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The Sarah Burge Clinic

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High Street, Offord Cluny, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 5RTUK

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Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles £99 - £600
Dermal Fillers £90 - £400
Lip Augmentation £90 - £400
Non-Surgical Facelift £50 - £500
Non-Surgical Nose Job £120 - £700
Excessive Sweating Treatment £400 - £600
Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles £99 - £600
Pigmentation Treatment £120 - £275
Acne Scars Treatment £60 - £1000
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About The Sarah Burge Clinic

My clinic is the clinic of the future, a super cyber clinic where you can check-in, for on-line consultations, advice, information, for everything from Treatment for lines and wrinkles to Boob Jobs, lotions and potions, self-help remedies, Special Offers, Treatments, beauty, counselling and life coaching and even an on-line Plastic Surgery Lottery Draw for your chance to win your dream body to the value of £4,000, in fact, everything imaginable for you to love the skin you’re in, is just a click (click fingers) away. Each month I will tell you about the latest line busting, lip plumping, skin blasting treatments, sign up to receive “last minute” Treatment for lines and wrinkles.... Filler.... treatment offers, as well as loads of other beauty Alerts where you can bid for vouchers, plastic surgery pensions and the chance of a lifetime offers.....

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Medical Aesthetics

£99 - £600

Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles


Treatment for lines and wrinkles is a medical devise and has many medical as well a cosmetic uses

Lines and wrinkles

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)


Ceribral Palsy

£90 - £400

Dermal Fillers


Esthetic medicine gives the opportunity to look always beautiful. Cosmetic injections let patients to achieve quick and prolonged result. Cosmetic injection is the most effective way to temporarily remove mimic wrinkles without surgery or to remove folds, wrinkles and furrows which appeared while ageing, to improve skin elasticity and resiliency, to make it more smooth and young.The minimally invasive technologies mean ways of appearance correction, not connected with surgery. The majority of modern women prefer these technologies. The most pleasant point of these methods – maximally short recovery. Cosmetic injections are widely used for: •Smoothing shallow wrinkles around the mouth and forehead. •Nasolabial fold correction. •Minor skin defects correction. •Chin and cheek augmentation. •Lips augmentation and contours correction. •Smoothing wrinkles between the eyebrows •Removing ‘crows feet’ effect Cosmetic injections do not cause muscle atrophy. E.g. Treatment for lines and wrinkles blocks nerve receptors and because of long muscle relaxation, these injections smooth wrinkles of face and neck. Non-surgical face rejuvenation will let your skin to return its lost beauty and luster.

Prices vary according to procedures and syringe amount required.

1/4 syringe

1/2 syringe

1 syringe

£400 - £600

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Treatment for lines and wrinkles is a fast and effecting way to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidroses)

A cluster of treatment for lines and wrinkles injections are placed under each  armpit to stop sweating.

Results are seen approx 7 days later and can last up to a year.

£90 - £400

Lip Augmentation


Injectable filler is a must to obtain the perfect paris pout can add volume for a fuller look, easy asyemmetry for a disproportionate mouth add volume to an aging mouth. 

Last up to 6 months

Prices vary upon consultation


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

£50 - £500

Non-Surgical Facelift

Lift 6

The quickest face-lift without the knife (need I say more)

Course of 10 treatments for maximum results with a regular maintenance treatments thereafter.

£120 - £700

Non-Surgical Nose Job


Have you ever fancied a different shaped nose but without commiting to expensive surgery?

Well! you can now have a new shaped nose in a matter of minutes with injectable fillers.

You can even out an uneven nose, turn you flat nose up, disguise un-sightly bumps, in fact you can do almost everything without the surgery. Perhaps you fancy a more defined bridge orcorrection of disproportionate nostrels?

The choice is yours!

Prices vary and consultation required

£99 - £600

Treatment for Wrinkles

Plastic Surgery


Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Plastic Surgeon Consultation - The Sarah Burge ClinicMrs Sarah Burge - The Sarah Burge Clinic

I operate the worlds largest FREE referral service to the world leaders in Plastic/Cosmetic surgery.

So wheather your in need of a simple Nip & Tuck or major re-constructive work I will know the specialist most suited for YOU!

If your looking for compeditive prices, medical tourism, or want to stay local, look no further for you have come to the right place.


£60 - £1000

Acne Scars Treatment


is quite comprehensive and can vary depending on the degree of scaring

Treatment can range from injectable fillers, to skin peels, in some cases a course of threatment and conbination treatments is prefererable for maximum results

Prices on consultation

£60 - £1000

Acne Treatment


Acne can be controlled with various successful methods of Dermabrasion and skin peels but will always need to be maintained with regular by-monthly treatments following a course.

Prices vary

Consultation prior to treatment

£60 - £300

Age Spots Removal


can be removed over a period of time through a course of chemical peels and dermabrasion wheather on the face or hands

prices vary

£120 - £275

Pigmentation Treatment

The most effective treatment that I have found to treat pigmentation is a combination of skin peels and dermabrasion

Agressive as this may sound it is a fast effect treatment which rids most of the pigmentation in most cases.

