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Siobhan Kehoe R.G.N, R.M Acupuncturist Herbalist

Siobhan Kehoe R.G.N, R.M Acupuncturist Herbalist

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Palms Centre, Block B, 2nd Floor, The Avenue, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Y25 Y5P3Ireland

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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Very Good ServiceScore™ 7.3 from 119 votes ★ 33 verified patient reviews. Visit our Acupuncture Clinic - Palms Centre, Block B, 2nd Floor, The Avenue, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Y25 Y5P3, Ireland.

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About Siobhan Kehoe R.G.N, R.M Acupuncturist Herbalist

Background - Siobhan is a Registered General Nurse/Registered Midwife. Siobhan has worked in hospitals in Dublin, England and Australia. She has gained invaluable knowledge and understanding of medical conditions, procedures, diagnosis, blood results, semen analysis and keeps herself updated with research.

Siobhan is also a Herbalist and Acupuncturist. She studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for 5 years and qualified in 2001. Siobhan recommends certain diagnostic procedures to be done and is happy to work alongside the medical profession. The results from diagnostic tests and modern research helps her to focus her skillful application to herbal medicine. Siobhan gives individual dietary recommendations and guidance. Siobhan is only too happy to inform other medical professions about a patient's progress.

More information about Siobhan and Fertility Treatment Centre can be found here.

How does Siobhan diagnose?Siobhan works alongside diagnostic test results and uses her western medicine experience as a Registered Nurse/Midwife, alongside Chinese Medicine diagnosis. All aspects of the person are taken into consideration (medical history, diet, lifestyle and emotional factors). Siobhan also uses tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Conditions Treated: Siobhan is particularly passionate about helping couples with fertility problems 

but also treats many conditions including:

Anaemia, Anxiety, Asthma, Arthritis
Back Pain, Bowel Disorders, Bells Palsy
Childhood Disorders, Common Cold, Conjunctivitis, Constipation, Cough
Depression, Diarrhoea, Dizziness, Drug Addiction
Headaches, Hypertension
Infertility, Influenza, Indigestion, Insomnia
Lack of Energy
Me, Menstrual Disorders, Menopause
Nervous Problems
Pain, Palpitation, Peptic Ulcer Period Pain, Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome
Sciatica, Sinusitis, Sports Injuries, Smoking, Stress, Sprains, Stomach Disorders
Tinnitus, Tennis Elbow, Thrush, Thyroid conditions
Urinary Disorders

How Many Treatments?The number of treatments varies depending on the type of illness and the individual. Generally acute diseases can be treated successfully within a few treatments. Chronic problems, which have taken years to develop, may need a more comprehensive treatment. Some people will notice a remarkable difference even after 1-2 treatments.

Herbal Medicine Siobhan uses pure herbs which comprise of flowers, leaves, seeds or roots of plants to treat illness and maintain good health. Different herbs in combinations reinforce each other actions and provide a stronger and faster treatment for many conditions. Traditionally raw herbs are dispersed which are made up into tea. They can also be provided in powder or capsule form. Herbal medicine is non-addictive and the aim of treatment is that they will become unnecessary. All herbs are certified by GMP.

Fertility Treatment Clinic - Siobhan Kehoe
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Patient reviews

4.8 from 33 verified reviews
Joanne McDonald, Ireland
( Review verified by email)

A long story short over a year later we have our beautiful, healthy baby boy who is 5 weeks old

5 50 Fertility Acupuncture

My partner & I have tried to have a baby for 4 years. We tried IVF & egg donation, unfortunately, both had failed, I had extremely low AMH & fertility a doctor said I would be extremely lucky if he could harvest 2eggs from me so he said the best option is to do egg donation. We both decided that we would only do one round. When the pregnancy test came up negative we both felt like we missed out on being parents. A couple of months after this I was talking to a lady who heard about Siobhan & about Chinese medicine.

I said it to my partner who was fairly sceptical but I said give it a shot.
We went to see Siobhan she changed our diet & my outlook on my life. I'm a highly strung person who as Siobhan said ' stop using the word perfect' I never realised how much I said that word till Siobhan pointed it out to me. Siobhan made me relax & open myself more to the universe. The acupuncture was a great help.

A long story short over a year later we have our beautiful, healthy baby boy who is 5 weeks old. We can't thank Siobhan enough. I would highly recommend Siobhan, I am fully convinced without her & her expertise we wouldn't have our baby today.

