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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are anti-aging products that are injected into the skin of patients to add volume. They are injected to make skin that is sagging or has become wrinkled because of age look smooth and plump. They are also called injectable facial fillers, injectable cosmetic fillers or soft tissue fillers.  They are made of hyaluronic acid taken from animals or from the fat of the patient. It takes five minutes to an hour to perform dermal filler procedures.  

How long do Dermal Fillers last?

Dermal fillers last from six months to five years. They are not permanent and are absorbed by the skin over time.  

Is the administration of Dermal Fillers painful?

Local anaesthetic is applied to the skin before dermal filler injections are administered. Patients will feel the pain of the injection during the procedure and after the anaesthetic wears off, for a few days. Some fillers contain an analgesic substance called lidocaine. These fillers are less painful than other fillers.   

When can I travel by air after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Patients should wait one week after getting dermal fillers injected before travelling by air. Air travel can aggravate the swelling and bruising that may occur after dermal fillers are injected.   

How long does recovery take after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Recovery from dermal filler injections may take seven to fourteen days. Recovery depends on each individual patient.  

What after care is required after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Patients should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol until any swelling has subsided. They should avoid touching their face for at least one day. They should avoid going in direct sunlight for at least two days. They should drink plenty of water after the treatment. They should not get any beauty treatments done on their face for at least a week. They should avoid strenuous exercises and lifting heavy objects for at least a month. They should avoid blood thinning medications for a few weeks.  Patients should perform facial exercises for a few hours after the procedure.

What are the alternatives to Dermal Fillers?

Collagen stimulation therapy, some herbal medicines or lotions and micro-current assisted skin toning are some alternatives to injecting dermal fillers.

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The Doctor Studio - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

The Doctor Studio

Level 1 Suite 4, 87 Wattletree Road, Armadale, 3143
For more information about The Doctor Studio in Armadale please contact the clinic.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers  
Muscle Relaxants  
Facial Shape  
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MySkin Laser Skin - Malvern - Dermatology Clinic in Australia

MySkin Laser Skin - Malvern

271 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern, 3144
For more information about MySkin Laser Skin - Malvern in Malvern please contact the clinic.
Dermal Fillers from $1100
Treatment for Wrinkles from $13
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Refine Skin Laser - Beauty Salon in Australia

Refine Skin Laser

8 Irving Avenue, Prahran, 3181
For more information about Refine Skin Laser in Armadale please contact the clinic.
Dermal Fillers  
Laser Hair Removal  
At Refine Skin & Laser we are specialists in nonsurgical aesthetic procedures like laser hair removal. 
IPL Hair Removal  
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Erase Aesthetic Services - Carmel Bakken

Erase Aesthetic Services

188 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, 3144
This aesthetic medicine and skin improvement clinic has served the needs of patients in Malvern, Melbourne from the year 1997. The team consists of qualified physicians, nurses, skin therapists and dermal technicians. A wide range of treatments for skin problems and anti aging services are performed by the dedicated and experienced team. State of the art technology and techniques are used to achieve the best possible skin improvement results for patients at the clinic. Services at the clinic include the administration of anti aging facial injectables, injectables to reduce excessive sweating, treatments for acne and blemishes and vein treatments.
Dermal Fillers  
Lip Augmentation  
Treatment for Wrinkles
Anti Wrinkle Injections  
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Very Good
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Saphira Thermage - Melbourne - Voted Australias Thermage Experts

Saphira Thermage - Melbourne

23A Beatty Avenue, Armadale, Melbourne, 3143
4.8 from 8 verified reviews
She goes over and above what I need, to look my bestMelina, Australia, 03 11 23

Christiana did a wonderful job with my face and neck when she gave me a Thermage. She goes over and above what I need, to look my best. Christiana is a caring person as she also makes sure I am comfortable before she starts the procedure. I would highly recommend Saphira Enterprises.

