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We have all the information you need about public and private physiotherapy clinics that provide knee rehabilitation in Kuala Lumpur. Compare all the physiotherapy clinics and contact the physiotherapist in Kuala Lumpur who's right for you.

Looking for Knee Rehabilitation? Choose from 31 Knee Rehabilitation Clinics in Kuala Lumpur and compare prices, patient reviews, and availability. Find the Best Price for Knee Rehabilitation in Kuala Lumpur. Compare how much Knee Rehabilitation cost at all 31 clinics and save money on your treatment.

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Home Physiotherapy by Heal on Wheel Selangor

03-9212 1166 ext: 54374Jalan Anggerik Malaxis, Kota Kemuning, 40460
"I strongly recommend"Susan, Malaysia, 20 Apr 15
"I have engaged Heal On Wheel for my mother for post-stroke rehabilitation. I am very satisfied with the professionalism showed and the commitment shown to heal my mother. My mother can now sit and eat on her own and I strongly believe Heal On Wheel will make my mother walk again. All these happened in the comfort my own home. I strongly recommend Heal on Wheel to anyone in need of home physio. Thank you."
"Heal on Wheel" is a HOME based Physiotherapy service provider giving utmost importance to empathy & great sense of responsibility.  Our customer satisfaction is our priority, from customers we build friendship & trust.  Heal on Wheel is ever ready to assist or guide our patients on the conditions they or their loved ones may be suffering from. Why wait another day when we can bring PHYSIO to your doorstep? Heal on Wheel aims to set a standard on PHYSIO services & a comfortable HEAL-ing process for our patients, which is why our tagline is, "We help you HEAL in the comfort of your own HOME".  Call us now for a FREE consultation.
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Knee Rehabilitation

Platinum Physio

03-9212 1166 ext: 89636Level B1(Car Park), Kiara Designer Suites(Global Doctors Hospital Building), Jal
"Knowledgeable and super friendly guy"Hadri, Malaysia, 01 Oct 14
"This physio centre is easily accessible for a SCI patient like myself. It is just next to the disabled parking spot which is a covered basement car park and the disabled toilet is just a few meters away. In Jeffrey, you have a physiotherapist who is well known all over Malaysia and who has more than 13 years of experience in Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke cases. He also has expertise in other areas of rehabilitation and recovery as he is also extremely knowledgeable and super friendly guy. I highly recommend this centre."
The secret to our success in treating our patients efficiently to get quick results is our emphasis on thorough, spesific and accurate DIAGNOSIS. Platinum Physiotherapy offers specialized treatment for all kinds of physical pain including back, neck, shoulder and knee pain. We treat sports injuries and have successfully helped our clients to get back to their respective sports and lifestyle after injuries and pain. We also treat patients with neurological disabilities like stroke, Parkinson and spinal cord injury to give our clients a chance to take control of their life again. Please do not take this add as a prove of our commitment in treating and helping patients sincerely and just drop in into our clinic anytime to talk to any of our patients to find out more. We also provide door to door home physiotherapy for patients and clients who are bed bound or unable to acquire transport to come to our clinic. As for patients who need care and nursing while they continue rehabilitation, we also provide hospital ward stay with nursing care. You can also opt for personal rooms for privacy. Please call us for more info. 
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Knee Rehabilitation

Geos Physio Rehab

03-9212 1166 ext: 13120lot 2, ground floor 417-425 jalan pudu, Kuala Lumpur, 55100
"Thank god I found this place"jacycyca, Malaysia, 26 Dec 14
"I suffered from elbow pain few months ago. It started with a mild pain, but slowly it becoming worse. I had taken few medicines, but it was not really effective. I tell my friends about my condition and one of them suggest me to go to Geos Physio Rehab. Thank god I found this place. The service was good, it was affordable for me and the physiotherapist really explained everything. After few sessions finally my elbow is not in pain anymore."
GEOS Physio Rehab established in 2013 and conjunction with Leela Ratos Group and Lecadia PrimaCare Centre. Our motif is “Physio For All” which consists of a team ofdedicated and professional. GEOS Physio Rehab is a centre for help peopleaffected by injury, illness or disability through movement, manual therapy, painrelief, home program and education. Our profession helps to encouragedevelopment and facilitate recovery, enabling people to stay in work while helpingthem to remain independent for as long as possible with affordable fee. Wemaintain health for people of all ages, helping patient to manage pain andprevent disease. 
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Knee Rehabilitation (1 hour )
From RM80

WellBorne Physio Centre

03-9212 1166 ext: 5431220A ss3/31, Petaling Jaya, 43700
"Well explained on my condition and the rehab that i need to do."Yon, Malaysia, 23 Feb 15
Wellborne is a physio centre that co-operates rehab and wellness. Our therapist is a UK trained physiotherapist whom specializes in sport injuries, dance injuries, traumatic/sprain/strain injuries and elderly management& joint maintenance . Our mode of treatment is more to manual therapy. We do provide electrotherapy if the condition needs it. House calls are provided for those who are unable to reach us. Relieve your pain.Regain your life with WellBorne Physio Centre. We are happy to treat and tailor our treatment time according to your availability. 
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Knee Rehabilitation (45 mins)
RM65  -  RM100

