WhatClinic Explained

WhatClinic's ServiceScore™ is a rating of customer service.

It is based on a variety of data points gathered from clinics and their interactions with our users. We look at lots of customer care signals including: phone calls, emails, SMS, brochure information, patient feedback, review scores and lots more to rate this clinic's customer service.

Please be aware, WhatClinic ServiceScore™ is not a measure of medical proficiency.

Here's what you need to know.

  1. ServiceScore™ is machine calculated and draws on lots of factors, including millions of data points.
  2. ServiceScore™ cannot be manually changed or influenced by WhatClinic or clinic staff members.
  3. ServiceScore™ is not linked to payment of any kind of product or service.
  4. Some clinics have not been on the site long enough to generate a ServiceScore™.
  5. Some clinics might not have had enough user interactions to generate a ServiceScore™.
  6. ServiceScore™ is not a measure of medical proficiency. It looks at customer care signals, including how prompt and responsive the clinic is. There’s also a large emphasis on review scores, but we only include scores from verified reviews.
  7. ServiceScore™ is updated daily and can be based on up to 12 months of data.
  8. Clinics who are keen to improve their service score should contact their WhatClinic account manager.

WhatClinic Listings Explained

At WhatClinic, our mission is to help people find and book a clinic they love. We do this by giving people everything they need to make an informed choice. When someone searches our site, they will be presented with a list of clinics to choose from.

So what factors influence where a clinic appears on the page?

WhatClinic Ranking

Ranking on WhatClinic.com is based on a complex relevancy algorithm which is influenced by dozens of factors. However there are five factors that outweigh all the others. Here's how they work.

Five Factors of Relevance

  1. Relevancy of location
  2. Treatment suitability
  3. Commerciality
  4. Listing quality
  5. Clinic response rate


Location is one of the main factors in deciding what clinics appear in search results. In the search results, we will only show you clinics in or near your desired area. In the image below, you can see an example of the radius logic for a treatment search in "Austin Texas". The dark grey box shows the clinics that fall within this search location. Sometimes, (in fact often) search areas overlap. It gets a bit complicated, but our mapping specialists are always hard at work to increase the accuracy of our location information!


On WhatClinic we have organised treatments into ‘families’ to help you find what you’re looking for. Here’s the ‘family tree’ for dermal fillers. If a clinic doesn’t have ‘dermal fillers’ listed as a treatment, you probably won’t see them in the search listings. There are hundreds of thousands of treatments listed on our site, and more are added every day, so it’s a big job keeping all our ‘family trees’ up to date.

Top search tip: If you're searching for something like 'dermal fillers', and you don't find a perfect match - try a more general search for ‘fillers’ to get more choice.


Our mission is to help patients, and we do that for free. We will always be a free service for consumers, and unlike other sites that charge businesses just to appear, it's also free for clinics to get listed. So how do we make money? It's simple really. Clinics that want more patients can pay for leads on a PPL (price per lead) model, or, in certain markets, on a per-booking basis. However, no matter how much a clinic pays, they will never be able to appear in locations (or for treatments) that they aren’t relevant for! To make this totally clear, we add a label that says 'featured' to clinics that have paid us for additional leads.

Listing quality:

One other important factor that has a considerable influence over ranking is that of quality of the listing. We give each listing a brochure score. It measures lots of things, including how often the listing has been updated, how much information has been added – especially pricing information - because we know how important this is. We also reward clinics who add photographs, staff information and that have a high number of positive reviews. Reviews and star ratings are an important part of our listings.

Response rate:

We believe that great clinics care about their customers. We know from experience that great clinics will get back to you straight away! We measure each and every enquiry to make sure someone gets back to you. The ones who do are rewarded through our ranking algorithm. It’s also one of the main qualifiers for our annual customer service awards.

And the end bit :-)

We are always working to improve the relevancy and the quality of the results on our site. To date we have over 100,000 clinics listed worldwide, in over 120 countries. In the past year, 15.7 million people have visited our site to find and compare clinics. If you'd like to know more about our ranking process email us here at info@whatclinic.com.