Dermal Fillers $450 - $650
Book a Free Face to Face online Video Consult with an cosmetic injection specialist.The Lip Filler Experts! Don't want that artificial look? We agree!Creating the natural and subtle correction We’ve all seen the results of the overuse and inappropriate placement of Dermal Fillers and almost everybody would describe this look as not desirable. We believe the use of Dermal Fillers should be confined to helping to gently correct what nature did not provide or to softly enhance an area of lost volume. The Saphira goal in using temporary Dermal Fillers is to create a fresher and more youthful look by replacing lost volume of the tissue, ensuring that the look is natural and does not look artificial. Our experienced practitioners are committed to the Saphira philosophy to never overuse temporary dermal fillers or have clients look over processed and unnatural. Before embarking on a program of temporary Dermal Fillers, where possible, we encourage clients to evaluate a recommendation of tissue stimulators. Tissue stimulators uniformly restore lost volume all over the face and neck, restoring a naturally more youthful version of you. They develop over time with results lasting anywhere from 3 – 5 years and are the choice of clients who do not want to reveal a sudden change in appearance but want a long term, sustained lifting, tightening and volumisation of the face, neck and eyes.
Treatment for Wrinkles from $240
Saphira Clinic Wrinkle Injections May Bonus - Wrinkle injections 1 x Area  $249 2 x Areas $349 3 x Areas  $499 * Take advantage of "HAVE IT NOW - PAY LATER" flexible Payment Plans  Treatment Areas  - Frown lines - Forehead lines - Crows Feet lines ·          Quality Injectable procedures for, your protection and safety ·          Industry Endorsed Safety Standards ·          Industry Endorsed Skill Levels ·          High Quality Authentic Product  ·          Therapeutic Dilution & Doses  A subtle correction for a natural relaxed look Frowning is an involuntary spasm of the facial muscle. You don’t consciously choose to crease your face and your unique muscles movement is in your DNA. Over time this constant creasing of the facial muscle wears down cells including collagen, which is responsible for volume in the skin. The constant movement of the muscle with squinting and frowning impairs new cell development sometimes resulting in a permanent crease or wrinkle. At Saphira the focus is on using correct therapeutic doses of the wrinkle injection formula, that offer a natural relaxed look as opposed to an artificially generated fixed, hard or frozen look. How do you stop frown lines from appearing? A minute amount of a protein muscle relaxant is injected into the contracting muscle, which inhibits the muscle from contracting temporarily and safely relaxes the spasm. The result is a more relaxed and smoother facial appearance. 
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Cityskin Cosmetic Clinic - Armadale - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

Cityskin Cosmetic Clinic - Armadale

1100 High St, Armadale, 3143
For more information about Cityskin Cosmetic Clinic - Armadale in Armadale please contact the clinic.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers - Full Facial Rejuvenation  
Dermal Fillers - Cheeks  
Dermal Fillers - Chin  
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CDC Clinics - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

CDC Clinics

1155 High Street, Armadale, 3143
4.8 from 6 verified reviews
Staff are very professional and would not hesitate to recommend to othersVon, Australia, 26 09 20

Thank you, CDC I have been a client for 10 years & been extremely pleased with the pre, surgery & postoperative treatment. Staff are very professional and would not hesitate to recommend to others. Regards.

Dermal Fillers
Temporary Fillers  
Semi Permanent Fillers  
Permanent Fillers  
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Replenish Anti-Ageing Clinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

Replenish Anti-Ageing Clinic

ReCreation Medical Centre, 1232 High Street, Armadale, 3147
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
I won't go anywhere elseMichelle, Australia, 27 10 23

Selena is amazing!! An actual trusted physician, I won't go anywhere else, products are not watered down, as I believe some places do, she knows what she is doing and she is an amazing person.

Dermal Fillers  
Lip Augmentation  
Treatment for Wrinkles  

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Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre - Dr Shobhna SinghFeatured

Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre

(03) 8400 4759 64 Lincoln Rd, Essendon, 3040
4.7 from 44 verified reviews
The doctor is an extremely respected PhysicianLenece, Australia, 31 01 23

Dr Shobhna Singh was my trusted Doctor for 30years until l shifted out of the area completely. Before l left l had a full skin diagnosis and full face laser treatment & follow up creams etc that need to be used strictly afterwards. 2x lip fillers twice. And Fillers in the areas needed. I looked 10 years younger. Dr Shobhna Singh is an extremely respected Physician. And knows her craft. Highly recommended. Wish l could keep getting treatments. So if you're a working person and want the best quality face & body treatments look no further.

Dermal Fillers $550 - $1500
Dermal Fillers are very effective in treating many areas suffering from signs of aging. At Nitai Medical & Cosmetic Centre, specialises in use of High Quality Dermal Fillers. Treatments such as Tear Troughs fillers, Lip/Cheek/Chin  Enhancement,  Hand Rejuvenation, Jowls and Hooked Nose correction are available and very competitive prices
Lip Augmentation from $550
Treatment for Wrinkles $75 - $600
3 more treatments
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Archer Cosmedics - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

Archer Cosmedics

Suite 130C, 23 Milton Parade, 22 Peel Street Collingwood, Malvern, 3144
For more information about Archer Cosmedics in Malvern please contact the clinic.
Dermal Fillers  
Axillary sweating & Jaw Grinding  
from 117 users
Dr Chris Moss and Liberty Belle Skin Centre - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Australia

Dr Chris Moss and Liberty Belle Skin Centre

504-506 Toorak Road, Toorak, Melbourne, 3142
5.0 from 1 verified review
Liberty Belle Skin Centre specialises in a comprehensive range of treatments. From skin surgery free procedures to advanced cosmetic. The Liberty Belle Team of specialist cosmetic doctors and nurses have been  trained by Dr Moss to ensure their skills, care and experience are at highest international standards. Dr Moss has carefully selected the technology, treatments and products offered to guarantee that all are scientifically proven to be effective and safe.
Dermal Fillers  
Laser Hair Removal  
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Skin Resurfacing  
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Dermox Clinics Glen Iris - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

Dermox Clinics Glen Iris

1414 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, 3146
For more information about Dermox Clinics Glen Iris in Malvern please contact the clinic.
Dermal Fillers  
Anti Wrinkle Injections  
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