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Ann Stafford, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

I would definitely recommend to anybody out there

4.5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation

I started going to Siobhan about two years ago as I suffered so badly from migraines, I have gotten great relief since I went to her between having the acupuncture and taken the herbs, without a doubt she has helped me so much, I would definitely recommend to anybody out there who suffers with migraines to visit Siobhan she has helped me immensely. I do still get an odd headache but it wouldn't be anything as severe as it used to be to the point where I feel I wouldn't even need to take a tablet. Thanks so much, Siobhan you've made such a difference 😁

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Gillian & Fergal O'Neill, Ireland
( Review verified by email)

Incredibly after less than 3 months, we found we were pregnant and eagerly expecting our first baby

5 50 Fertility Acupuncture

After trying to conceive for two and a half years, we were about to embark on IVF treatment but heard about Siobhán through a colleague who had successfully conceived while following her guidance. Having never heard of TCM as a fertility treatment so we were happy to give it a try before heading down the route of IVF.
We visited Siobhán and she immediately diagnosed what she felt might be causing our fertility issues and put us on a course of herbs, suggested acupuncture and a change in diet. Incredibly after less than 3 months, we found we were pregnant and eagerly expecting our first baby.

We would highly recommend Siobhán, who uses TCM alongside her experience in modern medicine and explains things so clearly that you will feel confident and reassured.

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Sinead, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Happy to have relief and all involved are very professional

4.5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation • Paid: €165

''This is my 3rd session with Alvaro (Chiren Limerick) at Siobhans clinic and my shoulder and arm pain (ongoing for about a year) was relieved instantly and the relief lasted a few hours... the pain came back but less debilitating but had gone again by second appointment and is pretty much nonexistent now... 😃👍

Happy to have relief and all involved are very professional... my only complaint is it is very expensive €165 for initial session and €95 per follow up session .....would also be nice to have a receptionist checking you in and letting you know what is going on especially at first visit.

Treated by: Chiren Limerick
Claire, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

Brought great happiness to myself and my boys

5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation

I went to see Siobhan as I didn't want to go down the route of IVF and I wanted to conceive naturally. Siobhan had a lot of practical advice and experience so I trusted her.
If it weren't for Siobhan I don't think that I would have my healthy little boy who has brought great happiness to myself and my boys.

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Dee, Ireland
( Review verified by phone)

Siobhan’s part in all this was invaluable

5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation

Siobhan comes highly recommended. Her vast knowledge of herbs & acupuncture and her knowledge and experience of fertility from both the conventional medicinal background and her Chinese medicinal training is evident in the immediate visible difference she made, right from the word go! Her professional but gentle manner is second to none.
Don't wait around, make an appointment!! I'm certain it's the most positive change we made and that which made the difference.

We have a little boy born in 2009. His conception wasn't easy, after 3 years of trying naturally we were referred from the gynae in Wexford to a fertility clinic in Dublin for investigation. We fell into the 20% - unexplained infertility category and were one step away from our first IVF consultation when I became pregnant, much to our relief. We were thrilled. Everything went to plan.

After about 3 years we decided that we would try again. It wasn't to be. Once more we found ourselves referred to the gynae clinic. After some hormone assisted monthly cycles I was then booked in for a laparoscopy under general anesthetic to see if there was blockages or to see what the problem could be.

In March 2015 the result of the laparoscopy was not what the consultant had expected. Having had no significant symptoms to complain of, we were so surprised to be given the news that I had Grade 4 Endometreosis, the worst grade.

I always bled heavy, thought it was the norm - seems it wasn’t. I obviously had a high pain threshold. There was endometrial tissue on the outside of my womb, on both ovaries one of which was adhered to the back of my womb and also chocolate cysts within one ovary and a large endometrium, all of which would explain the lack of success in trying to conceive again. They removed what they could however it transpired that given the extent of the endometriosis and my age (38) our only option was IVF. We were gutted.

We did an IVF cycle in November 2015, we got 4 embryos, 2 of which were implanted. I had hyper-stimulation after the stimulating hormones, but otherwise all went to plan, however the cycle wasn't successful, we had a negative pregnancy test at the clinic after the two week wait. It was heartbreaking but was always a risk, with nothing ever guaranteed despite how each stage seemed to go our way. We dusted ourselves off and we remembered we were lucky enough to have 2 embryos to freeze. When ready we would try again.

After Christmas 2015 we decided that we would do a frozen cycle however I really wanted to have a fresh approach, I wanted to be in a better physical and mental place before we used our last chance. I needed to know I had given it everything.
I had heard of Siobhán Kehoe, friends had been but for some reason I never went before despite our struggle to achieve pregnancy. I decided this was something I needed to do.

