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What are Platelet Rich Plasma Fillers?

Platelet rich plasma fillers are natural cosmetic fillers that are proven quick and effective. The plasma from the blood of the patient is injected to make the skin of patients plump and smooth.  The procedure takes about two hours to perform.

How are Platelet Rich Plasma Filler procedures performed?

The blood of the patient is taken first. The plasma is isolated from the blood by spinning it in a centrifuge. The plasma is then put in a syringe and injected back into the area of the face or body that requires augmentation.  Patients may need to repeat the treatment two to three times within a two month interval.

Are Platelet Rich Plasma Filler procedures painful?

The platelet rich plasma filler procedure is performed after applying a numbing cream or local anaesthetic to the area to be treated. Patients will not feel any pain during the procedure.

When will I recover after a Platelet Rich Plasma Filler treatment?

Patients take about three days to a week to recover from platelet rich plasma treatments.

What care is required after a Platelet Rich Plasma Filler procedure?

Patients should take any prescribed medications correctly. They should keep the treated area dry for one day. They should avoid strenuous exercise and lifting heavy objects for at least a month. Patients should not expose the treated area to direct sunlight for at least three weeks.

What are the alternatives to a Platelet Rich Plasma Fillers procedure?

Alternatives to platelet rich plasma filler procedures are the administration of anti-aging hyaluronic acid based dermal filler injections.

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Dr. Gabriela Aguilar - Leeds - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UKFeatured

Dr. Gabriela Aguilar - Leeds

67 Hilton Road, Leeds, LS84HA
4.8 from 21 verified reviews
I felt comfortable with her and left quite satisfiedAnonymous, UK, 26 09 18

Dr Gabriela did a good job of my chin augmentation. She provided reliable information beforehand and laid out all my available options (offered some good advice regarding symmetry as well). I felt comfortable with her and left quite satisfied. I’ll be discussing further details with her in December. The clinic was good. Staff were warm and helpful. I think they charged me the going rate. Everything took 30 minutes (there was also paperwork to complete). It was excellent. I had no downtime. We carried on as per normal afterwards.

[Treatment name removed] Filler from £300
Dermal Fillers from £290
I always personalize the use of dermal fillers depending of the area to be treated and the patient expectation, also I use only tried and tested dermal fillers.For fine lines, wrinkles, deep skin folds and to restore the volume such as in cheeks. 
Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler from £380
I offer Radiesse for replacing lost facial volume, Radiesse is a fantastic deep tissue filler to provide aún effective natural rejuvenation and also increases the production of collagen and gives an immediately natural result and a longer last than other kind of dermal fillers
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Very Good
from 1 user
Prime Health Clinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Prime Health Clinic

82 Street Ln, Leeds, LS8 2AL
4.0 from 1 verified review
Lovely staff that make you feel at easeCatherine, Belgium, 06 07 21

I have had 3 sessions of the Lipo Cavitation on my arms as I have lost a lot of weight and have got very flabby arms. After 3 sessions I can see a difference and so have a few more sessions booked. Perseverance & continually is the key. Lovely staff that make you feel at ease.

Platelet Rich Plasma Filler  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Tattoo Removal  
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Prity Skin Care - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Prity Skin Care

