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Popular Treatments

Urologist Consultation$59  -  $74
Circumcision$817  -  $1189
Vasectomy Reversal$2972  -  $4086
Vasectomy$817  -  $1114
Urethral Reconstruction$5944  -  $8915
Sperm Assessment$74
TESA - Testicular Sperm Extraction$1189  -  $1337
Prostate - Green Light Laser Surgery$11887  -  $14859
TURP - Transurethral Resection$4458  -  $7429
Orchiopexy$1634  -  $2600
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About Urology Expert Doctors Hospital

The Urology Expert Doctors Hospital lies within the heart of Monterrey. It is recognize as one of the most advanced hospital in the country in regards to technology and comfort. The Urology Expert Doctors Hospital is an ISO 9001:2008 certified hospital which provides a certainty and confidence to the patients of its high standards.

Male infertility and urological conditions are treated at this hospital located at Monterrey in Mexico. Dr. Jeff R. Cortes-Gonzalez is the Urology Expert at this facility. Dr. Cortes-Gonzalez is a highly qualified and experienced Urological Surgeon with subspecialization in Male infertility (microsurgery) and minimal invasive approach in urological cancers and advanced reconstructive urology.  Cost effective services with the highest quality are provided for overseas patients at the clinic and Dr. Cortes-Gonzalez and his team speak English and several foreign languages. Services offered include male infertility evaluation including microsurgical procedures (vasectomy reversal, varicocele, vasectomy), comprehensive treatment of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence in male and female, Minimal, endoscopic approach of urinary stones (complex renal, ureteral cases), Reconstructive urology for complex urethral strictures, vesico vaginal fistulae, pelvic prolapse (uterine, vesical, rectal and intestinal vaginal prolapse), Robotic and laparoscopic approach of urological cancers (prostate, renal, bladder), Bipolar plasma vaporization for obstructive benign prostatic conditions, comprehensive treatment of anogenital warts, , treatments and advice for patients with erectile dysfunction.

The Urology Expert Doctors Hospital has accomodation within the hospital for patients and relatives or close (walking distance) from hotels and Malls. Don't hesitate to contact us iwth regards of your urological condition!






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International travel - Monterrey international Airport receives mayor flight companies such as Delta, American Airlines, United, continental, Aeromexico. You might find direct flights if you start you trip from Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. Although sometimes you need to do a stop in Mexico city (1h20m from there).Local travel - You can rent a car at the airport or you can take a taxi. The are taxi companies with english speaking chouffers that can be provided at the hotels under requestsLocal accommodation - The hospital has its own hotel. However, the closest hotel is the four points which is on walking distance from the facility.for your comfort.Translation services - Dr. Cortes-Gonzalez is fluent in english and several foreign languagesLocal guide - It can be provide under request.Tours and vacation services - It can be fixed under requestPick up service from hotel - It can be provided under request with an extra cost when the hotel is far from the facility.Pick up service from airport - It can be provided under request with an extra cost


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    CNMU - Consejo Nacional Mexicano de Urología (Mexico) Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte (Spain) Socialstyrelsen (Sweden) 


Foley Catheter
Impotence Treatment
Kidney Removal
Kidney Stones Removal
Kidney Transplant
$1634  -  $2600
$1634  -  $2600
$11887  -  $14859
Prostate - Green Light Laser Surgery
TURP - Transurethral Resection
TURP - Transurethral Resection
$4458  -  $7429
TURP - Transurethral Resection
Urinary Incontinence
$59  -  $74
Urologist Consultation
$817  -  $1114

Vasectomy is the most common contraceptive choice. The cost of the procedure might vary depending on whether the procedure is performe. (office, ambulatory clinic or hospital)

Dr. Cortes objectives in performing the vasectomy is to provide with the more reliable technique that ends with azoospermia (no spermatozoa in the ejaculate) and the perform a surgical comfortable experience. For this reason, Dr. Cortes performs the vasectomy only with local anesthesia + IV sedation and uses the technique that includes the removal of 15mm of the vas, termal luminal fulguration and the proximal fascial interposition.

Dr. Cortes do not perform the procedure in the office since this produces discomfort, anxiety to the patients.

The price includes Dr. Cortes profesional costs, the anesthesiologist costs and the clinic/hospital fee.

$2972  -  $4086
Vasectomy Reversal

The Price includes: Dr. Cortes profesional costs, the anesthesiologist costs and the hospital/clinic fee.

The Price difference is because:

Hospital-based surgery: When the vasectomy reversal is performed in a hospital rather than an ambulatory surgery center, the total cost of the procedure is a little bit higher. The difference between the ambulatory clinical center and the hospital is that Urology Expert Doctors Hospital has a microscope with a higher technology, english speaking personel, more confortable space, is on walking distance from the hotel. Still, the ambulatory clinic center is an viable option with similar success rates.

Microsurgeon's fee vs General Urologist's fee:

If you look throught the internet you might find that some fees are significantly lower tan the others. General Urologists not trained in male infertility and microsurgery charges a lower fee and generally performe vasectomy reversals with loupes or if with microscope with success rates around 30%. Men who go to this type of urologist have a greater likelihood that their vasectomy reversal will need to be re done by highly skilled microsurgeon, increasing to more tan doulbe the cost of the vasectomy reversalwith the adding fact that the success rate in a re do is not as high as if performed correctly from the first time. The microsurgical technique is more expensive but is where the real value comes in : Higher success rates (up to 97% depending on the case). Dr. Cortes performes 2-3 microsurgical procedures per week.

Plastic Surgery

$817  -  $1189
$5944  -  $8915
Urethral Reconstruction

Male Only


Fertility Specialist Consultation

Male Fertility Only

Sperm Assessment
$1189  -  $1337
PESA - Percutaneous Sperm Aspiration
$1189  -  $1337
TESA - Testicular Sperm Extraction

General Practice

Cancer Screening

Male Screening Only

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Private Patients Welcome

Public Health Insurance - Please provide your insurance company in advance and we look if have an agreement with such company

Dr Cortez Gonzales


Dr. Cortés-González

 is originally from Monterrey, Mexico and obtained his medical degree at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL). He obtained an one-year scholarship to study at the Heidelberg University in Germany to finalized his medical studies. After approving the national exam, was accepted at the Urology Service of the University Hospital “Dr. José E. Gonzalez” UANL to perform a specialization in Urology. During the residency program showed special interest in research and how to give services of excellence by having international experience with clinical rotations (i.e. at the 

Urology division

 of the Inselspital in Bern, Switzerland) and by publishing scientific articles in medical journals. These achievements made him obtain, in two consecutive years, the resident of year award. After obtaining his degree as specialist, he did a sub-specialization in 


 focused in 

male infertility

at the Instituto H. Ellis in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Later, was accepted as PhD student and perform a sub-specialization in uro-oncological 

robotic surgery

 at the Institution that awards the Nobel Prize: The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Currently, Dr. Cortes-Gonzalez works as an associated professor and research coordinator at the

Urology Service

 of the University Hospital “Dr. José E. Gonzalez” and as an associated guest researcher at the Karolinska Institute. His private praxis is given at the Centro Medico Monterrey and at the CENTRA hospital. He speaks 7 languages (English, german, Swedish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish). He is continuously updating in the 

urology field

 and actively participate as speaker in Mexican or international meetings and has published more than 15 scientific articles.

Urology Expert Doctors Hospital

(805) 246-9329 Calle Ecuador 2331 Consultorio 1029, Col. Balcones de Galerias, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 64623