I went for a consultation with Siobhan in January 2016 and I loved her approach. Right from the word go she seemed to know what I needed to do. Looking at my tongue she knew things about my personality and my body without asking much. She assured me that if I followed the dietary advice she gave, had regular acupuncture before each menstrual cycle and if I took the Chinese herbs that she prescribed, that the inflammation caused by the Endometreosis would improve, my womb lining would be cleared of any clotting and the result would be a perfect home for our embryos (also letting me know not to stop trying naturally though as a natural conception would not be an unrealistic possibility either given the changes that would occur). Siobhan said ideally she would like to work with me for at least 3 menstrual cycles before we began treatment for our frozen cycle. We were willing to wait. I was determined to make the necessary changes and felt that it was worth it to give it my very best shot.

ImmediatelyI felt great, I made the changes she recommended and I saw the results - within 5 days in fact. My bleed was different, a huge change in colour, and clotting was nothing like it used to be. This encouraged me to continue with the changes. I went to Siobhan each month for the next 4 cycles sticking strictly to the diet, taking the herb concoction and various supplements that she recommended and changing doses as she advised along the way.

In May we began the medicines in preparation for our frozen cycle. In mid June I had our embryos transferred and at the end of June 2016 we had the fantastic news that the blood result was a positive. We had conceived. I was pregnant. It felt amazing.

I continued to go to Siobhan, when I became very sick between weeks 6-10 and then once monthly for maintenance ever-since. We are now almost 30 weeks pregnant and can't wait for the safe arrival of our newest family member in early 2017.

Siobhan’s part in all this was invaluable. Without her personal approach, her expertise in acupuncture, her professional advice and her vast knowledge of herbs and supplements, I firmly believe we would not have gotten the result we so wanted and that we achieved.


Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Ann, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

Cannot recommend enough

5 50 Fertility Acupuncture

If you are having trouble conceiving well then look no further than Siobhan Kehoe, I cannot recommend her enough. I heard about Siobhan through a friend. She explained to me how Siobhan helped people through Chinese Medicine. Initially I suppose I was a bit sceptical about it all if I'm honest. At the time we were trying for our second child and after about six months and no success we sought medical assistance. From there I was referred on to a fertility expert and blood tests confirmed that i wasn't ovulating.I was put on a course of non-steroidal fertility medicine to stimulate ovulation so i thought problem solved!!! Six months later later I still wasn't pregnant even though blood tests were confirming that I was indeed now ovulating. I knew myself that there was something wrong and that there had to be another reason why i wasn't getting pregnant. Also my periods by now were very dark and looked anything but healthy.

So it was from there I got in contact with Siobhan and it was the best move I could have made!!! She explained to me from looking at my tongue that my body was DRY (a form of infertility) which basically means that my body lacked any moisture which therefore meant it was nearly impossible for me to conceive. Straight away she started me on a course of herbs and acupuncture but did tell me that due to the severity of the dryness in my body it could take up to twelve months before I was pregnant. Fourteen months later I discovered I was pregnant so her timing was bang on. We now have a two month old beautiful baby boy and we couldn't be happier!

I firmly believe without Siobhan's help we would not be where we are today. If there is anyone out there having problems conceiving my advice to you from our wonderful experience is to get in contact with Siobhan because you will not look back. Thanks for everything Siobhan.

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Mairin, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I am confident and happy to follow her advice and recommendations

4.5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation

Consultation & Acupuncture.
Siobhan was professional,friendly and knowledge and I am confident and happy to follow her advice and recommendations.

Very good

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe

Thanks for a great review Mairin. Lovely to meet you!

Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Elaine, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

12 weeks pregnant and everything is looking good following Fertility Acupuncture

5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation, Fertility Acupuncture

Myself and my husband had been actively trying for many years. It was so difficult year after year of disappointment. I had began to look at alternative therapies as I found western medicine was no help to me. (Under active thyroid, PCOS, peptide hormone resistant, over weight and milder underlying conditions) I was generally told lose weight and that was it. Siobhan asked me about my overall health, my periods, my lifestyle and checked out my tongue. Siobhan gave me wonderful advice, I could tell straight away how much she knew and how experienced she was. She was telling me things about myself that were spot on and exactly what I had been experiencing. Siobhan then did acupuncture and prescribed me raw herbs and supplements and advised on diet and a nutritionist. I started to take the herbs straight away and thought I will do the diet when I get back from holidays. I was excited to take my herbs, see the changes in my periods and digestion. I didn't get a chance to see any of those changes though! Whilst on holidays (2 weeks after treatment) I discovered I was pregnant. We really could not believe it, genuinely thought that this day wouldn't come. IVF/IUI etc was a route that we were hoping not to go down emotionally and financially. I wish I went to Siobhan years ago. I did go on to have a bleed, so jumped in the car to Siobhan for specific herbs and supplements to prevent miscarriage and stop the bleeding. 2 scans later and 12 weeks pregnant and everything is looking good. I am continuing my herbs and visiting Siobhan. I just wish more people knew about Siobhan and TCM. Forever grateful.