14 Legrams Lane, Bradford, BD7 1ND
Prity Farooq is the owner & founder of Prity: the award winning beauty salon offering a high end spa, hair & beauty service in Bradford. Prity’s impeccable service teamed with its ever-evolving range of products and services has made it a success and it continues to grow bigger and better. However, the journey that led to the creation of Prity- the salon, began long before in the heart of India where she grew up. She was born in Jamshedpur, India and from an early age Prity had a creative flair for Business and Art. She honed her skills whilst training in New Delhi, learning ancient herbal and Ayurvedic remedies which she planned to bring to the Western Market here in the UK. She has since been working as a hair and beauty therapist in the UK since 1991. Prity’s debut into the beauty industry came about when she opened her successful flagship branch on Legrams Lane in 2005. Since then, she has received much recognition for her signature beauty treatments, as well as her highly maintained business standards of hygiene. Prity Hair, Beauty & Spa has won numerous awards, most notably the ‘Customer Excellence Awards’ for three years running.
Platelet Rich Plasma Filler  
Dermal Fillers from £180
Dermal fillers are substance/gels injected beneath the skin’s surface to smooth wrinkles and add volume and contour. As the face ages, skin loses collagen and facial fat pads diminish and migrate, causing sagging and wrinkles. Dermal fillers can be used to plump up areas of the skin and fat helping restore appearance. The products are composed of stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA) which occurs naturally in the cells of the skin. It works by drawing in water and therefore augmenting the skin, thus reducing the wrinkle treated. It is by no means permanent and is totally biodegradable. Depending on what types of dermal fillers, results can last between one to two years. It is a great alternative to otherwise invasive surgery, which can carry greater risks, complications and downtime. Having dermal fillers is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, with more people than ever choosing to use a growing range of different filler substances.
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Springs Cosmetic Clinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Springs Cosmetic Clinic

Springs Lane, Ilkley, LS29 8TQ
Our Clinic, based in Ilkley is staffed by highly qualified doctors already working in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery. We offer a wide range of surgical and non surgical treatments tailored to the individual. Our promise is of an individual assessment which results in an individual treatment plan. Our aim is to give you an honest appraisal and treatment plan which augments your natural features and no more. We promise to give you honest information and an objective opinion for you to make a decision. Our premises are fully CQC compliant.
Platelet Rich Plasma Filler  
Dermal Fillers from £185
Dermal fillers contain replacement hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring polymer found in the skin and other areas of the body such as joints and cartilage. With normal ageing along with factors such as sunlight and smoking, hyaluronic acid which provides skin volume along with skin elasticity diminishes, leading to lines. Second to only botulinum treatment, dermal fillers are a popular minimally invasive treatment option to improve the appearance of ageing skin. Dermal filler treatment often complements botulinum treatment, particularly in the lower face, where medium lines, which are visible at rest (static lines), may benefit from enhanced volume created by fillers. The net result is a subtle more youthful appearance with softening lines and wrinkles. Our clinic will offer you a tailored treatment plan. Our aim is to complement and enhance your natural features to give a natural look. All treatments are given by our fully qualified aesthetic doctors. We use Juvaderm® which is the world's leading filler product. We tailor the exact formulation to your skin type to maximize lift and revitalization. Treatment typically lasts for up to 6 - 12 months (depending on the product used), so repeated treatment is required to maintain results.
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Silkwood Treatment Rooms - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Silkwood Treatment Rooms

8 Flanshaw Court, Silkwood Park, Wakefield, WF2 9LP
For more information about Silkwood Treatment Rooms in Wakefield please contact the clinic.
Platelet Rich Plasma Filler  
Dermal Fillers from £115
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Revekka Treatments - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Revekka Treatments

3 High St, Wetherby, LS22 6LR
Welcome To Revekka Treatments Laser and Podiatry Services At Revekka, we offer a range of expert treatments ranging from Podiatry to Laser & Thermology treatments. This includes our famous Medical Pedicure, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Laser Facials as well as removing your skin imperfections such as skin tags/ benign skin lesion. We deliver you the highest standards with medical grade equipment and products.
Platelet Rich Plasma Filler  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Tattoo Removal  
Say goodbye to tattoo regret with laser tattoo removal. If you have an unwanted tattoo or are simply looking to “clean up your canvas” for a more elaborate one, you’ve come to the right place! Laser tattoo removal is a proven, effective, long-term solution for eliminating tattoo ink. And, our laser treats all colors! How it works: Laser energy is gently applied to the skin over the tattooed area. The laser shatters each ink particle into much smaller particles that can be eliminated through your body’s natural process. Through a series of treatments, the tattoo will fade and ultimately disappear. You may notice an immediate fading. Generally tattoo removal will take place in a series of treatments. The number of treatments depends on the color and density of the ink, the age of the tattoo, along with the location on your body. Treatment plans can be adjusted to fit everyone’s lifestyle – schedule a consultation today and we can review your goals and expectations. Don’t be held back by unwanted ink. Schedule your first treatment today!
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