YAPCHANKOR Pain Treatment & Physiotherapy Centre

03-9212 1166 ext: 89214W-07-0 SUBANG SQUARE, JALAN SS15/4G, SUBANG JAYA, 47500
"It's very a good clinic"AIMANURRAHMAN, PUCHONG, 08 Jul 14
"Ankle Sprain. I injured my ankle about 4 to 5 months ago and I decided to go to Yap Chan Kor to get the treatment. The treatment went well, I never knew traditional medicine heal faster. I'm very pleased with it as I don't feel the pain anymore and the injury heal sooner that expected. Special thanks to my doctor, Mr. Arif Afandi. Mr. Arif is really good and he knows really well about his patient. Getting treatment by him is worth it and very satisfied. I wouldn't mind to recommend to my friends about Yap Chan Kor. It's very a good clinic."
YAPCHANKOR Pain Treatment Centre was established in 1979 and has treated thousands of patients from all over the world, many who have come to us as a last resort after exhausting other conventional and non-conventional treatments. We have three locations in the Klang Valley - Old Klang Road, Subang Jaya and Kota Damansara, and will be opening our fourth in Ampang in April 2014. We specialise in treating chronic back pain, knee pain (e.g. osteoarthritis), stiff/frozen shoulders, sports injuries and other muscle and joint problems. Because we can provide comprehensive pain treatment using a combination of modern physiotherapy techniques and a time-tested, externally applied Chinese medicine, our patients recover up to 10x faster than other therapies. Our treatment is safe, non-invasive and 100% natural. The Chinese herbs used are from the established Chinese Pharmacopeia and was put together into a formula by ancient kungfu physicians who had to treat injuries incurred during practice or battles in ancient China. Over the centuries of trial and error experimentation with herbs, these physicians developed a formula that works to heal pain and injuries far more quickly than conventional medicine. Because our founders have roots in Chinese martial arts, they inherited the formulas and today have modernised the treatment to bring a scientific objectivity to measuring progress. All progress at our centres are measured by our certified physiotherapists objectively according
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Knee Rehabilitation
We specialise in treating chronic back pain, knee pain (e.g. osteoarthritis), stiff/frozen shoulders, sports injuries and other muscle and joint problems. Because we can provide comprehensive pain treatment using a combination of modern physiotherapy techniques and a time-tested, externally applied Chinese medicine, our patients recover up to 10x faster than other therapies.

DBC Physiotherapy Centre (Back To Health (M) Sdn Bhd)

03-9212 1166 ext: 71789Ampwalk, suite no. 2.07A, 2nd floor, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 80450
"This clinic was excellent. Fast response and first class service"Summer, Australia, 04 Aug 12
"Very quick, a phone call which as personal"Robin, Malaysia, 08 Aug 12
With over 14 years of experience in musculoskeletal problems; DBC (Documentation Based Care), developed in Finland is very much evidence based and has published over 70 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals on the symptoms, treatment and outcomes of back, neck and shoulder conditions.DBC treatments today are available in over 25 countries. The system is the leading turnkey solution for treatment providers committed to excellence in musculoskeletal care. DBC delivers proven solutions to treatment of challenging back, neck, shoulder, knee and other musculoskeletal problems. We at DBC are confident on the ability of our chain to keep up with developments. The first is the excellent results with our patients. For the ongoing development, the unique network of universities and other research institutions that provides us the latest information available already before it is published in the medical journals. Through a master licensing arrangement with DBC International OY Finland, BackToHealth (M) Sdn BHd (BTHM) was given the rights to operate the DBC technology in Malaysia and Brunei. BTHM established its pilot rehab center in year 2000 in collaboration with a reputable private hospital in the Klang Valley.As of now, we have 5 fully operational, state of the art clinics. 3 branches in the Klang Valley (Ampang, Kepong and Klang), one in Kuching, Sarawak and one in Ipoh, Perak. We are looking into providing our services in other parts of Peninsular Malaysia as we
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Knee Rehabilitation