Really easy to find. Perfect location with car park close by.

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe

Thanks for a brilliant review Elaine! Hope all is well with you.

Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Joan, Ireland
( Review verified by phone)

will continue to refer her to the many people who are out there hoping to have a family

4.5 50

Siobhan advised me to stop breastfeeding the baby I had, since I was thinking about having a second. At nine months, she said the baby was sufficiently nourished and it was time to prepare my body for another pregnancy to take the next baby to term in as healthy a way as possible. I started taking herbs she prescribed and put my trust in her abilities since I had conceived my first baby under her care, after 18 months of trying. After three or four months I was pregnant again. This pregnancy felt a bit different, but not much. I was slightly more nauseous, but it ended after month three and things seemed to be going well. When I went for my first scan, it became evident, that I was in fact, carrying triplets. I carried to 35.5 weeks and they were born healthy, at 5.6, 4.12 and 4.14. Two boys and a girl, which is, apparently the most common gender assembly for spontaneous triplets, meaning, non IVF. In Holles street, we were visited by almost every staff member and catering staff member in the hospital, since it was so rare for triplets to arrive right to the ward. We had all three babies in my room by day three, and only because they didn't want to overwhelm me by bringing them all down at once from ICU. I was 38 when I conceived and there is a gap of 18 months between the triplets and our eldest. We are so grateful to Siobhan for having brought all of these babies to term. They are two years old this Autumn, and all of our four children have been extremely healthy. One of the triplets has an egg allergy, and eczema, which is gradually improving with age, but other than that, we haven't had to go to the GP for any health issues.

I have no hesitation in reccomending SIobhan. I have been telling people about her work for the past four years, and will continue to refer her to the many people who are out there hoping to have a family, like we were. And don't worry, I have to also add, that we are her only case of triplets - so far!!

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Carol, Ireland
( Review verified by phone)

cant recommend it enough

5 50 Fertility - Alternative Treatment, Fertility Acupuncture

Blockage near my Fallopian tube, and Fibroids told IVF was my only option

We started trying for a baby in March 2014 and by October 2014 nothing was happening. As I was 37 I was referred to a gynecologist. After six months and no success he did a Lap and Dye on me and said I had a blockage in one of my Fallopian tubes and two Fibroids. My periods had always been dark, and heavy with clots and not once had any doctor or gynecologist asked me about this. My gynecologist and G.P. told me I had no other option other than go for IVF that summer.

I told my gynecologist I had heard great stories about Siobhan Kehoe in Enniscorthy and Chinese medicine and I was going to give the chinese herbs a go first. I was fortunate enough to know of two other girls the herbs had worked for so I knew it was worth a shot.

My husband and I made an appointment with Siobhan in May 2015 and I began drinking the herbs. We both cut out wheat and dairy from our diet. I stuck rigidly to the diet and took Spirulina, Barley Grass and the other tablets Siobhan recommended for five months. I also had Acupuncture once a fortnight.

After five months I was beginning to doubt that this would work and I told Siobhan I was considering going for IVF as I was 38. I had got a negative pregnancy test that morning before I met Siobhan and felt a bit down. She told me I was so close she knew by looking at my tongue. She asked me to please hold tough and the herbs would work. I knew my period had changed over the five months and it was no longer dark and clotted but bright and red. I went away that day not knowing what to do.

The following Tuesday I still had no period and my husband told me do another pregnancy test. We both were in complete shock when it came up positive. We could not believe our eyes and were overcome with excitement. I am now 39 weeks pregnant and have stayed with Siobhan the whole way through the pregnancy. I am still drinking the herbs and I feel great. I have no swelling, pains or aches or blood pressure problems and my iron levels stayed high. My gynecologist was delighted when I rang him and told him that the chinese medicine had worked.

I can't recommend Siobhan Kehoe enough. If you are considering IVF please try the herbs, acupuncture and whatever Siobhan recommends you to do first. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping couples with fertility problems and I know we will be forever grateful to Siobhan.

Excellent clinic cant recommend it enough

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Lorna, Ireland
( Review verified by email)

I have no hesitation in recommending

5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation

Successful pregnancy after 4 recurrent miscarriages

Siobhan was recommended to me by a friend who had a similar history of recurrent miscarriages.
I had 4 miscarriages within 3 years (2 of them during the second trimester) I was turning 41, losing hope and feeling that my chances of having another baby were very slim. While I had no problems getting pregnant, I seemed to have a problem maintaining the pregnancy. Numerous investigations did not provide any definite answers. Conventional medicine seemed to put the bad history down to a mixture of age and bad luck.

