this dentist and they made me feel very welcome I found out I need a lot of work doing due to my last dentist not doing there job I need 2 crowns maybe 3 if can save one of the teeth because it's badly decaded to nearly the bone also I need a front filling re doing which will leave me with white teeth at the front again very happy about this Fantastic experience have re gained faith in dentists once again need a lot of work doing but nothing that seems to be a problem to the practice. Very happy.

Dermal Fillers free
Free initial consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles free
Collagen Filler  
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from 223 users
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Beyond Skin - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UKFeatured

Beyond Skin

(877) 304-0812 ext: 26054 Belfast, UK
Rating from 5 Reviews No down time with this treatmentNoreen, UK, 03 Jan 17

Was interested in having a chemical peel just to freshen my complexion. Gillian and Jenny were good in giving me direction. I went ahead with the glycolic stem cell peel, no problem at all, bit of tingling but nothing to be concerned with. No down time with this treatment. As this was my first ever peel I am happy enough so far, I will have another 2 treatments, so hopefully I will see a lovely fresh complexion when looking in the mirror! Good, at ease, pleasant.

Dermal Fillers from $232
Lip Augmentation $232 - $464
Treatment for Wrinkles
Treatment for Wrinkles  
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4.6 / 5  Outstanding
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Facial Aesthetics at Glenbervie Dental Clinic - Ramoyle House, Glenbervie Business ParkFeatured

Facial Aesthetics at Glenbervie Dental Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 23533 Larbert, UK
Rating from 9 Reviews Very good experienceChristine, UK, 24 Oct 16

I had a light filler put in the lines at each side of my mouth. bruised a bit but that wasn't the fault of the nurse. Very good experience. Will be going back soon.

Dermal Fillers from $239
Dermal fillers comprise a Hyaluronic acid gel, a man made equivalent of a substance already present in tissue cells. These fillers are used to treat static facial lines that are a result of reduced tissue volume but also can be used to subtly enhance what nature has given us by adding further volume and definition. Dermal fillers have numerous applications including the reduction of naso labial and marionette lines, reduction of peri oral 'smokers' lines, tear trough management, nose reshaping, reduction of the appearance of scar tissue, cheek chin and lip volumisation and definition to name a few. They last approximately 6 - 12 months and the amount needed depends on the degree of volume that needs to be restored. depending on the area treated there may be an increased chance of bruising and swelling which may last a few days after the procedure, the tear troughs and lips to be most likely affected by this. The procedures take between 10 and 20 minutes, however a numbing cream is left on for a minimum of 30 minutes before treatment to ensur ethat it is as painless as possible
Lip Augmentation
Lip Augmentation 0.55ml from $199
For individuals who already have some degree of volume to their lips and just require either a subtle volume increase or enhanced lip definition then *55ml is usually enough to achieve the desired effect. A numbing cream is placed at least 30 minutes before the procedure which takes approximatelt 10-15 minutes. The effect may last 6-9 months. 
Lip Augmentation 1ml from $239
Dermal fillers can be used to add volume and definition to the lips as well as evening out any irregularities or asymetries. The amount used will depend on the degree of volume enhancement required. If a moderate increase in volume is desired then a staged approached can be appropriate with a gradual increase in size over the course of a number of months. The treatment takes 10-20 minutes after a numbing cream has been applied or dental injections have been used beforehand. Dermal fillers may last 6 - 9 months in the lips but may require a top up in certain areas of the lips before this
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Dr Cosima Medispa - Dr Cosima MedispaFeatured

Dr Cosima Medispa

(877) 304-0812 ext: 16419 Edgecliff, Australia
Rating from 22 Reviews I am very very happy with her expertise and workRenee, Australia, 01 Sep 17

I had my lips injected by Dr. Cosima. I have been having lip injections for a while and I need to say Dr. Cosima exceded my expectations. I am very very happy with her expertise and work! Everything from the moment I walked into the Medispa was very professional. I was looked after very well. Thank you, I can't wait to return.

Dermal Fillers $346 - $912
Lip Augmentation $417 - $488
Treatment for Wrinkles $138 - $491
3 more treatments
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