Consultation required

Prices will vary

Beauty Salon Treatments


Beauty Salon Enquiry


Body Treatment

£60 - £400

Hand Rejuvenation

Can be treated by various methods

Skin Peels



or combination treatments

Prices will vary

£120 - £275

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels come in all different strengths ranging from...

Deep Peels (medical) to superficial peels.

Full consultation required

A course of treatment is normally recommended for maximum results

Prices vary

£60 - £120


Medical dermabrasion is a powerful treatment for problematic skin for treating everything from acne to lines and wrinkles, pigmentation as well as proven effective to lift a sagging bottom

£60 - £400



One of the favoured treatments of the decades

The quickest rejuvenaton treatment ever with no down time for a fresher looking more youthful complextion

From a one off treatment to a full course whatever your preference.

£60 - £400

Semi-Permanent Makeup

How about waking up to make-up?

Do you have little or no eybrows that you constantly pencil in and lose when swimming?

Do you have un-even lips?

Then you would benifit from cosmic tattooing with treatments ranging from..

Designing 2 complete eyebrows

Filling in sparse eyebrows


Lip Line

Beauty Spot

£60 - £275

Skin Peel

We have a range of peels available to suit all skin types and ages.

Medical peels to superficial peels

Consultation required

Prices vary

The Sarah Burge Clinic - High Street, Offord Cluny, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 5RT,

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Private Patients Welcome
Mrs Sarah Burge - Specialist Nurse at The Sarah Burge Clinic

Mrs Sarah Burge

Job Title:
  Specialist Nurse

For everything you need to know about me..

Sarah Burge, Consultant, Author, Public figure

Biography Sarah Burge: Born 1960 Croydon, England, UK. Dubbed the human Barbie Sarah Burge is no stranger to controversy! Sarah documents the dark side of fame and how being addicted to dangerous men and the power of money and sex almost killed her. Drugs,Violence,Sex, abuse,all mixed up in a true tale of celebrity excess and surgery. There is no other story like it and theres no other woman like Sarah Burge.

The Massive international working mechanic of ... "The Sarah Burge Brand" Books, magazine deals, TV chat shows, reality, Movies, modelling, clinic, plastic surgery, domestic violence survivor, councillor, fundraiser, campaigner and independent management company representing bands, singers and dancers to the worlds leading computer GEEK developers.

In the past, shes spoken about letting her teen daughter have [Treatment name removed], taught her younger daughter Poppy to Pole dance, and given her a Boob job voucher for her 7th Birthday. 2012 and pursued in a blaze of publicity she seems to have come accustomed to! and again courting even more controversy! !"I have been abused, trashed, slated, stalked, and even more recently been thrown off an American Talk Show" LOL, all because everything gets twisted and gouged to death in the editing suite and by the order to increase viewing figures and sell papers.

I went to interview Sarah to find out the truth behind "The Half a Million Pound Girl":She tells me "for allot of people they know the truth now! but for those that dont, people really need to know whats going on and the truth lays in the pages of my now BEST SELLING autobiography she continues: "Thats why I wrote my autobiography" Im a mum, an author, a model, a business woman, a consultant of aesthetic medicine, a TV star, and an international public figure, but behind that its been a long battle to get where I am today, Im also now a page 3 girl and at 52 thats got to be commended Oh! And I forget just got a recording contract she laughs, coz yes she sings as well. Is this woman for real I ask myself? Well thats questionably Im sure by many?

Sarah opens by saying, "Its a shame that the media dont concentrate more on my professional side rather than the nonsense side of my life"! But instead wish to write a load of old crap, only telling half the story! "There are a few people that arent quite there yet! But thats ok because I will leave them where they are... But for those who have found their way here the story is surprisingly different to the interpretation of the mass media who more times than she cares to remember has been the victim of the media and the preverbal whipping post for all and sundry. But still like in any great Hollywood movie she comes out fighting back and laughs as she describes herself a bit like the terminator.

Sarah is the most surgically enhanced woman on the planet who publicly screams plastic surgery and then some! But Sarah says Im not just the vain little cow that people think and Im certainly not the bad [Treatment name removed] baddie mum that people portray me as.Yes! I am addicted to plastic surgery and quite frankly I can think of worse addictions than wanting to look good? Sarahs journey through plastic surgery is a bit of a mind boggling one, but not to Sarah.... I was an underage Playboy Bunny, so by many considered to be very good looking but I was a victim of severe domestic violence, following this episode in my life I had to re-create my life after a beating that almost killed me and robbed me of my face leaving me so disfigured until I took back control.

Today Sarah helps thousands of people follow the correct path to plastic surgery through accident, disease, illness and genetic and offers Free consultations. Sarah offers one to one counselling for survivors of domestic violence and campaigns tirelessly to try to stamp out the abuse suffered by millions. Sarah is currently working on her own TV show in the US and in negotiations with the US to document her life story on the big screen.Sarah also has a regular spot on CBS radio,as there:GO TO PLASTIC SURGERY EXPERT

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High Street, Offord Cluny, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 5RTUK

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