MD Physiotherapy

03-9212 1166 ext: 67663No. 18G Block C, Jalan 8/116B,, Sri Desa Entrepreneur's Park, Off Jalan Kuchai L
"Responding well to therapy"Johnny, Kuala Lumpur, 03 Dec 14
"My daughter was the person in need of treatment. I am happy that she is responding well to therapy."
Mr Marc J. Daniel, Ms Shu Tze Shyuan, Ms Joellyne Carina Selvaraj, Mr Liam Tiong, Ms Peggy Teh and Mr Hosnan Sahlan work at MD Physiotherapy, a Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy Clinic located 7.4 km from Kuala Lumpur. We have been in operations for over 10 years in this private physiotherapy clinic. The mix of physiotherapist trained locally and internationally has varied sub-specialities and interest. Having had working experience in the National Health Service (NHS), UK, World Cup Hockey for Belgium, European Cup Rugby, Premier League rugby in Wales, Commonwealth Games, Hong Kong 10's Rugby, Borneo Eagles RFC, Singapore 7's and numerous other international tournaments and events. We also run short courses, health talks, corporate training and Ergonomics workstation programs. Local experiences in Twin Towers Medical Centre, Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, pioneer team at Prince Court Medical Centre. Chief Physiotherapist for Penguins International Rugby Football Club Past President of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association Specializes in Manipulative therapy, Exercise therapy and sports injuries & rehabilitation. Myofascial Release. Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions and orthopaedic rehab. Graduates from The University of Bradford (UK), Northumbria University (UK) and MAHSA College (Mal)
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Knee Rehabilitation

NGE Physio

03-9212 1174 ext: 12785No. 7-1 , Block C, Platinum Walk, No.2 Jalan Langkawi, Danau Kota, Setapak, 5330
"Good feedback"Fauzi, Malaysia, 06 Aug 15
NGE Physio was the First Women Physiotherapy center, we treat ONLY WOMEN and our goals are to achieve normal activity that all women usually do without pain. At our center will have one on one treatment by physiotherapist. 
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Knee Rehabilitation (1 hour )
Up to RM85

Chiropractic Specialty Center Sdn Bhd

03-9212 1166 ext: 32461No 19 Jalan Medan Setia 1, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 50490
Chiropractic Specialty Center is set up by individuals who are in the pursuit of excellence. In addition, our staff is continually striving to increase their knowledge of how to treat you more effectively and efficiently. Our chiropractors are not only keeping up with the latest research and innovations, but have also developed and patented new therapeutic procedures for the spine, joint and sports related injuries.  Our expert team of physiotherapists and chiropractors are further backed with some of the latest and most sophisticated physiotherapeutic and chiropractic equipment such as the RxDecom®. The RxDecom® is a state of the art spinal decompression therapy device specifically used for acute or chronic neck pain or back pain. Due to its sophistication, we can treat even the difficult and challenging conditions such as degenerated discs, herniated/protruded discs (slipped disc) and sciatica.  The RxDecom® is just one example; we also utilize other modalities and specific manual procedures not just for the spine, but also for joints and sports injuries. Regardless of which therapy or modalities we recommend for you, rest assured that we will only recommend a therapy program if we are able to help. Furthermore, it is not just our equipment or our facility, but most important, it is the skills and knowledge of our staff, coupled with an unyielding passion to help each and every patient. 
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Knee Rehabilitation

JT Chiropractic

03-9212 1166 ext: 6776831 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla X 31/X, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, 40460
JT Chiropractic is a Chiropractor in Shah Alam. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Knee Rehabilitation

Axis Physiotherapy

03-9212 1166 ext: 54154No,36 Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields, 50470
"I rang them and made an appointment"Lynne, Malaysia, 11 Jan 15
What makes us different than the rest? Treatment at Axis Physiotherapy may surprise you! Unlike what you may have experien ced in the past, we provide exclusively one-on-one treatment in modern and private therapy rooms. No double-booking. No support staff replacing your Physiotherapist. No open gym feel. Axis Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy without compromise, but also without premium fees. With this approach we have become a preferred centre for physiotherapy and related allied health care services in Brickfields and Puchong, Malaysia. Physiotherapists at Axis Physiotherapy take pride in ourselves with being able to adapt to all situations in any environment and having a wide range of special treatments. So, what makes us different than the rest? - We provide one-on-one service.Every treatment is one-on-one with your therapist for the full duration of your appointment, regardless of whether you pay out-of-pocket, are covered by private insurance This results in more personalized therapy, higher-quality treatment, and better health outcomes. - We use scientifically validated "evidence-based" treatment practices. We DO NOT waste valuable appointment time or provide unwarranted therapies. - We DO spend valuable appointment time employing manual hands-on therapy and other tools including electrotherapy modalities, pulse electromagnetic therapy and more as needed. - We DO educate you on your condition and provide you with home rehabilitation
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Knee Rehabilitation

BainsPhysio Melawati

03-9212 1166 ext: 891029127 Jalan Bandar 4, Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, 53100
BainsPhysio is a branded trademark of physio therapeutic services in Malaysia. This centre has been in operation since 1985. From a humble one room practice on Jalan Ampang with two staffs, it has now grown as a stand alone largest physiotherapy practice in Malaysia with 5 physiotherapy outlets, 2 Physiofitness gym and 1 college to support the human capital of its growing branches. The centre has a well managed therapist with latest exposure to clinical management in various musculoskeletal, neurological, pediatric and geriatric conditions.
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Knee Rehabilitation
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