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Professional Beauty - Plastic Surgery Clinic in PolandFeatured

Professional Beauty

22 307 18 73 ext: 33609 56 legnicka, Wrocław, 54204
4.9 from 247 verified reviews
I had a good experience and I would recommend this surgeon to anyonePeter, UK, 17 07 20

My facelift has changed my life I look so much longer, I now feel I have so much more confidence. I really had to look hard to find the right clinic to go to. Having seen that a lot of the Turkish clinic had bad reviews I started asking around and was recommended this clinic by a friend who had been. I had a good experience and I would recommend this surgeon to anyone. He is very caring and kind. Every day I was at the clinic I got aftercare at 9 am, I believe this is better aftercare than you would get in the UK. I also thought the care from the nurses was just lovely. I also had upper and lower eyes doing at the same time.

Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles from 1325 zł
Gastric Band from 22518 zł
Gastric Bypass from 26491 zł
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Medico Dent - Dental Clinic in Poland

Medico Dent

ul. Starowiejska 24, Gdynia
4.6 from 1 verified review
Medicodent is a modern dental clinic which offers professional dental care within the fields of conservative dentistry, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, dental surgery, periodontology, pediatric dentistry and implantology They have a highly qualified staff of doctors and medical assistants as well as state-of-the-art equipment. All the procedures are always performed painlessly. Digital X-ray machines and intraoral video cameras allow them to provide professional care and offer the highest quality medical services. For foreign patients, they offer to arrange hotel accommodations at discount prices
Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles  
Treatment for lines and wrinkles commonly known as the youth injection affect the neuromuscular endings and cause the muscles responsible for the wrinkle formation to weaken. That is why the skin becomes softer and the wrinkles smoothen. The basic difference between the Treatment for lines and wrinkles and the other entire wrinkle fighting substances is, that Treatment for lines and wrinkles by weakening the mimic muscles targets the cause of the wrinkle formation. The therapeutically effect lasts temporarily around 3-6 months. The Treatment for lines and wrinkles is used for mimic wrinkles removal caused by the extra tension or by habitual flexion of some of the muscles. It's useless to use Treatment for lines and wrinkles as a treatment for the static wrinkles caused by the loss of skin elasticity. The best effects are observed when using Treatment for lines and wrinkles on the upper part of the head (in the forehead area'lion's wrinkles' and in the orbital external parts'crow's feet'). The positive therapeutic effects are seen when the Treatment for lines and wrinkles is used around lips, in the nasolabial fold and the wrinkles of the neck and chin skin. The procedure aims at relaxing the tensioned mimic facial muscles, and not to paralyse them completely. That is why at the end we get decreased contractility or muscle tension weakening that helps facial wrinkles smoothening.
Treatment for Wrinkles from 400 zł
One area
Excessive Sweating Treatment  
The botuline toxin apart of the wrinkles smoothening has found its role in the treatment of an excessive perspiration, inhibiting perspiration for few months. Before the procedure it's extremely important to mark the excessive perspiration area carefully. Most commonly the spots that require botuline injections are covered with a sweats drops. Occasionally it's difficult to locate the spot - that is why we use a Minor test (starch- iodine test). It consists of putting the iodine on the spot and then pouring the potato starch on it. The target areas get darker within few seconds; then You inject the Treatment for lines and wrinkles intradermically into each square. The excessive perspiration will pass within 3-5 days - the effect lasts 4-6 months.
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Sypień Stomatologia - Dental Clinic in Poland

Sypień Stomatologia

Piastowska 67a, Bielsko-Biala, 43300
The Stomatologia Sypien Dental Clinic offers a wide range of services as regards diagnosing and treatment of various stomatological health issues. Our strongest specialities are   implantology and endodontics. Regular professional trainings of our team guarantee you the best quality of service and the friendly atmosphere of our Clinic will make your visit a pleasant experience.We are constantly striving for perfection and our patients’ wellbeing is our priority. We implement new standards and discard old clichés. Visit us, and your smile will become more beautiful than ever, because for us good health begins with a bright smile
Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles  
Dental Implants  
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Dentim Europe - Dr Anna Przybyla - cosmetic dentist

Dentim Europe

ul. Johna Baildona 12/3, 40-115, Katowice
4.8 from 8 verified reviews
The most thorough clean my teeth had ever hadSally, UK, 18 03 16

I found Dentim on line and was contacted by Olivia, who was always very polite and helpful and arranged my consultation in the clinic. The whole experience was very good, the clinic welcoming and spotlessly clean, the staff were all very helpful and friendly. My transport to and from the airport and accommodation were all free of charge. During my stay I had a scale and polish, which was the most thorough clean my teeth had ever had, they were sparkling! It is always daunting to go abroad somewhere that you have never been for a treatment, and something I had never done before. However, the whole experience was enjoyable and professional, I would recommend Dentim

Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles 2914 zł - 5828 zł
Dental Implants
Dental Implants 2543 zł - 3603 zł
Today implants are the best option for filling a lack of dentition, and are a  perfect solution providing stable fixture of tooth dentures. Their durability as well as ease in which  they are accepted by the body makes them a long term and safe solution and at the same time assuring a 100%  sense of natural teeth.  We apply only well tested and high quality solutions in our clinic. Thanks to many years' experience in  the field of implantology we have decided to co-operate with several leading implants producers.
All on four from 25961 zł
Ideal candidate - complete tooth loss in lower jaw, looking for fixed solution, not interested in dentures Treatments - 4 implants (with 10 year warranty), 4 healing rings, 4 abutments,12 point bridge Time scale - 3 trips, first of 3, second of 1 and third of 5 days, over 3-5 months time Include - airport transfers (Katowice or Krakow), 10 nights in apartment*, anaesthesia, x-rays, surgery procedures, CT scan Bundle - further discount offered, when both upper and lower jaw treatments will be carried out at the same time
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JMC Dental Clinic - Logo

JMC Dental Clinic

Zlotno 34, Lodz, 94221
4.6 from 5 verified reviews
From the very beginning we managed to see foreign patients to the mutual satisfaction. Over the few years we were visited by many from England, Ireland, Norway, the USA, Finland, the Netherlands and beyond. Our dentists have proven that the target set by the patient and his contentment is the highest priority.     JMC Dental Clinic is a place where modern dentistry is accompanied by many years of experience and professionalism of dentists. We believe that the doctor is there for the patient, NOT vice versa. As a consequence, each course of treatment is precisely explained by dentist to the patients and thanks to our X-ray laboratory, they are able to follow their own course of treatment - all this to ensure that the stress before the visit is gone and its only trace is a shameful memory.     Our clinic, located in the city of Lodz, is the result of many years of dental practice. We know that during treatment the most important are: peace, relaxation and positive attitude of the patient. Thus the idea of ??creating an elegant, comfortable dental clinic friendly to every patient.    Spacious and luxurious, air-conditioned interiors, together with openness of the dentist staff build this atmosphere.    Focused on innovations,we have equipped all the surgeries with modern technological solutions, which guarantee the painless treatment, without disturbing your comfort. It is also worth noting that we have our own sterilization centre, through which we can guarantee our
Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles  
Restylane™ / Perlane™ Filler  
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Victoria Clinic - Dr Joanna Parulska-Guzewicz

Victoria Clinic

ul. Jaśkowa Dolina 57, Gdansk, 80286
4.5 from 2 verified reviews
Welcome to Victoria Clinic. We would like to invite you to our medical clinic located on Jaskowa Dolina 57 Street, Wrzeszcz. The clinic is situated in a beautiful mansion in a historical district of Gdansk. Victoria Clinic's elegant interior, designed with French style, will allow you to feel royal in a friendly ambience during your appointments. In our clinic, you will have access to dentists. The exceptionally beautiful and unique atmosphere in the Victoria Clinic improves everyone's state of mind. The environment is ideal for taking care of your health, making each step of the way pleasureful. We desire to have a place where there is harmony between beauty and style, reflecting from our surroundings onto our specialized doctors as they treat their patients. Victoria Clinic Team.
Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles 500 zł - 1300 zł
Wrinkles smoothing ([Treatment name removed]): lion line, peri-orbital lines, horizontal foreheadlines.
Dental Implants up to 3000 zł
ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex™ - Function, beauty and biology in perfect harmony The unique combination of independent features of the ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex ensures a reliable, predictable and esthetic result both in the short and long term.  OsseoSpeed™ – more bone more rapidly A chemically modified titanium surface with a unique nano scale topography that stimulates early bone healing and speeds up the bone healing process. MicroThread™ – biomechanical bone stimulationMinute threads on implant neck that offer optimal load distribution and stress values. Conical Seal Design™ – a strong and stable fit A conical connection that seals off the interior of the implant from surrounding tissues, minimizing micromovements and microleakage. Connective Contour™ – increased soft tissue contact zone and volume The unique contour that is created when you connect the abutment to the implant.
Dental Crowns  
Dental porcelain can be sculpted to closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel, while providing desirable strength and resilience. Porcelain crowns are an excellent choice when recreating the form and function of a damaged tooth, because a crown basically replaces the entire external portion of the tooth down to the gum level. Crowns are not limited to simply replacing the original tooth, but can be designed to create an even better esthetic appearance
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