My husband and I met with Siobhan. She is so professional and passionate about her work. I felt we needed to give alternative medicine a try...give it our best shot so to speak and have no regrets.

We followed the dietary changes and took the herbs and supplements advised for us both. Shortly after I started the plan, I discovered I was pregnant. I was worried that I hadn't being following the plan for long enough. It was a nerve wracking pregnancy but with Siobhan's support and advice the pregnancy progressed to full term.

We are delighted to say that two weeks ago our new little lady was delivered. I absolutely credit her arrival to Siobhan and the Chinese medicine approach. Never give up hope! This approach definitely works. I have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan to anyone having difficulties.

Lorna, Dublin
May 2016

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe

Thanks so much for your lovely review Lorna! Enjoy this special time with your little girl.

Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Anonymous, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

We have undergone 2 scans and everything is looking good

5 50 Fertility - Alternative Treatment

I am now writing to let other non believer's like myself to wake up and "hug a tree". We are currently 16 weeks on that all life changing and alerting journey of pregnancy.  We have undergone 2 scans and everything is looking good all thanks to the Miracle worker that is Siobhan Kehoe.

My reference to tree hugging is what I thought  anyone that believed  in herbs and Chinese medicine was into.  I was a total non believer having always embraced medical treatment over herbs and acupuncture.  We have under gone 1 very successful IVF but since 5 failed IVF's.  On medical  advice we travelled to Prague to under go IVF because of their advances in this area.  However we received the explanation that no couple want to hear "it must be just a case of unexplained infertility".  This was the end of the line in relation  to IVF.
Needless to say I was not the one in the relationship that said let's try herbs and Chinese medicine.  So when I arrived in Enniscorthy and asked to stick out my tongue.  I started to laugh inside to myself saying where the hell are we now.  Then Siobhan  was able to describe me to a T, this shocked me and made me sit up and listen.  Siobhan is very knowledgeable in what she does and is very straight talking.  I was totally taken aback when I heard Siobhan discribe my personality and health.

When we left with 2 bags of herbs and spirulina if I be totally honest, it was going to be a long shot.  The first night I drank the herbs, it was without doubt the worst thing l ever tasted.  But it was a belief in Siobhan's knowledge that made me drink it again the next night and the next night.  But the taste didn't improve.

I can't describe our delight that after just 2 months it had worked naturally without any medical assistance. I ran outside and hugged a tree!.. It is hard to believe that herbs can work where the best of medical advice both here and foreign failed.
However Siobhan is grounded enough to know that herbs and Chinese medicine works.  This is something I thought I would never every believe in but I do.  It is simple it works and in our case very quickly.
In addition to the fertility it has also lowered my cholesterol from 6.2 to 5.1.

The clinic itself was very professional, but it is Siobhan that is the magical ingredients. It was a friend that mentioned the clinic and it was probably a case of why not at this stage.
I can't recommend the experience highly enough.

Treated by: Ms Siobhan Kehoe

Thanks for your great review Mark! Hope all is well with you.

Ms Siobhan Kehoe
Ms Siobhan Kehoe
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Ms Siobhan Kehoe -  at Siobhan Kehoe R.G.N, R.M  Acupuncturist Herbalist

Ms Siobhan Kehoe

  Acupuncture, Fertility Medicine, Gynaecology, Herbalism, Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Pain Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Siobhan Kehoe - Acupuncturist & Herbalist Registered Midwife & Nurse/Dip Acupuncture/Herbs LIC.China
Member of A.F.P.A, I.R.C.H.M. & A.C.H.I,

Background - Siobhán Kehoe is a Registered Practitoner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), qualified in 2001. She studied TCM for five years. She completed a 3 year Dip Course in Acupuncture and a 2 year dip course in Chinese Herbalsim. She studied and practiced in China for a while where she obtained a Licentiate in Acupuncture. She has a Cert in Acupuncture Fertility Network. Her background is Nursing. Siobhán is a registered General Nurse and Registered Midwife. She holds a good knowledge of diagnostic tests and modern medicine. She finds that the diagnostic tests and modern research helps her to focus her skillful application to Herbal Medicine.
Siobhán is only to happy to inform other medical professionals about a patients progress, and work alongside the medical profession. Siobhán has been practising in Wexford since 2002 and practiced prior to this in Dublin. Siobhán recently completed a diploma in Obs & Gynae with Dr Trevor Wing. This is the first course of its kind outside of China

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